Sep. 6th, 2006 01:04 am
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I got home around 9 tonight, as my plane out of Atlanta was delayed by bad weather in the southeastern US preventing the plane from landing. Alas, this means I missed the season premiere of House, as they've moved it to 8pm this year. I hadn't realized that they had changed it. Space has completely changed around their schedule, too - I'm not sure whether "The Hilarious House Of Frightenstein" is really something that should be on at midnight, though I guess it's more appropriate for the nostalgia than for the educational portions of the program. (I'd forgotten how funny Vincent Price could be, too.)

The late boarding and subsequent arrival made for a very long day - since I had to check out of my hotel at noon, I was at the airport by 1:30 despite stopping at Starbucks and actually sitting to have a Cafe Americano, which is basically watered-down espresso. (They were out of the bold blend, and offered me the Americano gratis - and who am I to turn down free coffee?).

I actually unpacked everything tonight, which is something I don't normally bother to do right away when I get home from a con. It's a good thing, too - I had to go out and buy shampoo, as I'd managed to forget a two-thirds-full bottle in my hotel room. And Pantene 2-in-1 for coloured hair isn't cheap. :(

For the first time in a long time, I was wishing that the flight had been longer, though. The in-flight TV and movie system was one that was individual for each passenger - and I started out by watching the Doctor Who S2 episode "New Earth". I was about half an hour into X3 when they shut the system off for landing. :(

Oh, one funny thing about the flight home - I was wandering around the terminal when I ran into the same group of people who had been on my flight down. I said to the guy I had chatted with on Thursday, "Don't tell me we're on the same flight again!" and he struck up a conversation with me. It seems that they're dealers who sell reproductions of media costumes. I asked him if he'd considered getting a table at TT, and he said, "I think someone gave me a card in the dealers' room. Some guy with blond hair and glasses." It's good to know that Stephen Christian is on the ball even when working at another con. ;) (By interesting coincidence, these guys are actually from Newfoundland, which is where Stephen is originally from, IIRC - though they didn't have the accent.)

Sleepy now. I haven't read my friendslist since Thursday or Friday night, I think - I don't know if I'm going to try to get caught up or just go to bed. I'm leaning toward going to bed, though I might read a little bit. TrekBBS and the TTMB can wait until tomorrow (ye gods, I haven't logged onto the TTMB since before Worldcon).

I only had one phone message when I got home - from a new headhunter. I couldn't make out part of the message, but was able to decipher the phone number and extension, and left the guy a message to let him know that I had just gotten home from an out-of-town trip and will call tomorrow. The headhunter who's trying to get me into ADP emailed me today as well to ask how I enjoyed the weekend, and to ask if I'd heard from ADP yet. I responded that I hadn't, but I had told his boss (the one who called me in the Mickey Rooney line) that I wasn't getting home until tonight, anyway, so it's possible that they're holding off on contacting me until tomorrow. If I don't hear anything by mid-afternoon, I figure I'll call just to see what's going on.

And completely out of left field... has anyone else seen this new Mini-Wheats commercial on TV with the jingle that goes "Mini Wheats, wheats, wheats" to a catchy tune? Is it just me, or is the voice being done by Rob Paulsen, who did Yakko Warner's and Pinky's voices on Animaniacs?
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I'm back from a week in sunny Anaheim at the 64th Worldcon, and have finally found time to log onto LJ. I don't think I'll be reading too much of what has been posted in the last week, though I may scan my friendslist. If you posted something you really want me to read, comment with a link.

I didn't record the goings-on in my notebook this time, as I often do, and there were far too few computers in the Internet Lounge, so I didn't take the time to post each day. Alas. However, some of the highlights:

On panels... )

On finally getting to see a couple of legends in the field... )

Most of my photos didn't turn out too well, unfortunately - the drawback to using a cellphone camera. I did get some cool pictures, though, and I'll put them behind this cut. )

Another highlight of the week was getting to meet several TrekBBS members. We met up for dinner and drinks on Saturday night in the hotel bar, after which several of the group went to Disneyland. (I didn't join them, as I wanted to get back to the con for some particular reason; I think it was the Hugos, but I ended up missing them anyway.)

