Jan. 29th, 2007 01:02 am
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I had hoped that getting to bed by 2:30 or thereabouts this morning would have been the start to getting back on a more normal schedule, but sleeping until 2 this afternoon kind of put the kibosh on that idea.

I knew I was tired from yesterday, but that tired??? Sure, I'd only gotten about four or five hours of sleep the night before, and spent all afternoon and part of the evening at the TT/Polaris crew party, but I didn't think I needed nearly 12 hours of sleep.

The party was fun, though concom members once again outnumbered the volunteers whom the party is meant to thank for their work on the convention. It was held at a pub called "Rails & Ales", which serves the largest hamburgers I've ever seen. A couple of years ago, one of our group was heard to exclaim, "My God, that burger is as big as my face!" As I recall, it took me over an hour to eat mine. Last time we were there, there seemed to have been a decline in both the size and the quality of the burgers, but they seem to have rectified that (though the tzatziki burger is no longer on the menu :( ). I had the roast beef sandwich this time, though, which was excellent, and probably had as much meat in it as the burgers.

People started to trickle in around 2 (I'd gotten there early to meet [livejournal.com profile] gurudata and put together prize packages). The "who am I?" character guessing game went over well (we all drew a slip of paper on which was printed a character's picture and name, and people had to ask yes/no questions to try to guess who everyone was), though people guessed who I was fairly quickly in both instances. Once someone guessed the show a character was from, the game was usually over within the next two questions. For instance: "Are you male?" (yes.) "Are you from a Star Trek show?" (yes.) "Original?" (no.) "Voyager?" (yes.) "Are you human?" (no.) "Are you Tuvok?" (yes.) I think the round in which I was playing Seven of Nine went even faster, though I joked that they probably would have gotten it in one if I had just thrown out my chest and sucked in my stomach. (Well, maybe two - they might have guessed T'Pol first.) The longest any round went was when someone was playing as Buck Rogers.

We then spent some time trying to come up with false rumours to spread about other members of concom, but there wasn't a whole lot of creativity in the room at that point. ([livejournal.com profile] elizard100 said she was thinking about starting a rumour that I'd been turned straight, but she figured nobody would buy it.) I suggested that [livejournal.com profile] yellow_freshia (who is a librarian) secretly likes to fold the corners of pages over to mark her place. She then demonstrated her amazing ability to walk at a near-normal pace with a book balanced on her head.

So that was yesterday, and explains, perhaps a little, why I was so tired last night. And now I'm probably not going to get to bed until 5 or 6 again, because I spent all day today reading yesterday's newspaper and watching TV.

I'm not sure what compelled me, but I watched both The Simpsons or Family Guy tonight, for the first time in ages. I rather enjoyed much of FG - I laughed out loud a couple of times, at the "Wrath of Khan" spoof and the "Anchors Aweigh" bit (which went on, as FG bits often do, a little long, but I guess they had to get the most bang for the bucks they spent on getting the rights to the clip?). I then switched over to Desperate Housewives, which was a repeat. I could have sworn that the Globe TV listings said that tonight's episode was going to be a new one... but I watched it anyway, and thus failed to realize that I could have watched The Dresden Files instead. So I'll be staying up to catch the repeat at 3. Argh. And Studio 60? They've done better, but they've also done worse. This episode seemed to be lacking a bit of zip in the dialogue; I found myself wondering when Aaron Sorkin got bodysnatched by Harold Pinter.

Then I read a chapter and a half of my Visual Basic textbook... which is as dry as dust. Or maybe that's just because I'm reading the chapters I should have read a week ago, when we were covering stuff in class that I already knew.

Now I have a bunch of job alerts from various websites to go through, as I've fallen a bit behind.

I'll leave you all with a thought from tonight's television viewing... there's something seriously wrong with whoever it is at Global Television who thought that it was a good idea to follow up a commercial for Friends4Friends (an agency of the Responsible Gambling Council, which encourages people to intervene in friends' gambling problems) with a commercial for PartyPoker.net.
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Well, I've been reading my friendslist for seven hours now, but I'm finally caught up. Jeez, you people post a lot. :)

I've been slowly remembering a few other things about this past weekend that I should talk about...

