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I thought tonight was going to be a good night at bowling after I got two spares and a strike in practice, but then the splits started coming about halfway through the first game. 135, 172, 161. (I was on a pace for a 180 game in the third until I got a split in the ninth frame, too.)

The trip down was... interesting. Not as interesting as a couple of weeks ago when I shared the back of the bus with a bunch of juvenile delinquents, but still... interesting. In an annoying way.

A woman got on the subway with her small daughter and slightly older son. Most of the seats were taken, so the mother and daughter were standing. The daughter - who looked to be about seven years old - immediately started to climb the pole right in front of me. She got to the top, then slid down and started climbing again. Rinse and repeat. Rather than stop her (my mother would have grabbed me by the hair and slapped me if I had done that at that age), every time the girl slipped a little, she would grab her by the waist and hold her up so that she could continue to climb.

Then she slid down and started playing with the Etch-a-Sketch that her mother was holding. The mother started to turn around so that the girl had to run in circles around her to continue playing with it. Then she stopped and went back to climbing the pole. At one point she spread her legs and started spinning around the pole in midair. WTF???

I told my teammates at the bowling alley about this, and Jamie said, "I bet she's going to be a stripper when she grows up." I wish I'd thought of that at the time (I was too annoyed, plus I was trying to read - I started Cowl by Neal Asher last night, and I was having enough trouble getting into the story without the distraction). Though you'd think that, given that I'm working on a website right now for a stripper exotic dancer, it would have occurred to me.

Oh, and I should also not be able to hear people over the sound of my iPod when it's at maximum volume, but I could hear every word this girl was saying. *headdesk*

The second annoying part of the evening came after bowling. I put my ball and shoes in my locker, then put my sweatshirt, coat and boots on, grabbed my backpack, and headed out. Mario wasn't there tonight, so I didn't have my usual ride to the subway. (Ed had offered me a ride, but they were ready to go and I knew that it would take me at least 15 more minutes because I had to fill out the team scoresheet and our opponents weren't finished yet - Ed and Jamie are always out of there before the rest of us are finished. So I didn't want to make them wait.)

So I made my way outside, grabbed the bus up to Eglinton and then the Eglinton bus across to Yonge. I got off the bus, put my hands in my coat pockets, and...

No keys.

My key ring contains the keys for my apartment door, the deadbolt, my storage locker, my bowling alley locker, the office, and one mystery key. (As Eric said, everyone has to have one mystery key.) I wasn't that concerned about the bowling alley key or the office key (since they're not identifiable as such), but my key ring has a tag on it that has the address of my building on it, and there have been eight break-and-enters in the past month or so.

I had enough charge on my cellphone left to call the bowling alley in case I'd left them there, so I did so - and it turned out that I'd left them on the counter in front of the lanes we were on tonight. Whew!

So I schlepped all the way back over to the bowling alley, got my keys, and came back home. It added about an hour to my evening because the buses were all running every 15 minutes or so, and I must have just missed one each time except for the first leg of the trip back (and I had to run for that one).

After getting home, I logged onto Skype and Eric called, and we chatted for a while. He's visiting friends at Berry College this weekend, so we didn't watch BSG tonight - we may have to wait until Tuesday night when we're both home from work.

And now I think I'm ready for bed... I figure I'll probably wake up around 2 in the afternoon. *yawn*
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... but I had to call Eric as soon as I got home last night so that we could watch BSG, and this is the first chance I've had to post since. *grin*

I had an interesting (as in the Chinese curse) bus ride down to Toronto last night. I got on the bus and made my way to the back, and got out my newspaper. There were two guys who looked to be about 17 sitting in the back sharing a 40-ouncer of rye. Three people got on at the same stop as me - two guys sat directly across from me, and the girl sat down on my right. All three of them - who also looked to be about 17 - greeted the two who were already on the bus and then immediately pulled cans of Molson Canadian Cold Shots out of their coats and started chugging.