Photo here... )

Let's see... what else. I went to a number of room parties, and helped out at the Montreal in 2009 bid party, tending bar from 10pm to 5am one night (Friday, I think it was?). I went out for dinner a couple of times with the Gaylactic Network crowd (there were about 18 of us). I met a hottie from Columbus named Chris who engaged in some light flirting with me (though he may have simply been trying to get my vote ;) ). On Saturday afternoon, he said to me, "If we win the bid, do you know anyone in gay Columbus fandom who would run our LGBT panel track?" Hell, I don't know anyone in Columbus, gay or straight. So I gave him my email address. ;) Alas, they didn't win... Denver won by 12 votes. I think this might have been the closest vote in quite some time. I know the Chicago committee would have thrown a fabulous con (I think they threw the best parties of the three 2008 bids), and yes, I was kind of thinking that it might be fun to work on LGBT programming for Columbus, but at least, with Denver winning, you have no excuse not to attend, [livejournal.com profile] mishalak! :P

Overall, I had a fantastic time, though the Wednesday-to-Sunday schedule instead of the usual Thursday-to-Monday left me confused about what day it was for much of the time. That's also probably the reason why I can't remember which days certain things happened.

Now, I get to do it all again in a few days... I'm leaving Thursday for Dragon*Con.

In other news, I popped into Future Shop today to try to find a USB cable for my cell phone so that I could upload my pictures. It turned out they don't carry them (the local Telus store didn't have any either), but I did get Animaniacs Vol. 1, Desperate Housewives S2 and House S2 on DVD.

I also got a few phone calls from recruiters while I was away, and spoke to them today. The TD job sounds promising... the hiring manager had some specific questions for the recruiter to ask me, which I answered. There's a possibility they may have me in for a technical test first, though, given that it's been nearly two years since I last worked. I reminded the recruiter that I was going to be away this weekend. Which reminds me, I should call the other recruiter I'd been dealing with recently about the position at JP Morgan.
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I schlepped down to George Brown College today and enrolled in two classes for this fall: "Introduction To C#" and "Internet Scripting Languages". They're both pre-requisites for the .NET certificate, but even if I decide to go for the Java one instead, they may both be useful. So I still have some flexibility.

So now my Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from October 10 to December 14 are completely booked. Good thing my bowling team switched to Fridays for this year.

I did look into the possibility of daytime classes instead, but only full-time students can be admitted to those, and I would have had to have applied some time ago. Besides, this will enable me to continue to look for full-time work and not have to tell people that I can't interview for a job because I have classes.

Speaking of looking for work, I had a phone call this morning from a recruiter. She called my cell phone, and it woke me up, but the way I remember it was this:

Whaaa--- noise. What's that noise?
Oh. Pet Shop Boys. Must be the cell phone.

*gets up*
*walks out to hall*
*takes cell phone out of coat pocket, sees that there is indeed a call coming in, from the 732 area code*

Mmm. Interesting.

*puts phone back in coat pocket*
*goes back to bed*

Nowhere in there did the thought of answering the call even occur to me. It was like I didn't even know how to answer the phone. Or even that the phone should be answered. *facepalm*

Gawd, I hate mornings. They should either be made illegal, or I should keep a syringe full of caffeine on my bedside table so that I can think.

Then, when I listened to the voice mail, she had spoken so quietly I couldn't understand her. Fortunately, she also emailed me. Her name, apparently, is Uma. (Cue Billy Crystal.) And the job is a six-month contract in St. Louis, Missouri, though apparently Uma is based in New Jersey. I emailed her back this evening and said, "thank you, but I am not in a position to relocate at this time." Especially since I just dropped $672 for two classes.

So after I registered for my classes, I thought, "I really should do laundry so that I have clean socks and underwear for Worldcon." So what do I do instead of getting on the subway and coming straight home? I walk from the college to Yonge and Bloor, a distance of about three kilometres. It's amazing the lengths I will go to in order to procrastinate when it comes to doing laundry. I didn't actually get home until about 5:30 (I had to stop to get groceries for dinner on the way), whereas I could have been home by 4:30 or so had I just gotten on the subway at Dupont.

Fortunately, I had just enough clean socks and underwear for LA. I'll need to do laundry when I get home before packing for Atlanta, mind you, unless I want to wear ankle socks and knee-high woolen socks that are meant to be worn with a kilt.

