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I know it's been a few weeks since my last post - the last one was the night before Eric arrived, actually. It's not that I haven't had plenty to talk about - it's just that I've been up to my eyeballs in con- and work-related stuff.

I promise a full post about what I've been up to (and Eric's visit) later this week. I only wanted to mention, because I know that some of you will be familiar with who I'm talking about, that I just read on [ profile] esprix's LJ that [ profile] minotaurs died tonight, of a heart attack.

I met [ profile] minotaurs a little under three years ago, at the Worldcon in Los Angeles. I'd posted that I was coming down for it, and he decided that even though he wasn't going to the con, he wanted to make the four-hour drive up from San Diego just to have dinner with me. We had a most enjoyable evening (despite the pouring rain).

I remember, upon returning, mentioning our meeting to [ profile] ozreison. This was the first inkling I'd had that he was famous in the slash community - her reaction was, roughly, "OMG, you know [ profile] minotaurs???" My response was to shrug and say, "Yeah, why?" I think I knew that he was a slash writer before I met him, but he'd never mentioned before that he was so well known in that community.

I hadn't seen him since 2006, and even though I still read his LJ, I don't think I really commented all that often, so I can't say that we were close at all. But I enjoyed his company on that one rainy night in L.A., and I'm sorry that we won't be able to do it again someday.

RIP, Stuart.


May. 20th, 2009 12:34 am
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E minus 19 hours, 41 minutes.

*bounce* *bounce* *bounce*
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Eric pointed out to me last night that it had been a week since my last post, so I thought I'd better bring everyone up to date.

I spent most of this week working. I was late getting to the office a few times, which doesn't look good, I realize. I was managing to get up on four or five hours of sleep until this week, when it just caught up with me. Plus, the alarm on my cellphone, which I've been using as a supplement to my alarm clock, wasn't waking me. I discovered on Thursday that I had turned the volume of my cellphone ringer down to the minimum to avoid disturbing my co-workers - and forgotten to turn it back up when I got home. Oops. My co-workers are just going to have to put up with occasionally hearing the song "The Sodom And Gomorrah Show".

Despite being late a few times, I'm making good progress on my current project. I had a little problem caused by the profile on my PC somehow getting corrupted, preventing me from being able to investigate a problem that I'd been asked to look at, but eventually the administrator figured it out and I was able to resolve things.

Thursday evening, we had the hotel tour/meeting for Polaris. I finally found out where the squash courts and gym are in the Best Western (we've had to schedule some things over there due to having less space than we had at the Doubletree). I've also managed to get my con-related emails down a bit - I have maybe 15-20 in my Inbox that are still waiting for replies.

Last night, Eric and I watched the Dead Like Me movie. I had a slight hiccup - my DVD player wouldn't load the disc. All it was doing was making grinding noises. I tested another DVD in it and it started up fine, and my laptop was able to play the DLM movie, so I don't know what the problem was. Anyway, we managed to watch it. I was a little disappointed by the performance of the actress playing Daisy (who was not the same actress who played the role in the TV show), and I felt myself getting emotional during the scene with George, Delores and Murray (I was reminded a little too much of Vesta), but overall it was a decent bookend to the series, while leaving things open for more.

Today, I finally got around to going out to buy a paper shredder. I had two plastic bags full of receipts, ATM slips, and other things that I didn't want to just throw into the recycling bin, which had been sitting in the corner for quite a while. So I went down to the Eaton Centre and picked up a shredder at Grand & Toy (the G&T near me is closed on Sundays). Somehow, shredding two bags of paper took two hours and turned into six bags of confetti. I'm not sure how that happened.

Tomorrow, I figure I'll do more cleaning - take out the newspapers and other recycling, and sweep and mop the floors. I might do laundry as well. I want my apartment to be slightly less of a disaster when Eric arrives on Wednesday. :) (I was going to do that today, but spent more time downtown than I'd really meant to, just wandering around. Funny how that happens.)

So that's been my week.
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It's been a busy and long week... so long that I'm almost too exhausted to think about what I want to post. I've had six straight days of four or fewer hours of sleep - I'm looking forward to going to bed shortly and not getting up until noon or so.