One fun thing was being asked to present an Aurora Award (the Canadian equivalent of the Hugos). [livejournal.com profile] whitesangria was supposed to, but she was busy doing Guests stuff, so I was asked to fill in. I had to dash back to my room for a quick change out of my t-shirt into my Gaylaxicon polo shirt (the only "nice" shirt I had packed), but made it back before the ceremony started. I got to present the award for "Fan Achievement (Other)," which went to the filk group Urban Tapestry. That was nice, because group member Allison Durno is one of the first people I ever met in fandom (we were on the same bus going to the inaugural Star Trek Toronto meeting back in 1985 or thereabouts - that was the club to which those of us who started TT all belonged), and I'm still good friends with her and her husband John.

It wasn't my first time on stage, though - I'd commented to Susan, who ran the ceremony, that she'd been out on stage three times already to accept awards on behalf of people who couldn't be there, so she suggested that I accept the next one. When I went out, I heard someone say, "Hey, it's Lance!" but I never found out who it was.

For the first time in quite a while that I can remember, we had elevator problems on the Saturday night. One of the elevators had been out of commission since before we got there, and another broke down early, but it was bearable until after the Masquerade, when a third one broke down, leaving us with only two. I'm not sure how I found out about the problem (probably a frantic radio call), but I ended up monitoring the line, letting people know why there was a line and reassuring them that the wait wouldn't be too long (and it never was, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] summ3r_daze's brilliant idea of sending concom members up to the second through sixth floors via the stairs, to make sure that nobody went up there and called for the elevator before it could get back down to the ground floor).

People kept coming up to me and asking where the stairs were. Now, I know how to access them on the bedroom floors, but from the ground floor? No idea. I kept sending people to the hotel front desk to ask, until Dr. David Stephenson, a longtime panelist, asked me the same question. I explained again that I wasn't sure, but then I had a brilliant idea: I asked him to come back and tell me after the hotel front desk told him, so that I could direct people there myself. Why didn't I think of that earlier? Jeez. (And why didn't I already know the answer? Well, apart from the fact that I'd never used the stairs to get anywhere from the lobby...)

The other oddity of that situation was having Richard Hatch come up to join the line, and having to go through the whole "please be patient" thing with him as well. It was at about this time that the hotel said that we could have our Special Needs department take people up in small groups via the freight elevator, though, so he ended up going up to his room that way. He was very understanding, though, and I'm sure that if the hotel hadn't given us permission to use their freight elevator, he would have waited in line like everyone else.

I was asked about nine times over the course of the weekend about when and where the Queer Continuum party was going to be - and each time, the person asking was disappointed to learn that there wasn't going to be one because I didn't have the time to run it and nobody else was willing to do it. (What do they expect? I'm not Superman... I didn't have 10 hours during the week for shopping, and 10 more on Friday and Saturday to organize and run the parties.) Okay, I was a little disappointed too, because that's always been my main source for meeting guys who aren't put off by how much of a geek I can be... in fact, at one point on Saturday afternoon I spotted someone I met at last year's party but whose name I couldn't remember. Unfortunately, at the time I was engaged in conversation with John Durno and didn't want to excuse myself, and didn't see him again all weekend.

I was standing near our Main Room chatting with Justen, our head of Info and Contest Desks, when a guy I'd been noticing came out of the dance and went down the stairs. I commented to Justen that I thought the guy was kind of cute, so he went to the top of the stairs to check him out. Since the guy was moving away from us, however, Justen couldn't see his face - so he ran halfway down the stairs and yelled, "Hey!" to make the guy turn around. He then said, "Oops, sorry," and came back and said to me, "He's not my type." (Well, that's nice... that wasn't the point. *grin*) He then encouraged me to go outside after the guy and strike up a conversation.

So, I went outside, wondering what to say, when suddenly it hit me. He seemed a little tipsy, and had slipped while running down the stairs, so I went over to him... "Hi, I'm one of the con chairs. I noticed you slipped on the stairs - are you okay?"

So we chatted for a bit, and he mentioned that he was also disappointed that there was no Queer Continuum party (though I don't remember him at past parties). He then asked me, "Do you know Jo?" I said, "I know a couple of women named Jo - can you be more specific?", figuring it would be someone I didn't know. Hell, at a 1700-person con, what are the odds?

"She lives in Kitchener."
"Not Jo Scott--!"
"That's her name!"

Um... Jo Scott was in the production of A Midsummer Night's Dream that I did in 1990 (with [livejournal.com profile] the_nita as well).

I'm never going to dispel this rumour that I know everyone...

