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I just got home half an hour or so ago from what may be the oddest event ever held at a Gay Pride celebration - a Buffy singalong.

They had a screen and sound system set up in a parkette on the north side of Wellesley between Yonge and Church. Just as I arrived, someone I know from the Gay Geeks email list showed up, so we ended up sitting together. Overall, I'd estimate that there were about 75 people there... many of whom ended up with Polaris flyers. *grin* (One young couple ended up with two each because they said they had friends who would be interested.) When I mentioned that we would also be having a Buffy singalong, that really got people's attention. (I think some people thought we'd organized this one.)

[ profile] cuteteenboy was supposed to come with me, but he thought it was tomorrow night, so when I called around 9:30 to ask him where he was, he was still at home. I knew I should have called this afternoon.

[ profile] andromakie, I was surprised you weren't there. Did you not hear about it?

Anyway, it was great fun. The barely-20-year-old guy on my left (part of the couple that asked for extra flyers) got a good laugh from the crowd when he shouted, "Shut up, Dawn!" just as "Dawn's Lament" started. :)

I ran into a couple of other people I know this evening - [ profile] indydark was visiting friends in my neighbourhood, and I bumped into him on my way to the subway. Then I ran into [ profile] quedralox on Yonge Street afterwards. (City of six million people, and I keep bumping into people I know...)

Today came on the heels of another Polaris promotional event - a bunch of us went downtown last night and put flyers up on poles from Wellesley subway over to Church, down Church to Carlton, and back over to Yonge. (Another group had done much of the rest of downtown earlier in the evening.) After that, we ended up at Fran's, where I did my lactose intolerance a world of good by having a milkshake and a sundae. While we were there, a group from Serial Diners came in, leading to more of the usual "Lance knows everyone!" comments when I started saying hello to the ones I knew. I replied, "I only know three of them!... er, four," as another person I knew came in. The amendment of "three" to "four" caused great hilarity.

I came back home after that and decided to go back downtown after dropping off my stuff and changing into shorts. I got into the Woody's line and got in around quarter to 2 (the bars stay open until 4 this weekend). I'm not really sure why I bothered - being in close proximity to hundreds of guys, all of whom look at me and then run screaming in the other direction, gets me depressed, and lately I've been of the opinion that I look like shit. (A picture [ profile] rockgoddes posted on Facebook the other day didn't help.) I didn't end up getting home until 5 this morning, woke up around 2, and spent much of the afternoon dealing with yesterday's and today's emails.

Maybe it's just as well that I have to be up by 10:30 tomorrow to go to a meeting, as it'll force me to stay home tonight. (I realized tonight that I haven't actually seen the parade in four years. I was in it three years ago, as part of the Gaylaxicon group, and missed the last two because of meetings.)
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So... I didn't get to see the parade today because I was at that Polaris concom meeting, which ran from about 1:20 to 5:45 or so. I called Doug, and found out that they were just sitting down to dinner on O'Grady's patio, so I decided to go for dinner with members of concom. As I was waiting for a decision to be made about the restaurant, my phone rang... and it was the cute guy I met on Friday night, Ambrose. We chatted for about 20 minutes, after which he suggested that I call him when I got downtown, and Doug, Scott and Ken were welcome to come along with me to join him in a friend's backyard.

So... after dinner, I headed downtown and met up with them outside O'Grady's, and we wandered up and down Church for a bit. I then called Ambrose and made arrangements to join him and his friends. Doug, Ken and Scott only stayed for about 15 minutes, though, and decided once they'd sat down that they were more tired than they realized - plus, they still had to pack as they're leaving tomorrow. So they headed off, and I sat there until about 11 with Ambrose and his friends until they decided to check out Church Street again. Ambrose decided to head home, which is what I was doing as well, and when we got off at Eglinton, he again walked me to my apartment and kissed me goodnight... AWWWW!

The funny thing, however, about the whole situation is this: for some reason, I was explaining the "Lance knows everyone" joke, probably in relation to my knowing his best friend, Dyan, through Polaris. I was telling him about my involvement with the former editor of fab magazine, Ryan Porter, and [ profile] travellingone's reaction to learning that I knew Ryan. I was telling him about how I arranged for [ profile] cuteteenboy to review a video game for an article Ryan was writing, and he stopped me. "([ profile] cuteteenboy's real name)? [ profile] cuteteenboy with red hair? [ profile] cuteteenboy whose picture was in the Toronto Star a few years ago with laser beams shooting out of his ass at Anime North?" It turns out that not only does Ambrose know [ profile] cuteteenboy, he knows [ profile] cuteteenboy's boyfriend, his friend Courtney, and a few other people I know (or know of) as well.

