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I said yesterday (I think it was yesterday) that I was so tired that I'd probably sleep until some ridiculous hour today.

I thought I was joking. I didn't know that I would actually do it. And then I woke up and it was 3:30 in the afternoon.

So much for most of the things I intended to accomplish today. Laundry, cleaning, catching up on the emails (which are back up to over 200)... I'll get some of it done, obviously, but I'll have to try to do the rest tomorrow.

I managed to get out the door by 4, and while I was out having my coffee, I wandered into Future Shop just on the slim chance that they'd gotten a copy of Doctor Who S4 in the past week - and they HAD! There was one copy on the shelf. *Mine!*

Oh, and I picked up the Dead Like Me movie while I was in there. I was a little miffed that they'd packaged it with the whole series for less money than I had paid for the two box sets, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Almost everything these days seems to be half of what I originally paid for it. That's what I get for being impatient. (The stupid thing is, I hardly ever watch anything as soon as I buy it, which is why I may have trouble exchanging my copy of Heroes S2 - now two of the discs won't play in my DVD player. They told me today at the store that they'll only exchange stuff within 30 days of purchase. Like I have the time to watch anything within 30 days of when I buy it... but I may be able to prevail upon the manager. I've done it before when I've found, six months after buying something, that it wouldn't play. I just tell them that I have something like 20 box sets on the shelf that I still haven't even gotten around to unwrapping. And that's not a lie or an exaggeration.)
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About a month or so ago, I packed up the books and tapes that had been on my dining room table for the previous year or so and which I no longer wanted. I stopped into the used bookstore a couple of blocks from here and asked if he'd be interested - he told me to come back in January.

So I just got back from schlepping the first two bags of books over. The guy took a quick look through them, threw most of them back into the bags and gave me $5 for about eight books, claiming that the rest weren't in good enough condition for him to bother or were too old.

First of all, I've bought books there that were in worse condition than anything I have. Second, "too old"? WTF does that mean? He doesn't like SF from the 60s? I was tempted to say, "Screw it - I'm not giving you any of them."

I've just emailed Casey House (an AIDS hospice here in Toronto) to ask them if they want the rest, and offered them the tapes as well. If they don't want them, I'm sure Goodwill will take them. (I'd take the books to Bakka, but that's a long trip with several bags of books.)

Now I'm off to track down a copy of Doctor Who S4 - the Future Shop up the street didn't have any copies, but they said that the store at Yonge and Dundas had some. (I picked up BSG 4.0, SGA S4 and Torchwood S2 while I was in there. :) )
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I'm sitting here all warm and toasty in my living room, unable to see across the street due to the layer of frost that coats my windows. The headache that I've had since last night seems to have abated for now. I hope it stays away - it was so bad that it woke me at 7 this morning. I stumbled into the bathroom and took an Excedrin for migraine - which may have been an error, since it contains caffeine. It took me 45 minutes to get back to sleep - I should have taken an Extra Strength Tylenol instead. (OTOH, in the dream I was having when I woke up, I was working on solving the problem I was having on Friday at work. Perhaps it's just as well that I woke up. I hate dreaming about work.)

It's particularly nice to sit here all toasty warm because I chose to brave the storm and go out this afternoon despite the fact that my two Polaris meetings were cancelled due to the weather. (City TV reports that the downtown core got between 20 and 25 centimetres today. [ profile] eastman23, you're welcome to come and take it away if you want it. :P )

(Edited to add some snow-related weirdness: I was outside the Eaton Centre when I saw an ambulance get stuck in the snow, its wheels spinning. Fortunately the lights weren't on, so I guess they weren't responding to an emergency. I just thought it was weird. They had to back up twice and try again. It was on the third attempt that I thought to take out my cellphone and try to get some video - and of course, that was the time they successfully made it.)