So my suitcase is packed, and reading material is in my backpack, and some books I want to get signed are in my suitcase. (I was going crazy earlier trying to find my copy of Probe, even going through the boxes in my solarium; I could have sworn I had it in hardcover. It wasn't until I gave up looking for the hardcover and started looking through my paperbacks that I found it. I did, however, find my copy of The Adventures Of Matthew Looney In The Outback in a box in the solarium.)

I still need to transfer some stuff from my backpack to my suitcase, like the cleaning solution for my glasses, and pack my toiletries. I just hope I manage to wake up in time so that I'm not rushing to get to the airport tomorrow morning.

Oh, and I managed to get my TT20 reports finished tonight, too. Just in time. :)
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Wow, there were a lot of posts to get through today. Over 500 since I last logged on. Of course, it was probably largely due to both [livejournal.com profile] lizblackdog and [livejournal.com profile] omahastar participating in Blogathon. Entertaining as it was, why did it have to be while I was away? :P

Okay, so here's what happened this weekend...

Thursday, July 27 )

Friday, July 28 )

Sunday, July 30 )

Monday, July 31 )

So, that was the weekend.

Today, I got up around noon and called a headhunter who had left a message on my machine while I was gone - not the same one I'd been dealing with previously. This is for a position at Honda - they're looking for someone with experience in COBOL, CICS, various mainframe utilities, MQ Series and J2EE. Good luck finding someone with all of those. I told the headhunter that while I don't have J2EE, I do own a textbook that I bought about a year ago just for kicks so that I could learn it. She found that amusing.

Apart from that, today has been filled with reading all of the weekend's emails (365 of them in total) and reading everything you folks had been up to all weekend. That, and staying inside for the most part, though I did have to go to the drug store for toothpaste, soap and anti-perspirant. Somehow I managed to run out of all three at the same time. According to what I've been reading, today's humidex hit 48C (118F) - no wonder I felt like a drowned rat the second I stepped outside. I may pop over to Dominion and pick up some ice cream. Fortunately I have plenty of Lactaid to go with it. Hm, the more I think about it, the better that idea sounds.

Oh, and some memeage, gakked from [livejournal.com profile] yellow_freshia:

My Gay Fairy Name is Star Dancer. How Gay.What's Yours?

Apparently my special fairy skills are:

  • Drinking dew drops

  • Dancing in the mushroom patch.

  • Over the rainbow tourguide

Uh-huh. Could have been worse - [livejournal.com profile] yellow_freshia's fairy name is "Lance the Gay Fairy".
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Here's a fun little PG-13 site...


(* looks around at all the cleaning that needs doing *)

In other news... I went back through some job postings that I'd left in my Inbox and never gotten around to applying for, and applied for the 15 or so that actually match my qualifications. One of the people to whom I sent a cover letter and my resume emailed me back at 12:15 am to tell me that it was the same position he'd phoned me about a few weeks ago, for which I was already being represented by another agency. (Well, they didn't say that in the ad...) But what the hell? He answered my email - from his work account - at quarter after midnight. Dude, go home!
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GIP! *grin*

(Okay, it's not a GIP, it's a regular post. But still...)

Tonight was a bit of a struggle at the bowling alley. The lanes seemed to be oiled strangely, so Mario's and my shots weren't behaving the way they should, whereas people who throw a relatively straight ball seemed to be doing well. After making an adjustment and adapting to throw a relatively straight ball instead of my usual slight hook (fortunately, my hook is very slight), I was able to pick things up a little and finished the night with scores of 203, 147 and 153. Strangely, that gave me the exact same total as last week, 503. How's that for consistency?

[livejournal.com profile] cuteteenboy was still a little behind where he wanted to be on his schoolwork, so he didn't come out to fill in tonight. We still managed to win two out of three games and take total points (oddly, the game we lost was the one in which I scored 203).