So naturally, when I got up to my apartment, I had to call [ profile] cuteteenboy and ask him, "So, tell me what you know about Ambrose..." ([ profile] cuteteenboy's reaction was full of the word "awesome". :) )

Now that I've mentioned that he's friends with Dyan and knows [ profile] cuteteenboy, I'm thinking that about three or four others among you probably now know exactly who I'm talking about... anyway, it looks like we're going to be getting together sometime later this week. :)

Must get to bed now. Zonked.
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I was supposed to be downtown for 10 this morning to help out with the Polaris flyer crawl, but since I didn't get to bed until 4, I didn't wake up until 11 (which was still surprisingly early under the circumstances). As I left my building, I called [ profile] kaelsu2 to ask what was going on, and she told me that the group was down at Nathan Phillips Square, so I made my way down there to join them and find out what remained to be done. They hadn't yet covered Church Street, so Declan was voluntold to join me in posting flyers over there.

We made our way over and started around Church and Gerrard, posting flyers on hydro poles on either side of the street as we made our way up. We also got permission to post a flyer on the inside of the window at Timothy's (which, for the non-locals, is the coffee shop that everyone goes to after the bars let out, since the Second Cup up the street with the famous steps closed), and we posted one on the door of each of several Johnny-on-the-spots that were set up for the Pride festivities. (Hey, where there's a captive audience... if people have to stand in line to pee, they now have something to read when they get to the front of the line.) We also gave a couple away to people whom we noticed intently reading the flyers after we'd put them up.

While we were working on Church Street, I spotted a booth that was selling something I just had to buy for someone. I knew that there was a badge laminating party for Polaris taking place, so I called [ profile] twiddler and asked him, "Does anyone there know what size t-shirt (name deleted because he might be reading this) wears?" When I told him why I was asking, his laughter nearly burst my eardrum. This should be amusing at tomorrow's concom meeting. :)

The Dyke March started up on Church just north of Wellesley while we were working, so we followed the parade route up to Bloor, across to Yonge and back down Yonge, posting flyers as we went. We were posting one on Yonge when I suddenly realized that the woman standing next to us, watching the Dyke March, was someone I know from the bowling league, so I said hi, confirming to Declan that I know everyone.

I was also stopped on no fewer than five occasions because I was wearing my True Colors t-shirt today. Everyone wanted to know if I was at the concert. (No, I mugged someone afterwards for the shirt...) Nearly all of them wanted to know if the Dresden Dolls sang "Coin-Operated Boy", though one person did ask about Erasure and Debbie Harry as well.

As we were running out, we came to the store where the guy I met last night works, and Declan said, "Well, go on - get in there." He was on a stepladder dusting, so I walked over and said, "I said I would stop in and say hi, so here I am - hi!" I also gave him a flyer, so we'll see if he comes to the con at some point... we didn't stay very long, though.

After we were done, Declan headed off and I called Doug to find out what he, Ken and Scott were up to. They were having lunch, but said that they'd call back later when they were done. In the meantime, I wandered the stalls on Church to see if there was anything I wanted, but there wasn't - I didn't care for this year's t-shirt design. I did see a few interesting things, though:

  • The RCMP, Ontario Provincial Police and Toronto Police all had recruiting booths. I don't normally find police officers all that attractive, but they sent some real cuties this year.

  • Toronto-Dominion Bank had a booth where people could fill out Visa card applications. They had four or five extremely buff guys wearing nothing but Speedos (in the same shade of green as their corporate logo) working the booth.

  • Motorola had a booth where they were selling cell phones, and they had a bunch of young guys walking around shirtless whose upper bodies had been painted in the same shade of red as their corporate logo. That was only interesting because I wanted to walk up to several of them and offer them a sandwich. Motorola is obviously the cell phone company of choice for anorexics.

  • Trojan had a booth - I'm not sure if they were selling condoms, or giving them away. But their staff was composed of several buff young guys wearing Roman soldier outfits. Yummy.

