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This has been a rather intense week, and I'm really looking forward to this weekend.

My boss started giving me a hard time about coming in late, so I've been going into work for about 10 every day this week so far, except for Tuesday, when I overslept a bit and my boss chewed me out... just what I need, another boss who thinks that I can snap my fingers and adjust my body clock by three hours instantly. (He suggested that I should give up my extra-curricular activities... not bloody likely.) As it is, because of the commute I only have about half the time in the evenings that most people have... I've been feeling like crap all week trying to keep up this schedule, too. Not fun.

I've just heard from two different sources that Forrest J. Ackerman has passed away. Forry was probably the best-known science fiction fan in the world, having been active in the community since 1930, and was responsible for coining the term "sci-fi". (Many of my local friends know what I think of that term, but I have to admit that it's quite pervasive.)

I first met Forry at the 1989 Worldcon in Boston, and even though I'd only been active in fandom for about three years at that point, I knew who he was and knew a fair bit of the history of his contribution to the community, so it was quite a thrill. Over on one of my bookshelves, I still have the programme book that he autographed for me.

The only other time that I recall seeing him was at the 2006 Worldcon in Los Angeles, and it was a bit of a shock to see him in a wheelchair. He'd been such a larger-than-life presence in 1989 (physically as well as metaphorically - he was a very tall man, or at least I remember him as such), that it was painful to see him so frail. And then when I heard that he'd had to sell much of his memorabilia collection because he was losing his house, it was truly heartbreaking.

Rest in peace, Forry.

To end this post on a high note (cue Cloris Leachman's Madame DeFarge), Eric and I have been spending a lot of time video-chatting via Skype. (I was amused the other night when he had to leave for a minute but he left his laptop in the dining room while [ profile] evil_admiral was in the kitchen, so we chatted for a minute or two. He said, "This is weird. There's nobody here, but there is!" :) )

This is the first night since last Friday that we haven't talked, actually (though we did exchange Facebook messages). And each of those conversations has lasted a minimum of four hours. :) Earlier this week he suggested that we have a romantic dinner, so Saturday night, I'll move the laptop into the dining room (I still can't get the router working despite talking to Brian from work and Rogers tech support tonight. :( ).

I don't know if he realized it until I mentioned it, but Saturday will mark one month since the official beginning of our relationship. So the timing is perfect. I just have to see if I have any candles. :)

I should be off to bed now, I suppose, if I'm going to be up by 7:30. *yawn*
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I had another good night at the bowling alley: 140, 195, 189. My average is now 171, which is about seven pins higher than where it was at the end of last season. I don't expect it to last, but with these new synthetic lanes, who knows...

My team took three out of four points for winning two games and beating the other team in total pins, so that's six points (out of a possible eight) so far. Pretty good!

Mario is pissed off, though - he still can't figure out how to throw his ball. He's tried all six, and he still can't consistently put the ball where he wants to. So far, he's blamed it on the synthetic lanes, the oil pattern, the amount of oil being used, and the fact that they apparently installed the new lanes on top of the old wood ones instead of removing the old ones first.

Hey, [ profile] h8torun, if you see this - one of our new teammates, Lindsey, showed up tonight in a Tinkerbell t-shirt. (I also sat across from a young woman in a Tinkerbell t-shirt on my way to work this morning... strange coincidence.)

Work has been dull the past few days. We implemented a new release yesterday, and everything seems to be working flawlessly* - and there were no outstanding bugs or urgent change requests to work on today. So I went back through our tracker and found some change requests that we hadn't gotten to which were posted a few months ago, and started working on the simpler ones. I didn't want to work on one of the more complicated ones because we're waiting for our client to tell us what's on next week's To Do list. But our client was apparently out golfing today... so I managed to get five of those old change requests done. Not bad for having to leave two hours early to get to the bowling alley. *grin*

* - except for the stuff that the people who work at our client's site have been doing. I don't think they're actually real programmers, judging by the quality of the code they've been writing. And they certainly can't write SQL to save their lives. Don't they test their changes before they just shove them into the live environment???