For those who asked in my last post (to which I haven't had a chance to respond), if it wasn't obvious, yes, I took the job that I was offered. I had a few concerns, but in the current job market I didn't feel comfortable turning down a job that I was so well qualified for after my last two years.

(Plus, I still haven't received the Record Of Employment that I was supposed to get within five days of being laid off from my old job, and without it I wouldn't have been able to collect unemployment... that's another good reason for jumping at the offer. I expect that I'll have to spend several weeks nagging them for it, along with the severance they owe me.)

Anyway, the new job is going reasonably well - apparently my work has been impressive. On one of my projects, after the first week I was already ahead of the person who had been working on it for three months (who is no longer there). And I'm enjoying what I'm doing, which is important.

The other project I was assigned to, however, was a bit of a pain. I won't go into details, but the changes I had to make added up to a grand total of roughly ten lines of code. However, the state in which the project had been left by the previous developer (who is also no longer with the company) was such that I couldn't figure out how to deploy my changes. It took a full week, and the input of five or six other people, to figure out what was going on and to get my changes into the demo system. But now that the problem has been solved, hopefully it won't happen again.

The one drawback is that the commute is roughly the same length as my previous commute (about an hour and a half each way), but they're being stricter about hours - I have to get to the office for 8:30 in the morning, which means I have to be up by about 6:30. I am sooooo not a morning person.

I spent most of evenings this week working on Polaris stuff, in preparation for today's scheduling meeting. We held it a few weeks earlier this year, in the hope of giving ourselves more time to respond to the inevitable requests from panelists for changes. As a result, there are a lot of panels in the schedule which currently don't have anyone signed up for them yet - so if you're coming to the con, please consider being a panelist. If you're not yet pre-registered, by signing up as a panelist you become eligible for a discount of $10 per panel. The panel list is here - it still contains some panels that didn't make the schedule today, but they will be removed from the list shortly.

Actually, preparing the grids was an interesting experience this year. I had ordered some paper from a company out in Brampton. Because they deliver, I had the shipment sent to my office address. I knew it would be heavy and awkward - it was a 50-pound roll, after all, four feet wide and 720 feet long. (It cost about the same as last year's roll, which was only just enough for what we needed - this, OTOH, will probably last ten years.) When it arrived, I needed help getting it to my cubicle, so I called Declan and asked if he would help me get it home. He agreed, and picked me up after work on Wednesday.

Then [ profile] travellingone came over Thursday night. We put the roll on my dining room table in order to unroll it, measuring pieces as we went. We needed four pieces, each about seven or eight feet long. So each of us put our arms into the centre spindle in order to lift and rotate the roll so that the paper would unroll, then we cut off what we needed. I now have a bruise the size of a large egg on the inside of my left forearm from where I was putting pressure when lifting the roll... ouch.

Once the pieces were cut, we laid them out on my living room floor and knelt down to draw the gridlines on. Of course, neither of us owned a long ruler, so we ended up using the edge of the box the roll came in so that the lines would be straight. However, we didn't anticipate killing a Sharpie and two highlighters in the process of drawing the lines. We managed to get through it by about 12:45 or so, though.

We've added some new guests and events in the last little while:

  • Claudia Black, of Stargate SG-1 and Farscape, will be appearing Friday and Saturday.

  • Authors Ursula Pflug, Rob St. Martin, Kate Story and Erik Buchanan have been added (in Erik's case, we actually announced him a while ago but didn't get him on the website until this week).

  • The Shadow Cats, Toronto's Repo! The Genetic Opera shadow cast, will be performing Friday evening, after Opening Ceremonies.

  • The Writers' Workshop, which is being conducted this year by Eddie Schneider of JABberwocky Literary Agency (representatives for Violette Malan, Charlaine Harris, Brandon Sanderson, Tanya Huff, Simon R. Green, and Elizabeth Moon), will take place Sunday.

  • In place of our usual Martial Arts workshops, we are offering a Tai Chi workshop on Saturday and a Yoga workshop on Sunday.

