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I had another full weekend this weekend (but then again, when don't I?). I guess I'll start with Friday...

This is going to be mega-long, so I'll use cuts.

Score one for good planning. Which, of course, I didn't exhibit... )

Happy Birthday to kanecool... )

The meeting went reasonably well in spite of my being late... )

I got home around 6:30 or so, answered an email relating to a job I'd applied for, talked to [ profile] cuteteenboy and my mother, made dinner and settled down on the couch, which is where I am now.

The conversation with my mother wasn't too painful... )

And that's been my weekend. A couple of other things that have happened this weekend:

AmazonFail... Amazon seems to have it in for books with LGBT content. )

And the most surreal thing I saw all weekend... )

So that was my weekend.
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When I got home from Third Monday around 11:30, there was a message on my answering machine from my mother, asking me to call "no matter what time." So I called, she picked up (after her annoying outgoing message played - she screens all her calls, and her answering machine has a pre-recorded message being spoken by a man who sounds like he thinks he's talking to a six-year-old), and she promptly told me that she didn't appreciate my message from this afternoon (okay, yesterday afternoon, but I haven't been to bed yet) reminding her that we had a 10am appointment this morning with my investment advisor to deposit the Canadian Tire shares into my account.

The fact that I had actually called her last week at work and left her a voicemail was apparently lost on her. She claims she never got it, though I specifically remember phoning her.

Anyway, she says she's feeling ill (no big surprise - she's stressed herself half to death because Friday was her last day at work), and insisted that I reschedule the appointment. So I called and left a voicemail for my advisor to let her know, and to tell her that I would call this afternoon to set up another time. However, my mother wants me to find out what time my advisor is available, then call her back to make sure she's available, and only then make the appointment. I don't see why I can't just make the appointment for, say, a week from today (much like I did when I made today's appointment). Shouldn't that be plenty of notice?

Oh, and she was also feeling ill because she spent all day wandering around shopping malls, and she wore herself out.

If, when I retire, I spend all day wandering around shopping malls getting aggravated, I give you all permission to put me out of my misery.

Naturally, she had to take a few potshots at me. When I said that I didn't want to discuss certain issues with her any longer, she snarked, "That's right. Go stay up until 6 in the fucking morning reading your email. You're not even looking for a job." When I told her that she was wrong, and that I had applied for about ten last week alone (if she had a computer at home, I'd email her the entire list if for no other reason than to shut her up), she started complaining about how she was treated when she left last week, and about how she got no severance. (Um, mom? When you retire, you get your severance monthly for the rest of your life. It's called a "pension.") She said that she doesn't know what she's going to do, because nobody will hire her except maybe Tim Horton's or McDonald's. I bit my tongue rather than pointing out the irony of her statement, following her suggestion a few months ago that I apply to McDonald's despite my university degree and twelve years in IT.

On to a happier subject... [ profile] hi_co posted some photos from [ profile] rosemary_ca's birthday party, so I'm reproducing those in which I appeared. A couple of them are quite large, so they're going behind a cut... )

6:25 am. I suppose I should get some sleep, since I don't have to be up at Yonge and Finch for 10. I was actually getting sleepy around 3, but it took me from when I got off the phone until about 4 to get through all the email that came in on Monday. Then I took another hour or so to respond to all of the comments on my last post. I think that fanfic discussion has prompted more talk than anything in recent memory.


Mar. 4th, 2006 10:39 pm
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Announcing another Guest Of Honour for Gaylaxicon:

We are pleased to announce Nalo Hopkinson as Author Guest of Honour! Nalo is the author of The Salt Roads, Brown Girl In The Ring, Midnight Robber and Skin Folk, and editor of Mojo: Conjure Stories and Whispers From the Cotton Tree Root: Caribbean Fabulist Fiction. She is a winner of the Campbell Award (for best new writer), the Locus Award, the World Fantasy Award, the Sunburst Award (for Canadian science fiction and fantasy) and the Gaylactic Network Spectrum Award, and she has also been nominated for the Hugo Award, the Phillip K. Dick Award, the James R. Tiptree Memorial Award and the Nebula Award.

We had a good meeting for Gaylaxicon today - I can see real progress being made. I'm feeling really enthusiastic now. Yay!