Earlier today, I was quite busy with phone calls; I called Mario's colleague who is hiring some contract programmers (left a voicemail), called the headhunter I met a couple of weeks ago (didn't leave a voicemail, as I had left one on Monday, but she called back later anyway to tell me that she had no news yet), and called my RRSP agent to arrange to meet and deposit the Canadian Tire stocks from my grandmother's account (which should have been done a couple of weeks ago, when I got them, but the last few weeks have been filled with activity and drama which prevented it). My mother wants to be there, which means the meeting has to be in the early morning because everyone else has to change their schedules to accommodate her life, of course. *headdesk* 8:30 Tuesday morning. (And yes, I know that for most people, 8:30 in the morning is nothing. Hush. :P )

The other headhunter who had called while I was in L.A. emailed me to let me know that my resume (modified to more prominently indicate my volunteer activities) has been submitted, too.

Hopefully I'll get to bed at a decent hour tonight so that I can get up, do what I need to do (including more phone calls) and get up to Yorkdale by 3 for my hair appointment. Having my hair in my eyes is driving me crazy (or crazier, depending on your POV).

I also have a few things on my Gaylaxicon to-do list that need to be done or followed up on before Saturday's meeting. I think that we may finally have a head of Security who won't flake out or pull a diva act. Whew!

I still haven't been able to track down a Future Shop that has Doctor Who S1 in stock, but I picked up the Queer As Folk S5 soundtrack yesterday. Not bad so far - the first track is by the Scissor Sisters, whom I know [livejournal.com profile] troystar likes but I'd never heard anything by them before. Geri Halliwell's track is surprisingly not vomit-inducing. I'm not sure what I think of Marilyn Manson's cover of "Personal Jesus" - the guitar work is fine, but I don't care for his voice. And the song that Cyndi Lauper was performing when Babylon blew up is on the soundtrack too - I seem to recall liking the bits that I heard on the show. We'll see about the rest of the tracks - I have no preconceived notions about whether I'll like them or not.

I'm back!

Feb. 23rd, 2006 03:46 am
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Well, some of you have probably noticed that I've been making comments here and there to posts that you've made since last Wednesday night, as I've slowly caught up on my friendslist (it only took two days to read seven days' worth of posts).

Anyway, Gallifrey was a lot of fun - smaller than I thought (about 750 people, rather than the 1000 or more that I thought attended the con), but there was a lot of good energy there. People were excited about the new Doctor Who, despite the fact that many of the people likely hadn't seen it. Though they did get a chance to see it unofficially during the weekend - [livejournal.com profile] shaunskywalker made a few announcements here and there about "something that we can't talk about is definitely not being shown in the video room. It's not being shown between noon and 8pm..."

Anyway, here's my day-by-day report, complete with cuts so as not to take up all kinds of space:

Thursday, February 16, 2006 )

Friday, February 17 )

Saturday, February 18 )

Monday, February 20 )

Nothing much else happened after that - the flight landed on time, I got through Customs with no problems, and took a leisurely bus/subway/bus ride home.

When I got home, there were four messages on my machine - one from someone whom I thought was going to be working on Gaylaxicon but who now can't, one from [livejournal.com profile] nexstarman, and two from headhunters contacting me about the same position. I returned [livejournal.com profile] nexstarman's call immediately, and called the headhunters back Tuesday. I got voice mail for both, so I let the first one to call back represent me. *grin* He wants me to tweak my resume to indicate that my volunteer work on TT and Gaylaxicon fills in the empty space since I lost my last job - strange, but whatever. Since it was Tuesday that I spoke to him, I should do that tomorrow. I hope he understands that it's taken me a while to get caught up on various things after returning home. (He seemed quite understanding when I told him that I hadn't called him back until Tuesday because I'd been away.)

As I said at the top of this post, I've only just caught up on email and my friendslist - I haven't even logged onto TrekBBS or the TTMB since my return. Oh, and I haven't had a chance to read today's paper yet. (For that matter, I spent Tuesday reading Friday's, Saturday's, Monday's and Tuesday's papers.) Oh well. There's always tomorrow.

I went out today to see about getting the new Doctor Who box set at Future Shop. They'd been selling it at Gallifrey for USD$150 in the dealers' room, which was extortion. Future Shop still hasn't gotten their shipment in yet. I popped into HMV just to check the price, and it was $100 (for my American friends, that's about USD$87 - see what I meant about extortion?). The woman in Future Shop didn't seem interested in helping me, though - she made it seem like I was imposing on her conversation with a co-worker by making her look up whether they had any copies in yet.

