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Oct. 4th, 2008 03:03 am
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Apparently Facebook has a limit on the size of messages you can send. I always knew I was a little on the verbose side at times, but still...

And (apparently, but not really) completely off-topic, I had to look up the title of Criminal Minds on IMDb. I did so by first looking up Mandy Patinkin, and discovered that there's a Princess Bride video game coming out this year (if it hasn't already). I'm not a gamer, but this one is tempting. (Inconceivable!)
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It was a slow week at work. There were a few minor fixes that had to be put in, but I spent most of my time updating my unit tests to try to cover as much of the code as possible. The software is still reporting that some methods aren't being called at all, though, when I know damned well they are (I ran the test in question in debug mode).

I barely made it to the bowling alley on time (I walked in at 6:57, after missing a bus, the subway and another bus by seconds), meaning I had no time to grab food or get any practice in. I still managed to do okay: 171, 167, 153. Though that last game was frustrating, as I missed at least two easy spares and had to get a spare in the 9th and two strikes in the 10th in order to salvage something decent. Alas, we still lost the game by two pins. (We lost all three, but that was mainly due to our having to use a dummy score for Randy, as he came down with a migraine late this afternoon. He was going to come out anyway, but Mario wouldn't let him. Probably a good idea, considering that it was so fierce that he was sick to his stomach.)

I arrived at home about half an hour ago (having stopped to grab some dinner on the way), and found that one of the guys from the Ontario Centre of Forensic Sciences who's been doing panels at Polaris has friended me on Facebook. Cool, that'll make it easier to get in touch with him about this year's programming. (Always thinking, me. :) )

Because everyone is doing it:


- a scoop of trustworthiness
- 2 heaping tablespoons of wealth
- a dash of charm

Combine in a blender until smooth.
'What is your personality recipe?' at QuizGalaxy.com

"2 heaping tablespoons of wealth"??? WTF? (And no, you can't have a loan. :P )

I think I'm going to go downtown tonight. I'm kind of tired, but that's likely due to having averaged only about five and a half hours of sleep per night this week and then rushing to bowling. However, I don't have to be anywhere tomorrow that I know of, and I feel like a beer or three.
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Steve Stirling (aka S.M. Stirling, the author) just friended me on Facebook. To the best of my recollection, even though I've been at cons where he was an author guest, we've never spoken... I guess I must have made an impression somewhere. *shrug*
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Yesterday afternoon, I got another response from Yahoo with the exact same wording... "Yahoo! may, in appropriate circumstances and in its sole discretion, yadda yadda yadda." So I wrote back:

Okay, this is the third time I've gotten the same cut-and-paste response. I'm not going to type in the whole story again, but I am now asking that my support request be taken over by a supervisor who can answer my questions with something more than the exact same 50 words as all of the previous Yahoo employees to have responded to my inquiry.

Can you tell I'm getting annoyed?

This afternoon I got the exact same response again, for the fourth time. [livejournal.com profile] bcholmes, are you getting anywhere? I'm thinking that I'll pick up the phone tomorrow when I get home and call them (unless you want to - they list their phone number as (408)349-3300, though that's likely going to generate a bout with phone tree hell).

Maybe my screen name should be "boywhowonttakenoforananswer"...

On a more amusing note, I'm still exchanging messages with Warren over Facebook. After I told him about Polaris, and gave him the URL for the website, we had the following exchange:

Warren: No shit. When is that?

Me: July 6-8, at the Doubletree International Plaza near the airport. Jeez, I gave you the website address. :P

Warren: When? What web address? Is there some other little hole somewhere on this thing I don't know about where messages go?

Me: No, I tacked it onto the end of the message in which I mentioned Katee Sackhoff.

Warren: Oh, you mean in that message there, right in front of my face? That was a clever hiding place.

Me: I strive for subtlety.

Warren: Why start now?

Hard to tell we've only seen each other once in the past 20 years, and only just reconnected... you'd think we'd been in constant touch all this time. He knows me too well.
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I wasn't the most popular person in my high school, not by a long shot. I had two good friends, though, Warren and Brock. I actually first met Warren in Cubs, when we were around 8 or 9 years old, and met Brock in music class in grade 9, as we were both trumpet players. I haven't seen Brock since high school ended (he went to UNC on a Moorehead scholarship, and that was the last I saw of him), but I saw Warren a couple of years ago at the school's 100th anniversary reunion. (No, he's not the former classmate to whom I admitted, after my fourth beer or so, that I'd had a crush on him back then. Though, come to think of it... *grin*)

Anyway... Warren just friended me on Facebook and sent me a message. Apparently he's "working on becoming the coolest person on Earth, but still has a ways to go."

Also on the nostalgia front, it's been interesting reading on my friendslist today about the pilgrimage to the Regal Constellation Hotel. (For my non-local friends: the Constellation was the largest hotel convention space in Canada, and was where many Toronto Treks were held. The owners went bankrupt a few years ago - we were their last-ever event - and the hotel never reopened. Several folks went today and are going back tomorrow for the auction to scoop up some souvenirs.) Apparently the hotel is in really rough shape and is no longer fit to be renovated, even if there was someone out there willing to do it.

Though I joked to [livejournal.com profile] whitesangria tonight that it's a shame a certain someone I know is closeted - I'd sleep with him if it got his father, who is in the hotel business, to buy the site and renovate the hotel. (Note the word "joked" near the beginning of that sentence... OTOH, if it got us the Constellation back... hm. I suppose I could be a slut in a good cause.) Though come to think of it, his father did once offer to take my resume when I was looking for work, but unfortunately, I had no experience or knowledge of the platform they use for their computer system. Maybe I should drop by the bridge club anyway and see if he's interested in a fixer-upper. :)

I wish I could have tagged along to the hotel today or tomorrow, but I wasn't really comfortable asking for the day off from work, especially since I had committed to try to get the latest batch of changes to the website up to the test server this week. Naturally, though, late today I discovered that there's already code in the system to do exactly what I need, but for some reason it's never invoked anywhere on the site. So where I expected to have about a day and a half worth of work to finish my changes, it's actually going to be about two hours, assuming the existing code works...

However, I heard (first from [livejournal.com profile] whitesangria, then from Declan, then from [livejournal.com profile] aprilsnark) that a souvenir has been procured for me. I'll have to post a photo when I get it. You'll all think I'm weird. (Well, some of you will understand immediately.)


Apr. 22nd, 2007 03:24 am
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Jeez... I signed up for Facebook less than four hours ago, and already I have 21 friends.

Makes up for seeing two people I know tonight and having neither of them bother to say hello. (Okay, the second one did, on the bus home, but not until after I said hello first... and I was standing right next to him.)


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