And we're still working on more. It's going to be a great con this year. (Well, I think it's a great con every year, but I may be biased. ;) )

Today's scheduling meeting was supposed to start at 9, but because of some changes in the way we decided to run the meeting this year, we didn't actually get to work until about 10. It didn't help that it started pouring out while I was on my way. The grids got a little damp despite my umbrella - I was walking along and thinking, "There's no way this can get any worse." And then the rain's intensity doubled. I arrived just in time to avoid the hailstorm that followed, fortunately.

I was obviously sleep-deprived because at one point [ profile] whitesangria was putting Post-Its on the wall for the actor guests and I thought I heard something about David Nickle's signing. Since David is an author and is not [ profile] whitesangria's responsibility ([ profile] travellingone and I look after the author guests), I was confused and asked, "Why are you putting David Nickle's signing up?" Of course, she was putting up David Nykl, not David Nickle... I knew that was going to cause confusion, but I didn't think I would be the one getting confused. Once we realized my mistake, we all had a good laugh about it.

While we didn't set a speed record this year in terms of being finished early, the actual amount of time spent working on the schedule probably was less than ever before as we were working at a rather leisurely pace and even took a lunch break. And then, after we were done, [ profile] whitesangria barbecued for those of us who didn't have to leave early. Overall, it was a relatively pleasant way to spend a day even if I did have to get up at 8 this morning after not getting to bed until 5:30. (My Inbox had exploded in the previous 48 hours or so, from 160 emails to well over 300, and I hadn't had time to deal with it.)

I'd like to acknowledge everyone who came today and has worked so hard on putting the schedule together: [ profile] travellingone for being a voice of calm, [ profile] whitesangria for hosting and cooking in addition to her scheduling duties, [ profile] dx4 and his brother Nik for being our IT and data entry department, [ profile] nexstarman and [ profile] indefatigable42 (who took on responsibility for [ profile] assetic's panels in addition to their own and who gave me a ride home afterwards), Declan, [ profile] plaidlibrarian, [ profile] cuteteenboy, Trevor, [ profile] yellow_freshia, Monique M., [ profile] kaelsu2, [ profile] rockgoddes, [ profile] ladygiggles and [ profile] protegeboy, who dropped [ profile] kaelsu2 off, then returned later and contributed to the group dinner after we were done. If I missed anyone, I apologize...

In other news from the past week, I spent a couple of very pleasant evenings online with Eric. We watched the final Dead Like Me episode last night, so that just leaves the movie. Only ten more days until he's here!

Oh, and I finally managed to get my hands on the deluxe edition of the new Pet Shop Boys album, Yes, this week. I haven't had a chance to listen to the whole thing yet, but I already have had a couple of the songs stick in my head for several hours each. (Love Etc. is particularly insidious that way. Beautiful People is pretty good, too, as is All Over The World, which incorporates music from The Nutcracker, of all things.)

I was so deliriously happy about finally getting the PSB album that I also picked up Depeche Mode's new album, Boston Legal S5 and Caprica. I haven't done anything with them yet, though - I'm saving Caprica for Eric's visit, since we watched BSG together. He's already told me that he wants our next shared viewing experience to be Lost, though, which should be interesting - I haven't gone back and rewatched the earlier episodes since the writers started peeling back some of the layers and providing explanations for some of the earlier events. I think it will be interesting to rewatch some of those earlier episodes, knowing more about what's going on.

I think it's time to go to bed now... I'm starting to have trouble keeping my eyes open, and if I have to get up around noon, that's only 11 hours away. ;)
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You know you're tired when you haven't posted an update in six days and despite having had a busy week, you can't think of what you want to write. I make no promises that the following will be coherent or grammatically correct.

I had my first full week at the new job this week. Things are going well - I had a meeting on Friday with the project manager, in which I showed her what I had gotten done. Apparently she was very impressed with the amount of work that I've done. It doesn't look pretty, but that's because the style sheets haven't been done yet. But many of the portions of the site are already functional. And considering that I was told to throw away everything that my predecessor had done and start from scratch (which I didn't quite do - I think I may have kept about 20 lines of his original code), that's not bad.

Last night, [ profile] dx4 came and picked me up at the office as we were going to Montreal to tour the two hotels we're looking at for the 2010 Gaylaxicon. Originally, several other people were supposed to make the trip, but one by one, they had to drop out. (I'm not criticizing... stuff happens.) It was suggested that we reschedule, but there's so much going on this summer that I wasn't comfortable with putting the trip and the decision making process off any further. So we got on the road around 6 last night.