Oh, and bowling tonight... we managed to tie one game, and lose the other two. But the other team had about 125 pins on us from the start due to their high handicaps. I bowled okay - 171, 178 and 154. My arm was starting to bother me toward the end of the night. (I missed a really easy spare in the tenth in the second game - and that's the one we tied. :( ) [livejournal.com profile] cuteteenboy was able to join us tonight, but due to his father being late in picking him up to give him a lift to the subway and the subway being stopped on the whole of the Bloor line for about 20 minutes, we got there a little later than usual. But we were still in time for me to scarf down some pizza for dinner, as is my habit on Wednesday nights.

Sleepy now.
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I had that meeting this afternoon with the headhunter about a position downtown. She still couldn't tell me what the company is, but she thinks I'm a really good fit - mind you, that's what they all say. However, in this case, it sounds like it would be pretty much the same kind of stuff I was doing at CDS, albeit for about 30% less than I was making there. It's not as senior a position as I had - it turns out that the reason for the sudden need to hire is that they recently promoted everyone. That being said, she thinks that given my experience, there's a possibility that they might hire me at a level more commensurate with my experience and past salary. And in any case, it seems there's no 24/7 support required, which is a good thing - most of the discrepancy between what this job pays and what I used to make was extra pay for carrying the pager, anyway. Take that out, and the assorted overtime I used to do, and the difference is about 13%. Still not great - and still 30% less than I made at Manulife, where I had the title of "team lead" despite never getting a team to lead - but it's better than nothing. (Of course, that's what my mother says about working at McDonald's...)

I'd still like to go back to school, but if something comes up before I figure out what I want to do and where I want to do it, I'm not going to turn my nose up. I want to be working - I'm the sort of person who keeps looking at my bank balance decreasing with every bill I pay and rent cheque I write. Even with the inheritance having finally been cleared up, so there's no imminent threat of homelessness, I would still like to have an income. (Am I nuts, or what?)

Anyway, I told the headhunter that I'm going to be away from next Thursday to the following Monday evening, so she's going to try to get me an interview for early next week. It seems this company is in a hurry to hire someone.

Oh, and apparently, while they're looking for a mainframe person, there might be an opportunity to learn Websphere, which I'm seeing in job ads all the time these days. I have no idea what it is, but if they want to teach it to me, I'm all for it.

I even managed to get through the interview without having a coughing fit or having my nose spontaneously start to run. This cold is particularly nasty - I'm dehydrated constantly, and my lips are chapped. I think I'll be making myself a Neo Citran tonight.

I spent some time this evening watching the Olympic opening ceremonies - not bad at all. I missed the parade of athletes, but I enjoyed Pavarotti, the acrobats, and the fireworks. I also enjoyed the Italian skier who took the oath for the athletes. :)

I still think the hats on the Canadian athletes look a little goofy. Now I know - they reminded me of the hat that Charlie Brown wore in winter, with the ear flaps. All they need are the idiot strings on their mittens.

Oh, and the reason I missed the parade of athletes? I finished watching season one of Desperate Housewives the other night, and had been watching the extras. There's a fantastic bit in the blooper reel from the season finale, where everyone is coming to see Bree at the hospital after Rex's heart attack - the elevator doors open, and they all step out and assume the Charlie's Angels pose. There's also a segment entitled "Oprah Winfrey Is The New Neighbour." I'd sort of assumed that it was footage of an interview segment on the Oprah Winfrey Show or something - but no. They actually wrote a mini-episode which has Oprah moving onto Wisteria Lane and meeting all the neighbours. Great stuff. My only complaint about the extras is that there wasn't enough Steven Culp.

I keep seeing an amusing ad on the subway - amusing in its geeky-inside-jokeness, anyway. There's a decorating show on HGTV called Designer Superstar Challenge. The ad depicts a photograph paperclipped to a file folder. The photo isn't important (though it's pretty garish) - the funny thing is the Post-It note on the photo that reads, "Application #NCC1701-D".

Let's see, what else do I want to share with everyone... oh, right. [livejournal.com profile] montrealais helpfully provided this link to a CBC news story about our new Parliamentary Secretary To La Francophonie. It seems Stephen Harper appointed a unilingual anglophone to the post. Real smart, there.

