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Because I'm going to Montreal this weekend for Anticipation meetings (have you got your membership yet? :) ), and I couldn't get hold of Mario to ask him if Randy would fill in for me tomorrow night, I went to the bowling alley after work to bowl off. I didn't get there until just after 10, and didn't get started until about 10:35, but I was done by 11. My scores weren't the best, but I had two good games: 190, 134, 168. I was disappointed by the first game, though - I started off spare, strike, strike, spare, strike, strike, strike - and then my ball started picking up oil off the lane and I guess I wasn't doing a good enough job wiping it off, so it started hooking more and I had three consecutive open frames to finish the first game. (Hence the poor second game as well - it took me a while to find a line that would work). The third game could have been better, too - I got a nasty split in the ninth frame. Almost spared it, though - I left the 4-7-9-10, and managed to pick off the 4-7-9 with my second ball. Unfortunately, the 4 and 9 went behind the 10...

Work is going decently well. I'm almost finished my part of the modelling agency website - I added the photo gallery today, and got the section that allows users to print their headshots on a double-sided PDF working yesterday. Though I'm still convinced that I'm going to drop dead of a heart attack on the walk over from Yonge. I've been walking on the road because I can get better traction there because the snow on the sidewalk is so deep. Tonight I managed to get a lift over to Yonge Street because I was leaving at the same time as Roman and Brian, though, which was nice. The snowbank blocking the path to the railroad tracks is now about nine feet high and probably about 15 feet wide. Damned snowplow drivers.

When I got home tonight, it was nearly 12, but Eric and I still made the time to chat for nearly two hours. :) He uploaded his photos from last weekend:

Well, I'm off to bed - at least, as soon as I've thrown a couple of shirts and pairs of socks into my backpack to take to Montreal tomorrow night. I hope I can manage to fit everything in, considering that I need to put my laptop in there too (I don't want to be carrying two bags through the Aurora snow tomorrow, and there's no way I could take my suitcase with me).
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I just got in the door a few minutes ago, and I am exhausted. And starving. I'm going to make myself some soup (I'm not feeling ambitious enough for pasta and I didn't take the time to stop at Metro for something microwaveable, so soup will have to do) and go to bed.


Edited to add: I was just unpacking my suitcase while waiting for water to boil, and discovered a card from the TSA indicating that they'd opened and inspected my suitcase. What is it with me and travelling, anyway? I think this is the fourth time in the last two years that I've either been singled out for extra checking at the airport or had my luggage opened...
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I just cleared customs at Niagara Falls. (And no, for my Toronto friends, I didn't see Keith. :) )

It's amazing how, just in two and a half days, I'd forgotten how cold it was here. I miss the South already, even though it was near-freezing in the evenings there too. :( (Though the temperature's not the only reason...)

I should be home in about two hours. I'm looking forward to getting some food - they're renovating Buffalo airport and the only place to get food was a little sandwich kiosk. And I didn't have time for food in Atlanta because my connection was so tight that I was the last person to board the plane, and they'd apparently been paging me...
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I'm sitting in the departure area of Chattanooga Airport, waiting for my flight to start boarding (which it should very soon, as its scheduled departure time is 3:50). Eric drove me to the airport, waited while I checked in and dropped off my suitcase, and then sat with me until it was time to go through security.

This is likely to be a bit disjointed as I'm rushing to mention some of the highlights of the weekend before my flight boards...

I had a fantastic time. We apparently made a bit of an impression, and not just on the half-dozen or so people I already knew who were here (mostly Outworlders people from Atlanta). We got several comments of approval from various people whom we met over the course of the weekend, including one guy whom we met at a party last night - every time he saw us today he hooted at us and gave us a thumbs-up. There was a woman who recognized us from when we were having dinner Friday night in the pizzeria (which is in a converted antique train car). There was the guy who was working the door at another party last night, who let us in despite the fact that I didn`t have my ID on me. The conversation went something like this:

Him: Okay, how old are you?
Me: 41.
Him: What year were you born?
Me: 1967.
Him: Who was the President?
Me: I'm Canadian. Lester B. Pearson was my Prime Minister.
Him: You're a god. You can come in.

(I actually did know that LBJ was President at the time, but I would have had to think about it for a second...)