After making a couple of stops (coffee, dinner, bathroom) along the way, we arrived at the Hyatt Regency just after midnight. We had been given comped valet parking, so [ profile] dx4 pulled up to the front of the hotel. We got out and approached the valet on duty, who made a comment about the hotel being "closed". I thought he was making a facetious comment about the lateness of our arrival, so I didn't say anything at first - besides, I'd exchanged emails with my contact there on Thursday and everything had been in order.

We went in and went to the front desk to check in - whereupon we learned that there had been a fire on Wednesday in one of the restaurants in the adjoining mall, and that the hotel had been evacuated and was, in fact, still closed. Presumably my contact hadn't mentioned it because she's been working from home with a back injury. I hadn't had time to look at my email all day because I was so busy at work, so the last thing I had heard from her was "Are you still coming on Friday night?" to which I'd answered "Yes."

They'd made arrangements for us to stay at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth, which was one of the hotels I'd originally contacted with our RFP but had decided not to pursue because the room rates were too high - $239/night. This was unfortunate because we'd been hoping to sample the Hyatt's rooms and service during this trip as part of the decision-making process. (Ideally, we would have stayed a night in each hotel that we were visiting, but we didn't really have the time to spend the whole weekend there.)

Anyway, we got to the Fairmont around 1 and checked in with only some mild inconvenience, caused by the fact that the folks at the Hyatt apparently can't spell my name despite everything having been arranged with the sales manager by email. [ profile] dx4 sprawled out on one of the beds while I hooked up the laptop and discovered the Hyatt sales manager's email from late yesterday morning telling us about the fire and asking if we could reschedule. *facepalm* (We probably would have asked to see what we could anyway, because we were also scheduled to see the Marriott Chateau Champlain in the afternoon.) I answered the email, apologizing for not having responded earlier but explaining that I hadn't had the opportunity to look at my email all day and if she had been trying to phone me, I hadn't gotten the message because my cellphone battery had died and I'd forgotten to pack my charger. [ profile] dx4 called the Hyatt and made arrangements for someone to show us around anyway. I then called Eric and we chatted for about an hour, while [ profile] dx4 interjected occasionally from behind me.

As an aside, Eric passed both of his Apple hardware re-certification exams this week - yay! :)

I woke up around 10 this morning - I must have screwed up setting the alarm clock, because I'd set it for 9. [ profile] dx4 was already awake. I freaked a little because the initial plan had us going to the Hyatt at 10:30, but [ profile] dx4 said that he hadn't gotten any calls from them yet. I checked my email while he called them to find out if they were expecting us, and arrangements had been made. So we showered and dressed and got over there around 11. The front desk manager met us and handed us off to the maitre d' to show us around.

After we finished, we headed to the Marriott, where the Sales Manager then showed us around. He was aware of the fire - apparently Montreal's hospitality industry is quite tightly-knit, and they all know each other. He was quite friendly and helpful, and had given a lot of thought to where we could put various things. [ profile] dx4 took a lot of pictures, so we'll discuss the two options and make a selection over the next couple of weeks.

After the Marriott tour, we went to a diner for lunch, where I had a smoked meat sandwich and [ profile] dx4 had a burger and poutine. We got on the road around 3:30 and made good time coming back (despite difficulties in finding the entrance to the highway, and having to drive around downtown Montreal in circles for a while), and I was home a few minutes after 9.

I have a ton of emails to look at, but so far it's been all I can do to make something for dinner. And I wasn't even the one who spent 12 hours out of the 27 hours of the trip driving. (29 hours for [ profile] dx4, since he had to come from, and return to, Kitchener. I wouldn't be surprised if he was already asleep...)
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I feel like I've spent all weekend sitting in front of the computer. I managed to get through 14 of the 21 outstanding items on my Anticipation "to do" list, and several of the items currently outstanding are dependent upon the answer to an email I sent this afternoon. (I think there may be one item that isn't.) I also got some Polaris stuff done, and tested the CUFF ballot website (there's a slight snag there, and I've asked [ profile] dx4 to give my code a look as everything looks like it should work correctly), and sent out a couple of emails pertaining to Gaylaxicon. Overall, I've sent out 71 85 emails since yesterday afternoon, and processed roughly 120 that came in. I have a few Polaris things I want to attend to before going to bed. (Yes, I'm already thinking about bed. Having to get up at 6 in the morning does that to a person.)

