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I wasn't the most popular person in my high school, not by a long shot. I had two good friends, though, Warren and Brock. I actually first met Warren in Cubs, when we were around 8 or 9 years old, and met Brock in music class in grade 9, as we were both trumpet players. I haven't seen Brock since high school ended (he went to UNC on a Moorehead scholarship, and that was the last I saw of him), but I saw Warren a couple of years ago at the school's 100th anniversary reunion. (No, he's not the former classmate to whom I admitted, after my fourth beer or so, that I'd had a crush on him back then. Though, come to think of it... *grin*)

Anyway... Warren just friended me on Facebook and sent me a message. Apparently he's "working on becoming the coolest person on Earth, but still has a ways to go."

Also on the nostalgia front, it's been interesting reading on my friendslist today about the pilgrimage to the Regal Constellation Hotel. (For my non-local friends: the Constellation was the largest hotel convention space in Canada, and was where many Toronto Treks were held. The owners went bankrupt a few years ago - we were their last-ever event - and the hotel never reopened. Several folks went today and are going back tomorrow for the auction to scoop up some souvenirs.) Apparently the hotel is in really rough shape and is no longer fit to be renovated, even if there was someone out there willing to do it.

Though I joked to [ profile] whitesangria tonight that it's a shame a certain someone I know is closeted - I'd sleep with him if it got his father, who is in the hotel business, to buy the site and renovate the hotel. (Note the word "joked" near the beginning of that sentence... OTOH, if it got us the Constellation back... hm. I suppose I could be a slut in a good cause.) Though come to think of it, his father did once offer to take my resume when I was looking for work, but unfortunately, I had no experience or knowledge of the platform they use for their computer system. Maybe I should drop by the bridge club anyway and see if he's interested in a fixer-upper. :)

I wish I could have tagged along to the hotel today or tomorrow, but I wasn't really comfortable asking for the day off from work, especially since I had committed to try to get the latest batch of changes to the website up to the test server this week. Naturally, though, late today I discovered that there's already code in the system to do exactly what I need, but for some reason it's never invoked anywhere on the site. So where I expected to have about a day and a half worth of work to finish my changes, it's actually going to be about two hours, assuming the existing code works...

However, I heard (first from [ profile] whitesangria, then from Declan, then from [ profile] aprilsnark) that a souvenir has been procured for me. I'll have to post a photo when I get it. You'll all think I'm weird. (Well, some of you will understand immediately.)
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I'm trying to copy files to a CD, and my computer keeps crashing. When it seems that I've gotten the files there, and try to play them from the CD (they're Powerpoint presentations), I get an error that Powerpoint can't read the files or understand what kind of files they are.

Since I only have CD-Rs, because when I bought them a couple of years ago I was stupid, I can't erase the files and try again. I can try to copy them with a new name, but the problem keeps recurring. Argh.

I should have been in bed two hours ago. I wanted to do laundry tonight, too. I don't need to - I have plenty of clothes to bring with me to TT - but I wanted to.


Jun. 12th, 2006 12:54 am
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Tired... so very tired...

Up at 9:45 this morning, off to meet [ profile] plaidlibrarian at North York City Centre to do the last of the scheduling for Gaylaxicon. (It's weird... most of the panels whose titles were highlighted in the Xtra article this week were ones that had no panelists request them, and they ended up getting dropped. Oops.)

Anyone who wanted to be on panels but who never emailed us a list, you're now going to be restricted to panels which don't conflict with each other. There's no time to make further adjustments in the schedule. ([ profile] shaunskywalker, I'm looking at you... we put you on the Doctor Who panels by default, but we don't know what else you want to be on...)

Then, off to Mississauga, to [ profile] gurudata's home for TT20 programme book proofreading with him, [ profile] kanecool, [ profile] aion117 and Susan. Dinner at Swiss Chalet afterwards.

Home at 11ish (? - I didn't actually look at the clock when I got in), plugged in the new cell phone (when I looked this afternoon, there was still plenty of charge, but when I got home and checked whether I had missed any calls while I was in the subway, the battery was dead - WTF?), did the final review of this morning's revisions to the Gaylaxicon schedule, sent it (and the revised panel and panelist list) to [ profile] cuteteenboy for the website and to [ profile] gurudata for the pocket programme.

Now I'm going to have some ice cream. Breyer's Heavenly Hash. It was on sale for $2.49 for two litres yesterday at Dominion (along with yogurt for 29 cents each).

I think I deserve it.

Oh, and here's the Toronto Star article on Gaylaxicon. They got a few details wrong (like [ profile] thespian's name, for one), and they didn't include our URL, but hey, it's publicity... and we're the first hit in Google when you enter "Gaylaxicon Toronto" anyway.
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We had the final Gaylaxicon concom meeting before the convention today. We ran a little long (and were chastised for doing so when we left at 4:30) but I think we're in decent shape. There are a few people who didn't show today, which was personally disappointing (and no, I'm not looking at any of you who told me in advance), but I don't think there was anything that came up that can't be resolved in the next 48 hours.