Yeah, I'm a slut-wannabe and can be as shallow as the rest of them when I'm looking at cute boys. But you all knew that already, I'm sure...

Doug called around 4ish and invited me up to their hotel room to hang out for a bit, so I did. We then decided to go out and wander around for a bit and do some shopping, and we ended up going to Fiddler's Green first for a pitcher (okay, three pitchers) of beer. I hadn't eaten yet, so I also had a club sandwich while we were there, for which someone apparently picked up the tab while I was in the washroom. Following Fiddler's Green, Doug went back to their hotel to get ready for some big event tonight (a leather ball, I think it is). Ken, Scott and I ended up going to Pegasus for yet another beer, where I ran into Troy, Clint, Rick and Michael from bowling, proving to Ken and Scott that I know everyone. *sigh* We sat by the window so that Ken could take pictures of all the hustle and bustle (and the other kind of hustle ;) ) going on outside.

They decided to head back to the hotel to get ready for tonight around 9, and invited me to come along, but the whole leather scene isn't really my thing, and the alcohol I'd consumed was starting to assert its presence, so I decided to come home. They then invited me to join them tomorrow night for dinner after the concom meeting, so I'm thinking I'll probably do that. I was thinking that I might go out again tonight after I've gotten some rest, but the lineups to get into the bars are going to be horrendous, and I do have a meeting tomorrow afternoon. Not to mention that I've already had four pints of beer in the past six hours or so...
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Just a quick update as I'm supposed to be up in a few hours to help with the Polaris flyer crawl:

  • Met up with Scott, Doug and Ken from Atlanta, who are in town for Pride, at The Hot House for dinner.

  • Went first to O'Grady's, where we had to line up for 45 minutes before we could get in.

  • Following one beer, we went to the Black Eagle (Doug was somewhat decked out in leather, after all). I'd never been there before (leather not being my scene), but it wasn't as scary as I thought it might be (though the porn being shown on the television was - shall we say - a bit on the uncomfortable side for me). Had a beer there, then Doug and Ken decided to leave. Scott was staying, so I offered to hang out for another beer with him - I didn't realize that the guy he'd been chatting up, whom I thought had left, hadn't - but I didn't seem to be too much in the way, and Scott paid for the beer, so obviously he didn't mind too much. Ran into Robert from bowling there, and also (finally) met the one Webb brother I hadn't met up until tonight, Ryan, who works there. (Me: "Are you Ryan Webb?" Ryan: "Yes." Me: "Hi, I'm Lance. You're actually the only Webb brother I hadn't met, so I wanted to say hi." Him: "Oh, you must work on the convention.")

And finally:

Made my way to the bus stop, where a cute young guy with a beard was struggling with the zipper on his bag. I smiled at him... and, well, we ended up chatting all the way up to Eglinton, where I got off the bus. He lives near Eglinton as well, though in the opposite direction from Yonge, so he also got off there. We ended up spending about half an hour sitting on a ledge up the street and talking about various things. He mentioned a friend of his, and it turns out she's a past Polaris panelist (or, at least, a member - I recognized the name, though I'm blanking on it right now). And he's a Buffy fan. And he was disappointed when he found out that he'd missed the chance to meet Ellen Muth at Gaylaxicon last year, because he's also a Dead Like Me fan. When I mentioned that I had chaired Gaylaxicon, his hands flew to his mouth... "No!"

Since we both have earlyish starts planned for tomorrow, we ended up parting ways at the back door (insert obvious joke here) of my building. But we did exchange phone numbers. *grin* ([ profile] kaelsu2, if you see this before the flyer crawl tomorrow, if we make it up to near Yonge and Bloor some time after 1pm, I have dibs on dropping off flyers at the Kitchen Stuff plus just south of there. He works there and told me to drop in. *grin*)
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My first big accomplishment this weekend was that I went through my Inbox and got rid of a lot of emails that had been sitting in there waiting for responses. Most of them, it turned out, didn't need responses at all, but my pack-rat mentality had me keeping them around in case I thought of something to say. So I got my Inbox down from 330 or so messages to 74. Most of the recent ones were Polaris-related, and I answered some of them, but there were a couple where I thought [ profile] ennisdl might have handled them outside of the group email account, so I sent him an email to ask about that as well as a couple of other items. Around 10:30 my phone rang, and I was reeeeeally tempted to pick it up and say, "Hi, Dave." I just had a feeling that it was him... and it was. When I told him, he said, "Who else would be crazy enough to call you at this hour on a Saturday night?" (As I said in response, there was about a 10% chance that it might have been [ profile] cuteteenboy... which is the reason I didn't answer the phone with "Hi, Dave." It would have been embarrassing had I been wrong.)

