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Eric pointed out to me last night that it had been a week since my last post, so I thought I'd better bring everyone up to date.

I spent most of this week working. I was late getting to the office a few times, which doesn't look good, I realize. I was managing to get up on four or five hours of sleep until this week, when it just caught up with me. Plus, the alarm on my cellphone, which I've been using as a supplement to my alarm clock, wasn't waking me. I discovered on Thursday that I had turned the volume of my cellphone ringer down to the minimum to avoid disturbing my co-workers - and forgotten to turn it back up when I got home. Oops. My co-workers are just going to have to put up with occasionally hearing the song "The Sodom And Gomorrah Show".

Despite being late a few times, I'm making good progress on my current project. I had a little problem caused by the profile on my PC somehow getting corrupted, preventing me from being able to investigate a problem that I'd been asked to look at, but eventually the administrator figured it out and I was able to resolve things.

Thursday evening, we had the hotel tour/meeting for Polaris. I finally found out where the squash courts and gym are in the Best Western (we've had to schedule some things over there due to having less space than we had at the Doubletree). I've also managed to get my con-related emails down a bit - I have maybe 15-20 in my Inbox that are still waiting for replies.

Last night, Eric and I watched the Dead Like Me movie. I had a slight hiccup - my DVD player wouldn't load the disc. All it was doing was making grinding noises. I tested another DVD in it and it started up fine, and my laptop was able to play the DLM movie, so I don't know what the problem was. Anyway, we managed to watch it. I was a little disappointed by the performance of the actress playing Daisy (who was not the same actress who played the role in the TV show), and I felt myself getting emotional during the scene with George, Delores and Murray (I was reminded a little too much of Vesta), but overall it was a decent bookend to the series, while leaving things open for more.

Today, I finally got around to going out to buy a paper shredder. I had two plastic bags full of receipts, ATM slips, and other things that I didn't want to just throw into the recycling bin, which had been sitting in the corner for quite a while. So I went down to the Eaton Centre and picked up a shredder at Grand & Toy (the G&T near me is closed on Sundays). Somehow, shredding two bags of paper took two hours and turned into six bags of confetti. I'm not sure how that happened.

Tomorrow, I figure I'll do more cleaning - take out the newspapers and other recycling, and sweep and mop the floors. I might do laundry as well. I want my apartment to be slightly less of a disaster when Eric arrives on Wednesday. :) (I was going to do that today, but spent more time downtown than I'd really meant to, just wandering around. Funny how that happens.)

So that's been my week.
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I improved on last week's scores to set a new high for this season: 169, 229, 180. I started the second game with five consecutive strikes, and had momentary visions of a perfect game. I guess I jinxed myself. :( (My record to start a game is eight consecutive strikes, and I'd finished the previous game with three in a row - a perfect game requires 12.)

Even better, we won all three games against a very dangerous team. The best bowler in the league, who routinely wins the high average award every year (he's usually well above 200, and in fact, tonight all three of his games were over 200) is their anchor, and the other four are almost as good. Against most teams, we have a bit of a deficit at the beginning of each game because our handicaps are fairly low, as Mario and I have high averages. Tonight, we started each game 169 pins ahead, which should give some idea of how good they are. And even so, the first game was pretty close - they almost caught us from the seventh frame on.

We were still fourth in the league going into tonight, but I hope that we've overtaken at least one of the teams ahead of us, as we were only four points out of first.

I had a bit of a frustrating day at work today - I sent the executable files for the client's website to them by FTP last night as I couldn't log onto their network remotely. Today, they uploaded and installed them, but we still can't get a database connection. I went through all of the settings, as well as everything in both configuration files, but couldn't see anything wrong, and neither could Zak. We're at a loss to explain why their web application can't connect to their database. Meanwhile, everything works just peachy on my local machine.

I have quite a few errands to run this weekend - I'm hoping to get those books that I packed up a couple of weeks ago over to the used bookstore, I desperately need to buy a new shower curtain (the one I have is dangling from just one of the rings), I could stand to do laundry (only two loads instead of my usual six or seven, mind you), and the floors still need to be mopped. And I only have tomorrow to do it. Meanwhile, I have some Polaris work and some Anticipation work that needs doing, plus there's a tentative plan that I have yet to confirm to get together for coffee or something with [ profile] cuteteenboy, since we haven't managed to get together over the last couple of weekends. It's probably a good thing that Eric is going to a theme park tomorrow afternoon, so I should have time for some of that stuff, but I don't think I'll get it all done, and I have a meeting Sunday afternoon.