The only thing I didn't get done this weekend was going for a haircut - I called the salon that my stylist moved to a couple of months ago, but apparently they're closed on Sundays. And Mondays. Since I'll be in Montreal next Saturday, and have the Polaris programming scheduling meeting the following Saturday, it's going to be another three weeks before I have a chance to get it done. (I thought about calling to see if [ profile] ghostleegirl was working today, but decided instead to attack my overdue To Do lists. It is getting rather desperate, though.)

The last few days before the weekend were kind of tiring as well - but starting a new job is always a bit overwhelming for me (and probably for most people) until I get used to a new routine. I met so many new people on Thursday and Friday that I'm thinking it will take me months to remember any of their names (aside from [ profile] cuteteenboy, whom I already knew, of course). I'm already quite busy there, though - no time to get used to things!

I've been saving up a few things to share, that I've seen in various places around the web.

First, I'm surprised that nobody has picked up the story that Gillian Anderson is being approached to be on Doctor Who. The producers apparently want her to appear as the Rani. That will be cool, if it comes to fruition.

Second, I forget who posted this link initially (though it looks like something [ profile] ozreison may have linked to), but someone has knitted a Guitar Hero scarf, depicting a section of the song "Hotel California". The knitter is willing to do custom orders for US$45.

Third, in the latest instance of epic fail, some fanfic writer with delusions of grandeur named Lady Sybilla, claiming that copyright should not exist because all ideas come from the collective unconscious, is taking it upon herself to write a sequel to Twilight called Russet Noon. Peter David - described by this writer as "a comic-book author and Trekkie geek who refuses to retire and is still trying to be a hero after all these years" - has started a communal response. A group of people are writing a Twilight parody, in 500-word increments, to mock this writer's efforts. The parody's title is Potato Moon, and the first three parts have been posted on Peter David's blog, here. (Alternatively, you can get all of the posts except for part 3 together here.)

And now to check my email, deal with one outstanding Polaris item, and check my email again one last time before getting ready for bed...
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For your reading pleasure.
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I had yet another doctor appointment this morning... I had been told that this one was a geneticist, and that he would be dealing with the preliminary diagnosis of hemachromatosis. It turned out that he was actually a hematologist (blood specialist).

I arrived at about 8:50 for my 9 o'clock appointment (having slept through 20 minutes of my alarm beeping at me and woken up at 7:50) and managed to find the correct area. I would have been earlier had I gotten off at the first bus stop instead of continuing on to the stop at the main entrance of the hospital (this doctor works in the cancer ward at Sunnybrook), but I didn't know that until after I arrived and asked at Reception. It took until about 9:20 before they actually saw me (how can they already be behind schedule at that time of day?), first by a 4th-year medical student who took my blood pressure (I think she said it was 108/71), listened to my heart and lungs, and tapped all over my stomach like it was a melon she was checking for freshness. (It even sounded like she was tapping a melon.)

Then the doctor came in and we talked for a while about what I'd been experiencing, and what the test results showed. He didn't seem to have a final diagnosis yet either, though, and they didn't have anything about the results of the heart test from a month or so ago. So they sent me off... to have more blood taken. Yay. This time, they only filled six vials.

He did tell me that the simplest treatment for hemachromatosis is regular phlebotomy... or taking blood to reduce the amount of iron in my body. This may be why I stopped feeling faint after they started doing all the blood work. If that's the case, then I guess it's time to bring on the leeches. ;)

My next appointment - barring getting the results from the cardiologist in the meantime - is in about six weeks. Fun, wow.

In job hunting-related news, I have an interview tomorrow out in Mississauga. Wish me luck!
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I had another poor night at the bowling alley tonight: 138, 158, 164. That third game was my best game of the playoffs, and it was still six pins below my average. Pity, I'd started out so well (79 through the first four frames) but then got a couple of splits that killed my game.