In other news, I've seen reports on a few friends' LJs that Joan Winston, who was part of the committee that ran the first Star Trek conventions in New York City in the early 1970s, and who co-wrote Star Trek Lives! and The Making Of The Trek Conventions, has passed away. Here's an article on

I'm a little aggravated about one thing - Wednesday night, I got home and started taking my rings and bracelets off, and my purple "Erase Hate" bracelet snapped. :( (That's the second time one of those bracelets has broken on me - my Outworlders one broke several months ago, again while I was taking it off.) It seems you can order them online (in quantities of three or six) from, but they only ship to U.S. addresses. Time for an email to [ profile] ennisdl, I suppose... after all, what's the use of having American friends who come up to Toronto regularly if you can't use their homes as shipping addresses? ;)

I'm still not feeling 100% - I woke up again last night to cough up some more internal organs - and I believe I'm getting together with [ profile] travellingone tomorrow afternoon, then going out with [ profile] cuteteenboy tomorrow night (my Sunday meeting ought to be fun ;) ), so I'm staying in tonight. I'm getting dull in my old age...

I'm home.

May. 20th, 2008 10:36 pm
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No time for a long post right now... suffice to say that I got home from Winnipeg (or "Winterpeg, Manisnowba") around midnight last night, dropped off my luggage, ran out to get food (a Big Mac... oooh aaah), came back home and went straight to bed as I had to be at work today.

Keycon/Canvention was fantastic - I had a really great time, and met a lot of people. I hadn't been expecting to get "also appearing" billing along with Robert J. Sawyer and several other notables, but what the hey... I asked for a copy of the poster that had my name on it. *grin* Liana K also gave me an autographed copy of the Ed & Red's Night Party comic book. ([ profile] kairi_kiss, I said hello as you asked. :) ) I also greatly enjoyed getting to spend time with [ profile] frstythesnowman, even if a large part of it was during a beer store run. [ profile] eastman23, what happened to you? I was hoping to meet you. If I did, you didn't introduce yourself. :P

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the best-attended panel of those that I was on was the one about Gaylaxicon. Winnipeg seems to have a good fannish LGBT and fetish community of which I was previously unaware. (So healthy that they had an Adult masquerade Saturday night, with halftime entertainment by a drag group called the Space Girls.) I did mention the upcoming Washington and Minneapolis Gaylaxicons, and there were flyers there for Minneapolis. Oddly, I've been seeing and hearing more about Minneapolis than I have about Washington, despite the fact that Washington's is this year and Minneapolis' is in 2009.

Note to self: in future, when going away to a con, pack some nice clothes just in case you get asked to present an Aurora Award at the banquet. I hadn't expected that, though it's the second time it's happened (the first time being when Toronto Trek 20 hosted Canvention). It was being filmed, too. And there I was in my bright red Polaris concom t-shirt and jeans. *blush*

The winner wasn't there, but he's a good friend of mine, so his award is in my luggage (I still haven't unpacked). Good thing it comes apart for easy shipping/transport.

The party I threw on Sunday night was well attended, and I got about $250 in donations for CUFF. Murray Moore's and Carolyn Clink's assistance with setup was a great help, since I had virtually no time between the end of the Aurora banquet and the start of the party. I have some ideas about how to raise funds over the next year so that next year's delegate doesn't have to dip into his or her own funds and hope to be reimbursed.

Oh, and Anticipation (next year's Worldcon, in Montreal) was awarded the 2009 Canvention. I was supposed to be at the business meeting to make the request, but having been up until 5 in the morning (6 o'clock my time) hosting the room party the night before, I kind of slept through the alarms. *blush* That keeps happening... fortunately one of my fellow Anticipation committee members covered for me.

More later. I have to write up and publish a report on the trip anyway, and while I found myself unable to make notes during the weekend because I was so busy attending stuff and meeting people, I've been going over things in my mind that I want to talk about.

Now to get caught up on email. I "only" got about 160 emails while I was away, most of which don't require any action on my part, but there are still quite a few that do...
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I just got an email from Robert J. Sawyer (well, actually I was :cc'd on an email from Rob)... I've been named this year's CUFF delegate.

