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If this is a weekend, I must have had meetings.

But first... I didn't make a bowling update on Friday night. This is because I'd actually gone and bowled off on Wednesday night, as Eric and I had made plans to have dinner (we made frozen pizzas - Delissio's Hawaiian pizza is actually pretty decent) and watch the BSG finale. I obviously needed a little more practice, as it took me about six frames to get going and so my first game stank. The others were decent though: 139, 178, 182.

Even so, I almost didn't get home in time. I left work around 6:40, stopped at Kitchen Stuff Plus to pick up a pizza pan and cutter, and then got home around 8:15.

Now, because I couldn't shower while I was wearing the heart monitor, and I had time before my ultrasound, I came back home after the cardiologist's to shower. Everything was fine when I left for the ultrasound around 9:45. But when I got home after work, the lock on my door had been rotated 180 degrees. I thought, "That's odd... shouldn't my key go in with the teeth facing down?" and tried to open the door... and couldn't. I got the lock back to its normal orientation, plus 45 degrees, but then it wouldn't turn any further. (It turns 90 degrees to open.) I tried for about ten minutes but couldn't get the door open. So I went downstairs and got my superintendent, who came up and got my door open by about 8:45. In so doing, he realized that the lock was completely shot and that I needed a new one. So for the first 15 minutes or so of my chat with Eric, my super was working on the door. (He must have thought it very odd, me sitting here talking at the computer. *grin*)

There have been signs up around the building warning tenants of some attempted burglaries, so I figure that someone tried to break into my apartment after I left for the ultrasound, but was stymied by the deadbolt. Good thing I use it...

The only problem now is that my door will now close all the way unless I turn the deadbolt before I lock the door, whereas before it would stop before closing all the way. So I'm going to have to be careful when I'm taking my garbage to the chute (or start carrying my keys on me at all times).

I shall forbear from talking about the BSG finale just now because I know some people on my friendslist haven't watched it yet... also because it's nearly 2 in the morning and it'll take me a while to write it all. :)

Anyway... as I said above, today was busy with meetings. The day started with a Constellation Awards committee meeting at noon. Things are coming along nicely there, though nominations are coming in slower this year. If you haven't nominated, what are you waiting for? (You can submit nominations here.)

Then I came home and printed a whole whack of emails and documents that have been sent to me over the last couple of weeks from hotels I contacted regarding Gaylaxicon. We received responses from six or seven hotels, and I wanted to go over the proposals with the people who showed up tonight at our dinner meeting.

That meeting went well - there were a few people whom I'd expected to see who didn't show up (one is sick, and another is his partner, so once I learned this, I wasn't surprised that they didn't make it), but there were seven of us present. We went over the hotel proposals and narrowed it down to two choices. Monday, I will be phoning both of them to arrange for tours.

We also discussed the dates we want - I had sent the hotels two possible weekends for the purpose of getting a quote, but we hadn't really decided on dates yet. We know that we don't want to be too close to either Dragon*Con or Con*Cept, but we do want to be in the late summer/early fall timeframe, before it gets too chilly up in Montreal. It was suggested that when we're negotiating with the hotel, we see if we might get a better deal by moving up to August. (One of the hotels called me this week and gave me a room rate over the phone. I commented that it was significantly more than I paid when I stayed there, and was basically told, "September is convention season, so we jack the rates up." Okay, not in those exact words, but still, that was the gist of it.) The other advantage to being in August is that we can promote the con during Montreal Pride.

And finally, we discussed our proposed guest list, coming up with the GoHs we want as well as some regular guests. If we can get everyone we want, I think it's going to be a good con. *fingers crossed*

I decided to take the subway the whole way home instead of waiting for the #32 bus at Eglinton West station, so I got home around 11:30ish and called Eric. Unfortunately, he has to be up early in the morning so we only got to talk for about an hour (I feel bad for keeping him up late waiting for me to get home). He went to a Dragon*Con meeting today - he's volunteering to work in Tech Ops. We won't get to spend as much time together at the con, but I think it's good that he's getting involved in the organizational side of fandom. It's done so much good for me, after all. I've made so many friends through fandom whom I would otherwise never have met, and my life is richer for it.

Tomorrow, I have nothing scheduled for the first time in about four or five weeks. So I figure I'm going to spend the day doing laundry. (Yes, it's going to take the entire day.) And maybe I'll do some sweeping and mopping as well. Hopefully I'll find the stylus for my Palm. I figure it went missing at 6:30 Thursday morning when I picked the Palm up off my bedside table to turn off the alarm. (It was a little too small for the slot that's meant to hold it, and so occasionally it would drop out.) This is the second one I've lost in the last few months - the original one somehow went missing between my kitchen and my living room. Considering that the only thing separating them is about two feet of my dining room, I have no idea how I managed to lose it in that little area. I know my apartment is cluttered, but that's just ridiculous. At least in this case, I can understand how it might have come loose, and how I wouldn't have noticed because, well, it was 6:30 in the morning. Since when am I awake and alert at 6:30 in the morning? *sheepish grin*
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Friday night was better than recent nights, but still not up to average: 148, 159, 180. Lots of splits in the first two games.