We need more hours in the day. Maybe if everyone would jump two feet to the west simultaneously, we could shake the earth enough to slow it down a bit and add more hours to the day. ;)


Nov. 7th, 2008 10:50 pm
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I don't know why it's so warm in here right now. I haven't had the A/C on in a few weeks, but it wasn't that warm out today, or even that sunny. Weird.

Tonight's scores weren't terribly spectacular, but they were adequate: 170, 159, 179. Since my average going into tonight was 168, that means I was four pins above average on the night. Those scores look better than they probably were, though - in the second game, I only had 52 after the first five frames (including three splits) and in the third, I had 71. That means that I managed 108 in the second half of each game. Pity those two half-games weren't in the same game.

What makes that even more miraculous is that I bowled the entire third game with my right thumbnail split - despite my ice cream addiction, my fingernails are quite weak and break easily, so unless I keep them really short, bowling tends to break them. It happens to my thumb more than it does to my middle two fingers, for some reason.

We picked up an easy four points, too, because the other team was missing three bowlers and none of them had bothered to bowl off or declare previous scores to be used in their absence, and there's a rule that a team can only use a maximum of two dummy scores (140 plus a 30 handicap), so their fifth slot had zero for the entire night. I don't understand why people don't declare their scores if they know they're going to be away - it's simple. You just pay the league statistician one week's bowling fees ($15) for each time you want to bank the scores, before the start of bowling. And if you end up not using them (because it's possible to bank declared scores without setting a date for them to be used), you get the money refunded at the end of the season. So it's not hard - some people just don't care. And while most of the people in the league aren't all that competitive, and it's meant to be a recreational league, it's always more fun when you're doing well. And knowing at 7pm that you'll be getting zero points for the week isn't terribly motivating.

Apart from that, nothing terribly exciting happened today. I got through my list of change requests for the client whose website I've been working on, and moved on to a new request - but unless I'm missing something or misunderstanding, it doesn't look like any change is actually required. This isn't the first time this client has asked for an unnecessary change, though.

I was tentatively scheduled to go out with [ profile] cuteteenboy tonight, but when I called him earlier he said he wouldn't be available tonight. So I'm going to try to be in bed at a decent hour so that I can get up at a decent hour tomorrow and clean my dining room, and possibly get to a Rogers store so that I can see about trading in my old modem for a router and get wi-fi working in my apartment.
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I am a Jenga god.

It occurred to me to double-check whether we'd entered all of the special scheduling requests into the database correctly, because I wasn't seeing any conflicts in the reports, and it seemed odd. (Other types of conflicts, such as panelists inadvertantly being double-scheduled, we're catching with no problems. Requests not to be scheduled against particular programme items, we're catching. I just wasn't sure if requests not to be scheduled at certain times were entered correctly.)

So I went through and identified all of the panels that would be affected by these special requests, then checked to see if any panels were scheduled at times when they shouldn't have been. There were 15 (out of roughly 250 panels).


Two hours later... all of the conflicts are cleared, on the first try. Well, except for one - I'm sorry, but when one person asks not to be scheduled before 7pm, another is only going to be at the con on Saturday and two others want to be in the Masquerade, which starts at 8:30, someone is going to have to be disappointed, because I'm not putting the Doctor Who Series 4 panel at midnight or 1 in the morning.

Okay, the Saturday Morning TV panel is going to have to be on Sunday afternoon, but that's a small price to pay.

I also got my kitchen and bathroom floors mopped (yes, I finally replaced my mop head) and gave my dining room floor a once-over with the cleaner I bought a couple of months ago (it's going to need about five more go-overs, I fear, probably with the on-hands-and-knees-with-brush approach), plus I finally got around to replacing the hall light that burned out about three months ago. (I had to go out and buy lightbulbs - I got one of those mercury bulbs that only uses 13 watts to generate 60 watts worth of light, and is supposed to last seven years - I'm not sure that it really gives off that much light, though it's sufficient.)

I'm going to have to get the super up here at some point to do something about the damaged parquet, though - Friday night's storm blew through my air conditioner and I had about an inch of water on my dining room floor. Fortunately I accidentally stepped in it before it trickled across to where the power bar that my computer is plugged into plugs into the extension cord which, in turn, plugs into the dining room outlet, so I was able to grab some bath towels and mop it up before I had an electrical fire to deal with.