I was actually surprised that the subway was running north of Bloor - last time we got this much snow in such a short period of time, the subway couldn't run in the above-ground sections of the system. (I did hear an announcement that the third rail was covered in ice.) The crowds were manageable (probably because few people were as foolish as I) and I was able to get my Christmas shopping more or less finished. I picked up a portable DVD player for Mike and his wife and the Disney version of "Scene It?" for their kids (I'd already gotten them each a book last week). Add that to yesterday's shopping, when I got my mother the paper shredder she'd requested and a piece of digital art for Ambrose (a triptych depicting a desert scene - I have no idea if it'll match the decor of his new apartment, but I figure that with his just having moved, he'll need stuff to decorate with), and I would hazard to say that I'm finished. I just have to wrap it all now. :(

Oh, and I treated myself to Lost S3 and BSG: Razor on DVD. :) (I guess this means I have to get around to watching S2 of Lost, which has been sitting on top of my TV for a year... Heroes S1 will have to go back into the pile.) Couldn't find Doctor Who S3 or Torchwood S1, though... the clerk who was helping me said that they had Doctor Who in stock, but he couldn't find it on the shelves either.

I have to admit that shopping for Ambrose was tricky, because while I know what TV shows and movies he's into, I don't know what his DVD collection is like. I don't know what clothing sizes he takes, and I have an idea of what kinds of books he might like, but again, I don't know what's in his library. (Which is pretty sad considering that it's six months since we met.) And gift certificates seem so impersonal. One thing seems to be certain: I'll never, ever be able to top what I did for him at Dragon*Con. It's kind of depressing to know that you've already hit the apex of gift shopping for a particular person... which may have been a contributing factor to the trouble I had deciding what to get him.

Flash back a bit to Friday night: it was the last night of bowling until January. It didn't go all that well for me: 156, 135, 154. I was having my usual problem of hitting the headpin a little too heavily throughout the first game, and Mario suggested I move over to the middle and put the ball over the second arrow from the right. I tried it, and I just couldn't find the line I needed to take (hence the 135 - I was at a complete loss), so I ended up switching back halfway through the third game. And even then, I had to get two strikes in the tenth (my first strikes since the first game) to salvage my score. Mario pointed out something odd: we're sixth in the league (IIRC) in total pinfall flat, and dead last (28th place) in points in the standings. Probably because our team handicap is so much lower than most other teams.

Anyhow, hopefully I'll be able to get to bed at a decent hour tonight. I expect tomorrow's commute will be hell, and for some reason I've been unable to connect to my work computer over the Internet this weekend. (I wanted to put in a couple of hours to make up for arriving late and leaving early on Friday.) So I want to get in at a decent hour and solve this problem that was bedeviling me on Friday and probably led to the dreams I was having last night.

Oh, and one other thing I bought for myself today:

Available for $20 through the Writers' Guild Of America Strike Swag website.
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How's this for an appropriate icon? Now you'll all have forewarning that an entry is about the trials and tribulations of my bowling league. :)

I was supposed to meet [ profile] cuteteenboy at Pape station at 5:45. I actually arrived a little late, around 6 (I kept saying, "I'll just answer one more email... just one more... just one more..." and so didn't actually leave my place until about 5:20), but thanks to Mississauga Transit (aka "Mississauga Chance-It") he was even later, getting there around 6:10. He hadn't eaten either, but didn't want bowling alley food, so we went into the mall and hit the food court. Okay, McDonald's probably isn't much of an improvement...

As a result, we didn't get downstairs into the bowling alley until about 6:55, and so neither of us got a chance to practice at all.

Maybe that's a good thing - I scored 154, 169 and 203 tonight, and his series was over 400, which is about 50 pins over his average. I could have done a bit better in the first - I had three open frames in a row, and only had about 60 after the fifth frame. But everyone on the team had a decent night, though I think Mario had one bad game. We still won all three games.

I have to admit that my arm is a bit sore. I was feeling a little pain earlier this week, as I think I stretched it a little by indulging in my habit of checking my email first thing after getting up without bothering to sit down at my desk to do so.

[ profile] h8torun showed up tonight to cheer us on. Her fingers are still taped up. It was nice to see her tonight, though. *waves*

We registered for next season - most of the team wanted to switch to the Friday night session, which means I won't be able to return to the Scrabble group I used to play with on Friday nights. I haven't actually attended since just before Torcon in 2003, because I was finding myself needing to spend every available moment of spare time working on the convention, but I'd been wanting to return for a while. Oh, well. :( We'll be needing a fifth member of the team, though, as Ralph decided he didn't want to switch to Fridays. [ profile] cuteteenboy said he might consider joining the team on a permanent basis if we're bowling on Fridays, depending on his school schedule, but he won't know until the fall.) Randy was saying that he was actually a little surprised that I agreed to switch over, because I had previously mentioned wanting to go back to the Scrabble group. However, as I said to him, I don't really want to be looking for my fourth team in five years. Especially now that I've found a team that likes having me around (even if I'm a big geek and they don't understand half of what I'm saying when [ profile] cuteteenboy and I get going).