For those who don't know: CUFF is the Canadian Unity Fan Fund, and it provides for a science fiction fan from eastern Canada to visit a convention in western Canada, or vice-versa, in alternate years. (It's similar to TAFF, the Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund, and DUFF, the Down Under Fan Fund.) Though I will actually be the second eastern fan in a row to travel west, because Anticipation, the Montreal Worldcon, will likely be hosting next year's delegate.

So I'll be going to Winnipeg for the Victoria Day weekend.

In other news, I've mostly gotten through the migraine-inducing stuff I've been doing at work for the past couple of weeks, adding new privileges to different sections of the website. I spent two and a half days this week putting together a massive spreadsheet detailing the expected results of interactions between six different privileges on nine different pages of the site, or 576 different scenarios. I'm sure that the client will come back and say that he doesn't like the way two (or more) of the privileges interact, however, and I'll have to go back in and rework some of them.

Oh, and memo to our new co-op student: I know I'm old enough to be your father, but stop calling me "sir".
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One of my old high school friends sent me this link on Facebook, and I thought I'd share... this site doesn't seem to allow for embedding so far as I can tell, so you'll have to follow the link.

Star Trek fan video, set to Jefferson Airplane's "Go Ask Alice"

It actually works quite well.


Nov. 27th, 2006 12:29 am
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Please excuse the short sentences. Fatigue does not lend itself well to proper grammar or use of prepositions and articles. (So I may sound like Inspector Sidney Wang in "Murder By Death".)

Went to Turkeycon last night. Ate turkey and chatted with many people, including (but probably not limited to - as I said, I'm exhausted) [ profile] quarkwiz and her husband Peter (thank you again for inviting me), [ profile] andromakie, [ profile] angrykat, [ profile] twiddler, [ profile] moon_custafer, [ profile] green_trilobite, Lloyd & Yvonne Penney, Rob Sawyer & Carolyn Clink, and a number of other LJ-less friends. Good company and good conversation. Got home around 1:15 and foolishly stayed up until 3:30 despite having to get up at 8:30 this morning to make sure of being at an 11am meeting out near the airport. Woke up around 5 and had trouble getting back to sleep.

I did make it to the 11am programming department meeting, but the restaurant we had chosen was packed. So packed that when I tried to put us on the waiting list for a table, they outright refused to serve us. So we schlepped over to the hotel and set up in the meeting room, since it wasn't being used. The meeting was adjourned around 12:30, so I went across the street to Tim Horton's for more caffeine. (Caffeine good.)

The meeting supposedly ended early, but to me, in my sleep-deprived state, it didn't really feel like it. Went for dinner afterwards with [ profile] aprilsnark, [ profile] gurudata, [ profile] kanecool, [ profile] ennisdl and Stephen C., and then rode the subway home with [ profile] aprilsnark's company most of the way. Amused her greatly when I related something that had happened last night:

It's been said (and ridiculously so) that I know everyone in fandom. This started during the runup to Torcon 3 when I was recording secretary to the Board, and the president of the board would turn to me and say, "Lance, you know everyone in fandom. Can you contact [person x] for us?" And I would always answer, "Ken, I don't know where you got that idea. I don't know everyone in fandom. That's ludicrous. But as it happens, I do know [person x], and would be happy to contact them." This must have happened half a dozen times or more, and now it's become a running gag.

So last night, we were chatting about Worldcons, and Rob Sawyer asked who had won the bid for 2008. When Lloyd responded that Denver had won, I said, "I'm hoping to make it, because I have a friend there I wouldn't mind seeing." Rob turned, smacked me lightly on the shoulder, and said, "Yes, you do." I looked at him in surprise, wondering where this comment had come from... it turned out [ profile] mishalak was his Guest Liaison when he was Author GoH at MileHiCon recently, and apparently my name had come up in conversation.

This, of course, does not serve to dissipate the rumour that I know everyone in fandom... sigh.