I got home later than usual because for the first time in recent memory, both teams had all five bowlers present. One of our opponents, a guy named William, is a big SF fan and we spent much of the evening talking about Samuel R. Delany. I'm not sure why, as the only book of his I've read is Dhalgren. (I do own a copy of Stars In My Pocket Like Grains Of Sand, but haven't read it yet. My library is almost as full of unread books as my DVD collection is full of unwatched series.)

Saturday, I had a Constellation Awards meeting up in northern Scarborough. The meeting was for noon, so I set the alarm for 10:30 and got out the door by 11. I figured that would be enough time. Ha! It took me longer to get there than it takes me to get to work - I arrived at 12:45. Fortunately the meeting hadn't really gotten underway yet.

After the meeting, [ profile] gurudata and I looked over the map of Montreal I have and talked a little about potential Gaylaxicon 2010 hotels. Since he's an ex-Montrealer, I thought it would be a good opportunity to get some insight. There are about four or five now that I have to look up online and see if they have the kind of function space we'll need. (I still like the Delta Centre-Ville, though that may be because it's the only hotel I've ever stayed in in Montreal besides the Days Inn where Con*Cept is held.)

I got home around 6 and rushed through dinner because I was supposed to be going to [ profile] travellingone's place to show her how to use Polaris' programming software and to start entering panel ideas with her. I didn't get there until about 8. She immediately offered me wine (I don't often drink wine, but this was a very nice dry red - I think she said it was Spanish?). Her roommate was there as well, and Return Of The Sith was on the TV. It's the one Star Wars movie I actually never saw, so while we waited for [ profile] dx4 to return our message about our still needing our userids and passwords, we watched it for a bit and snarked about the dialogue and Anakin's overall whininess. (I can see why people were so excited about the first appearance of Vader in the suit, though - that was quite powerful, though Hayden Christiansen doesn't have the same presence, even in the suit, that David Prowse had.)

We finished up around 2 (after entering 142 panels into the database), and I left to come home. I had just missed the last subway north, but she lives within walking distance of me (even though it was about -15 out), so I got home around 2:30, finished reading the paper, and then went to bed.

[ profile] travellingone emailed the exported panel lists to our web team, so the initial panel list should be up within a few days. Anyone who's looking at it, remember that it's not a full list - we're still open to suggestions.

Today I got up around 1 with the intention of going out to get my Metropass and VIVA pass, then coming home and doing some cleaning and some laundry. The lines at the Metropass machine (only one of them was working) were slow, though - a woman came up to me and said, "You know, you can buy it at Dominion." I said, "I know, but I'm getting on the subway immediately." I think she just wanted me to leave to make the line shorter. Once I had my Metropass, I went up to Finch and got my VIVA pass, then came back home.

It was nearly 4 when I got back (!), and I remembered that I had promised a couple of our Polaris author guests that I would sign and send back their contracts this weekend. So I sat down at my desk and started downloading and printing them, then scanned them back in and emailed them back. Even though there were only a handful of contracts to deal with, it took me three hours because my computer was being insanely slow. I need to reboot it - it's probably because something was causing a memory leak. (Eric told me off tonight because it's been at least two weeks since the last time I rebooted it. *blush*)

Eric was going to be home earlier than usual tonight, around 8, so I rushed through dinner and washing up, then called [ profile] cuteteenboy as I'd promised him I would call this weekend. However, we didn't really have time to talk, but I suggested that we have dinner together after next weekend's Gaylaxicon concom meeting. I also tried calling my father, but he didn't pick up.

Regarding my father... I think I may be in trouble. For some reason, despite having a newspaper six days a week, and having a daily bridge calendar on my desk at work, I can never remember the date. I honestly thought on Friday that it was the 20th rather than the 27th (which led to my going to the wrong lane when I got to the bowling alley). His birthday was on the 21st, which means that I forgot to call. Oops. (I even made three LJ posts last Saturday...)

This may also explain why I'm surprised whenever I get handed a paycheque at work. I can never remember whether I was paid the previous week or not. (Part of that may also be because my boss never remembers to give it to me on time, and I usually don't get it until the following Tuesday...)

