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As the subject of this post suggests, this has been a rather hectic week. So hectic that I haven't yet had time to post about the weekend.

Saturday afternoon, I went to the annual Eye Of Harmony barbecue. I didn't get much of an opportunity to talk to some of the people I wanted to talk to, because I was drawn almost immediately into a lengthy conversation with one particular person. (I won't name names, even though I don't think he'd ever see this, but I will say... he's someone from Buffalo who is not [ profile] ennisdl, whom most people would have walked away from after five minutes. I guess I'm more patient than they are, which isn't necessarily a virtue in this case, or in the case of a certain ex-Montrealer I often find myself spending more time with than I would prefer.) I did manage to have conversations with a few other people, though, including [ profile] theengineer, his brother, and the Penneys. Attendance seemed low this year, though perhaps it picked up after I left to go downtown for Lance's Fabulous Evening Of Shenanigans Part Two, aka the second installment of the gathering to celebrate my turning 40.

A mostly-different group of people were there: [ profile] plaidlibrarian, [ profile] whitesangria, [ profile] aprilsnark, [ profile] kaelsu2, [ profile] protegeboy, [ profile] scapersuse and [ profile] indydark made up the dinner group. [ profile] summ3r_daze joined us for dessert, and then we made our way to the karaoke bar, where Declan met us (having had to fight off a couple of guys while he was waiting, who thought that he might be looking for company). (I think I remembered everyone who was there... apologies if I forgot someone.) Only problem was... karaoke had been cancelled! :( Apparently the host had suffered a nervous breakdown and been hospitalized. I hope it wasn't caused by the monotone "Hey Jude" we all suffered through the previous week... So we sat down and had a quiet drink together, and some good conversation. Not all of it was about Polaris, either. :) Thanks to everyone who came out for either (or both :) ) halves of the celebration!

Sunday, I had a very productive meeting with [ profile] whitesangria and Monique M. to discuss Polaris stuff. Afterwards, we went for Japanese food, for which [ profile] kaelsu2 joined us. I don't recall the name of the place, but it was on the south side of Front, just south of the St. Lawrence Market. It was quite good - I had a breaded chicken dish that I forget the name of (it was a curry, but it wasn't spicy at all), and we shared some appetizers.

So that was my weekend. Now I'm ready for another where I'm not quite as busy. :)
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It doesn't feel that different from 39, to be honest. :)

I'd like to thank everyone who has helped to make this a most enjoyable birthday. The first one I've enjoyed in quite a few years, actually.

The festivities started last night with dinner at the Hot House Cafe, with [ profile] rosemary_ca, [ profile] hi_co, [ profile] indydark, [ profile] cuteteenboy, [ profile] andromakie, [ profile] ferrio, [ profile] kairi_kiss, Declan-of-the-secret-LJ, Lisa and Irwin. (I think that was everyone. I hope I haven't forgotten anyone who was there...) I highly recommend the veal scallopini. (Actually, I highly recommend most of what they serve... I think this is the third time I've taken people there in the last year. Their menu is small, but the food is good.)

Following dinner, we made our way up to Fiddler's Green for karaoke, where I completely massacred the song "I'm With Stupid," because the DJ had the music turned up so loud that I couldn't hear myself singing. I think I did a little better later on with "History Repeating," mostly because I plugged one ear. (At least I know when I'm massacring a song, usually within the first two lines... unlike the woman who subjected us to "Hey Jude" in a seven-minute monotone.)

Most of the group had decided to head out by about 1, and it was down to just myself and [ profile] cuteteenboy until he decided that he had to leave in order to get home to Mississauga. We were walking down Yonge Street, towards Union Station, when he decided to call his friend Courtney in Calgary to ask her to look up the Mississauga Transit schedule online to find out if he could still catch a bus. Unfortunately, the last bus from the GO terminal to where he lives had already left, so we decided to go over to Pegasus on Church Street for one last drink - and so that I could still be partying at the precise moment I turned 40 (2:25 AM). We then caught a bus up to my place and he crashed here for the night.

Today there was a TCON Board of Directors meeting, which I thought started at 1, so I got up around 11:30. After showering and dressing, I was still experiencing the nagging feeling that the meeting was actually scheduled for noon, so I called [ profile] twiddler, who confirmed that it was, in fact, scheduled for noon. Oops. I managed to get there for 12:30 or so, and the meeting hadn't actually started yet, as people were still waiting for [ profile] ennisdl to arrive.

Partway through the meeting, [ profile] whitesangria got up and went into the other room, and a few seconds later, came back in with a chocolate cake, singing "Happy Birthday". So we took a break and all had cake.