Then I spent today... well, spending far too much money. No, I didn't go to the Paradise Comicon - I'm not a big comics person, though I've been known to buy a few over the years - I went to Yorkdale Mall. I finally got around to buying a new pair of jeans, as the ones I've been wearing have pretty much given up the ghost. In fact, when I went to reach for my wallet, there was a big hole in my back pocket that I'm fairly certain wasn't there when I got dressed today, so my timing was good. But it turned out to be more difficult than I'd expected - since when does Tommy Hilfiger not sell black jeans? Though I spent so much time in there, and Sears, and a couple of other places trying on various pairs that by the time I made my decision, the mall was closing and I couldn't go back to the Levi's store to check out their selection. (I ended up getting a pair of blue jeans and a pair of cargo pants - described on the tag as "coconut brown" - at the Tommy Hilfiger store. $120 - ouch. And I still want a pair of black jeans.) The guy who sold them to me was trying to talk me into trying a pair of low-rise jeans, too. I said, "No, thanks, I'm too old to show off my underwear."

I also got my hair cut today (another $120). Jozo, who has been cutting my hair for about eight years now, shared something kind of amusing - it seems that four years ago, when he highlighted my hair for the very first time, he'd been cutting the hair of a friend when I arrived. Apparently they saw me later that afternoon at the Word On The Street book festival down on Queen Street and called him to ask, "Did you give him highlights? It's quite a change!" ([ profile] redeem147, that was the same Word On The Street where I ran into you and [ profile] senexmacdonald, and one of you had said to the other, "That looks like the back of Lance's head, but it's blond..." :) ) Until Jozo shared the story with me this afternoon, I hadn't really thought about it, but yeah, I've been blond for nearly four years now (that was just before Torcon), and he's been cutting my hair for something like 8 or 9 years. Where does the time go?

Oh, the other semi-amusing exchange happened when he asked me how long it had been since I last got it cut, since my roots had grown out quite a bit. I told him that I had to get Lee to cut it while he was away on vacation because I had a job interview (which means it would have been February or March), and he said, "That's okay, I've cheated on my hairdresser too."

So now I'm all pretty for Pride in two weeks. Assuming I actually go, since we have a Polaris meeting on the same day as the parade (second year in a row that's happened). I'll still probably go downtown on the weekend, though my sense of commitment is too strong to allow me to blow off the meeting for the parade itself. (Whether or not I'll have gotten any sleep the night before the meeting remains to be seen, since the bars on Church Street stay open until 4am that weekend. :) )
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Well, that was a waste of seven hours and $25.

I was really tired after today's TT meeting (which lasted about five and a half hours), and had been thinking about staying home but [ profile] cuteteenboy called and convinced me to come downtown. He had asked if he and Taka could crash here, but their plans changed and I ended up not even seeing them.

Following Jarrod's advice, I did start conversations with six guys tonight. The most promising was the first, a teacher at Riverdale Collegiate named Trevor... but he abruptly left the conversation when he decided to go up to the bar to refresh his drink and never came back. It turned out that of the two friends he was with who were up dancing (he said he doesn't dance, which is why he wasn't with them), one of them appeared to be his boyfriend. Either that, or a really, really, really good friend... *headdesk* There ought to be a rule against guys who are in relationships letting their boyfriends dance with the third friend who comes with them. It gives completely the wrong message.

Addendum: there should also be a rule against guys coming up to one and starting to dance, and then shouting in one's ear, "My boyfriend is being a bitch because I talked to someone else!" Do I look like fucking Ann Landers? I know I jokingly refer to myself as a "Fairy Godfather," but that's something I do for friends, not total strangers who are grinding up against me on the dance floor.

Interestingly, one of the guys (whom I wasn't really interested in, but I was practicing my "walking up to strangers and starting conversation" skills, and it turned out he had a boyfriend too, anyway) recognized the significance of my Gaylaxicon t-shirt. He was from Baltimore, and had even heard of Shore Leave. Though he didn't know any of the Baltimore/Washington-area fans I named.