Anyway, the guy turned out not to be my type after all. First of all, he's apparently the world record holder for the most number of pins stuck into his body at one time. He eats glass for fun. And he's branded. Piercings, I can handle. Tattoos, I can handle. Brandings, not so much. There are certain places I don't want my mind to go.

So I went back up to the dance. I actually made it into the dance for a while, though I hadn't intended on actually dancing because my feet were killing me. But then Keith and Gary played "West End Girls," and I had to go in - otherwise they would have bitched me out. (Every year, I get the same comment from them - "we played a PSB song for you, where were you?") Susan came over to me afterwards and said, "I detect a happy con chair." Well, yeah. Though I wish they'd play a different PSB song once in a while. Maybe, for next year, if I can get my CD burner to actually work, I'll make them a disc of my favourite PSB songs.

Following "West End Girls," I was on my way out the door when [livejournal.com profile] summ3r_daze grabbed me and asked me to dance with her for a few songs, which I was happy enough to do. I didn't take my shirt off this time, though, despite several people asking me to do so. (I was wired into it... dancing while wearing a headset is not simple.)

I later made it to two room parties. The con seemed rather short on room parties this year - there were none Friday, and only the two that I know of on Saturday (one of which was by invitation only). Maybe everyone was planning on coming to my non-existent party?

Anyhow, I had promised to stop by Declan's party (aka the Bawls party), where I was greeted with the news that video of me dancing shirtless at Ad Astra with Anthony had been making the rounds. I guess this was Declan's revenge for the infamous photo of him slung over [livejournal.com profile] dx4's shoulder while I spanked him. I spent most of the time there chatting and flirting with [livejournal.com profile] slaughteredewok. I don't know what it is about him - I know he's straight, but I can't help myself. It didn't hurt that his new look, with the longer hair, was incredibly sexy (and I told him so).

While I was there, I was asked to autograph something - I don't know what it was, maybe a shoe polishing cloth? - that was being passed around to all concom members. This seems to be a new tradition - a couple of years ago, Declan was getting everyone on concom to autograph a spoon he'd taken from our old hotel. (I have no idea how that many signatures managed to fit onto a spoon. I know he didn't get everyone, though - I never signed it, for one.)

After a beer or two, I made my way up to [livejournal.com profile] rosemary_ca's party with a bit of an entourage. (I had really only meant to drag [livejournal.com profile] dx4 along with me, but the others just followed. Well, I was going to bring [livejournal.com profile] kosst_amojan too, but he decided to go to bed instead.) When I got there, I found that my friend Paul, who filled in for an injured bowling teammate about five years ago (that's actually how we met), was there with his boyfriend. We ended up chatting in the corner until it was time to call it a night.

Oh, something that I forgot to mention in last night's post which has been bothering me - I neglected to mention one of the gifts I was given on Sunday night. (Oops.)

Every year, the TT Programming department spends an afternoon going over the panel listings with a fine-toothed comb for spelling, grammar, wording and general editing. (It's amazing how animated people can get about whether a semicolon or em-dash is the appropriate punctuation mark to use, and whether punctuation belongs inside or outside of quotation marks.) A month or so ago, I was part of a similar meeting for the rest of the programme book (a task I also performed for the Gaylaxicon programme book). I recall Susan and I spending about 15 minutes trying to decipher a sentence to figure out whether the subject was a plural possessive, and therefore required an apostrophe after the final "s", or singular, in which case it belonged after the "s".

So part of my gift package was a copy of Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss. It wasn't on the list I was asked to submit, but I'd picked it up a few times in bookstores and thought about buying it, but never had. So needless to say, I loved getting it as a gift.

The funniest part of it, though, had to be when [livejournal.com profile] dblaser_ca asked to see what I had pulled out of the bag, and seeing the look on his face when I showed him. He and I have had a few battles over punctuation when [livejournal.com profile] travellingone was preparing issues of our electronic newsletter, you see.

So now that I'm caught up on my friendslist, I'm going to go and read a chapter about missing and superfluous apostrophes before going to bed. TrekBBS will have to wait until tomorrow.
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I can't believe I'm still awake. Nor can I believe that it's actually Monday night already...

This past weekend was fantastic. I feel so lucky to be working with such a dedicated, talented group of people - and several of them have already come up to me to talk about how they want to change some of their departmental procedures for next year.

Let me catch up on my sleep first, willya? :P

Seriously, we scramble, we work our butts off, we worry, we lose sleep... and then it all turns out perfect, or so close to perfect as makes no difference.