And [livejournal.com profile] bovil posted a link to Something Awful's Very Star Wars Valentines. They're all hilarious, but this one in particular made me laugh out loud:

Cut to save space... )

Anyway, that's it for tonight, I think. Unless I think of something else to prattle on about.
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Airfare and hotel for Gallifrey are booked - departure at 1:45 Thursday afternoon, arrival at 9:09 PM (there's a stopover in Cincinnati). Return flight, nonstop, leaving LAX at 12:10 PM Monday, getting back into Toronto at 7:55 PM. Amazingly, considering that it's a week away, it only cost me $511. Delta was $188 cheaper than Air Canada.

The hotel website said that there were no rooms left in the convention's room block, but the nice lady at the Marriott call centre set me up.

This ought to be fun.

Oh, and I had a call this afternoon from a headhunter I'd written to several weeks ago - she wants to meet with me tomorrow afternoon about a job with a financial company downtown.

*bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce*
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I managed to get hold of the headhunter who sent me to Markham today; it seems that the delay wasn't because she just hadn't gotten around to calling me back, but rather because they had some problems last week at the company and so they hadn't even gotten a chance to consider the applicants.

It seems that I was in the running right up until Friday afternoon, when they apparently interviewed someone who blew them all away. :( Well, I didn't want to have to commute up to Markham every day anyway...

And I have a phone interview tomorrow morning at 11. Here's hoping I'm awake (I guess I should read all the documents they emailed me last week, shouldn't I?).

I also called a few of the other headhunters who have contacted me recently, to see if there were any updates, but had to leave voicemails and haven't heard back from any of them.

Rob Sawyer emailed me the photo he took on Saturday night, with the Pridethulhu given to me by [livejournal.com profile] moon_custafer. It's a big picture, so I'm putting it behind a cut. Unfortunately, Rob didn't tell me at the time to hold him up higher...

Click here to be frightened out of your wits. )

Fortunately, he didn't scare any of the other stuffed animals. *grin*

Now what?

Dec. 29th, 2005 12:26 am
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I finished watching season one of "Lost" this evening. Now what do I do? (Okay, I've only watched some of the special features on the last disc, so I could watch the rest of those to tide me over. I'm finding myself liking Damon Lindelof, one of the co-creators. He's got that geek vibe that I relate to. I was surprised at how young he is, and I'm also surprised to see on IMDb just how little he'd actually done before "Lost.")

As it happened, I finished the last episode just after tonight's episode started on ABC, so I watched that too. Though it spoiled me for the beginning of season two, which I won't be able to see until the DVDs come out. :( I wouldn't be able to watch any more until then anyway, because bowling starts again next Wednesday night.

Mike's supposed to be coming over tomorrow, so I spent the evening (while watching the DVDs) wrapping everything that wasn't wrapped yet. I hate wrapping gifts. There's a reason I never took up origami as a hobby.

Got a cold call this afternoon from another headhunter for yet another contract with the Ministry of Community and Social Services. I told him I'd already been submitted there recently, but he thinks it was a different position based on the beginning and end dates of the contract. Plus, the other position was a P/A, and this is an S/A. He said that from the resume I have posted on Workopolis, I sounded perfect. Problem is, it's only a three-month contract. I'd much rather find something full-time (and take evening classes).

And now a meme, gakked from [livejournal.com profile] redeem147:

Tell me of a fandom you know I know of and I'll tell you:

  1. The first character I first fell in love with:

  2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:

  3. The character everyone else loves that I don't:

  4. The character I love that everyone else hates:

  5. The character I used to love but don't any longer:

  6. The character I would shag anytime:

  7. The character I'd want to be like:

  8. The character I'd slap:

  9. A pairing that I love:

  10. A pairing that I despise:
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The Bank of Montreal needs some serious help with the Careers section of their website. I thought I was already registered, but couldn't remember what my user name or password might be, so I clicked on "email me my hint." I kept getting an error message that I needed to enter my user name, and the same page kept coming up. I closed the tab, and tried again from the link on the Workopolis site, and the same page came up again instead of the initial registration page. I had to clear my cookies before I could get back to the initial page and sign up (probably for the second or third time).