Following the meeting, [ profile] gurudata, [ profile] ladygiggles and I papered Yonge, Church, Wellesley and Carlton Streets with the posters that [ profile] thespian made. [ profile] cuteteenboy joined us with his friend Courtney and helped out. After we ran out of tape, [ profile] cuteteenboy, Courtney and I continued down Yonge and popped into World's Biggest Bookstore, where I left them some more flyers. We then walked along Queen Street for a bit. I thought that [ profile] cuteteenboy had somewhere in mind that he wanted to go, but he didn't really. We ended up walking over to Bathurst and then back to University, where we got on the subway.

I got home around 9:30 (having stopped for groceries on the way home), made dinner, watched the third period of the Edmonton-Carolina game, and then chatted with [ profile] plaidlibrarian a bit about the programming schedule. We had tentatively planned to get together tonight to see if we could finish it, but my late arrival at home meant that we couldn't feasibly do that. He's working on it at home now, and then I'm meeting him tomorrow at 11 to put the finishing touches on it. We've gotten a few more panelists in the past couple of days, so I'm waiting until I get the next update from him, and we finalize things, before I send the final panel list (with panelist names) and schedule off to [ profile] cuteteenboy for the website.

And then, following tomorrow morning's meeting, I'm off to Mississauga to help proofread the programme book for TT20.

Oh, that reminds me... I haven't announced it here yet. For those of you who haven't been to the TT site recently, or don't get TCON-News, we've announced a new guest just recently:

Mira Furlan, of Lost (where she plays Danielle Rousseau, the French woman who captures Sayid in season one) and formerly of Babylon 5!

All that walking today wore me out. I'm exhausted. Only getting about six hours of sleep last night probably didn't help, admittedly.

In other news, I got an email today from the L.A.Con IV programming division with a link to the site where I can tell them about what kind of panels I want to do.
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I just did an interview with Outlooks, a national LGBT magazine, for Gaylaxicon. Their website seems to be down, so I have no idea where I'm going to find a copy when it sees print.

Probably just as well. I probably came across like an idiot with my answers...

Oh, and the TT website has been updated with three new guests: George Takei, Julie Caitlin Brown, and David Gerrold. Check it out!
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Another weekend full of meetings. I had a Gaylaxicon meeting on Saturday. Things are feeling like they're rounding into shape.

After the meeting, I delivered some flyers for both Gaylaxicon and TT to the home of the mother of an Anime North committee member, as he had offered to distribute them for us when he went downtown today. I was so tired I completely forgot about [ profile] gurudata having a birthday gathering. I nearly fell asleep on the couch while reading the newspaper, but forced myself to stay up until about 2:30.

Then, today, I had a TT20 meeting. That one went well also; we had planned to be done by 4:30, but we were actually finished by 4. You have to love people to whom you give five minutes on the agenda but who only take two.

I saw the new flyer today, so the new guest announcements should be up on the website this week. I think [ profile] dblaser_ca said that he was targeting Tuesday.

I went for dinner at Casey's with a bunch of folks after the meeting. I do enjoy the post-meeting dinner ritual. We've only done it once after a Gaylaxicon meeting - I don't know if that's because those are on Saturdays, and people are in a hurry to get home and do things, or what.

This week should be a little less stressful than last week. I still have some convention-related tasks that need to be done, one of which being something I've never even attempted before, but I think I'll have plenty of time to meet this particular challenge. If all goes well, though, I won't need to, as I have a phone message in (several, actually) to the person who had volunteered to do this job but who hasn't been returning my messages. I did manage to pick the brain of someone today at the TT20 meeting who is highly experienced in this area, though, and she's giving me advice and assistance. (Yes, I'm being deliberately vague. I don't want to panic anyone. :) And before anyone asks, no, I think there's only one person who's reading this who could possibly help out, and he already knows what I'm talking about. ;) )
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Yet another weekend chock-full of meetings. Five hours with the Toronto Trek department heads yesterday, and three hours with [ profile] plaidlibrarian going over stuff for Gaylaxicon programming. Not that I'm complaining overly much; both meetings were very productive.

I still have yet to go back and reply to all of the comments on Wednesday night's post. I will, but I just wanted to say that I'm a lot less angry now than I was at the time. The ironic thing is that I wasn't angry about John turning me down - I'd psyched myself up for a negative response (though a positive one would have been so much nicer). The anger was more about missing out on a chance to go to my bowling league finals. However, I've since found out that [ profile] cuteteenboy was extremely sick, which is why he didn't show up. (So I forgive you. ;) )

This problem that others have reported whereby the window keeps getting progressively wider while updating is happening to me as well. Most annoying. Someone suggested that it was because of a bug in the interface between Linux (I guess that's what LJ is written for) and my Firefox browser. It doesn't happen with any other message boards I'm on, though, and it doesn't seem to happen when I'm commenting on other people's posts. Very strange.