I'm sure several things will occur to me to talk about once I'm rested (four days of four hours of sleep - or less - per night, along with being on one's feet for three days straight (ouch) will do that to one), but there are a few things that happened today that I'd like to share.

That's right, today. I wanted to sleep in my own bed last night (plus, my Mastercard is perilously close to its limit) so I left the Dead Dog Party around 1 and schlepped my luggage a couple of blocks to Martin Grove and Dixon (because there was no schedule on the bus stop right in front of the hotel, and I had no idea if the Malton bus was even still running, so I thought I'd walk over to Martin Grove and take the southbound bus to Eglinton instead). There was a schedule posted there, however, which said that there would be a bus along at 1:48 and another (the last one) at 2:07. Since, by this point it was about 1:30 and my luggage weighed a ton or two, I didn't feel like crossing the street to wait for the southbound bus so I just waited for the Malton bus. Problem was, the 1:48 bus doesn't exist. The 2:07 came along and I asked the driver - he said that the schedule must be out of date, since the bus previous to his was an hour earlier. So he told me to call the TTC and complain, both about the inaccurate schedule and the lack of a schedule at the stop in front of the hotel. Which I will, once I've slept.

Despite all of that, and having to change buses twice, I was home by 3. I didn't get to bed until 4, however... and then I had to be up around 8:45 this morning to get back to the hotel to return my headset to Security and help with cleanup. Hence my comment above about stuff that happened today.

Anyway, I was standing in the hallway talking to a couple of people when I noticed David Gerrold struggling with some of his luggage. I went to open the door for him, and he asked to borrow my umbrella as it was pouring out. When he came back, he asked me to come up to his hotel room to help him with the rest of his stuff, so I ended up carrying his laptop, a duffel bag and wheeling his suitcase out to his car. Fortunately it had stopped raining by then. Anyway, David was well pleased with his experience this weekend, and gave me a goodbye hug and kiss, along with a cheerful "See you at Worldcon!" I have to admit, I didn't expect that from one of our guests... though David was fantastic all weekend, at least when I was around. I'm told he was less than fantastic at other times, but I never saw it myself. [livejournal.com profile] summ3r_daze, Stephen and I had dinner with him Friday night (Subway, at 10:30 PM... big whoop), and then I spent some time chatting with him and [livejournal.com profile] cuteteenboy Saturday night in the con suite. I guess he figures we bonded? He actually offered to enrol me in one of his training courses to help me with my confidence (I'd been recounting the story of "Project Jarrod" to them), but since I'm planning to go to Dragon*Con immediately after Worldcon, it'll have to wait for another time.

Anyhow, about an hour after seeing David off, I decided to go up to our con suite to see if they needed any more helpers. I walked to the elevator with one of our Security volunteers, and just as the doors were closing someone jumped in. I was kind of zoned out by this point, and not paying attention. The Security volunteer made some small talk with the other occupant of the elevator, and then got off on the fourth floor, whereupon the other guy started talking to me...

"So, are you checking out?"
"No, I checked out last night. I had to come back to return my headset and help with cleanup."
"Oh, you worked on the convention?"
"Yes, I was one of the Co-Chairs."

It was at this point that I actually started to pay a little more attention to the conversation, and looked up and extended my hand, introducing myself...

"Hi, I'm Lance."

He returned the gesture.

"Pleased to meet you... I'm Garrett."

Yeah. I rode all the way up in the elevator with Garrett Wang (for any non-Trek fans reading this, he played Ensign Kim on Star Trek: Voyager) and I was completely out of it for most of the conversation. *headdesk*

Me, blushing furiously: "Um, yes, I know."

At the exact same moment, he looked down and waved his hand: "Oh, I guess you probably know that."

(No need to be bashful, Garrett, I was the idiot.)

Anyway, there was a band visiting Toronto from Kansas City who had been helping to clean out our con suite, so we all loaded up a dolly with garbage bags, took them down to the hopper in the bowels of the hotel and then went and sat in the lobby with [livejournal.com profile] whitesangria and Katherine, who were waiting for Garrett to come back downstairs to be taken to the airport. We all had quite a lively conversation, and they invited us to come to see them tomorrow (Tuesday) night, at 9:30 at a bar called "Reavers", wherever that may be. If I'm awake, I may very well go. The singer was cute. ;) They also gave [livejournal.com profile] whitesangria a copy of their CD.