(And as it happens, [ profile] mishalak, it was you I had been referring to with my initial comment, not knowing that you and Rob had met.)

In other fannish-related news, I may find myself entering a Masquerade for the first time since Shore Leave in 1987. [ profile] thirdworld's suggestion from last week of putting together a "PC Guy" costume had been percolating in my mind, and something [ profile] assetic said at today's meeting gave me the idea for a sketch that I'd been looking for. However, I shall say no more. We'll see if it actually happens.
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Airfare and hotel for Gallifrey are booked - departure at 1:45 Thursday afternoon, arrival at 9:09 PM (there's a stopover in Cincinnati). Return flight, nonstop, leaving LAX at 12:10 PM Monday, getting back into Toronto at 7:55 PM. Amazingly, considering that it's a week away, it only cost me $511. Delta was $188 cheaper than Air Canada.

The hotel website said that there were no rooms left in the convention's room block, but the nice lady at the Marriott call centre set me up.

This ought to be fun.

Oh, and I had a call this afternoon from a headhunter I'd written to several weeks ago - she wants to meet with me tomorrow afternoon about a job with a financial company downtown.

*bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce*


Feb. 9th, 2006 07:02 pm
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Should I go Thursday night or Friday morning? (The only cheap flight I could find on Friday - "cheap" being relative, considering how late I've left this, but my deposit only just cleared today, meaning I can only now pay off my total Mastercard balance, allowing me to afford this - is at 8 in the morning, though.) Come back on the Sunday night red-eye or Monday afternoon?

Decisions, decisions...


Jan. 15th, 2006 01:28 am
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Jesus Tapdancing Christ, it's cold out there. It's hard to believe that it was 8 degrees (46F for you Americans) yesterday, and right now, it's -8 (18F). I actually dug out a sweater that I probably haven't worn in at least 10 years. And it's going back up to 8 on Tuesday. Fortunately, I managed to snag a ride home from Mississauga, where I was at a party being hosted by Robert J. Sawyer. It was nice to see some people that I seldom get to see, and it was also nice to see people that I see frequently but in circumstances where we rarely get to just sit and chat about whatever crosses our minds. So many times, when fannish types get together, we talk about fannish politics, or conventions that we've attended or are planning to attend, or cons that we're running and things turn into an impromptu concom (or department) meeting.

That being said, I did get some Gaylaxicon business done tonight. I didn't see some people whom I was expecting to see, like Isaac Szpindel, Bob Wilson and David Nickle, but I got a chance to catch up a bit with Jim Gardner (James Alan Gardner to his readers) - I'm a little disappointed I didn't see his wife, Linda Carson. (I don't know if she was even in attendance, or if she just never made it into the room where I spent much of the evening. I do try to circulate at these things, but sometimes you just get into a really good conversation and forget to get up and move around.) And, of course, I got to spend some time chatting with our host and his lovely wife, Carolyn (though I see them all the time at pubnights and the like).

I'm a little tired despite consuming vast amounts of caffeine at the party (I was good, and didn't drink any alcohol, but I did have three cans of Coke).

Oh, and [ profile] moon_custafer presented me with a lovely hand-knitted Pridethulhu - a rainbow-coloured Cthulhu. Rob took a photo of it, and I'll try to get a copy to post. :) Thanks again, [ profile] moon_custafer!
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I went up to Future Shop today to find something to buy with my gift card... and I couldn't find anything I wanted. I asked, and they didn't have season 27 of Doctor Who in the computer at all, so the Canadian release has likely been delayed until July 4 along with the American release. (Hmm, what else is going on around that time... ;) )

Well, okay. I could have picked up Dark Angel seasons one and two, but I didn't want it that badly. I could have gotten season one of the Muppet Show and one of the Looney Toons collections, but those weren't all that compelling to me either. I could have picked up two or three Doctor Who stories (they had about five on the shelf that I can recall: "The Green Death," "The Two Doctors," "The Curse Of Fenric," "Horror Of Fang Rock" and "The Mind Robber"), but I wasn't sure of which ones to get (I generally consult Scott when I'm buying Doctor Who DVDs to make sure I'm getting a good one :) ). I guess I'm waiting until season five of QAF comes out, whenever that may be. (Though I'm a little irked; they're rereleasing the seasons I already have in new packages, at about half what I paid for them.)