I'm trying to figure out why CBC is airing the Olympic Women's Hockey gold medal game. Sure, it's nice to relive the success of the Canadian team, but it seems an odd choice, considering that they've shown some good movies the past two nights after the late hockey game (Chariots Of Fire last night, and The Accidental Tourist the night before).

Oh... I've been having some fun with new icons, too. Like this one? Yes, that's John Barrowman... I found the original photo in the Google cache for Bay Windows, a New England LGBT newspaper. Hot.
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First, observations from today:

  1. What was with that freak hailstorm today? 17 degrees, and hail? That was just weird. Not to mention, those were some big honkin' hailstones. I'm glad I was inside.

  2. Go Leafs Go! *grin* 4-3 win, in overtime. Two goals by Matt Stajan, including the game-winner. Jean-Sebastien Aubin is now 7-0-2 in goal. (Now, if he would only stop admiring the big first saves long enough to realize that he's given up a huge rebound...) If they don't make the playoffs, it won't be from lack of trying. I just wish they'd tried a little harder earlier in the year rather than leaving it to the last ten games of the season. They're giving me heart failure.

I had to pop out last night to get Gaylaxicon flyers to [ profile] marahsk to take to Norwescon last night. (Fortunately, there was a one-week break from the bowling playoffs.) You would have thought that it was Friday of a long weekend, from the people on the subway. There was a guy who got on the car with me wearing the pants and hat of a Santa outfit (no shirt) who spent most of the time between Eglinton and Yonge alternately growling at people and doing pushups, much to the amusement of the four tipsy 20-somethings sitting across from me. Not to mention the guy whom we didn't notice until Santa moved on to the next car, who was laughing maniacally while counting his fingers. The longer I live in this city, the stranger it gets. (And that's saying something, since I've lived here for all but seven of my 38 and two-thirds years.)

It took four days, but I seem to have slipped back into my previous routine of staying up all night and getting up in the middle of the afternoon. I don't know why, but despite going to bed at about 3 Tuesday night, I didn't wake up until 1 yesterday afternoon. Then I didn't get to bed until 5 last night. *sigh* Every time I think I've gotten myself back onto a normal schedule, somehow it slips...

[ profile] assetic has given me permission to post a link to the short documentary film about TT20 that she made last weekend, filming at our committee meetings. So here it is - please right-click and select "save as" rather than playing it directly. You may need to download Quicktime Version 7 in order to watch it - don't worry about that $29.99 thing on the right hand side, you just need the free version on the left. I'm in there briefly talking about being a Co-Chair. (You can tell that my acting experience is on stage, too. I'm not used to having a camera in my face.)

And finally, here's a cool story from the Globe and Mail about the Venus Express mission - it seems that clouds of sulphuric acid have been found at Venus' south pole, swirling around at 350 kmh.
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... so I thought I would give my friendslist a shout-out to let you all know that I survived the weekend.

It was a busy one: Gaylaxicon committee meeting on Saturday, and two TT20 meetings on Sunday. I was so exhausted after Sunday's meetings that I was in bed by 1am (I would have been in bed by midnight, except I forced myself to read Saturday's newspaper).

Actually, that's not quite accurate: I was so exhausted after Sunday's meetings that I tried to go to sleep outside Kipling subway station. Or lay down, at least. [ profile] ennisdl gave [ profile] aprilsnark, one other TT concom member who is without an LJ and myself a ride, and between getting out of the van and getting to the entrance, there's a walkway that has grass on both sides. The grass is perhaps half a centimetre below the level of the walkway, and I didn't quite lift my foot high enough, and down I went. Strangely, it felt like I was falling in slow motion. I didn't hurt myself, but I was mildly embarrassed.

Things are going well with both conventions, however. While there are always things that a Chair wishes would go more smoothly, I have faith.

Two things caught my eye in the paper this weekend that I thought I would share. First, there was a conference of gay Pride organizers this past weekend which saw discussions of whether we've gotten too outrageous in our behaviours, what with people marching in various stages of undress and so forth:

Halifax -- Organizers and participants of gay pride festivals and parades in Canada say they're struggling to stage inclusive events that will be appropriate for families without censoring outrageous behaviour.

Over the weekend, organizers from across the country discussed the issue at the InterPride conference. Bob Fougere, a gay parent from Halifax, said during a panel discussion yesterday that his teenage grandson refuses to attend gay pride parades because some of the nudity makes him uncomfortable.

Some organizers are worried censorship would offend members of the gay community who are trying to express themselves.

Personally, I'm a little conflicted about this. Yes, gay people are having families in droves these days. However, a little more acceptance among young people in terms of body image isn't necessarily a bad thing. Perhaps some of the sexuality should be toned down - do we really need to see guys humping during the parade? - but nudity is not, in my opinion, something that should be considered shameful.