So I ended up getting home around 6, having had to stop for groceries on the way, and have been studiously avoiding the computer for most of the night. I caught some of the media coverage of TT - we were on Entertainment Tonight Canada and the HypaSpace segment on the Space channel. I heard we were also on CP24 (a local all-news station) on the weekend, which is cool. The ET Canada coverage was pretty much just about George Takei's coming out last year, but the HypaSpace segment was good. They used a clip of [livejournal.com profile] gurudata and some footage of other people in and around the Dealers' Room and Model Show, and bits of George's and David Gerrold's press conferences. (Apparently, David thinks Canadian fans are "saner" than American fans...)

Among the other guests, I managed to get to meet Mira Furlan, saw Michael Shanks and Lexa Doig on stage and signing autographs (only briefly in both cases), and got autographs from Amber Benson and Adam Busch, who both said thank you for inviting them and doing such a good job running the con. (Well, you're welcome, but don't thank me, thank the rest of the committee who actually did all the hard work. :) ) Oh, and I did see George Takei walking the hallways, and he stopped to say hello to me. I've often found that the bright t-shirts, headsets and slightly glazed looks get the attention of the guests.

Oh, and there's a TT tradition where the committee all chip in and buy gifts for the Chairs, so at the Dead Dog party Sunday night I was presented with the DVD box sets of Doctor Who: In The Beginning (the William Hartnell episodes) and season 7 of Red Dwarf, and a card signed by everyone on the committee. Reading it actually brought tears to my eyes once or twice. (Now see what you've done?)

Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] kosst_amojan, if you're still reading your friendslist, I know you're too young for me. :P I swear, though, I'm going to have to add you to my roster of fairy godsons. Until this weekend, I didn't think you were quite that angsty. (Oh, and his name, in case you've forgotten in your complete and utter pessimism about the topic, was Jacob Wolf. ;) )

For a short entry, this has gotten long, and I really want to go to bed. More later, as it occurs to me.

Oh, one other thing, though: if any of you who are reading this are lucky enough to get to see Michael or Lexa at another con, I dare you to ask them if they knew that the human sphincter can be stretched to 25 centimetres. But you have to tell me about their reaction. (And no, that did not come from a conversation they had with me... despite my reputation as "Captain TMI," I would never say such a thing to a guest. It was actually from a question they got from the audience on Sunday during their Q&A. And it was relevant somehow. I'm just too tired to remember. But they kept bringing it up for the rest of their time on stage.)
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... what happens if you mix Diet Coke and Mentos?

No, neither had I... but this is hysterical. Thanks go to [livejournal.com profile] thirdworld for posting this.

Oh, and while I'm at it, I got tagged by [livejournal.com profile] elizard100 for a meme last night...

You've just been given the magic ticket from Last Action Hero, allowing you to step into the world of any film or series.

Which five movies/series would you visit? Why? When you're done, tag five people to do the same.

  1. The United Federation of Planets. Well, duh. Working for the sheer enjoyment of it, rather than having to worry about money? I'm there.

  2. Doctor Who. The ability to go to any place or time in the universe has a certain amount of attractiveness about it.

  3. Queer As Folk. Yeah, I'd like a little hedonism once in a while. A world where Ted can land someone who looks like Dean Armstrong isn't all that bad.

  4. Galaxy Quest. Hey, it's set at a convention. Enough said. :)

  5. Okay, it's not a film or series - but pick a movie musical. Because being able to burst into song at the drop of a hat without anyone thinking that you're weird is someplace I wouldn't mind being.

Tagging: [livejournal.com profile] brendan_moody, [livejournal.com profile] dx4, [livejournal.com profile] lizblackdog, [livejournal.com profile] jj79 (hey, I have to get to know the new guy on my friendslist! :) ) and [livejournal.com profile] theengineer.

Oh, and as for actual news... I spent today walking down Yonge Street, doing the flyer crawl thing for TT20. [livejournal.com profile] elewyn, [livejournal.com profile] aion117 and I took the west side of Yonge, and [livejournal.com profile] summ3r_daze, her son Michael, [livejournal.com profile] indefatigable42 and Judy-without-LJ did the east side, while Stephen and Megan took Queen Street. So if you're in the Stag Shop and see TT flyers, you can thank [livejournal.com profile] elewyn for that...
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It's time for my take on the whole flag flap.