For the next hour, I was regaled by stories about the people whom these five wanted to beat up, the people they wanted to kill, the people they wanted to rob (or already had), a lengthy discussion about which liquor stores were easiest to rob, the home invasions they wanted to commit, and the bar brawls they were planning on starting last night.

Given that one of the two guys sharing the bottle of rye knocked it over and spilled about half of it, I suspect that they probably didn't manage to put their plans into action last night.

At one point, one of the rye drinkers said to the beer drinkers, "Is he with you?", meaning me. The latter were so drunk that they said yes (!!!) and then the first guy asked, "So why isn't he fuckin' conversating with us?" It was then that the person who answered realized what the question was and corrected his earlier response.

A little later, I looked up from my newspaper (having managed to read maybe two whole pages in 30 minutes) and looked out the window opposite, nowhere near making eye contact with these people. On top of that, I was wearing my sunglasses as it was clear last night and the sunset was rather bright. The girl said, "What the fuck are you lookin' at?" (I wanted to say, "Oh, I'm sorry, is that your window?" but who knows what would have happened...)

I couldn't even pull out my iPod and listen to music because they had spent part of their quality time together talking about how they had beaten up some kid for his iPod... and there was also mention of pulling knives on cops. The recent news story of the young man who was murdered for his iPod on an Ottawa bus was too fresh in my mind to allow myself to give them an opportunity to try to rob me... so I had to listen to all of this for an hour.

(Normally I think I'd have been able to handle them, considering how drunk they all were... barring the use of weapons. But when I'm sitting in a corner seat in the back of the bus, in the row with the tables, wearing my winter coat and boots, I probably would have been too slow to defend myself...)

Even as glad as I am every night to get to Finch station, I was doubly glad last night.

It's a good thing the VIVA buses have cameras at the back... all five of them should be easily identifiable if the cops need to find them.

So... my bowling scores from last night: 164, 147, 202. I was getting frustrated, putting the ball right into the pocket and leaving pins anyway. And then I developed a mental block about the 4-pin, missing it three times on the left while still managing to keep the ball on the lane. Let me tell you, that's not easy... and I only deliberately aimed to the left of the 4-pin once (when I had left the 4-7-10 and was actually trying to spare it). After the second game, I turned to Lindsey and said, "Lovely. I need 205 in the third game to make average for the night." She said, "You can do it. I've seen you." Well, 202 was close enough, I guess. *grin* Pity we lost two out of three games.

I came home and, as I said above, immediately called Eric. We caught each other up on our respective days and then watched BSG together...

Wow. Don't click if you don't want spoilers. )

I had to meet [ profile] gurudata at 1pm this afternoon to go to an Aurora Awards meeting at Liana K's house. I managed to get out the door by about 12:15, so I decided to go up to Future Shop first. I wanted to pick up the new Franz Ferdinand album that came out this week, and while I was in there, I thought I'd see if they got any new copies of Doctor Who S4. No joy. I asked a sales clerk, thinking that he would just look on the computer system to see if any other stores had copies, but when he found one that did, he insisted on calling them. I told him I wouldn't be able to get there until tomorrow at the earliest, and he said, "They don't usually hold things past the end of the day, but I can ask." I said, "That's okay - I have to go to a meeting. I can just pop by there tomorrow," but he just kept calling extension after extension at the other store (nobody was picking up). Finally I managed to get through to him that I didn't really have the time to wait for him to reach someone - at this point it was about 12:40, and I almost put the Franz Ferdinand album back because I didn't want to wait for the single open cashier to process the four customers who were already in line. I figured I'd get the album tomorrow too. But I couldn't remember where I'd gotten it from (they moved everything in that store around a few months ago, and I hadn't gotten it in the regular music section - it was in the New Releases), so I decided I'd just buy it and if I was five minutes late, it wouldn't be the end of the world.

I managed to get to York Mills by 12:57... but still haven't found the time to listen to the album.