Teamwise, we were 11th going into tonight - the top seven make the finals. We climbed to 9th place after the first game, but despite the fact that we overtook a team in each of the last two games, another team also overtook us in each, so we ended up finishing 9th.

Jamie was sick tonight - it sounded like a flu bug, from what he described - but fortunately there was someone there tonight who had filled in here and there throughout the season and so he was allowed to fill in for us.

In other news... I had to go up to Aurora today to pick up my last two paycheques and the formal letter that informed me of the layoff. It seems that they'd managed to get things sufficiently in order that their promise of keeping me on payroll until things were settled is no longer in effect. I should be getting a final severance payment in a week or so, along with my Record of Employment so that I can apply for Employment Insurance. (I was expecting to get that today, but apparently they have five calendar days to get it to me from today, so they're going to mail it to me. I was also expecting to have to sign something, but apparently having someone who doesn't own the company witness my being informed of the fact is legally sufficient. At least that's what my now-former boss said.)

The weird thing was that during the whole conversation, Zak never even peeked around the corner of the divider that separated our desks. I had to go around and get his attention to say good-bye. I don't know if he was just really uncomfortable with the whole thing (because who knows, he may be laid off soon too if things don't improve), or if he was being a jerk. I'll be charitable and assume that he was uncomfortable.

Tonight, at the bowling alley, Mario said that he was going to be playing golf tomorrow morning with someone he knows who is a good recruiter, so he said that he would mention my name and email me the guy's email address so that I can send him my resume.

I had a phone conversation earlier this week with a recruiter who was interested in putting me forward for management jobs based on my convention experience. I was skeptical, but I told him go ahead, send me the documentation about his company's services. The one thing that bothered me was that he said that they charge people - about $630 for the initial assessment, which is refundable under a certain set of circumstances, but if the candidate finds a job without their help they have to pay another $630. Now, no normal recruiter charges jobhunters for their services - they charge the hiring companies. But I thought, this is a management placement service, so maybe they use a different model. I was supposed to call him back on Wednesday to tell him whether or not I was interested, so I emailed Mario on Tuesday to ask him what he thought. His response indicated that management placement company or not, reputable recruiters all use the same model. So I called the guy back and said, "Thanks, but no thanks." I talked further with Mario about it tonight, as well as with Ed, who apparently used to be a headhunter. He said, "That's the company people go to work for when they can't cut it as a headhunter."

Anyhow... I've been told to get to bed now, and so off to bed I shall go. (It took a while to get around to clicking "post"... I actually wrote all of the above about five and a half hours ago.)
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For any who are interested, tonight's episode of CSI will feature a murder at a science fiction convention (depending on whom you believe, it's either a Trek con or a Galaxy Quest con). The guest cast includes:

  • Kate Vernon (Ellen Tigh on BSG) as Dr. Penelope Russell

  • Michael Welch (Young Jack O'Neill on Stargate SG-1, Luke on Joan of Arcadia and Artim in Star Trek: Insurrection) as Steuben Lorenz

  • Joshua Cox (Lieutenant Corwin on Babylon 5) as "Commander Artemis Bishop"

  • Ronald D. Moore (creator of BSG and former Trek producer) as himself

  • Arne Starr (comic book artist) as "Convention Artist Guest"

CSI isn't normally a show I watch (though if there's nothing else on and it happens to be on the channel I'm watching, I don't bother changing the channel), but I may try to check this episode out.

Hopefully they'll do a better job than they did with the furry episode a couple of years ago...

On the job hunting front, I applied for another one today (a mainframe job at CIBC), and one last night before I went to bed (a web developer position, using PHP). That brings my total to 38 so far.
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I had another full weekend this weekend (but then again, when don't I?). I guess I'll start with Friday...

This is going to be mega-long, so I'll use cuts.

Score one for good planning. Which, of course, I didn't exhibit... )

Happy Birthday to kanecool... )

The meeting went reasonably well in spite of my being late... )

I got home around 6:30 or so, answered an email relating to a job I'd applied for, talked to [ profile] cuteteenboy and my mother, made dinner and settled down on the couch, which is where I am now.