For those who haven't been following or can't follow Canadian news, recently there's been a brouhaha because our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, decreed in his wisdom that the flag over the Peace Tower in Ottawa should no longer be flown at half mast whenever a soldier is killed in action. Furthermore, it has been decided not to allow the media to photograph the arrival of caskets being returned from Afghanistan.

Now, the latter I can kind of understand, but I find Harper's logic faulty. Yes, it can be said that when a soldier's body is returned, and the family is grieving, some privacy should perhaps be given to the family. Harper further said that the funeral itself is the proper place for the media to get its pictures. Personally, I think he has it reversed. The soldier represents us all, and when one falls, we should all be given the opportunity to mourn. Taking pictures of a casket being removed from a plane on a tarmac is, to my mind, orders of magnitude less invasive than crowding the actual memorial service. If I were a family member of a dead soldier, I would much rather have the press photographing my grief from a distance.

With regard to the flag issue, I disagree completely with the government's stance. There is no good reason not to lower the flag when a soldier dies. The only possible justification is to hide the death from the public, because we can see the number of times the flag is lowered. And - the flag in question is the one which flies over the Peace Tower. It was constructed to commemorate the end of WWI, and as such it is intrinsically connected to our armed forces and our history. It seems fitting that when a soldier dies, the flag should be lowered in respect.

Of course, I would much rather that our presence in Afghanistan hadn't been necessary, and that these soldiers had not died. That being said, the United States was attacked by agents of the Taliban government of Afghanistan, who gave sanctuary to terrorists. It made perfect sense that we should be there, as allies of a government that had been attacked. Since we are there, let's show a little respect to those who are sacrificing themselves in that cause. Note: I'm referring specifically to Afghanistan here. I don't want to see our armed forces sent into Iraq. I feel that it was a mistake for the U.S. to go into Iraq, and I don't want to see that mistake compounded. (That being said, I don't want anything bad to happen to those who are there. And I'm not just saying that because [livejournal.com profile] nonstopdrivel is reading this. *grin* I know someone else who was there, and I'm glad that he's now home and safe.)

Okay, political rant over.

I'm beginning to think that I have a mild form of obsessive-compulsive disorder. I often joke that I'm forced to keep some of my clothes dirty at all times because I don't have the space to put them all away when they're clean. Well, today I was down to my last pair of socks, and so I had to do laundry; a chore I usually put off as long as possible because it takes me forever to get through all of my email, friendslist, TrekBBS, newspaper, and other daily tasks, and I don't want to take the time to do something that can be done when I'm less busy. So I gathered up two loads of laundry - one white, one dark - and put them in. When I went back downstairs to transfer them to the dryer 45 minutes later, I took another two loads down with me. Rinse and repeat.

I did sixteen loads of laundry today. Every article of clothing that I own (except for what I'm currently wearing) is clean. Even a pair of pyjama bottoms... and I have no idea where they came from, or even when I might have last worn them. It's the first time I've seen my bedroom floor in its entirety in months.

I had to go out around 6 because I'd run out of coat hangers. Fortunately, there's a dollar store in the mall at Yonge and Eglinton. I went in and rummaged around until I found the coat hangers. They had 26 (not counting pant hangers, baby clothes hangers, and other inappropriate types of hanger). I bought them all. And I still have 13 shirts laying on my bed that need to be hung up. Not to mention about 30 t-shirts on top of one of my two dressers and my bedroom desk, for which there's no room in the drawers.

See why I don't do laundry that often?

Tomorrow I may do the linens. After I go out and buy more coat hangers. Hopefully everything will fit into the closet. (Yes, I do closets where clothes are concerned. :P )

On the convention front, we have a couple of guest announcements imminent for TT. I'll say no more, but watch the website!

We also have a couple of guest announcements immenent for Gaylaxicon.

It's been a busy week, and it's only Wednesday. It feels weird to have gotten so much done on a Wednesday. Obviously I'm compensating for the lack of bowling - and yet, I forgot to watch Bones, which I haven't seen since it moved from Tuesdays. OTOH, I watched two hockey games tonight, and saw bits of a third. Only one of the three teams I was cheering for won tonight, though - the Colorado Avalanche just beat Dallas in overtime. Montreal (hey, I may be a Leafs fan, but I like Carolina less than Montreal) and Buffalo (ditto re liking Philadelphia less) both lost. Tomorrow night, I'll be cheering for Tampa Bay, Calgary, Edmonton, and Nashville.