(Before anyone asks why I don't have the computer plugged in someplace closer... the nearest outlet has my TV, VCR, DVD player and stereo plugged into it, and the next closest one can only accommodate a two-pronged plug.)

I wanted to put away the laundry I did last weekend, but that's going to have to wait, I guess. Oh, well. Being neatly folded in the laundry basket for two weeks never caused clothes any damage.

(I think I need a manservant to take care of these mundane household chores for me...)
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So yesterday, I discovered that I didn't have a Robertson screwdriver and so couldn't replace my mop head in order to clean my kitchen and dining room. I measured the screws, and it seemed that I needed one with a head one eighth of an inch wide. No problem, I figured. Surely I'll be able to find one today.

Around 1:30, I got on the subway and rode down to St. Clair, where there's a Home Hardware (the same one I went to yesterday to buy the hardwood cleaner and CLR), but it was closed today. Okay, so I misremembered - I'd thought their sign said that they would be open today. So back on the subway I got to ride down to Dundas. Surely the Canadian Tire there would be open, since the area around the Eaton Centre is considered a tourist area and so everything is usually open on holidays. Nope, they were closed too. So down Yonge Street I walked, all the way to Front and back up to College. Along the way, I stopped in every single store I saw that I thought might carry what I needed, but either a) they didn't sell them, or b) they sold them, but the wrong size.

At this point, I remembered that there's a hardware store somewhere in the Church/Wellesley area, so I walked over to Church Street. I popped into the Timothy's Coffee at Church and Maitland and asked, but they said that it was closed today.

By this point, I was getting a little tired. So I figured I would give up for today and walk over to Wellesley station and come home. On the way I spotted a dollar store on the NE corner of Church and Wellesley, so I thought I'd give it one last try.

Success! A few minutes later, I had in my possession a one-eight-inch Robertson screwdriver. I got on the subway and came home...

Whereupon I discovered that I must have mismeasured the screw, and the screwdriver I'd bought was too big. I probably should have gotten a 3/16" one... which would have seen me getting home two hours earlier.

Three and a half hours for nothing. *headdesk*

Maybe it's just as well. After all that, I'm too tired to do housework anyway.

At least I got my exercise for the day week month. Mapquest says all that walking was just under two miles, but it felt like a heck of a lot more.
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Most people mark Canada Day by going to a barbecue or some other outdoorsy-type event. What did I do? I built an igloo in my kitchen. And had enough snow left over for a short snowball fight (more of a skirmish, I suppose).

Perhaps I exaggerate a bit... but I got home from grocery shopping to realize that once again, I had bought more food than would actually fit in my freezer. Some of you may have heard me describe my kitchen appliances as being "so old, they came over on the Ark." My stove's burners are controlled by push-buttons that run along the top of the section against the wall (does that part have a name?), and my fridge doesn't have a separate freezer compartment - it's a metal-enclosed icebox at the top of the fridge that has a separate door inside the main door of the fridge. And it's not frost-free.

Now, I'm not the world's greatest housekeeper, as you can probably tell from the title of my LJ... and I'd let the chore of defrosting go so long undone that a couple of years ago, when I attempted to do it, I found that I couldn't remove the tray that catches the runoff from melted frost because it was catching on the ice that had formed on the underside of the freezer. (Leading to the purchase of some plastic tubing to use as a siphon to get the water from the tray to the sink.)

I made a few half-hearted attempts since then, but I only really managed to clear a few more cubic centimetres of space. Until today, when I got sick and tired of not being able to shop for more than two or three days' worth of groceries at a time (less, if I happened to have ice cream and juice in there too). I just spent the last four and a half hours at it, and filled my sink with ice. (Had I not run hot water to melt it as I went, I might very well have filled the sink more than once.)

I started out with a rather sharp knife, trying to cut chunks of the ice, but all that accomplished was ripping the skin off my knuckle when my hand slipped and I smacked my hand against a stalactite. (Yes, this was just like a spelunking expedition.) Next attempt: using a letter opener as an icepick. I quickly realized that I'd be here all week if I kept that up. So I switched over to alternating between my hair dryer and a pot full of boiling water to melt the ice enough to loosen it, which worked fairly well until I was trying to get ice off the walls themselves, because the pot couldn't get right into the corners... at which point the hammer came out.