The conversation with my mother wasn't too painful... )

And that's been my weekend. A couple of other things that have happened this weekend:

AmazonFail... Amazon seems to have it in for books with LGBT content. )

And the most surreal thing I saw all weekend... )

So that was my weekend.
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CNN reports that People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals have asked the Pet Shop Boys to change their name.

Their suggestion? "Rescue Shelter Boys".

That's almost as stupid as the whole "sea kitten" debacle from a few months ago.

Someone over at TrekBBS made the comment, "I didn't even know they were still around." Their new album is #3 on the Billboard charts... the first single, "Love etc.", is #8.
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For those of you not obsessively refreshing the Polaris 23 webpage, we have another actor guest: Matt Frewer!

You may remember him as Max Headroom:

but he's also been in Watchmen, Dawn Of The Dead and Apollo 11 and on Eureka, Taken, PSI Factor and Star Trek: The Next Generation, and has been a voice actor on Gargoyles, Hercules, The Incredible Hulk, Batman and many more.

I have to say, I'm even more excited about this announcement than I was about Michael Hogan. *grin*
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Y'know, if you're going to run an organization that has enough of a public profile to warrant a website, you should probably put some type of contact information, or a contact form, somewhere on the site. Or do you not want people contacting you?

It's nice that you want to tell us who won your award each year. But it wouldn't kill you to tell people who are trying to co-ordinate other awards ceremonies how to reach you so that you can, just maybe, get a wider profile for your award... would it?
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... because this is nearly impossible to believe. *grin*

Leonard Nimoy is joining the cast of Fringe.

I may actually start watching the show. :)
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We've just announced a new guest: Michael Hogan, who played Colonel Tigh on Battlestar Galactica!

I have to admit, a year ago I wouldn't have been all that excited, but now that I've watched the show... woohoo!

He joins David Nykl (Dr. Zelenka on Stargate: Atlantis) and authors:

R.J. Anderson
Stephanie Bedwell-Grime
Erik Buchanan
Julie E. Czerneda
Gemma Files
Matthew LeDrew
Lesley Livingston
Karin Lowachee
Derwin Mak
Violette Malan
David Nickle
Michelle Rowen
Douglas Smith

There should be another guest announcement soon - keep your eyes on the website!

In other news, the job hunt continues. So far I've applied to 30 jobs and been in touch with 10 recruiters, plus I've updated my resume on a number of job hunting websites. I got an email today from one of the recruiters asking me if I'm available for a phone call Thursday morning.

I also got a call from my doctor's office today - I have an appointment over at Sunnybrook on April 20. Presumably this relates to the genetic tests that were being done.

And I'm having another bit of fun with Future Shop and HMV - this time I'm trying to get my hands on the 2-disc edition of the new Pet Shop Boys album. It was supposed to come out on March 23, but nobody around here seemed to get it on time. The 2-disc version was pushed back to April 3, but again nobody was getting it then. HMV was supposed to get it today, but all I could find was one copy of the 1-disc version. The woman helping me said, "It should be in by the end of the week." Oy. Here we go again...


Apr. 3rd, 2009 11:22 pm
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In the immortal words of [ profile] randomyst following the Star Trek: Enterprise finale:

"Well, that sucked ass!"

I thought I might have my first good night in ages, following four strikes and a spare in six practice frames, but immediately missed two easy spares once the scores were actually being counted. The third game, I had a good start, but then had three consecutive open frames in the second half.

Final scores: 145, 144, 162.


We didn't even stick around to see what place we were in following tonight. We were in something like 9th out of 13 teams after the second game, and in the third game, we barely broke 1000. (I think I actually had the best score on the team in that third game, which says something as well. And that something is "ugh.")

There's no bowling next week because it's Easter weekend, but the playoffs resume the week after that. We'll have to do better.

In other news, I found one new job today to apply to - it's a mainframe position, through a recruiter who was advertising on Workopolis. I haven't had much luck with this particular recruiter, though. I remember having a meeting with one of their people a few years ago, but have never gotten an actual interview for a position through them. Still, fingers crossed... it's an intermediate position, and they're looking for five years' experience, while I have 12 years in mainframes. This makes 25 jobs I've applied to since last Thursday, plus I've spoken to or submitted my updated resume to ten recruiters.