However, I've never been one to accept public displays of overt sexuality as "self-expression". I'm not talking about holding hands or kissing in public - I'm talking about the kind of thing we saw for five years in the backroom of Babylon on "Queer As Folk". That's not necessarily something that should be done in public.

Coming from me, this probably sounds like I'm contradicting myself. However, there's a world of difference between verbal innuendo - which can be fun - and exhibitionism. Though I wonder whether my discomfort stems from my own body issues.

The second article of interest is a little longer, so I won't quote the whole thing. Here's a snippet:

Last weekend, a group of activists protesting against the Westside Lofts, a pair of planned condominium buildings on Sudbury Street, across the road from Queen Street West's Drake Hotel, sent out notices: They were planning an event to show potential condo buyers at the Urbancorp development's Will Alsop-designed sales centre "who their neighbours are."

And to make extra clear just what "Queer Street West" is all about, the announcement read, "as a special welcome . . . we will stage a QUEER KISS-IN!!!!!!!"

Gay kiss-ins have an honourable history as events aimed at dishonouring people and organizations perceived to be anti-gay. Last fall, a kiss-in was staged for U.S. Army recruiters at the Santa Cruz campus of the University of California to protest against the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy regarding homosexuals. This past February, demonstrators sucked face at the doors of the burly-sounding Mechanics Hall in Worcester, Mass., to protest against the Mr. Hetero Contest -- an event organized to "celebrate God's design of heterosexuality." And way back in 2003, gays locked lips in front of Premier Ralph Klein to protest against Alberta's opposition to same-sex marriage.

(The rest of the story can be read here.)

Now, what was the point of this? Queen Street West is already known far and wide as a fairly bohemian neighbourhood. Anyone planning to buy a condo in the neighbourhood probably already knows what kind of neighbourhood it is. Save your protests for things worth protesting against, such as those listed in the third quoted paragraph above. Were they just trying to shock people? Is there something missing from the article, and it was supposed to be a "straights-only" condo? Did the developer say something homophobic which was being protested?

In fact, the Globe article actually points this out, and mentions that the protest leader, one Christina Zeidler by name, is the leader of a group that has been trying to prevent these condos from being built. (The article isn't clear on why, though her involvement with the Gladstone Hotel seems to imply that she's one of those people who thinks that the only housing that should ever be built should be given to the poor, and that anyone who can afford to live on Queen Street West shouldn't be allowed to.)

The funny thing is, this is already backfiring. Apparently a lot of the people who came to see the condos were quite friendly toward the protesters.

Looks good on them. While there's a place for protests, I don't believe that this was it. This seems to have been a case of "preaching to the choir."

Off to bed now, I think. A little later than last night, but about two or three hours earlier than most nights (mornings?) last week.

Miss me?

Apr. 4th, 2006 11:13 pm
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I just realized that I haven't actually updated since Thursday night/Friday morning, so I should fill folks in on what's been going on for the last few days.

First, I had a fantastic time at Ad Astra. I didn't get to see a whole lot of the con during daylight hours, as I was at the Gaylaxicon table for all but about four hours of the con.

Friday... )

Saturday... )

Sunday... )

Monday... )

Today... )

And now you're all caught up on my life.

Tomorrow... I have to get caught up on some Gaylaxicon work that's been outstanding for far too long.
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I have a job interview Tuesday morning at 8:30 (ick), for a six-month contract position at the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

During this evening's TT Board cybermeeting, one of the members mentioned that she was scanning and uploading some old Toronto Trek pictures that she had found.

I'm seated in the front row, third from the left in this one:

Click if you want to see what I looked like at age 22... )

Edited to add a cropped version of the same photo, so you can get a better look:

Yes, that's a perm. )

[ profile] shaunskywalker and some current TT concom may recognize this guy:

I'd almost forgotten how cute he was back then, too... )

Now, back to finishing today's newspaper. Hopefully I'll get to bed at a decent hour in order to be up and not be a zombie for tomorrow's meeting...
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You know you need to be more creative with LJ entry titles when a little box pops up with the exact phrase you were about to type in...

It's been a busy, but productive weekend. Friday night, I went to a small gathering to celebrate [ profile] twiddler's 30th birthday. I didn't get to spend much time with the birthday boy himself, and I had to leave at midnight (which is probably when the real fun started, right guys? ;) ) in order to try to get some sleep as I was meeting with [ profile] gurudata and [ profile] rockgoddes Saturday morning. Not that I actually managed to get to sleep until about 4:30 in the morning, alas. :(

Said meeting was at the Metro Reference Library downtown; for non-Torontonians, it's a five-story library that takes up about half of a city block in the east-west direction, and a whole block north-south. I arrived first, but not knowing this I guzzled three-quarters of my coffee in about ten minutes (they used to let people bring drinks into the library, but no more - not that that stops people from bringing sealed bottles into the library in their backpacks, but it's hard to sneak a cup of coffee in when you don't have a travel mug) and went up to the fifth floor, where we were to meet. [ profile] rockgoddes showed up about five minutes later, and we went back downstairs to wait for [ profile] gurudata. After we waited for a few minutes, [ profile] rockgoddes called him on his cell, and it turned out he was just turning onto the side street where the entrance to the parking garage is located.