It's still not 100%, because there's ice on the outside and above the freezer compartment that will be trickier to get rid of because I can't get at it. However, it's not preventing me from getting all of my groceries into the freezer, so it can wait until some future weekend when I don't have much in the way of food and I can just set the controls on "defrost" and leave it for a few hours.

And hey, I might actually be able to fill an ice cube tray or two and put them in there now... cold drinks! What a concept!

The only problem now is that enough bits of ice and snow flew out of the freezer while I was sawing/chopping/hacking/hammering away at it that my kitchen floor is cold and damp, which means I have to leave my shoes on for a bit.

However, I'm pleased that I finally got this done. So pleased that I keep going back to my fridge to open the freezer door and look at it.

*throws snowball at friendslist, ducks, rolls, runs away*
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I probably shouldn't bother to post about this, because I know the kind of responses this will get (and I'm generally not the kind of person to disallow commenting because, if my friends have something to say, I want them to be able to say it), but here goes...

First, though, the fun part. I spent yesterday afternoon at [ profile] gurudata and [ profile] kanecool's house with [ profile] twiddler, Declan, Stephen and Megan, filming a series of skits to show at Polaris 21. We'll try to perform as many of them live as we can, but in case something happens and either [ profile] twiddler or I am unavailable (since we're in all of them), we wanted to have a backup. Also, there was some talk of putting them up on Youtube before the con for promotional purposes. If that happens, I'll post a link so that you can all make fun of me. :) Declan was also taking still photos, so if those get posted, I'll try to snag copies (I just hope he didn't take any of me changing costumes. As Stephen said, I'm not shy... since a couple of my changes were full changes, everyone who was there now knows what kind of underwear I wear. I told them not to be so squeamish... at least they didn't see me running around naked like I had to do during FASS '90 when I had to take a shower during intermission to get the ghost makeup off and rush to change into my Act Two costume... the second the curtain came down at the end of Act One I was running for the dressing room, peeling off my costume as I ran.)

After we completed filming around 6, we all (except for Declan, who had to leave) went for dinner at a nearby pub called The Devil's Harp, where I had a rather nice lamb-and-ale pie and mashed potatoes for dinner.

I did have a rather unexpected surprise - I was using an old garment bag to carry all of the various outfits that I was planning to wear, and in the bottom of the garment bag, I found an envelope of photographs. Many of them were from my high school band's 1985 trip to New York City, but there were some photos that go back even further (including one from when I was about 8, and one from when I was about 6 or 7), plus one from that I wish I'd known I had last year, when [ profile] rockgoddes put together an exhibit on the history of Toronto Trek for our 20th anniversary - it was taken at TT3, and it's of me and Mark Lenard. (I may not have known I had the photo, but the shirt I'm wearing in the photo was in the exhibit. :) ) [ profile] gurudata kindly scanned them for me, and once I receive them in my email, I'll post them. :)

Now for the not-so-fun part of the evening... because I'd been good Friday night, I decided to go out to Woody's even though I was a little tired from the day's activities. I was standing there, minding my own business, when some guy I'd never seen before in my life turned towards me and read my shirt, running his finger across my chest like he was a kindergartener just learning to read. I was wearing one of my French Connection UK shirts, which says "too busy to fcuk". He said, "Why the hell would you wear something like that down here, you loser? You must be a nerd." I just raised my eyebrows and said, "It amused me." He then went on to inform me that I was probably still a virgin (when, in fact, I was probably already married before he figured out what his dick was for, given his age), and said - a propos of what, I'm not sure - that he was a stylist. I replied, "That's nice, I'm a programmer." He then put his arm around me (!). I said, "What the hell are you doing?" He said, "If you're a programmer, you must have money." I extracted myself and moved away. He then decided to go at me again, and told me that I needed a makeover. Also, he added, a gym membership. He then turned back to his friends and proudly announced that he was a bitch. (No kidding.) His two female friends found the whole thing hilarious, but his male friend was mortified. Once he established that I'd never seen his friend before that moment, he turned and told him off, then turned to me and apologized. The asshole then loudly said, "What are you talking to him for? Come over here and hang out with the popular people."

Funny, I thought high school ended for me 22 years ago...