He later came over to where Eric and I were dancing and told us, "Have fun." We said, "We are." He replied, "No, I mean right now. Hot sweaty fun."

I guess there aren't that many gay couples in Chattanooga fandom? *shrug*

I think one of the highlights of the weekend was seeing the ArcAttack concert. They're a group who perform synthesizer music, with the speakers hooked up to Tesla coils and so it's basically a musically coordinated electricity show. (They were at Dragon*Con this year too - here's part of their show. It's not the best video, but there are others.)

We went through the dealers' room today, where I picked up a couple of books and a t-shirt (like I needed more t-shirts, but I couldn't resist "Salvador Dalek"). I looked for a One Ring to replace the one I lost, but the jeweler here didn't have any. Eric got a ring very similar to my Celtic knot ring, though his was gold and silver (mine is just silver).

And, of course, the company was the best part. Eric has a huge romantic streak in him. The tub in our room wasn't really big enough for the two of us to have a bubble bath, but we did our best... :)

Anyhow, I wish the weekend wasn't over. It went by far too quickly. *sigh*
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As soon as I get connected to the wi-fi in Charlotte airport, they announce the boarding call for my connecting flight... not that I'm surprised. We left Buffalo about half an hour late and so I had to practically run from gate B7 to D4. I made it despite the best efforts of the guy on my Buffalo-Charlotte leg who thought that I should "show some class" by letting him get off first despite my having a connection that was already supposed to have started boarding...
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I'm sitting on the bus, waiting to get on the road. It should be any second now - the driver just closed the door and he's adjusting his seat.

Even a venti from Starbucks isn't enough this morning - and I left the bottle of Coke I bought last night in the fridge at home despite leaving the box of granola bars out next to my backpack to serve as a reminder. :( (I know that sounds strange, but I figured that by seeing that I still had to pack one of my snacks in my backpack, I'd remember to get the Coke as well.) I may end up sleeping most of the way to Buffalo - that's what I get for waiting until last night to pack and not getting to bed until 2:15 this morning. It took four alarms to get me up - the PDA and three alarms on my cellphone. But I managed to get out of bed before the clock started beeping at me. Good thing, too, since I got to the bus terminal only about 15 minutes early.

And we're off! Man, it's hard to focus on typing when the bus is moving. Or maybe that's just the venti from Starbucks that's making the laptop look like it's shaking...
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I'm not sure why I'm still awake (I seem to say that a lot), considering that I have to be up around 6 to make sure that I get to the bus terminal in time for my bus to Buffalo.

All day, I kept thinking about what I needed to pack, and I'm sure that I've probably forgotten something. I should have made a list. (I say that a lot too, and in fact I usually do make lists for everything except packing to go to cons...)

Tickets are printed and in my backpack with my passport. American cash is purchased and in my wallet. My iPod is charging, and my cellphone is completely charged. Clothes are packed (along with some extras). Toiletries are packed (except for the ones I still need to use tonight and tomorrow morning). Laptop is in the backpack along with a couple of books and snacks for the trip. The VHS tapes I'm taking to loan Eric (Hudson Hawk, FASS '89 and a couple of Trek musicals I've done at cons over the years) are packed along with a Roots toque I bought for him when he said he needed to buy a hat because it's been unusually cold in Atlanta recently. Newspaper delivery is suspended for the weekend. says that it's going to be 16C in Chattanooga tomorrow afternoon, but 8-10C for the rest of the weekend, with lows around freezing - I'm wondering if I should put my leather jacket into my suitcase.

So what am I forgetting? (Besides getting adequate sleep...)

16 hours or so until I see my sweetie!
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I just got home about 15 minutes ago, and it's so cold out there that I had to have some ice cream to warm up. *shudder* -17, with a wind chill of -27??? And this has been going on for three days now. Thankfully, I don't live in the area that had the power failure last night (though I do know at least one person who does). Hell, it's even warmer in Aurora right now, according to (Okay, only by one degree, but still.)

It's not even that much warmer in Chattanooga - right now it's -6. Guess I won't be packing my shorts or windbreaker. (Eric was telling me last night that it's forecast to snow in Atlanta on Sunday, though that seems to have been revised to rain with a high of 7.)