Pride weekend is always interesting at Woody's, because the downstairs part turns into a big dance floor. I had taken the song they were playing upon my arrival as a good omen - I don't think I'd ever heard them play "West End Girls" by the Pet Shop Boys in there (I was living in Waterloo when the song came out). Ha! Though it really shouldn't be part of a medley with Rick Astley's one song.

The music was good tonight, though... they also played "New York City Boy" and "Absolutely Fabulous". Two very unusual choices. As well as a medley of songs from "Grease", "I Will Survive" and "Lady Marmelade" (though perhaps I've been spoiled by having seen Andy Hallett's live rendition a few years ago). I'm a little tired of them ending the night with Donna Summer's "Last Dance", though. It always depresses me, especially when I have to sit there by myself and watch all of the couples making out on the dance floor. If I wanted to watch guys making out, I'd surf the net for porn.

Well, that's Pride overwith for another year. Thank God.

Oh, and I have read all of the comments on Friday night/Saturday morning's post... as well as the previous posts. I'm just too tired to respond to them all right now.
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... but I went to Woody's tonight.

Hey, it's Pride, gimme a break. :P

I was standing in a corner by myself, near the doorway from the side of the bar that's called "Sailor," when a hot guy stopped by me and asked me where the washroom was. So I pointed it out to him. An hour or so later, he came up to me and started up a conversation. It turned out that he actually picked me out of the crowd because I was so obviously by myself and looked like I needed some kind of interaction. So he started to work me over (no, not like that!) and eventually convinced me that it's not that hard to walk up to a total stranger and strike up a conversation. In fact, he (his name was Jarrod) dragged me along while he did it himself - with three guys who were visiting from Cleveland. He then told me to pick someone out and start a conversation with them. Well, I could hardly refuse with him right there... so I did it. It wasn't that hard, in retrospect - though the guy turned out to be there with his boyfriend (who was up at the bar when I started talking to him). He then made me do it again, so I picked out a guy who seemed to be by himself, and we ended up talking for about 45 minutes, right up until last call - and I saw him again a little while later, so I actually ended up leaving the bar with him (don't go there - my apartment's a mess and I'm not having anyone over until I have time to clean, and he didn't invite me home with him).

I said to Jarrod at one point, "seeing as how you're so good at motivating people, how come you haven't written a book and become a millionaire yet? If you can get me to do it, you obviously know what you're doing." So he gave me his email address (I'd previously mentioned that I know a lot of writers, and perhaps one of them might be willing to enter into a contractual arrangement with him, since he said that he himself can't write worth a damn). The catch is, I'm not allowed to use it until I've gone back to Woody's twice and spoken to at least three strangers each time.

Heck, maybe I should work with him. I know I'm not a published author or anything, but I think I'm pretty good at stringing words together... I may not be another Robert J. Sawyer, but I'm not terrible. I'd be even better if I didn't write most things (like this LJ entry) off the cuff, and actually took time to work on the prose and edit it.

The interesting thing is that he actually did have some kind of effect on me. There's a guy that I see in there pretty much every time I've gone in there whom I think is kind of cute, and while we've never spoken, at one point I saw him near me, and I looked at him and nodded "hello". He didn't respond at all, but then again, I didn't actually speak to him...

Oh, and why, if I think Jarrod was hot, and he seemed interested enough in me to talk to me and get me to talk to multiple total strangers, did I still end up coming home by myself? Turns out he was in there with his girlfriend. Yeah, a straight guy - from Calgary, no less - in Woody's on Pride Weekend. Go figure.

Anyhow, I'm off to bed now that I'm a little less drunk...
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The past several days have been so jam-packed I haven't had a chance to update... so here goes.

Pride Preparations )

Toronto Trek panelist pubnight )

Pride Day! )

Sunday night... flirting with the cuties )

Job Interview )

Today )

In political news: )

I managed to catch Doctor Who this evening while flipping back and forth during commercials. David Tennant has been described elsewhere as looking like a Hobbit. I don't know about that, but he does strike me as being a touch effeminate... I predict more flirting between him and Jack. (Maybe it was just the camera angle, but I thought he was much more attractive in the publicity stills I saw from "Casanova."

So who's writing good Doctor/Jack slash these days, anyway? There's got to be some...

Tomorrow, I'll be preparing stuff for this weekend's trip to Gaylaxicon in Boston. Should be fun.


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