In other other news, I had a voicemail tonight when I got home from someone I'd been trying to reach for weeks, giving me an answer to a question I'd initially asked back in November. It's not the answer I'd hoped for, but at least it's an answer and I can go back to the drawing board on this particular issue. (And yes, that paragraph is intentionally vague. :) )
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I had a phone call this morning from a recruiter regarding a PHP position, and a meeting this afternoon with another recruiter (the one [ profile] thefrenchmaid put me in touch with). The meeting went well, and he thinks that he might be able to help given my experience and knowledge. *fingers crossed*

(It was strange, though, how much he reminded me of Eric - between his height, and the fact that he was wearing a brown jacket, as was Eric when we were in Chattanooga. The recruiter is a bit older, though.)

After the meeting, I got home and spent about two hours fighting with Vista. I'd been keeping the list of positions I've applied to in an Excel spreadsheet, saving it after adding each new application. However, I didn't realize that I'd never started by saving it to a real folder on my laptop, and since I'd started it on my desktop and emailed it to myself, I'd been saving it in the Temporary Internet Files folder. Before emailing the list to the recruiter (which he'd asked me to do so that he doesn't submit me for any positions I'd already applied for), I had closed Excel. Now, do you think Vista would let me see the contents of the Temporary Internet Files folder? Of course not! I managed to change the settings so that I could see the files in the folder, but the Excel file was in a subfolder that wasn't visible. (I figured this out by re-downloading the older version from my email, clicking "Save As" and seeing where the save dialog started. I could see the other version I'd saved there, but I couldn't see it in Windows Explorer.)

It took me quite a while to figure out how to get Excel to re-open the version that was in the temporary folder - I was *this* close to just redoing the whole thing. Whew!

(Say what you like about Windows, but at least in XP I've never had to go through that much rigmarole just to find a file. Even the Search function wouldn't find the file. Argh.)

Apart from that, though, I haven't really done a whole lot today. Part of that may have been because I spent too much time making myself look good before I went to the meeting (I think it took me about an hour and a half to get out of the apartment today), and because I left about 40 minutes earlier than I really needed to, since I was walking to his office. It's fairly close, so it wasn't a big deal - it took me about 15 minutes, and it was a nice day. Besides, I didn't bother to buy a Metropass for April.

That actually feels really weird - I think I was even buying passes during my last bout of unemployment, just for the convenience. Convenience is one thing, but $109 is a lot of money to spend when I'm not planning on making at least 40 trips this month. I'll just buy tokens to use when I do have to go somewhere that's too far to walk.

Now for some levity... admit it, [ profile] huntingdon, this is how you went to work yesterday, isn't it? Admit it, this is you:

(Thanks to [ profile] neoengel, who found the image here.)
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I just got a call from my doctor... the last set of blood work is in.

While my liver enzymes were back to normal when they did the previous set of tests, they were elevated again with the most recent set. And this time my hemoglobin is apparently high as well. Now he's suspecting hemachromatosis, which is a genetic condition caused by iron being absorbed and stored by the body beyond what it should be storing.


(He asked me if I'd ever heard of it before. I said, "I think they've mentioned it on 'House'." Apparently this was amusing to him - he'd actually meant whether anyone in my family had ever been diagnosed with it, since it's genetic. Okay, fine, but that wasn't the question he asked...)

He wants me to go to North York General Hospital to get another batch of blood tests - problem is, their outpatient lab is apparently closing for good tomorrow, and they can't (or won't) fit me in today. So I'm off to the same lab I've been going to for the last few weeks to have more blood taken... this time, since there's genetic testing involved, it's going to take a couple of months to get the results back.

Oh, and he still hasn't gotten the results of the heart tests back yet. It was supposed to take a week... it's been 12 days.
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I just got word via [ profile] redeem147 and [ profile] elizard100 that Andy Hallett, who played Lorne, the demon who ran the karaoke bar on "Angel", has passed away of heart failure at the age of 33. He lived pretty hard, from what I know, but even still, he was far too young.

R.I.P., Andy.



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