I did pick up three new books with my Indigo gift card, though: Homeward Bound and Curious Notions by Harry Turtledove, and Revisions, an anthology of alternate history stories edited by Julie Czerneda and Isaac Szpindel. I thought about getting Jasper Fforde's The Big Over Easy, but it's only available in oversized trade paperback for $25, so I would only have been able to get one book. (Having said that, I now see that I could have gotten it online for $16.)

I had an interesting experience in Indigo, though - while I was browsing, this clerk came over and asked if I needed help. I said "no, thanks, I'm just trying to figure out how to use my gift card." He responded, "You're in the right section - this is where I'd spend it." He then suggested George R. R. Martin's latest, A Feast For Crows. I said that I don't normally read fantasy (Pratchett and Fforde excepted), and went on to mention that I had seen that Martin was in town for a signing at World's Biggest Bookstore yesterday. During this part of the conversation, I mentioned that I was actually a little surprised that he had come back to Toronto, as he had been rather vocally displeased with his experience when he was here for Torcon. It turned out that this clerk was quite aware of the con scene - he said, "I usually go to that big con down at the convention centre... where what's his name, Frodo... um, Elijah Wood... was there this year." "Ah," I said, "that would be SFX. I was there too." The conversation ended with my giving him the URLs for TT, Ad Astra, Anime North, and yes, Gaylaxicon too... so if a cute guy named Todd, apparently in his early-to-mid-20s, shows up at any cons this year, that's him.

Other stuff going on... we had the hotel walkthrough for Gaylaxicon last night, and clarified where some things are going. It's a lot easier to that when one is actually seeing the space, as opposed to trying to go from memory and a map.

[ profile] cuteteenboy showed up just as we were finishing, so as everyone was leaving, I quickly took him around the space to show him where everything was, even though our hotel rep had locked everything up by then. The only problem was that they had reset the elevators so that we couldn't get up to the top floor (where one track of Programming, the dinner, the dance, and the dealers' room are going) without a key.

After the quick re-walkthrough, [ profile] cuteteenboy accompanied me out to [ profile] thespian's place to drop off some flyers and rainbow bracelets for her to take to Arisia this weekend. She was leaving on the midnight bus to Montreal and heading down to Boston from there... I see from her LJ that she arrived safely in Montreal this morning, but she's posted nothing since (unless she's done so since I started composing this post). After dropping off the flyers, we ended up at Toby's at Yonge and Bloor for a quick dinner and pint. He kind of wanted to go to Pegasus, but since I'm supposed to limit my alcohol intake while I'm on Naproxen, I didn't think that was such a good idea. So he ended up going home after that.

I also think I'm coming down with the same cold that [ profile] rockgoddes has been talking about. My left nostril seems to be plugged up, though it's not bad yet. Knock on wood.

Arm update... the bruising on my arm is a lot better at the moment. I currently have it wrapped in a tensor bandage (I should have had it on yesterday too, but never got around to putting it on). These things are a bitch to put on one-handed... especially since my left hand is pretty useless. It could probably be tighter, but it's about as tight as I could get it, left-handed.

Oh, and how funny is it that of the seven comments I got on yesterday's post, one made reference to my trip to the doctor and six were referencing my comment on the song "Xanadu"? I guess I know where your minds are...
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The Doctor Who DVD release has been delayed.