Oh, and tonight, I wandered over to the next set of lanes to say something to John, and his ex-bf James was there as well. We'd actually been on the same bus as James heading up to the bowling alley this evening, not for the first time, and one night a couple of months ago when the two of us were heading over to [ profile] thespian's place on Gaylaxicon business, we ran into him as well, so he's seen us together outside the bowling alley about three or four times now. However, I wasn't expecting James to ask me, "So, is this your honey?" I should be used to that by now, since someone seems to ask me that every time he comes out to bowl now.

When I got home, there were no messages from Future Shop. I guess they still haven't found my Doctor Who box set among the boxes in the back... maybe tomorrow.
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Rogers (my cable and Internet provider) went down around 1 AM, and only came back up about half an hour ago. Damn it. Last night, I was actually able to go to bed around 4:30, and now, here it is, about that time again, and I haven't gotten anywhere close to getting my usual nightly online reading done. I was able to get some offline TT work done, but it'll likely have to be redone from scratch this weekend anyway when I meet with [ profile] gurudata and [ profile] rockgoddes.

It probably doesn't help that I got a lot of emails today, plus with this being Tuesday, I had to watch House and Boston Legal this evening. So that put me behind as well. How bad a TT Co-Chair am I, that it took until his third scene in tonight's House before I recognized Adam Busch, and even then I had to check to be sure it was him? (Normally I'd check IMDb, but they didn't seem to have tonight's episode correctly listed.) At least I recognized Howard Hesseman immediately...

Boston Legal wasn't as side-splittingly funny as it can be tonight, but it had its moments. Most of which, of course, involved Denny Crane and the American Homeowner case. Looks like Rene Auberjonois is going to have another good episode next week.

In the latest installment of the saga that is my quest to get Doctor Who S1 from Future Shop, they finally got a shipment in today. On the minus side, they didn't have them out on the shelf yet. I was in there for about 45 minutes while this young guy wearing a black cape (I gather that it had something to do with today's release of the latest Harry Potter movie) went through all of the boxes on the loading dock looking for it. He, and the department manager, said, "It's the least we can do, considering how long you've been waiting to get it." It's scary when they start recognizing you, and know what you're looking for, and go out of their way to find it so that you'll stop bugging them about it. (The manager said that wasn't the reason, but I doubt that.) Anyway, they couldn't find it in all of the boxes, so they took down my phone number. Apparently they're putting all of the new stuff out on the shelves tomorrow, so when they find it, they're going to call me and put it aside.

Yesterday, I neglected to mention that I went to visit my investment advisor. I spent about an hour in her office, and ended up investing about two thirds of my inheritance in a principal-protected income trust. They guarantee a 5.7% return, but in the past year it's actually returned something like 22%. I know it can't maintain that level of performance, but I can hope. *grin*

And hey, the Leafs won tonight, so not everything is bad. I know the Habs were exhausted from playing three games in four nights, but you take your victories where you can get them...
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I went up to Future Shop today to find something to buy with my gift card... and I couldn't find anything I wanted. I asked, and they didn't have season 27 of Doctor Who in the computer at all, so the Canadian release has likely been delayed until July 4 along with the American release. (Hmm, what else is going on around that time... ;) )

Well, okay. I could have picked up Dark Angel seasons one and two, but I didn't want it that badly. I could have gotten season one of the Muppet Show and one of the Looney Toons collections, but those weren't all that compelling to me either. I could have picked up two or three Doctor Who stories (they had about five on the shelf that I can recall: "The Green Death," "The Two Doctors," "The Curse Of Fenric," "Horror Of Fang Rock" and "The Mind Robber"), but I wasn't sure of which ones to get (I generally consult Scott when I'm buying Doctor Who DVDs to make sure I'm getting a good one :) ). I guess I'm waiting until season five of QAF comes out, whenever that may be. (Though I'm a little irked; they're rereleasing the seasons I already have in new packages, at about half what I paid for them.)