We went back upstairs and worked for a couple of hours, then decided to go find some food. We ended up in the food court of the Hudson Bay Centre, which is undergoing a bit of an image change since the buyout of HBC by an American company. (They'd better not mess too much with it - it's even more of a Canadian icon than the Canadian Tire guy!) We continued to work there after lunch, until the fire alarm went off. We then made our way over to the food court in Cumberland Terrace, the mall across the street (where I once bumped into Randy Harrison from QAF, actually) and worked for a while longer. [ profile] rockgoddes had to leave shortly before we were done, so [ profile] gurudata and I finished and then went to meet [ profile] kaelsu2, as she had also been invited to [ profile] yellow_freshia's place along with us.

We stopped off first at [ profile] gurudata's and [ profile] kanecool's house to pick [ profile] kanecool up, then went to Appleby's to grab a bite. As we were waiting for a table, who should walk by, but [ profile] rosemary_ca and [ profile] hi_co, on their way to [ profile] yellow_freshia's...

Following dinner (I have gotten so unaccustomed to eating two meals in a day, I couldn't finish my chicken pasta alfredo), we made our way out to [ profile] yellow_freshia's. A good time was had by all; lots of silliness, as should be expected. Apparently my explanation of why I wear sweat pants to bowl was deemed to be TMI. (Well, maybe it wasn't the explanation so much as the demonstration.) We also watched some of the Muppet Show on DVD; Candace Bergen's episode (my god, she looked young back then) and the unaired pilot - which, for the record, actually wasn't all that good. There was almost no Kermit, no Miss Piggy, and the main character appeared to be Sam the American Eagle. There were two or three amusing bits - they had a recurring bit where various muppets were ballroom dancing. In one bit, Bert from Sesame Street comes dancing into the shot. He says to his partner, "You look awfully familiar." The partner turns toward the camera - and it's Ernie in drag. ROFL!

We left around 3ish, I think it was. [ profile] gurudata first dropped [ profile] kaelsu2 off, then dropped me off, and then he and [ profile] kanecool headed home. I shudder to think of what time they finally got to bed, since it had been a looooong day; even I went to bed within about 20 minutes of coming in the door! *shock* The sun wasn't even up yet! *bigger shock*

And naturally, I woke up around 9:45 this morning... then again at 11... then again at 12... and finally got up around 1:30. I went up the street to grab a coffee, then decided to try Future Shop (again!). I know they had said the other day that they would call when they found their copies of Doctor Who, but they had also said that I should be able to pick it up by Sunday. Since today was Sunday, I thought I'd go see if they had found it despite not having gotten a call. And lo and behold, there it was on the shelf. After a slight hiccup - they had it in the computer as $5 more than the sticker price, and when I pointed this out to the cashier I was told, "They must have put the wrong sticker on" (so how does that explain the price on the website matching the sticker price, huh?) - I now, FINALLY, only a month after it was released, have a copy of the Doctor Who box set. (That being said, last night someone at [ profile] yellow_freshia's place said that Wal-Mart was selling it for less. If I can find an advertised lower price within the next month, Future Shop has to give me a further 10% off their competitor's price, but Wal-Mart doesn't even have it on their website, and there are no Wal-Marts anywhere near me anyway. :( )

I had a cybermeeting this evening with [ profile] gurudata and [ profile] rockgoddes to wrap up some stuff from yesterday, and now am all caught up and ready for tomorrow night's meeting.

Oh, and my thought on the demise of the Canadian Tire guy and his wife from the national ad campaign: last year, John Doyle (the Globe and Mail's TV critic) ran a poll to determine the Most Annoying Canadian. The Canadian Tire guy beat out the host of Canadian Idol handily. But now that the Canadian Tire guy is no more, we need to choose a new Most Annoying Canadian. My nomination goes to the cranky old woman from the cheese commercials... the one who bangs on people's door while they're trying to eat dinner with their adult children who still live at home and shrills, "Can't get your kids to leave home? STOP COOKING WITH CHEESE!"

"You Give Love a Bad Name" - Bon Jovi

An angel's smile is what you sell
You promise me heaven, then put me through hell
Chains of love got a hold on me
When passion's a prison, you can't break free
You're a loaded gun
There's nowhere to run
No one can save me
The damage is done

What is Your 80's Break Up Song?
brought to you by Quizilla

I've been tagged for a couple of memes, but I'm going to have to put them off for a bit as they're the kind that require a lot of thought. Maybe later tonight, or maybe later in the week, I'll get around to them.
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Rogers (my cable and Internet provider) went down around 1 AM, and only came back up about half an hour ago. Damn it. Last night, I was actually able to go to bed around 4:30, and now, here it is, about that time again, and I haven't gotten anywhere close to getting my usual nightly online reading done. I was able to get some offline TT work done, but it'll likely have to be redone from scratch this weekend anyway when I meet with [ profile] gurudata and [ profile] rockgoddes.