Then after the meeting, [ profile] whitesangria, [ profile] ennisdl, Monique M. and I went to the Lone Star for dinner, where [ profile] whitesangria said to the waitress, "I'm going to be annoying and tell you that it's my friend's birthday." So when the staff brought my dessert they made me stand while they announced to the entire section of the restaurant that it was my birthday and proceeded to sing.

I have to admit, though... as embarrassing as it may have been, deep down I'm kind of an attention whore sometimes. ;) (First person who says "Sometimes?!" gets thwapped upside the head. :P ) And besides, before this weekend, I don't think I've ever been subjected to the ritual of having the restaurant staff and my friends serenade me. (I admit, though, I invited the whole thing by deciding to announce that it was my birthday. I could have kept quiet about it, but again... sometimes-attention-whore here. :) )

And next weekend, because there were several friends I would have liked to have spent time with who couldn't come last night, we're doing it all again. However, I'm decreeing... no singing. The restaurant staff might get a bit suspicious and wonder just how many birthdays I have. ;)

Again, thank you to everyone who made this weekend so much fun!


Aug. 8th, 2007 09:49 pm
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Long day today. So very, very tired.

I got up on about 4.5 hours of sleep so that I could stop off at the passport office with my application, having registered via the ePass system on the government website as per [ profile] electricland's suggestion last week. However, what I didn't know (having already printed the forms and gotten [ profile] theengineer to sign them as my guarantor) was that the form generated by the online system, although it has the same information on it, is slightly different. So when I arrived, I was told that I had the wrong form for taking advantage of the online system. So I got to sit for an hour or so and wait with the rest of the people there. Add in the time spent in line to have my application pre-screened and get a number, and the time actually at the window, and I was there for an hour and a half or so, all told. *headdesk* I'll be writing a sharply worded letter to the Minister of Immigration and Citizenship - it should be clear on the website that the regular form and the one you're supposed to print from the online registration system are different.

As a result, I didn't arrive at work until about 11:30 this morning, and there was an email from our client waiting for me listing five problems they'd identified today, one of which was in the new Professional References page I created last week (the phone number fields weren't accepting non-North American numbers). I fixed it (finding in the process that the data type called "PhoneNumberType" only accepts digits - no hyphens or parentheses), along with one of the others.

I then went back to the new Pastoral References page I'd been having trouble with. Combined with Friday and yesterday, and I probably spent four hours trying to figure out why I was getting an "invalid object" error when I was trying to call a stored procedure to access the database - and after all that time staring at my C# code, and not seeing anything wrong (I was going to say "not seeing anything missing," but if it was missing, I wouldn't have seen it, now, would I?), it occurred to me, "Why not try executing the stored procedure independently of the code and see if I've made an error in the SQL?" It turned out that in doing a copy-and-paste, I was inadvertantly using the stored procedure name instead of the table name in the select statement within the procedure itself. Note to self: selecting data from a stored procedure doesn't work. *headdesk2* Well, that's what happens when your procedure has the name of the table embedded in its own name...

The good thing about today, however, was that thanks to my wait in the passport office I finished the newspaper about 15 minutes into my ride home and was able to call Ambrose. We hadn't been able to connect in several days (okay, last Sunday when we met up at Starbucks - oy). I thought that I was going to miss him again because I remembered that he usually works the later shift on Wednesdays because he goes out to karaoke on Tuesday nights at Crews/Tango, and I did get his voicemail, but he called me back about ten minutes later when he was on his break. His timing was good - about three minutes earlier I'd felt an itch on the back of my neck, and when I went to scratch I found a rather nasty insect crawling on me. (!!!) I flicked if off and had a look - it looked like some kind of beetle. Weird. (When I told Ambrose, he said, "Wow, the bus must really be rocking if you have a Beatle on board!" That boy's predilection for puns is almost as bad as mine. *grin*) Had he called me three minutes earlier, he probably would have been horrified to hear me shriek like a little girl. (Okay, I only do that with spiders. *grin*) Anyhow, it turned out that I hadn't been able to reach him on the weekend because he worked Saturday and Monday, and Sunday was his father's birthday. (I think I remember him mentioning the birthday last weekend, now that I think about it.)