I did pick up three new books with my Indigo gift card, though: Homeward Bound and Curious Notions by Harry Turtledove, and Revisions, an anthology of alternate history stories edited by Julie Czerneda and Isaac Szpindel. I thought about getting Jasper Fforde's The Big Over Easy, but it's only available in oversized trade paperback for $25, so I would only have been able to get one book. (Having said that, I now see that I could have gotten it online for $16.)

I had an interesting experience in Indigo, though - while I was browsing, this clerk came over and asked if I needed help. I said "no, thanks, I'm just trying to figure out how to use my gift card." He responded, "You're in the right section - this is where I'd spend it." He then suggested George R. R. Martin's latest, A Feast For Crows. I said that I don't normally read fantasy (Pratchett and Fforde excepted), and went on to mention that I had seen that Martin was in town for a signing at World's Biggest Bookstore yesterday. During this part of the conversation, I mentioned that I was actually a little surprised that he had come back to Toronto, as he had been rather vocally displeased with his experience when he was here for Torcon. It turned out that this clerk was quite aware of the con scene - he said, "I usually go to that big con down at the convention centre... where what's his name, Frodo... um, Elijah Wood... was there this year." "Ah," I said, "that would be SFX. I was there too." The conversation ended with my giving him the URLs for TT, Ad Astra, Anime North, and yes, Gaylaxicon too... so if a cute guy named Todd, apparently in his early-to-mid-20s, shows up at any cons this year, that's him.

Other stuff going on... we had the hotel walkthrough for Gaylaxicon last night, and clarified where some things are going. It's a lot easier to that when one is actually seeing the space, as opposed to trying to go from memory and a map.

[ profile] cuteteenboy showed up just as we were finishing, so as everyone was leaving, I quickly took him around the space to show him where everything was, even though our hotel rep had locked everything up by then. The only problem was that they had reset the elevators so that we couldn't get up to the top floor (where one track of Programming, the dinner, the dance, and the dealers' room are going) without a key.

After the quick re-walkthrough, [ profile] cuteteenboy accompanied me out to [ profile] thespian's place to drop off some flyers and rainbow bracelets for her to take to Arisia this weekend. She was leaving on the midnight bus to Montreal and heading down to Boston from there... I see from her LJ that she arrived safely in Montreal this morning, but she's posted nothing since (unless she's done so since I started composing this post). After dropping off the flyers, we ended up at Toby's at Yonge and Bloor for a quick dinner and pint. He kind of wanted to go to Pegasus, but since I'm supposed to limit my alcohol intake while I'm on Naproxen, I didn't think that was such a good idea. So he ended up going home after that.

I also think I'm coming down with the same cold that [ profile] rockgoddes has been talking about. My left nostril seems to be plugged up, though it's not bad yet. Knock on wood.

Arm update... the bruising on my arm is a lot better at the moment. I currently have it wrapped in a tensor bandage (I should have had it on yesterday too, but never got around to putting it on). These things are a bitch to put on one-handed... especially since my left hand is pretty useless. It could probably be tighter, but it's about as tight as I could get it, left-handed.

Oh, and how funny is it that of the seven comments I got on yesterday's post, one made reference to my trip to the doctor and six were referencing my comment on the song "Xanadu"? I guess I know where your minds are...
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It's chilly in here for some reason, so please excuse the typos...

Looking back at yesterday's entry, I neglected to mention that you all failed to knock me down and sit on me as requested when I started considering going into Future Shop. So I now own Stargate Atlantis S1, Six Feet Under S4 and Red Dwarf S5-6... when am I going to find the time to watch all this?

Today having been Wednesday, that means I bowled tonight. I started out the evening with a low-level headache, but it got worse as the night progressed and so I didn't do too well, though it wasn't my worst night of the year: 145, 170, 130. Ick. Though I did spare both a 6-7 and a 5-8-10 split, I was having trouble with the easy spares. Leave an impossible split? No problem. Leave the 6-pin? That's an open frame... *headdesk*

I was chasing after the new beer cart guy (the woman who had done that job for the past two years apparently quit recently) to get myself a beverage between the first and second games when John McEachern turned to me and said, "Did you hear what happened to Drew?" This being Drew Post, who is active in LGBT fandom and runs the Gaylactic Jeopardy games for Gaylaxicon. Dreading the answer, I said, "No, what?" John replied, "He got run over by a bus."