It probably doesn't help that I got a lot of emails today, plus with this being Tuesday, I had to watch House and Boston Legal this evening. So that put me behind as well. How bad a TT Co-Chair am I, that it took until his third scene in tonight's House before I recognized Adam Busch, and even then I had to check to be sure it was him? (Normally I'd check IMDb, but they didn't seem to have tonight's episode correctly listed.) At least I recognized Howard Hesseman immediately...

Boston Legal wasn't as side-splittingly funny as it can be tonight, but it had its moments. Most of which, of course, involved Denny Crane and the American Homeowner case. Looks like Rene Auberjonois is going to have another good episode next week.

In the latest installment of the saga that is my quest to get Doctor Who S1 from Future Shop, they finally got a shipment in today. On the minus side, they didn't have them out on the shelf yet. I was in there for about 45 minutes while this young guy wearing a black cape (I gather that it had something to do with today's release of the latest Harry Potter movie) went through all of the boxes on the loading dock looking for it. He, and the department manager, said, "It's the least we can do, considering how long you've been waiting to get it." It's scary when they start recognizing you, and know what you're looking for, and go out of their way to find it so that you'll stop bugging them about it. (The manager said that wasn't the reason, but I doubt that.) Anyway, they couldn't find it in all of the boxes, so they took down my phone number. Apparently they're putting all of the new stuff out on the shelves tomorrow, so when they find it, they're going to call me and put it aside.

Yesterday, I neglected to mention that I went to visit my investment advisor. I spent about an hour in her office, and ended up investing about two thirds of my inheritance in a principal-protected income trust. They guarantee a 5.7% return, but in the past year it's actually returned something like 22%. I know it can't maintain that level of performance, but I can hope. *grin*

And hey, the Leafs won tonight, so not everything is bad. I know the Habs were exhausted from playing three games in four nights, but you take your victories where you can get them...
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And TT20 keeps chugging along... spent most of the day in Waterdown, in a meeting to discuss the new Registration and Programming software. We have an Exec meeting tomorrow night, then a Gaylaxicon concom meeting Saturday and a TT concom meeting Sunday, for which everyone better be on their best behaviour. *glares*

I think I'm more tired than normal for 1:15 in the morning because I ate a lot more than usual today, and it wasn't the healthiest food around. [ profile] rockgoddes and I stopped at Wendy's before getting to the meeting, and I grabbed a burger and fries. They were easily the WORST burger and fries I've ever had at a Wendy's - the burger was insubstantial, and the fries tasted like cardboard. There was a guy working behind the counter - I think he was a manager, as he was dressed differently than the others and was wearing a headset - and [ profile] rockgoddes smacked me for checking him out. When I told [ profile] dx4, he said, "oh, the guy with the soul patch? He reminds me of Fab Filippo." No wonder I thought he was cute. When I recounted this conversation to [ profile] rockgoddes, even she started making incoherent drooling noises. *grin*

After we'd been in the meeting for a couple of hours, it was decided that dinner was in order, so [ profile] dx4 went out and got pizza for everyone. I feel bloated.

But overall, the meeting was productive - we saw how the software will work and discussed some issues regarding how the Registration desk will be set up as a result. It looks good.

In other news... I talked to my mother on Friday. It looks like we'll be getting things wrapped up this week, though she wouldn't to give me my grandmother's social insurance number so that I could call Compushare and find out how many shares are really in the account - she said she'd do it herself tomorrow. Damn her and her control issues. In any case, she also said she'd make an appointment with the lawyer for later in the week so that we can get it all wrapped up.

*fingers crossed*

In an act of unmitigated gall, however, she seems to think that if the value of the shares exceeds a certain amount, I should agree to let her have the excess. HAH! In her second act of unmitigated gall, she pointed out that the executors are entitled to receive a fee for administering the will, and as things stand, she's not getting any cash. I pointed out that she has behaved throughout this in a way to prevent me from doing practically anything beyond signing cheques, and if she wants me to even consider the possibility (as if getting the condo wasn't enough), she had to give me my grandmother's social insurance number so that I could continue to try to get information out of Compushare. To which she responded, "it's not that I don't trust you..." Again, I say: HAH!

If this isn't wrapped up, I'm not signing anything relating to the condo. I've already made enough concessions to try to get this finished. It's been 15 months, after all; there's no reason why this couldn't have been finished a year ago.
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I just got home about 45 minutes ago from the Toronto Trek concom meeting and subsequent dinner (thank you for the lift, [ profile] summ3r_daze!). That was a loooooong meeting. I'm zonked. (It probably doesn't help that I only got five hours of sleep last night. But I discovered that the subway-to-Kipling-and-Martin-Grove-bus-to-Dixon route works just as well on Sunday mornings as it does on Monday nights for getting to the airport in less than 90 minutes.)