After our meeting, [ profile] gurudata asked if I would be interested in dinner as [ profile] kanecool wasn't going to be home tonight and so he was at a loose end. So we went to a Pickle Barrel somewhere in the Leslie/Steeles area (I think), where I had butternut squash soup and hoisin chicken stir-fry. It was quite good, though there was one vegetable in the stir-fry that I said to [ profile] gurudata tasted a little like bleach. I never was able to identify what it was (the only other piece was in the very last mouthful).

Not that I actually know what bleach tastes like...

So I got home, dealt with some emails I had to send, and called Eric around 9. We wrapped up our call around 2 - he has to work a night shift tomorrow, and he's working Monday and Tuesday as well, so we won't see each other until Tuesday night at the earliest (depending on how tired he is after work).

After our call, I continued dealing with emails - I've got my Inbox down to 170 messages now. considering that it was at 180 this afternoon, that doesn't sound very good - but there were about 10 more that came in while I was talking to Eric. I still have some Anticipation emails to deal with regarding the Masquerade and Hugo Awards (my department heads are probably wondering why I haven't answered too many of their emails over the past week), and I have to follow up on an email exchange I had with someone a couple of weeks ago (this time the delay is on his end), and I have some more Polaris stuff to deal with...

I had to email Julie Czerneda about stuff for both cons, and I jokingly said, "Why do I do this to myself?" Her response: "Because you're indispensible and we love you?"

I actually take exception to the use of "indispensible" (I may have several fairly important responsibilities at the moment, but nobody is "indispensible"), but I can live with the second part of her response. *grin*

Oh, and work? I'll have to post about that tomorrow... since I have to be up in about eight hours, and I'm usually quite capable of sleeping for nine or ten hours on weekends.
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First things first - tonight's scores: 157, 192, 156. I thought I was bowling decently until I got my scorecard out to record my scores at the end of the night, and discovered that this was actually my second-worst week of the season so far. I lost a fraction of a pin off my average, but it's still holding at 170. And we lost two games, including being pummeled in the last game by over 160 pins thanks to three people on the opposing team bowling 50+ above their averages and Mario being about 50 pins below his. (Though it's rather ludicrous that someone on the other team had a 123 handicap - that means his average is about 85.)

Scores across the league are still tending to be much higher than usual - a former teammate of mine who was bowling on the lane to my left had a 245 and a 230, and during the break when they drew for the mystery score pot - where if anyone bowled the selected score in their first game, they win money - and they drew 240, someone actually won it. (Someone who has about a 150 average, if memory serves.) Everyone at my end of the alley almost fainted in shock when we heard the score and, a moment later, heard the VP announce, "Please see the Treasurer for your $80."

The arm is a little sore, but I had no severe twinges tonight like I often do - that probably means that my technique was consistently good, and that it's just tired. (I'm still having trouble picking up spares on the right-hand side of the lane, though - I must have left three 6-10s tonight. Those used to be really easy. :( )

In non-bowling news, the Viva strike is still going on, so I worked from home again today. At least, that was the theory - I actually spent all day (I'm not exaggerating) waiting for the software I needed to download and install. If anyone saw me on MSN and tried to contact me, I was actually on there to communicate with my boss, so please don't be offended if you said hi and I didn't respond. (And I didn't disconnect before I left for bowling - [ profile] plaidlibrarian, I noticed that you had messaged me, but I wasn't here.)

Yesterday's commute was the worst ever - there seemed to have been an accident on Yonge Street, as the entrance/exit to the bus terminal was blocked by yellow caution tape, though I didn't see any evidence of an accident. So the buses had to use the taxi entrance on the south side of the terminal, turn north onto a side street, and go north to Cummer Avenue (yes, that's really the name of the street) - which on Yonge, is only one block - then turn west and go back to Yonge. That process alone took 30 minutes. Then, on the way home, the #98 bus was about 10 minutes late (as usual) and as a result, when I got to Bernard, the #99 wasn't there, and I had to wait 28 minutes for the next one. Total commuting time yesterday: five hours. No wonder I'm so tired all the time - I almost fell asleep this afternoon while waiting for the software to download.