In other news... I spoke to my mother on Thursday regarding the meeting with my RRSP agent, broker, investment advisor... whatever you want to call her. She asked me to reschedule for some time after March 17, because it seems that's her last day at work. I'm not 100% sure whether it's because her employer was bought out (since that happened a year or so ago) or because she turned 65 last year. They had taken her off full-time status and put her on a contract after her birthday last year, so it could be either. It's probably a combination of the two, since people in her department were given the option of relocating to Waterloo several months ago, and she declined. The strange thing is that apparently she's not getting any kind of severance package despite having worked there for 11 years. I'm not sure that the company is behaving altogether ethically, but since Ontario doesn't yet have legislation in place forbidding companies from forcing people to retire at 65, the fact that they kept her on nearly until her 66th birthday is probably more than they were legally required to do. Of course, in my mother's universe, all employers should be required to keep all of their employees as long as the employee wants to remain there - it doesn't matter how badly they might be doing in terms of profit, they shouldn't be allowed to lay people off. Um, yeah. Whatever.

Anyway, so when I told her that I had made the appointment, she snapped at me that she still doesn't understand why I don't want to leave the stocks in both of our names so that we can get the dividends. First of all, the shares are in a Dividend Reinvestment Plan - so they're automatically used to purchase more shares. Second, she got the condo. She didn't have to take out a mortgage or a bank loan to pay me the difference between its value and the bank balance to even things out as per the terms of the will. So now she wants to keep her claim to the shares? Not bloody likely. And third, it's not as though I'm selling the stocks, anyway. I'm just depositing them into an account with the company that manages my retirement fund. For some reason, though, she continues to act as though I'm ripping her off for money she's neither entitled to nor would be getting if I did as she wanted.

Oh, and she demanded to know why I'm "in such a hurry." Excuse me? My grandmother died in October 2004...

On a slightly happier note, the Leafs played a much better game tonight. They still lost, but they were actually in the game for a change. I think Belfour should have stopped Ottawa's third goal, though.

Anyway, I hope to get a decent amount of sleep tonight. I was a little sleep-deprived today (though not too badly - I got nearly six hours last night) but I was having trouble finding words that I know are in my vocabulary, the same problem I was having last Sunday afternoon. [ profile] whitesangria said that it's a classic symptom of fatigue. This afternoon's meeting probably would have been about 20 minutes shorter had I been able to speak at my normal rate of speed.
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The property management company that owns my apartment building is still screwing up. I got a notice today that my December rent wasn't paid and that notice of eviction had been served. When they pulled that in December, I went to my superintendent's wife, who does the bookkeeping, and she confirmed that my rent had been paid. The cheque was cashed December 3, according to my bank statement. I spoke to the super's wife again today, and she said that she called the office and that they told her my cheque had been "pulled" for some reason. Um, no. I have the bank statement right here showing that it was cashed. I tried calling them myself, but kept getting a busy signal. I finally got through around 4:30, but my call went to voicemail and nobody called me back today. I'll have to try again tomorrow.

Bowling went reasonably well tonight: my scores were 163, 145, 197. We only won one game, but we won it by a sufficiently large margin that we also took the extra point for total pinfall. My arm was a bit sore, but that's to be expected. Mario said I was "overcranking" in the third game (putting too much spin on the ball), so I made an adjustment and promptly got four strikes in a row. [ profile] cuteteenboy filled in for [ profile] h8torun, and acquitted himself admirably, bowling above his average for the night.

I was in a bit of a loopy mood tonight - I don't know if that was because [ profile] cuteteenboy was there with his infectious energy, or what. I made at least two comments that I probably shouldn't have. They were meant jokingly, and taken as such, but they still may have crossed a line.

For Lost fans, I came across this last night which may amuse some of you:

Lost Thong With Charlie Quote

The appointment with the lawyer tomorrow afternoon is still on - I got home from bowling to find a message from my mother on my answering machine. She called to make sure that I wouldn't forget about it. Yeah, right, like that's going to happen.

It's just a question now of how much pain I'm in tomorrow - there's the arm, the back/shoulder/neck injury from slipping on the steps at the mall last week (yes, it's still sore) and the fact that I can't seem to stop clenching my jaw again and it's giving me a headache (though the shoulder pain is probably contributing to it). Where's the damned Tylenol... damn, when did I get so old that I'm talking nonstop about all my aches and pains?