And I just remembered that I needed to talk to [ profile] rockgoddes about something today and it totally slipped my mind. Damn me for trying to keep my "hats" separate, as I had a perfectly good opportunity and it completely slipped my mind. (What's your schedule like? I can call you this week sometime, or I can just send you an email - whichever works.)

I wish to register a complaint - those users who post things like "if you can identify the source of this quote, marry me" but then disallow comments on the post in question need to be *thwap*ped upside the head. ;) (Oh, and it's from "Carrie: The Musical." :P )

Tagged by [ profile] elizard100:

Ground rules: The first player of this "game" starts with the topic "Five Weird Habits of Yourself" and the people who get tagged need to then write a LJ entry about their five quirky little habits as well as state the rules of this game clearly. In the end, you need to list the next five people who you want to tag.

  1. I have to come off a staircase or escalator on my left foot. Even if it means taking the last two steps at once. (That might have to do with the fact that when I was nine years old, I tripped on the third last step of a staircase and tore the ligaments in my right ankle and fractured my right heel...)

  2. I saw someone else on my friendslist say this one too, so maybe it's not as odd as I thought: if I inadvertantly touch something with one hand, I have to touch it with my other hand too. (I don't do that if it's deliberate, for instance if I'm steadying myself while climbing up on a chair to change a lightbulb or some such. Just if it's inadvertant.)

  3. When I get up, I go into the bathroom, start brushing my teeth and start running the shower simultaneously. I then walk into the living room, turn on my computer and check my email while brushing my teeth before I actually get in the shower. I shall leave the rest of this "quirk" of mine to your imaginations. ;)

  4. After taking a shower, I put on a CD and sing while drying off. More often than not, it's a Pet Shop Boys album. And yes, I continue to sing while using the hair dryer despite not being able to hear the music.

  5. Many people read while on the toilet. While I do that occasionally, I often play solitaire on my PDA instead.

Not tagging anyone in particular; if you want to do this one, feel free. (Okay, so I'm not following the rules. Sue me. :P )

More memeage, cut for the uninterested. )

Boooooo!!! for no "Desperate Housewives" tonight.
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This being Wednesday, I had bowling tonight. We needed a substitute tonight, so I called [ profile] cuteteenboy, and he thought he could make it, but a last-minute rush to get a school project completed meant that he had to back out. We still managed to take 3 out of 4 points, mostly because the other team had to use a dummy score for an absent team member as well. My scores were all right around my average: 166, 163, 162. I couldn't have been more consistent if I'd tried.

The drawback to both teams being short was that I didn't have much time to socialize. Troy was one set of lanes to our left, and every time I took a step over there to chat I got called back. And God forbid I should walk three sets of lanes to our right to talk to John. I did manage to ask him about Drew, though.

Annoying incident of the night: I took a Lactaid pill out to take before having my pizza, put it down on the counter where I had put my backpack and my glasses, then went over to pick it up at the snack bar. When I came back, it was gone. Everyone helped look for it, but someone must have thought it was garbage and thrown it away. Who the hell throws away a sealed package that says "Lactaid" on it??? Those things are frigging expensive, too. Someone suggested that maybe someone picked it up thinking that they'd scored some free drugs. *facepalm*

In non-bowling news, I just discovered that next fall's North American Bridge Championship is in Honolulu.

*starts saving*

Let's see, what else... oh. Had the TT20 Exec meeting Monday night. Some interesting discussions took place. I have a feeling, though, that between last weekend's 17 hours' worth of meetings, Monday's Exec meeting, and this Sunday's concom meeting, I'm going to start feeling like I'm living at the DoubleTree. (Okay, the Exec meeting was a couple of blocks away.) I should have just packed a suitcase last weekend and taken a room for the week.

I failed to mention earlier that my father called on Sunday evening. Because he lives about a three-hour drive north of Toronto, and my mother "doesn't feel like" hosting Christmas dinner (she also claims that she doesn't have room, because she still hasn't moved into the condo), he was suggesting that he come in on the evening of the 24th and we go out for dinner. Apparently he suggested this to my mother first, and her response was: "That's STUPID! Nothing will be open!" Well, I checked the Granite (my father's suggestion), and they're open until 4pm on the 24th. I imagine we'll try to find someplace else.

I think I know what I'm getting my mother for Christmas, though... a letter from my lawyer. (Note to self: get a lawyer. Try Linda C.'s office tomorrow.) This has to be cleared up. It's ludicrous.

(Besides, if it doesn't get cleared up, I won't be able to afford Honolulu next November. Right?)

Seriously, I suppose I should start my Christmas shopping soon.