Last week, I said that I was regretting not having declared my scores for next week after I got a 559 series, and that I likely wouldn't do as well this week. Well, I was right, but I still did well enough: 178, 190, 179. All three games above my average (which is now back up to 172), so at least I won't be hurting my team. :)

The season 4.5 premiere (if one can call it that) is almost over. Because I knew I wouldn't get home until after it started, I'm recording it, and Eric and I will be watching it together shortly. :) (Though Space is running Fandom Forum at 11 - I don't know if it's a repeat of the one from last week or a new one. If it's new, I want to tape it for later viewing, which means we won't be able to watch BSG until 12. Decisions, decisions...)

Seven more sleeps 'til Chattacon! *bounce* *bounce* *bounce*
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About an hour ago, I booked my bus and plane tickets to Chattanooga for Chattacon. I had considered just flying out of and back into Toronto because coordinating the schedules looked a bit tricky otherwise, but managed to find a flight that would work with the Toronto-Buffalo bus schedule - though I have to fly out around 4 on Sunday because otherwise, I'll miss the last bus out of Buffalo at 8:30pm. (I couldn't find any direct flights that worked. In fact, I don't even know if there are any direct flights between Buffalo and Chattanooga.)

So, flying out of Buffalo is about $600 cheaper (Cdn$900 to fly out of Pearson vs. US$265 to fly out of Buffalo, plus $28.50 to take the bus from Toronto). I found it strange that my flight down and my flight back are on two different airlines, but since I booked it through, I guess it's not that weird. (I found the rate on Orbitz via, which [ profile] whitesangria told me about a few months go. Very useful site for booking travel.)

Now, had I been able to find an Air Canada flight, I might have spent the extra anyway because my boss' business partner had said he would give me some first-class upgrade vouchers. However, it seems that Air Canada doesn't fly to Chattanooga. (The original plan was for me to fly into Atlanta and then go to Chattanooga with Eric in his car, but he's not sure if he's going to have to work on the Sunday and so he suggested that I fly directly. Ironically, my return flight on the Sunday goes by way of Atlanta...)

Coincidentally, I ran into [ profile] aprilsnark this afternoon on the subway platform while I was out running a few errands. She didn't have time to stop and chat, but she did stop to give me a hug and said, "See you in Chattanooga!" Apparently a few people around us found that an odd statement, as a couple of people looked at me strangely. What, mundanes don't travel?

If I'm not online at midnight, I'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year - may 2009 bring you everything you want!

Weird day.

Dec. 31st, 2008 12:33 am
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Work was kind of strange today, at least in my experience. People who have worked for ISPs or hosting companies may have experienced this before, but it was all new to me...

The company I work for, in addition to doing web development, hosts websites. One of our clients is B'nai B'rith, the world's oldest Jewish service organization. Well, what with everything that's going on at the moment with Israel, their website was overloaded today. My boss' partner thinks that it was a denial of service attack by anti-Semites, though I suppose it's also possible that they were just getting a lot of hits due to the latest events between Israel and Hamas.

Unfortunately, my development webspace is on the same server as B'Nai B'rith's website, which means that from 1pm onwards, I couldn't do any work. I couldn't save any files to the server, and I couldn't even use the website I'm working on (I'm still trying to finish the user manual for the content management system, but I found a bug in it while writing the documentation for the image gallery plugin and was trying to fix it).

Around 6:30, my boss' partner (since my boss is away all week visiting his in-laws) told me to go home and not bother coming in tomorrow. Hopefully the problem is fixed by Friday.I was awfully bored until he told me to go home.

So I got home around 8:15, made dinner, made my and Eric's hotel reservation for Chattacon (I get to see him live and in person in less than a month! *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *grin*), and called him for our nightly chat.

With this unexpected day off, I'll be able to go to the post office (I have to mail a letter relating to Anticipation and my pre-reg form for Chattacon - they don't have online pre-registration (!!!)), watch the BSG S4 webisodes, and maybe even do some long-overdue cleaning in the bathroom.

I have an invitation to a New Year's Eve gathering, but if I were to go, I wouldn't get to spend NYE with my sweetie, so I decided to stay home tomorrow night. Though we might not make it to 12 o'clock because he has to be at work for 7AM on New Year's Day. (Ick.)


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