Behind me, on the TV, there's a Jenny Craig commercial airing on Space. What the hell is up with Kirstie Alley's voice? She's hoarser than ever.
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We have an appointment with the lawyer at 4 on Thursday afternoon. And apparently the shares are worth less than the upper limit my mother was trying to impose upon me. She didn't sound happy. (Tough.)

Jeez, how did it get to be 5 in the morning? I was essentially done most of what I had to do by 3. I should have gone to bed... or, at least, gone on to tomorrow's tasks on my to-do list.

Memeage... )
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And TT20 keeps chugging along... spent most of the day in Waterdown, in a meeting to discuss the new Registration and Programming software. We have an Exec meeting tomorrow night, then a Gaylaxicon concom meeting Saturday and a TT concom meeting Sunday, for which everyone better be on their best behaviour. *glares*

I think I'm more tired than normal for 1:15 in the morning because I ate a lot more than usual today, and it wasn't the healthiest food around. [ profile] rockgoddes and I stopped at Wendy's before getting to the meeting, and I grabbed a burger and fries. They were easily the WORST burger and fries I've ever had at a Wendy's - the burger was insubstantial, and the fries tasted like cardboard. There was a guy working behind the counter - I think he was a manager, as he was dressed differently than the others and was wearing a headset - and [ profile] rockgoddes smacked me for checking him out. When I told [ profile] dx4, he said, "oh, the guy with the soul patch? He reminds me of Fab Filippo." No wonder I thought he was cute. When I recounted this conversation to [ profile] rockgoddes, even she started making incoherent drooling noises. *grin*

After we'd been in the meeting for a couple of hours, it was decided that dinner was in order, so [ profile] dx4 went out and got pizza for everyone. I feel bloated.

But overall, the meeting was productive - we saw how the software will work and discussed some issues regarding how the Registration desk will be set up as a result. It looks good.

In other news... I talked to my mother on Friday. It looks like we'll be getting things wrapped up this week, though she wouldn't to give me my grandmother's social insurance number so that I could call Compushare and find out how many shares are really in the account - she said she'd do it herself tomorrow. Damn her and her control issues. In any case, she also said she'd make an appointment with the lawyer for later in the week so that we can get it all wrapped up.

*fingers crossed*

In an act of unmitigated gall, however, she seems to think that if the value of the shares exceeds a certain amount, I should agree to let her have the excess. HAH! In her second act of unmitigated gall, she pointed out that the executors are entitled to receive a fee for administering the will, and as things stand, she's not getting any cash. I pointed out that she has behaved throughout this in a way to prevent me from doing practically anything beyond signing cheques, and if she wants me to even consider the possibility (as if getting the condo wasn't enough), she had to give me my grandmother's social insurance number so that I could continue to try to get information out of Compushare. To which she responded, "it's not that I don't trust you..." Again, I say: HAH!

If this isn't wrapped up, I'm not signing anything relating to the condo. I've already made enough concessions to try to get this finished. It's been 15 months, after all; there's no reason why this couldn't have been finished a year ago.
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Well, so far, it's not good, but it's not as bad as had been expected. The current totals (according to CBC):

Conservatives: 122
Liberals: 104
Bloc Quebecois: 50
NDP: 30
Independent: 1

Interestingly, CBC is now saying that the Independent (a shock-radio host in Quebec City, IIRC) has been elected.

The final results won't be known for a few hours, but it's kind of heartening to see that despite the opinion polls showing the Conservatives with a ten-to-twelve point lead, they're only ahead by 4.5% in the popular vote... so while the country has gone slightly insane, it's not complete. In my own riding, Carolyn Bennett has been re-elected with 50.75% of the vote.

One thing that I noted this evening while watching the CBC coverage was that some Conservatives are already behaving as arrogantly as they accused the Liberals of behaving. Jason Kenney (Calgary Southwest) was interviewed, and he was crowing about how Canadians prefer the Conservative model for taxation and their child care approach of giving families $100 per month for each child under 6. I seriously doubt that it will pass a minority Parliament; for starters, the BQ are unlikely to support it, and the majority of the Liberals will likely vote against it. The NDP will probably oppose it on principle.