Oh, and it seems the water's going to be off again tomorrow. Ugh. And I have to go out and get groceries, because I forgot to stop on the way home from bowling and I need veggies and juice.
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Another long day today. The TT20 department head meetings ran from 10:30 until 7. I got home around 8ish (thanks, [ profile] rockgoddes, for the rides back and forth this weekend), but couldn't face making dinner just yet. I lost track of time until 9, when Desperate Housewives came on (weren't Andrew and Justin just soooo cute? *grin*), and so I didn't actually start making dinner until just after 10, and didn't finish actually eating until around 11.

And tomorrow night, another TT20 meeting... this time, the Exec. Fortunately this one won't run 8 hours. At least, it better not.

I have yet one more task to do at some point tonight or tomorrow. [ profile] sunshine1984 from the [ profile] queerasfolkfans community posted that she (at least, I think "she" is appropriate) was going to be making screencaps from season two, and asked if anyone had any special requests.

Naturally, I did...

Now, I'll never figure out the hatred that so many fans of the show (mostly teenage girls, who are all "Brian and Justin forever!!one!!eleventy-one!!!OMGLOLBBQ!one!!!") have for Ethan.

How can you not think this is hot? )

Now I have to make icons. *grin*

(Edited to add: Having met Randy Harrison, though, I have to admit that I'm not sure which of those two to be more jealous of. *grin*)


Dec. 3rd, 2005 09:48 pm
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Long day today. Eight hours of TT20 meetings after only having gotten two hours of sleep (and that was in spite of having a cup of chamomile-and-mint tea around 2am) makes Lance a tired boy.

And I get to do it all again tomorrow. Hopefully tonight I'll fall asleep before 6:30 in the morning. In fact, I almost fell asleep while watching the hockey game. (Very interesting goal there to make it 5-4, though. I thought they might actually tie it up in the last minute, especially when San Jose got a delay-of-game penalty.)

(Sorry I missed your party, [ profile] elizard100. But had I come, I'd probably be asleep in a corner by now.)

The weird thing is that I'm this exhausted despite having drunk four cups of coffee during the day (and that doesn't include the Starbucks grande I had this morning on the way out to the hotel, in which case - depending on how you count cups - I either had two grandes or about eight regular cups). Not to mention the large Pepsi that I had with lunch. (Someone needs to explain to Harvey's why Coke is so much better.)

Long day.

Nov. 13th, 2005 01:29 am
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Got up this morning at 11:30 (I know, that's a luxury to most of you, but when you don't get to bed until 6:30, it's early) and made it downtown to the Gaylaxicon concom meeting. It wasn't the most productive meeting ever, as there are a number of people who have been somewhat quiet lately - not to mention absent - but a couple of things got decided, and it's always useful to get departmental updates. Plus, our newest concom member was introduced. Amazingly enough, she's not working on any other conventions, local or otherwise. I didn't know people like her existed.

Following the meeting, I made my way to the Toronto Trek 19 Crew Party, which is an annual thank-you event held at a pub. I think concom members outnumbered volunteers, though. It was held at Rails & Ales this year, which makes the Most. Amazing. And. Filling. Hamburgers. On. The. Planet. Full Stop. Half a pound of beef, all the usual garnishes plus tzatziki sauce and blue cheese. Last time, it took me nearly an hour to eat mine - this time, it was only about half an hour, but still, that's a big burger. I didn't have room for dessert (though a bowl of Heavenly Hash ice cream sounds good about now). The burger, a side of fries, the extra garnishes and two pints of beer cost me $21. Excellent value, I think... especially when you consider that it was about $15.50 before tax and tip, of which $10 or so was for the beer.

I got home around 9:30ish, just in time to see the Leafs beat Montreal 5-4 in overtime. All is as it should be.

I was way off in my estimate of the time, though - I thought it was something like 11 when I got in. *yawn*

I could probably have gone straight to bed, but I read the newspaper first just so that it wouldn't still be sitting there mocking me as a waste of money tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow - anyone want to come over and do my laundry? I'm not sure I can face it, but it's getting desperate.

::hears strains of "Duelling Banjos::

Oh, God, CBC is showing "Deliverance." I thought the lockout was over... why are they still punishing us?
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We had a Toronto Trek 20 concom bowling night tonight. I managed not to embarrass myself (something I was afraid of doing, actually, since everyone knows I bowl in a league - especially once I found out it was cosmic bowling, and I couldn't see the arrows on the lane, and so by my standards, my first game was pretty miserable), but jeez, my arm hurts right now. I should probably invest in an icepack.

I had a lot of fun, though. The evening ended too soon for my taste, as we stopped after only two games.

Moment of the night: when I pointed out to [ profile] dx4 that the dark purple ball was mine, and he got mock-indignant that I wouldn't let him play with my ball. Much hilarity ensued. (Sorry, but there was a good reason - it's drilled to hook slightly, and so you would have been much better off not using it. Besides, we wouldn't have had an opportunity for innuendo had I not mentioned it. *grin*)

Time to put the kettle on and make some Neo-Citran, methinks. I hate colds. I just got over one a month ago, dammit!


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