Oct. 3rd, 2005 02:46 am
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Wow. What a weekend.

It started off on a bit of a low note - I thought I was getting together with [livejournal.com profile] zenten Friday night, but I never heard from him. (What happened to you?)

Saturday, [livejournal.com profile] angriestangel, who is visiting from Holland, called just as I was finishing up in the shower. Naked and dripping, I ran to the phone. I suggested that we get together at 3, but he and his sister were going to the CN Tower, so we ended up meeting at 6 at their hotel downtown. He looks just like the photos in the picture threads at TrekBBS - I recognized him immediately. (Though I suspect he'd shaved, as he's usually pretty scruffy in his photos. ;) ) Unfortunately, [livejournal.com profile] rosemary_ca and [livejournal.com profile] kosst_amojan weren't able to join us. We walked up to Toby's, a pub at Yonge and Bloor, where we had dinner. Photos were taken - I'm sure he'll post them when he gets a chance. Unfortunately, I had to go out to Mississauga for SaraLynCon in the evening. (I say "unfortunately" not because I didn't want to go, but because both events had to be crammed into one evening and so I felt like I was short-changing everyone.) [livejournal.com profile] scifi_sara and [livejournal.com profile] magneticcheeks are both leaving us for a while, so a going-away pubnight had been planned. I managed to get out there fairly quickly - it helped that the Mississauga bus (the #3) arrived about two minutes after I got to Islington subway station, and there was no traffic, and the driver knew exactly where I wanted to go and so was able to attract my attention to tell me it was my stop. All in all, it only took me about 50-60 minutes to get there. Yay for no traffic and helpful bus drivers!

Afterwards, I was staying over at [livejournal.com profile] gurudata's and [livejournal.com profile] kanecool's place to facilitate my getting to the TT20 committee meeting on time this afternoon. We watched some TV for a bit (Game Show Network rocks), then [livejournal.com profile] kanecool went to bed around 2ish, I think, and [livejournal.com profile] gurudata and I stayed up until 4 watching 1950s episodes of "Beat The Clock" and "What's My Line?" (Gypsy Rose Lee was the mystery guest).

[livejournal.com profile] gurudata roused me around 11ish, and we headed for the hotel once [livejournal.com profile] aion117 showed up, arriving in plenty of time for me to go across the street for coffee and a bagel from Tim Horton's. The meeting went well - [livejournal.com profile] ozreison and [livejournal.com profile] travellingone stepped up to take on the job of editing TCON News (our irregularly-produced newsletter - it's published whenever we have news), and some of our new additions got right into the spirit of things. Like [livejournal.com profile] ozreison, however, I found it very odd not to be part of the Programming Department huddle during the working break. Seeing the team gathered together without me being part of it left me feeling a little wistful. Fortunately, though, others kept me busy as there always seems to be a long line of people who want to talk to the Chairs. Our new folks seemed to find the meeting interesting, and some of them even joined us for dinner afterwards. For some reason, though - it might have been that I hadn't taken a Lactaid when I had my bagel, and the smidge of butter might have upset my stomach - I was feeling really bloated and could barely finish my dinner. It was good, though - butternut squash soup and penne with sausage. A couple of the desserts sounded interesting, but my stomach was rebelling. I'm also a little sore from the huge load of stuff I had been carrying with me to take to this afternoon's meeting (I had a backpack and a briefcase with me, as I had Registration stuff and a bunch of badges, programme books, pocket programmes and restaurant guides from other cons which the head of our Art Department had requested, plus my concom binder, my change of clothing and my toiletries kit) - I figure I probably stressed my back from all the weight. Well, that and trying to keep up with [livejournal.com profile] p_j_k on the dance floor at SaraLynCon; the boy bounces like Tigger on the dance floor, and I - well, I can't do that anymore. It was fun trying, though...

I got home right at 9, and watched "Family Guy" and "American Dad". It was only afterwards that I realized that as a result of these choices, I had missed "Desperate Housewives." Crap. Everything good is on at the same time. I vegged on the couch for a while afterwards, watched "The Client" (on APTV, of all places - Aboriginal People's Television) and basically relaxed. I should probably have gone to bed a couple of hours ago, but not having been online all day yesterday, I figured I'd have some catching up to do. I was right, though it could have been a lot worse.

Off to bed now... I think. I should. I ought.


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