Despite the results of the election, though, it was all worth it to watch Rick Mercer tonight:

"They say election campaigns are like sausages; you like to have one once in a while, but you're probably better off not knowing how they're made."

I also rather enjoyed Gavin Crawford and Shawn Majumder on "This Hour Has 22 Minutes." Particularly their exchange on "small-c conservatives," "big-C Conservatives," "small-l liberals," "big-L Liberals," "big-N big-D big-P NDPs" and how they're similar to or different from the American "no-n big-D no-p Democrats."

In other news... I spoke to my broker today, and depositing the Canadian Tire shares into my account should be no problem at all. All I have to do is sign the certificate and she can deposit them for me. Finding out how many shares there actually are might be a little trickier; she told me to call Compushare, so I did, but they refused to tell me anything unless I told them my grandmother's address and Social Insurance Number. Well, I had the address, but not the SIN... and my mother couldn't be bothered to look it up when I called this evening because she was "too tired" (she claimed not to have gotten the two voicemails I left her today, one at work and one at home). For the same reason, she couldn't be bothered to get out the end-of-year statement that we should have gotten, which would eliminate the whole need to talk to Compushare. (Before anyone says anything, yes, I should be getting copies of these documents. But that would require my mother to make copies, and she doesn't think I "need" them. I asked once, "What if you have a fire and everything is lost?" but that made no impact on her "I'm-the-mother-you're-the-child-and-you-will-do-as-I-say" attitude. *headdesk*)

Anyhow, I'll have to call her tomorrow during the day and bug her to call Compushare, because I know that if I don't, she'll continue to drag things out. I'll probably end up making the appointment with the lawyer to transfer the title to the condo into her name alone, as well. (Though she wants it, so I half-suspect that part of it will be done quickly.)
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Mike came over this afternoon, as expected - though he managed to wake me up when he knocked on the door. It seems I'd inadvertantly left my phone slightly off the hook when I replaced the receiver after my last phone call yesterday afternoon, so he was getting a busy signal when he called to let me know that he was on his way, and again when he arrived. Fortunately for him, someone who lives here was coming in, and let him in. Unfortunately for me, people aren't supposed to do that...

He didn't stay for long, though, as he had to pick up the kids from their daycare around 5. So he was only here for about an hour, about a third of which was spent waiting for me to take a shower and get dressed. Oops.

So the mysterious gift that I'd bought for him last year and decided to hold on to until this year was a coat. I wish I could remember what it looked like. He said he'd wear it the next time he comes over, which has tentatively been planned for some time in January. This time, we'll actually schedule it so that we can fit in a game at the bridge club, and maybe a few beers afterwards.

I probably should have left the phone off the hook after he left, though - my father called while I was making dinner to remind me that we're having dinner tomorrow at the Granite at 4. (4?! Who the hell has dinner at 4???) He let me go when I told him that the timer on the microwave had beeped to let me know that my dinner was ready, so I took the chicken out of the oven and the phone rang again. This time it was my mother, calling to tell me that we were having dinner at the Granite tomorrow at 4. (Yes, Mom, I know.) And that she'd finally gotten off her ass and found the stock certificates. When I told her we'd have to get together to transfer the ownership of them to me, she said, "I'm not just doing that! They could be worth fifty thousand dollars!" (Um, no, they're not. Nowhere close. More like ten thousand, going by today's close. But again, I'm apparently not to be trusted to know anything about anything.) And then she pulled the whole, "Have you decided how much you're willing to settle for?" schtick again. Funny how I thought this was all sorted out... I'm going to have to put together some kind of spreadsheet or something and go over it with her step by step. Assuming she doesn't get paranoid and think I'm trying to rip her off. (Who am I kidding? She won't be satisfied unless some neutral third party is there and goes over my math. Which means paying more lawyer's fees. *headdesk*)

Five minutes after I got her off the phone (the chicken was cold by this point), Mike called to thank me for the coat. Then he put Adam (their seven-year-old) on to thank me for his gifts. Then he put Brandon (their two-year-old) on to thank me. Then Manuela took the phone. Twenty minutes later...

I knew I should have left the phone off the hook. I love my friends, and tolerate my family, but I like my dinner to be hot, too...

Oh, and I guess I should probably get around to opening the gifts from Mike and his family, shouldn't I...


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