I want to go out tonight - I haven't been out in over a month, I don't think - but I have an email backlog I need to take care of, and I have stuff going on tomorrow and Sunday. So if I don't do it now, it probably won't happen until next weekend. Argh.
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... and I heard this evening, when I went to buy my October pass, that starting tomorrow the drivers who have been blocking the entrance/exit to the Finch Terminal are going to be blocking buses for up to 30 minutes at a time instead of the two minutes or so that they've been doing it until now.

This morning, I actually turned to the guy next to me and said, "Oh, just run them over!" Tomorrow I may actually say it loudly enough for the driver to hear... or even open the window and yell it at the assholes standing in front of the bus.

I have absolutely no sympathy for these folks. According to the newspaper yesterday, they haven't even agreed to schedule any talks, and the company doesn't even know why the drivers rejected the offer (though the newspapers seemed to find out with no trouble).

You would think that the YRT system might increase their service a little to compensate: nope. They're still running their buses on Yonge Street every 30 minutes. At least, except for one time, every time I've gotten off to transfer at Bernard, the other bus has been sitting there waiting.

And when I got home about 15 minutes ago, I found that I'd forgotten (since I must have known thanks to one of [ profile] whitesangria's posts from about a month ago) that Boston Legal has switched to Mondays, and now I've missed two episodes. :(


Sep. 25th, 2008 10:23 pm
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Just got home from work. Left at 8:15. Total transit time: two hours and five minutes.

NOT happy.

And now I have to cook dinner...
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I got to Finch station this morning to learn that the tentative agreement between VIVA management and the bus drivers which was reached on the weekend was rejected by 61% of the drivers, so they'd gone out on strike at 4 this morning.

Fortunately the York Region Transit system has buses that serve the same route, but they're slower (they run slower, plus they have more stops, plus I had to transfer halfway), so I was able to get into work - though it took me roughly two and a half hours.

Now, I hear via text messages from [ profile] kaelsu2 (thanks again!) that the TTC's Yonge subway line is down because of hydro wires that fell onto the tracks. I figure I'll get home around, oh, I don't know... midnight?

Good thing I talked to my boss when I got in and he set up the router so that I should be able to log in remotely from home tomorrow... isn't commuting fun?
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I left work at 6:45, having finished work on adding a postal code lookup to one of our web pages. That's about 20 minutes earlier than usual - I figured that I'd still end up getting home around the same time, which is about 8:30, given the weather.

I just walked in the door at 10:01.

First, the Viva Blue bus I was on got stuck on ice about two blocks south of where I got on. The driver kicked us all off after about 20 minutes of spinning her wheels, so we started walking back to where I'd gotten on the bus in the first place. The snow was so heavy that I didn't realize for a full minute that I was actually walking on the road rather than the sidewalk. Fortunately, the first vehicle to come along was the next bus, which stopped to let us all on despite the fact that we were nowhere near the stop.

Then, the driver announced that Yonge Street was closed south of Highway 7 (which was BS, as there was northbound traffic when we got there - perhaps it was only closed for southbound traffic, but cars seemed to be using it anyway), so he kicked us all off at Richmond Hill Centre. Fortunately, there was a York Region bus #99 there waiting. The 99's route takes it from Finch (where I get on in the morning) to Bernard Terminal, which is about three quarters of the way to work.

However, becaue of Yonge being "closed", the driver had to find an alternate route. Unfortunately, she didn't seem to know any of the streets other than Yonge and had to get a passenger to tell her how to get over to Bayview (though she called it Bathurst, which is in the opposite direction). We then took Bayview down to Steeles, Steeles back to Yonge, and Yonge down to Finch.

All told, the entire trip took a little over three hours.

If you're in the path of this storm, and you don't have to go anywhere, don't.

Now I'm off to make dinner... then find out if Air Canada's seat sale is still going, and if I can get a cheap(ish) flight to Boston in a week and a half.


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