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Y'know, if you're going to run an organization that has enough of a public profile to warrant a website, you should probably put some type of contact information, or a contact form, somewhere on the site. Or do you not want people contacting you?

It's nice that you want to tell us who won your award each year. But it wouldn't kill you to tell people who are trying to co-ordinate other awards ceremonies how to reach you so that you can, just maybe, get a wider profile for your award... would it?
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Nominations are now open for the 2009 Constellation Awards! The Constellations will again be presented at Polaris in July.

Anyone can submit nominations in any of our nine award categories: Click Here! )

You can review the eligibility guidelines for each category and nominate your choices at the website. There is also a list of film and television works that we have identified as being eligible for nomination this year. Nominations must be received (via postal mail, email, or our online nomination form) by MARCH 31st, 2009.

The deadline for nominations for the Aurora Awards is midnight, Saturday February 28th. The Prix Aurora Awards recognize the best in Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy each year. All Canadian citizens or permanent residents are eligible to nominate for free. It only takes a couple of minutes.

Nominations can be submitted on-line here.

To find information about eligible works in both English and French categories, see the Canadian SF Works Database.

As it happens the deadline for the Hugo Awards nominations is also this Saturday. To nominate you have to have attended the World Science Fiction Convention in Denver last year or have a membership for the Worldcon in Montreal this year. For more information, visit the
Anticipation website's Hugo Awards page.


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