So after calling my father, I called Eric, and we chatted for a while. During the conversation, we both bought our Anime North memberships as well as tickets for the Moonlight Ball and the Saturday brunch. He's really excited about some of the voice actors they have coming. Me, I recognize some of the titles, but that's about it. Tomorrow I'll have to make some phone calls and get us a hotel room (I know we won't be able to get a room at the Doubletree - it's far too late for that even though the con isn't until late May).

He had to go to bed early - the reason he was early tonight is because he's been asked to go in two hours early tomorrow - so I've spent the last couple of hours going through the old Inbox and wrestling it back down from 190-some-odd emails to about 130. Dealt with some Anticipation emails and some job alerts that were in there, and responded to this year's first CUFF nominee to let her know that I got her nomination.

And now I think I might go to bed a little earlier than usual because I'm not feeling all that great. I think I'm coming down with a cold - my mucous membranes are all dry and my back and arms are aching, though the latter might be because I've mostly been sitting at one computer or the other almost the whole time I've been home today. I have a pillow behind my back (because I'm sitting on the couch, using the laptop), but it's not helping.
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Nominations are now open for the 2009 Constellation Awards! The Constellations will again be presented at Polaris in July.

Anyone can submit nominations in any of our nine award categories: Click Here! )

You can review the eligibility guidelines for each category and nominate your choices at the website. There is also a list of film and television works that we have identified as being eligible for nomination this year. Nominations must be received (via postal mail, email, or our online nomination form) by MARCH 31st, 2009.

The deadline for nominations for the Aurora Awards is midnight, Saturday February 28th. The Prix Aurora Awards recognize the best in Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy each year. All Canadian citizens or permanent residents are eligible to nominate for free. It only takes a couple of minutes.

Nominations can be submitted on-line here.

To find information about eligible works in both English and French categories, see the Canadian SF Works Database.

As it happens the deadline for the Hugo Awards nominations is also this Saturday. To nominate you have to have attended the World Science Fiction Convention in Denver last year or have a membership for the Worldcon in Montreal this year. For more information, visit the
Anticipation website's Hugo Awards page.
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Voting for the Constellation Awards opened today, so, without further ado...

The nominees are... )

In order for you to be eligible to vote in the Constellation Awards, at least one of the following must be true:

1) You are either a Canadian citizen (not necessarily living in Canada) or a permanent resident of Canada, OR
2) You attended the Polaris 21 convention in July, 2007, OR
3) You are currently a member of the TCON Promotional Society, with a membership not expiring before Polaris 22 (July of 2008).

Our PDF ballot is available here, or you can vote using our online ballot. All ballots must include the $5 voting fee, and must be received by JUNE 15th, 2008. The winners will be announced on Saturday, July 12th, 2008 on the Polaris main stage, at a ceremony hosted by Rick Green (Prisoners Of Gravity, The Frantics, The Red Green Show, History Bites).

In other Polaris-related news, we updated our website today to add four new author guests:

Derwin Mak (The Moon Under Her Feet)
Kenneth Tam (The Forge Fires)
Kelley Armstrong (The Summoning)
Erik Buchanan (Small Magicks)

Erik is also the instructor for our two Martial Arts workshops:

Instant Kung Fu

Description: You could spend a lifetime perfecting your martial arts skills. Or you can take two hours and learn to fake it! Instant Kung Fu is a high speed course in martial arts fakery for the stage and screen. Kicks, punches, strikes, blocks stances and most important of all, ATTITUDE all come together to make you look like a martial artist long enough to get through a fight scene.

Things That Make You Go "Eeeewwww!"

This two hour workshop looks at the dirty tricks and icky bits of stage combat. Using safe, effective, exceptionally squirm-worthy techniques, we'll teach you some of the dirty little secrets that make a fight go from violent to vicious, from eye gouges to neck snaps and a host of other dirty tricks to make the strongest squirm and all of us go "EEEEWWWWW!!!!"

We're still waiting for biographical information to arrive for at least one other author guest, and as soon as we receive it, we will post her info on the site. (Oh, what the heck, her name's already been in TCON News... it's Tanya Huff, aka [ profile] andpuff.) Also, we should have our preliminary panel list up Real Soon Now. We spent seven hours this past Sunday editing for content, length, grammar and spelling, and now we're just waiting for the file to be exported from our database and uploaded to the site. So keep your eyes peeled, and to those of you who have ideas for panels, keep sending them! We have roughly 125 (of an anticipated 200 or so) panel topics written up and entered into the database, and there are about a dozen or so more that we've received since Sunday which haven't been added to the list yet.
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I'm kind of surprised to see that I didn't post anything all week. Well, not entirely surprised... I would have had to have posted about Ad Astra, and I'm kind of embarrassed about something that happened there. On a weirder note, I had a "WHATTHEFUCK???" moment tonight at bowling.