And then, there were questions on the application page that didn't seem related to the position, based on the description. (They were asking about PeopleSoft experience, when the job listed COBOL and PL/1 as the requirements.) I tried clicking on "back" to look at the description again, but the same form kept coming up asking about my PeopleSoft experience.

Obviously, BMO's not just in need of mainframe programmers.

(Oh, and like the shiny new icon? [livejournal.com profile] elizard100 pointed me towards [livejournal.com profile] hellodangerous, who has made bunches of "Brokeback Mountain" icons (my fingers still want to type "Bareback Mountain" instead of "Brokeback"... it seems to be a common problem from what I've seen elsewhere.)

Back to watching "Lost"... I got up to episode 13 before I went to bed, at about 7 this morning.


Jul. 8th, 2005 02:22 am
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Some of you have noticed that I haven't posted recently - that's because with TT coming up in a week, I just haven't had time as I've been dealing with an avalanche of emails every day. I apologize to all of you who have missed me. :P

[livejournal.com profile] thespian created this icon after we returned from this year's Gaylaxicon in Boston:

Cool, eh?

(The "eh" was inserted specifically for the amusement of my American readers. :) )

I had a good time at the con - there was some drama, as there always is, but overall I enjoyed myself and seeing people that I don't get to see very often. Our room party was well-attended, and we sold 20 memberships for next year while we were there. There were, of course, things that I would have liked to have seen that I didn't get a chance to for various reasons, but I was impressed with how smoothly things appeared to run. (I say "appeared" because [livejournal.com profile] dracut seemed to think there were things that could have been improved, but they were invisible to me.) We have our work cut out for us next year! :)

Here are some pictures:

From [livejournal.com profile] wananga: http://www-us.flickr.com/photos/wananga/sets/553462/

From [livejournal.com profile] esprix:

That being said, [livejournal.com profile] dracut, I hope your wedding went smoothly. Congratulations! (Though I think you're nuts for getting married the day after chairing a con...) They say that once something happens twice, it's a tradition. I think I can safely say that I won't be the one making that particular tradition come to pass. ;)

In other news, there has been nothing regarding the job I interviewed for last week. When I returned from Boston (about 6 AM Tuesday morning) my answering machine was full of calls from telemarketers, so Tuesday afternoon when I got up I called the headhunter to check in. He hadn't heard anything yet, so I hadn't missed any calls from him. It seems they were interviewing 20 people, so it was taking them longer to decide whom to invite for a technical interview. (But they're hiring 9 people, so I feel good about my chances.)

Anyway, while I could go on for pages about everything that's happened since my last post, I won't. (Satisfied, Chris?) I'll just post this meme, since [livejournal.com profile] indefatigable42 tagged me last week before I went away:

My list of the top ten most attractive celebrities, in no particular order:

Colin Farrell
Connor Trinneer
Fabrizio Filippo
Pierce Brosnan
John Barrowman
Michael Shanks
Matthew Broderick
Randy Harrison
Rufus Wainwright
Brad Pitt

What constitutes "attractive" in this poll, anyway? I mean, I know Matthew Broderick doesn't usually show up on lists of attractive celebrities, but I've had a "thing" for him since I was 15... I'm still kicking myself for not getting tickets for The Producers when he and Nathan Lane were doing the roles.

Somehow I don't think most of the others on my list will be all that shocking... then again, perhaps I surprised one or two of you.
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The past several days have been so jam-packed I haven't had a chance to update... so here goes.

Pride Preparations )

Toronto Trek panelist pubnight )

Pride Day! )

Sunday night... flirting with the cuties )

Job Interview )

Today )

In political news: )

I managed to catch Doctor Who this evening while flipping back and forth during commercials. David Tennant has been described elsewhere as looking like a Hobbit. I don't know about that, but he does strike me as being a touch effeminate... I predict more flirting between him and Jack. (Maybe it was just the camera angle, but I thought he was much more attractive in the publicity stills I saw from "Casanova."

So who's writing good Doctor/Jack slash these days, anyway? There's got to be some...

Tomorrow, I'll be preparing stuff for this weekend's trip to Gaylaxicon in Boston. Should be fun.


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