One of the theories is that the episode "Aliens Of London" on the region 2 discs can't be played all the way through if you're watching episode-by-episode ("play all" apparently works fine).
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I managed to get out to the IP for Con No Baka by about 9:40 yesterday, with plenty of time to pop into Tim Horton's for a coffee and chocolate chip muffin. Made my way up to the Dealers' Room, re-affixed the Gaylaxicon banner to the wall (I must remember to buy pins, because the vinyl is too heavy to be held up by duct tape - though the long banner never once came off the front of the table), and sat. The crowd, if one can call it that, didn't seem to be all that bigger than on Friday evening, but fortunately there was plenty of company as [ profile] gurudata, Susan, [ profile] assetic, Bonita, Declan, Stephen and [ profile] rockgoddes all had shifts at the TT table, and Louise kept me company at the Gaylaxicon table for a few hours. People were stopping to chat, and they were taking flyers, though we didn't sell any memberships. We did sell four or five Pride bracelets, though. (Despite someone coming back five minutes after buying one and asking if she could return it. I guess she saw something else in the Dealers' Room that she wanted more, or she'd run out of money to go for lunch. The lack of spending money seems to be a common thing among anime fans.)

Around 6, I think it was, one of the convention's Security people came in and shouted for everyone's attention, and requested that one rep from each table come over. (Where did they find these Security people? This one was about half my age, and the guy with him was even younger. And it's just not right for 16-year-olds to be in my presence while wearing full military fatigues. That way lies trouble.) So I made my way over to represent both Gaylaxicon (as I was the only Gcon concom member there at that point) and TT (so that Stephen and Declan could continue to watch the table, and the Gcon table as well).

Despite the fact that everyone did go over and we were all within about 10 feet of him, he felt the need to continue to make his announcement using the bullhorn that he had brought in with him. I don't know what he was thinking. If what he had to say required us all to gather around, the bullhorn was completely inappropriate. Anyway, the upshot was that the convention was being shut down, and that everyone had until midnight to clear out of the Dealers' Room, which was being closed to the public at 8. The rumour that was going around was that the hotel saw how poor the attendance was and asked the con to pay the outstanding bill for the function space, and when they couldn't, the hotel shut them down. (Again, that's the rumour, not substantiated by any official announcement, but it's the only thing that really makes sense. I did hear that one of their guests of honour, Derwin Mak, left the convention earlier in the day, for whatever that's worth.)

Stephen offered me a ride home, so I decided that even though parts of the convention were going to continue into the evening, since the TT and Ad Astra panels only got two or three attendees, there wasn't really much point in sticking around until 10PM to do a panel on Gaylaxicon that I was scheduled for. Especially since we were scheduled opposite the dance, which they were going to be trying to hold despite the shutting down of the con.

It's a pity; while those of us who run conventions could see that this one was skirting the edge of disaster in the days and weeks leading up to it, nobody wants to see a fellow fan fail. The Con No Baka Chair isn't a bad guy - he just tried to do too much himself, and he really shouldn't have. Disorganization seemed to be the order of the weekend everywhere I looked, which is a hallmark of too much responsibility being vested in too small a group.

I'm told that the con wasn't well-publicized either, though perhaps as a conrunner myself, I didn't notice that as I did see them at other events. I'm not sure where they were publicizing the con, or where they should have been, but didn't.

Personally, I think that their biggest mistake made was to start out by trying to sprint right out of the starting gate. Unless a con has an enormous investment behind it right from the beginning and can afford to get multiple big-name guests to attract people, you're not going to get 10,000 people the way Anime North does. And again, there's the fact that anime fandom tends to skew younger, and not have a lot of disposable cash, and AN and CNA already exist here. Three cons might be too much for the anime community to support. I do know that a number of people were publicly discussing ghosting the con, which probably didn't help either (though I don't know if the number of ghosts would have made that much of a difference).

So, not having to get up early and dash out to the hotel today, I slept until about 1:45 (ten hours of sleep! woo-hoo!), went for coffee, and browsed in the bookstore (I didn't see anything I wanted, but [ profile] dx4, you might want to pick up a copy of this month's Instinct magazine. Robert Gant is featured. And it seems he's single again. :P ) Now, I suppose I should make some dinner...


Nov. 25th, 2005 11:42 pm
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I managed to get up around 1 today knowing that I was supposed to be picked up at 3:30 by [ profile] rockgoddes to go to Con No Baka to open up the Gaylaxicon table while she looked after the TT table. Things started out rough when I got outside to go for my daily coffee, and felt in my pocket for my wallet - and it wasn't there. I waited a few minutes and nobody came by, so I had to go around to the other side of the building and buzz the superintendent to be let in, as my building key is an electronic card that I keep in my wallet.