When I went back to the bar for my third pint of the night, the bartender asked how my night was going. I said, "Until a few minutes ago, it was going fine..." He asked what had happened, and I told him. He said, "Where is he? I'll have him thrown out." I told him not to bother, though, that I didn't think the guy was worth it. (I'll have to remember to say hi to his friend if I see him in there again, though... if only because it'll piss this guy off. ;) )

But I continued to stew about it for the rest of the night, and into this afternoon. Look, I know I have flaws. I know that I'm not what is generally considered attractive in the gay community - I'm not in the greatest of shape, and I don't have cheekbones that will cut glass - in other words, I don't look like I'm on either steroids, ecstacy or heroin - and I'm not 20 years old any more. I have interests and ambitions that don't involve becoming Paris Hilton's personal shopper. But I don't think those kinds of comments were called for. I'll take constructive criticism from my friends, because I know they're doing it because they care about me, even if it does get annoying sometimes. But from a complete stranger? DO NOT WANT.

Anyway, I'm feeling a little better now. I know (and knew even at the time) that the guy was a jerk whose opinions were to be discounted out of hand, and that he was probably only doing it because criticizing others is the only way he knows to make himself feel good about his own life, but for some reason, it still bothered me that someone would decide that that kind of behaviour was appropriate.

Today was kind of meh, even once I started feeling better. I had a nasty headache all day (which is strange, because I didn't feel like I was that drunk last night), which wasn't helped by the fact that my Mike Holmes-wannabe neighbour was drilling again. It might have been partially exacerbated by the fact that I decided that I was sick and tired of my bathroom being in the state it's in, and so did some cleaning this afternoon. (The shower stall needs another go-over, though... it seems that no matter how much time I spend on them, the walls still have hard-water residue.) The fumes from the various cleaning substances probably didn't help my headache any. I was going to do the kitchen floor too, but I didn't feel like waiting for the floor to dry before I could make dinner. Speaking of which, I felt much better after I'd eaten. Pasta, followed by chocolate ice cream, may not do anything for my non-existent abs, but they heal everything else. :)
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Oy. I've just spent the last seven hours cleaning my living room. (Okay, six of the past seven hours, because I took a break to reheat last night's leftover chili.) What brought on this sudden burst of energy, you ask? Probably the fact that Space has been airing all of the Trek movies back-to-back today, so sitting on the couch and going through all the junk piles was actually kind of an attractive prospect.

It's amazing how much junk mail I just tossed on the piles on my bookcases over the last couple of years (yes, that's right, years), not to mention bank and RRSP statements that I'd never bothered to open. (Well, I know how much money I have, so even if I had opened them, I would have just filed them away...) Oh, and all the bills that I paid online and never bothered to open when they arrived in the mail...

But now I can see the top of my desk, the top of my cedar chest (except for where the printer and boxes of paper and envelopes are), the top of the orange crate just inside my front door that's filled with ancient comic books, the top of my Trek bookcase and the two shelves of my other bookcase that had previously been piled high with mail. And I have roughly 50 back issues of The Advocate freshly unwrapped and ready to read to see what I missed over the past year (well, probably more - I think 50 issues = 2 years' worth of unread magazines, though the last one I remember reading was around February of this year).

Oh, yeah, I have one more area that still needs cleaning - the TV shelf of my other entertainment unit (the one that doesn't actually house the TV/DVD/stereo) is still jammed full of crap. Plus I need to actually file all of the bills and statements and such - right now they're just piled on the armchair where I was tossing them as I opened them. And I need to take the five bags of envelopes and old junk mail out to the recycling bin. Then I need to dust the whole shebang. I'm almost scared to take care of those last few things because then my living room will actually be organized. Eek. What will I do then?

The one upside is I found two pieces of mail that arrived this week that I hadn't opened for which I need to thank people - a Christmas card from [ profile] angriestangel and [ profile] auriocookie, and a DVD of "Battleship Potemkin" with the PSB soundtrack from [ profile] hoskie. Thank you! (Maybe by next year I'll be organized enough to finally send cards out to people for Christmas...)
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So there I was, in the kitchen. Dinner made, I took my pint beer mug and started to pour myself some fruit juice... when the bottom quarter or so of the glass decided it no longer wanted to be attached to the rest.

Amazingly, there was no shattering - it was a pretty solid piece of kitchenware. Emphasis on "was".

In other news... the worst-kept secret in Hollywood is no more. George Takei has come out of the closet. I remember a couple of years ago, when he was here for SFX, I was at his autograph table and knowing that he's a transit geek, I asked him if he'd ridden our newest subway line yet. His eyes got as big as dinner plates and he said, "You have a new subway line?" You'd think I'd just told him that the USS Excelsior series he's been pushing for for the last several years had just been greenlit.


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