So... I'm considering postponing this Saturday's birthday festivities to next weekend because [ profile] gurudata and [ profile] iangurudata's mother passed away this morning, and the funeral is this weekend in Montreal. I don't know how many people are planning on making the trip up, though. If anyone who has RSVP'd has changed their plans and is now going to Montreal, please let me know so that I know whether to reschedule - I've made reservations at Hot House for 7pm and Fiddler's Green for 10, both for 25 people (although I haven't gotten 25 RSVPs yet, I was assuming that I would by the weekend) and I need to call them both back if plans need to be changed.
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I mistakenly remembered the date of this weekend's TCON board meeting as today instead of tomorrow, so I went downtown only to find that there was nobody there. I tried calling [ profile] whitesangria, but got her voice mail, so I tried [ profile] twiddler and he corrected my memory of the date. *facepalm*

Silly thing was, last night I went back through the emails about the meeting to verify the date, and all I could find was "the August long weekend", so I decided to go with what my memory was telling me. Oops. (They say the memory is the first thing to go when you get older. I can't remember what the second thing is. ;) )

And here I could have gone out last night after all... well, except for the fact that I was falling asleep at my keyboard around midnight.

So anyhow, I ended up going over to the Best Buy on Dundas and picking up Stargate SG-1 season 10. I looked for the new Babylon 5 movie, but they didn't have any on the shelf despite the computer saying that they had one copy in stock. They also had the DVD of the 1997 PSB concert at the Savoy Theatre for $17 and Erasure's "Hits! The Videos" for $25 (I'm not a huge fan of music videos, but 35 videos, plus footage from 9 live performances and 6 album promo videos for $25? Why not?), so I got both. They also had PSB's "Performance" DVD, but I thought I already had it. Silly me, I got home and found out that I had "Montage" and "Projections" (the concert film that Derek Jarman directed). D'oh.

I'm still considering what I want to do next Saturday night... but I have a tentative plan.

Cut for those who live in other provinces or countries and as such, obviously can't even consider coming )
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I hate my printer. I'm trying to print out the passport renewal forms, but I don't print stuff all that often, and the nozzles seem to be clogged every time, so everything comes out illegible. Nine pages of garbage.

Mind you, it was given to me for free, so I can't complain (well, obviously I can, and have :) ). And when I do unclog the nozzles, it tends to work fine (if painfully slowly).

Now I have to find somewhere to get photos taken. I know there's a place downtown near where I used to work, but that's no help. I think there's a camera store a few minutes' walk north of where I work - I'll have to pop in there at lunch tomorrow and see if they do passport photos (I think most camera places do, no?).

It's my own stupid fault - I kept thinking to myself, "I must renew my passport before going to Dragon*Con," but I would never remember to actually print the forms until after I'd shut off my computer and gone to bed, or when I was out somewhere. Fortunately the government website says that if I take them to the office in person, I can get my passport back within two weeks. (I may have to get to the office at oh-dark-thirty in the morning to be reasonably certain of not having to wait in line, admittedly.)

And yes, all this passport renewal talk means that my birthday is coming up soon. Painfully soon. I don't normally talk about it (in fact, I was considering not talking about it at all) because I don't like acknowledging my birthday - the last one I went out of my way to do something about turned out to be a huge disappointment. Not that I'm bitter, if you know what I mean. ;) But it occurs to me that this one is kind of big. So I'm thinking that maybe I should do something a little special a week from this Saturday, which would be August 11. Problem is, I have a TCON Board of Directors meeting the next day (my actual birthday, but going out on a Sunday night is probably a bad idea), so it would probably be a good idea to have sobered up by then. ;)

So here's where I ask you, my friendslist, for input. Those of you who are in or near Toronto (unless you're willing to travel the requisite number of hours and/or cross the requisite number of oceans or borders to help me mourn turning 40) let me know if you'd be interested in a night on the town with me. I don't know what I want to do yet, though dinner would certainly be a part of it. Alcohol would be another part of it, I'm sure. (Getting sufficiently liquored up to enter the Best Legs Contest at Woody's might be amusing, if this were to happen on the Saturday night... hell, getting sufficiently liquored up to enter the Best Ass Contest on the Friday night would be even more amusing. Or possibly nauseating.) Maybe karaoke? Cosmic bowling? (Hm, I should probably get a session in before the new season starts in a month, though cosmic bowling probably isn't the best way to do that.)

Any suggestions?
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Okay, it was actually yesterday, but I didn't get online until something like 9 o'clock tonight and it took me about three hours to read all of my email before logging on here.

Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. And thank you, [ profile] hico - your generosity knows no bounds. Okay, now how am I going to find 12 more icons for my LJ... and mood themes... and all that other funky stuff that come with a paid account?

My parents both called today to wish me a happy birthday - both of them within five minutes of each other, and while I was in the bathroom. Oh, well. I didn't want my mother to ruin my mood anyway. *grin*

I thought about going out tonight, but I don't want to be too hung over to find my way to the TTMB pubnight tomorrow. ;) And besides, Brandon no longer works at Woody's, so I'd have to buy all my own drinks anyway. (He was a bartender there who remembered my birthday every year and would buy me a drink.)

*off to play with the shiny paid account*


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