So, having gotten my coffee I came back to pack for Con No Baka. I had exchanged emails a couple of nights ago with [ profile] cuteteenboy in which he asked if I wanted to share a hotel room. I said, "if you can get a couple of other people, sure," but I hadn't heard back from him since. So I didn't know whether to pack clothes and my toiletries kit, or just the stuff for the table. I phoned him, but got his voice mail. So I just packed for the table (and I still haven't heard from him, so I guess I made the right choice, at least for tonight).

I got to Don Mills station at about 3:25 and went upstairs to meet [ profile] rockgoddes at the passenger pickup. Around 3:45, she wasn't there so I called her cellphone and got her voicemail. I left a message and went back to watch for her again. At 4:05, she still wasn't there, so I called again - and found out she'd been waiting for me at York Mills station. Which actually makes more sense, because that's where she drops me off when she gives me rides back into town. I had meant to confirm that, but with everything else going on I had forgotten. Oops.

Anyway, we got to the hotel, a bit later than we had intended, and tried to find someone who had our badges so that we could get up to the Dealers' Room. The con was sparsely attended at this point and they seemed to be having some last-minute crises going on, so [ profile] ferrio volunteered to escort us upstairs, whereupon we found out that the person with the badges for the dealers and fan tables was inside the Dealers' Room. I ask, how would we have gotten up there had [ profile] ferrio not been around, known us, and had the authority to take us up there, since their Security volunteers were being rather strict? (One of them stopped me from coming back down from the Dealers' Room when I was on my way over to grab a burger at Harvey's, because my badge was pinned to my shirt under my coat. Since there's no real way for me to have gotten up there in the first place unless I was authorized, I'm not sure why he was badging me on the way out.)

Anyhow, a few people came by and got all giddy over the prospect of a gay SF convention, and took flyers, but I didn't sell any memberships. I sold one Pride bracelet, but that was it. [ profile] rockgoddes dropped [ profile] assetic and me off at York Mills, and I got home about an hour ago. Two messages on my answering machine - one from 3:45 this afternoon checking to see if I'd left yet, and one other, but nothing yet from [ profile] cuteteenboy. Unless I see him tomorrow, I guess I'm commuting all weekend.

Strangely, despite the fact that I didn't really do much other than sit all day, I'm tired. I blame the con atmosphere, even though there weren't really all that many people there this evening. Maybe it'll be busier tomorrow.


Nov. 20th, 2005 02:40 am
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I meant to be in bed 45 minutes ago (SHOCK!), but got distracted (MORE SHOCK!)...

Most things didn't work out today quite the way I planned. I woke up around 1:30, meaning that I missed the first few hours of Bad Wolf One, the one-day Doctor Who con organized by DWIN. I got there around 3 anyway, and am glad I did as I made a contact which might be useful in the next few months.

One of the panels was on marketing Doctor Who in Canada, and the presenter said something that prompted me to go and talk to him following the panel as I thought we might be able to help each other out.

First of all, I should point out that for some reason, Doctor Who fandom seems to attract a lot of gay men and men who give off signals that confuse gaydar. (Well, Scott says the two guys we were cruising were both straight, anyway...)

I started by saying, "I have a proposition for you." His response: "Business or personal?" (See what I mean?) Me: "Well, I'm the Chair of next year's Gaylaxicon..." Him: "Ah, so it's business and personal."

I also spoke with Scott there, and we've got tentative plans to get together Tuesday night either before or after his class. Hopefully these plans will work better than the plans to see Serenity, which never came to fruition (and as a result I never saw it, though it's still playing in a couple of second-run theatres in town).

I was supposed to be getting a ride to [ profile] chanilye's party tonight, but through miscommunication I wasn't home from BW1 in time to get picked up. The person who was going to give me a ride was willing to come back into town to get me, but by this point it was about 7:30 and I hadn't eaten yet, so I told her not to worry about it. It was funny as she kept apologizing for not waiting for me, and I kept apologizing because I'd forgotten to tell her that today was also BW1 and I would be out for most of the afternoon. (I hope it was a good party, [ profile] chanilye! Next time I'll do better.)