Now, before everyone who knows him panics, he's (relatively) okay - it seems that he was running to catch a bus, and slipped, and the bus driver didn't stop and ran right over his leg. It's broken in several places, but otherwise he's fine. I have his email address, so if anyone who knows him wants me to send along a message, please feel free to contact me at lance_sibley at yahoo dot com.

On the way home tonight, I got to the northbound platform at Bloor and thought I saw Josh (remember him? The 20-year-old that I met last Pride, who asked a mutual friend for my contact info but has never used it?). But I thought, "Nah, if that was him, he'd say hello. Plus, I didn't think he was taller than me."

But then he got off at Eglinton, and I know that Josh lives near me. So I mustered up a little courage, and attracted his attention with a shy "Excuse me..." He turned, smiled, and said, "Hi, Lance."

When I told him that I wasn't sure if it was him because I thought I was taller than him, he said, "No, we discussed this at Woody's. You're 5'11 1/2", and I'm 6'1"." Wow, I thought I had a good memory for remembering trivial conversations.

Anyway, he asked if I wanted to hang out, but between the headache and the knowledge that I had several dozen emails waiting for me, some of which were kind of urgent, I begged off. But I did give him my phone number (he hadn't seen Lori since asking her for my contact info, back in August) and invited him to call me if he wanted to go for coffee.


Anyway, off to do more catching up. If I can. My head still hurts. And I'm still cold... I still need to recaulk the plexiglass over the A/C. :(
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... knock me down and sit on me next time I decide to browse in Future Shop just because I have nothing else to do.

For some reason I slept unusually late today, even for me. I was online until about 6 this morning, then while I was getting ready for bed I went to turn the TV off. It was still on the Hurricane Rita coverage, and because of its compelling nature I couldn't actually make my thumb press the "off" button on the remote. I didn't actually get to bed until after 7 this morning, and then when I woke up, I rolled over and squinted at the clock... "Quarter to four??? WTF????"

So I went out for coffee, and decided to do some browsing as I had nothing better to do until it was time to leave for Malcolm's memorial. I wasn't looking to actually buy anything (Enterprise S3 doesn't come out until Tuesday), but I ended up spending about $200 on the first seasons of Desperate Housewives and Battlestar Galactica (I could have sworn I'd said I wasn't interested in BSG, but I bought it anyway - go figure), the second and third seasons of the 80s incarnation of The Twilight Zone, and The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy (the movie; I already had the BBC miniseries). When I go in on Tuesday for Enterprise I'll probably end up picking up House as well (I actually did want to get it, but forgot in my shock at seeing TZ on the shelf). Not to mention season three of Quantum Leap, which I somehow missed when it first came out. I didn't get it today because I can never remember whether I already have it (I just checked, and I don't). I made that mistake with season two, and had to return it 15 minutes after I'd bought it and brought it home.

The BSG set came with the miniseries included, plus a Serenity preview DVD. Cool.

Then, tonight, I went to Malcolm's memorial at the Frog and Firkin. I hadn't realized that the full story behind his death had become public knowledge, but people knew the details so I was able to get my misgivings about memorializing him off my chest. People have suggested other memorials as well, but I don't feel that they're appropriate. Besides, as [ profile] redeem147 correctly pointed out, we haven't done that in the past for other fans who have died; we didn't do it for her father, or for Pat Woodey, both of whom had just as much impact on local fandom, if not more. (Truth be told, they may even have had more. Malcolm was known, but that was partly because of his being an actor and because he socialized with other fans outside of cons. That, and a good-looking black man with a Manchester accent tends to stand out round these parts. *grin*)

Anyway, I sat with [ profile] redeem147 and a couple of other folks whose LJ names (if they have such) are not known to me. A little while later [ profile] plaidlibrarian came over to join us, and [ profile] neoengel popped his head over the partition between our booths from time to time until I told him that it was hurting my back to twist around to talk to him, and would he come over and sit with us already? :) Pub food seems to be getting expensive - a burger (okay, it had bacon and Monterey Jack cheese on it), two pints and a shared dessert came to $30. Yikes. I have to cut back on my dining out...

I really ought to try to get to bed at a decent hour, as I have to be at Don Mills subway station at 11 to help move stuff to TT's storage facility. But we all know I'll still be here, come the sunrise.


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