[ profile] h8torun, I found a bunch of Darcy Tucker photos and will try to crop and resize them to 100x100 tomorrow, and will post them for you to choose from. It's just that if I start doing it now, I'll be up until 4 and I have a 1 PM meeting tomorrow out by the airport.

Speaking of icons, I found a couple of nice ones that I lifted for myself from a Toronto Maple Leafs fansite. I think LJ's servers are still a bit wonky though, as it took me several tries to upload them. I kept getting other people's icons when I refreshed my "Manage Userpics" page...
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I got home about an hour ago from bowling, where I had a decent night despite the nagging arm pain: 177, 149, and 198. It's a little annoying coming that close to 200 and missing, especially when all I needed was 9 pins on my last ball, but I'm not complaining. It was my highest series of the season so far, beating last week by one pin.

Randy was back tonight, though he's still a little sore from his mishap of a couple of weeks ago. And wonder of wonders, Mario and I both had decent nights at the same time, though we only took two out of four points as the other team bowled way over their heads in the first game and also took total points as a result.

In the "it's a small world, but I wouldn't want to have to paint it" department... I was talking to one of our opponents, John MacEachern, about DVDs and television in general. It seems we watch a lot of the same shows: I mentioned that I'd been watching Firefly on DVD recently, and that I was going to be seeing Serenity with Scott, and he said, "Firefly - that's Joss Whedon, right?" Suitably impressed by his knowledge (since most casual, non-fannish TV viewers probably don't pay a lot of attention to the names of producers and other creative types), I managed to determine that he's a Buffy fan as well. So I gave him a TT20 business card (he almost orgasmed when I told him that Amber Benson was one of our guests), and I also wrote the URL for the Gaylaxicon website on the back. He looked at it, and said "Gaylaxicon? I know Gaylaxicon - I was at the one in Washington in 1999 with my ex." I asked who his ex was - it's Drew Post, who runs the Gaylactic Jeopardy game at Gaylaxicons (and will be doing it next year here in Toronto). It seems John also knows Colin, who helps Drew out with the game.

I managed to get home in time to watch the last couple of innings of the Houston/St. Louis baseball game. I was glad to see that Houston didn't choke again, though they're going to have their hands full with Chicago. The White Sox's starting pitching was nothing short of amazing in the ALCS, and while Houston has its own good pitching, I think Chicago may have the better offense. That being said, I predict Chicago in six low-scoring games.

Space has started showing Galactica 1980. Good God, bring back the baseball game...
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Posted on the SMOFS list:

Sad news.

Sep. 16th, 2005 05:19 am
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I hate to be posting this at what is the first thing in the morning for most of you, but I just got this in my email from the Toronto_Fen list:

From the Titan Rainbow forums:

It is with tremendous sadness that I inform everyone Malcolm Xerxes has passed away.

The details are slow in coming but what we know is that he died on Tuesday, September 13, 2005 sometime in the afternoon.

Police are still attempting to contact family members so if anyone knows how to contact Malcolm's relatives, either in Ontario, Canada or in Manchester, England please have them contact Peel Regional Police in Mississauga Ontario, or the Toronto Police Services directly; or through their local authorities.

I promise that as things calm down and we absorb this devasting news that more information will be posted here, but I felt it important to let everyone know what we could.

Those who have been advised already are grieving each in their own way at the loss of this very special man. I hope each of you find solace in your memories of encounters with him, in person and through these channels. We at Titan shall miss him terribly.

Take care everyone. I am sorry to be the bearer of this sad news.

Gary Davidson

Some of you are no doubt wondering whom I'm talking about. Malcolm was a Toronto-area member of science fiction fandom, as well as being a stuntman and actor. He had been a panelist at Toronto Trek for the past few years, and more than that... we in local fandom have considered him to be a good and loyal friend.


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