Ad Astra report )

Work went well this week. )

As did bowling... )

The WHATTHEFUCK??? moment... )

The Constellation Awards ballot should be available this week. I couldn't make the meeting where we tabulated the nominations (it was the evening of the day of our deployment, and I was in the office until nearly 8), but I hear it went reasonably well. (It must have gone okay, we have a ballot. :) ) So if you're a Canadian citizen, resident, or a member of Polaris 22, keep an eye on the website...
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Friday: bowling didn't suck as badly as last week, but it was still pretty mediocre. 155, 163, 143. The lanes were in better shape than the week before, but it was still a struggle. The team didn't fare all that well, as [ profile] h8torun was away and Mario was home sick, and we didn't have declared scores for either of them, having used them the previous week, so we lost all three games (though two of the games were close).

Saturday: spent the afternoon at a Constellation Awards committee meeting, figuring out various things for the upcoming year. Went home, grabbed dinner, and headed to Declan's new place for drinks with a small but fun group. We all left fairly early (for us), around 12:15, and I was home around 1.

Today: we held the first Programming department meeting for Polaris 22. Again, it was a small group - [ profile] chanilye, [ profile] plaidlibrarian, [ profile] indefatigable42, Justin O. and Barb S., who wants to work with us more closely this year on Costuming stuff. Again, though, I think we accomplished a fair bit, talking about what worked last year and what didn't work, and what we need to tweak, and what we want to do with the assorted panel tracks this year. Got home in time to make dinner prior to watching Desperate Housewives. Andrew in costume as Cher at Lee and Bob's Hallowe'en party was just frightening - though props to Bree for her bit of improv that led to it. Danielle's appearance in costume as Bree was fantastic, though - she had the mannerisms nailed. Poor Bree. :)
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I got a response today from Yahoo regarding the message I sent last night about the QC group being deleted:

Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Groups.

I understand that the group that you are moderating has been deleted. I apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused you and I'll be glad to assist you on this matter.

I have personally checked your Yahoo! Group "Queer_Continuum", and it shows that it was recently deleted by Yahoo!.

Please be advised that Yahoo! may, in appropriate circumstances and in its sole discretion, terminate Groups that appear to have violated the Yahoo! Terms of Service (TOS).

Please feel free to visit the Yahoo! Terms of Service at:

Lance, I realize that this may pose an inconvenience, and for this I apologize. I appreciate your utmost patience and understanding with regard to this matter. If you have any other concerns, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Groups.

How a group that has had maybe three messages in the past six months, all of which are along the lines of "Gee, it's quiet. What's everyone up to?", can be in violation of their terms of service, I'm not sure... anyhow, I took advantage of that "I'll be glad to assist you on this matter" to follow up:

Thank you for getting back to me.

My major concern is that this group is the one way for a number of us who are geographically diverse to communicate to plan for the science fiction convention that we all attend every year. It's also a group intended to promote LGBT-themed science fiction and related events such as Gaylaxicon and the Spectrum Awards. It is not an adult group - in fact, I recall sending
someone a cease-and-desist email a year or two ago when they posted something
inappropriate. We also take care to ask potential members for information about
themselves and their interest in the group prior to approving their membership.

Since it has been quiet recently (the convention is coming up in July), there's no way we could have violated Yahoo's Terms of Service.

I hope that the group can be restored, as it is important to us.

We'll see what happens now.

On a happier note, I can announce that voting for the Constellation Awards is now open! The voting process is explained here. Feel free to spread the word - and if you're Canadian, attended TT20 or are pre-registered for Polaris 21, feel free to vote!

And the nominees are... )
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Not much has happened so far this week with the exception of writing my Visual Basic final exam last night. I would have posted immediately upon getting home, except that after I'd made dinner, and watched House and Boston Legal, it was after 1 o'clock in the morning and I had to collapse into bed.

I think the exam went well. It was ridiculously simple in concept - the instructor gave us the necessary files, including a Windows form layout, and we had to write the code to make it work like the sample application he provided. Some of the code was pre-written for us, which is what made it so simple - except that even after I followed all of the instructions, my version didn't quite work perfectly. I think he left a few things out on purpose. :) Anyway, I managed to fix all of the bugs and get it working by about 9:15, 15 minutes early. The instructor said it would be a couple of days before he had them marked.

Speaking of bugs, don't the rest of you programmer types just love it when you fix something that apparently has nothing to do with a bug you're trying to solve, and the bug goes away anyway? That happened at work today, just before it was time to go home. I didn't believe that fixing the seemingly-unrelated bug had fixed it, but I took my change out and the bug popped up again, so I guess I fixed it after all without meaning to. :)

Anyway, the only outstanding item I have is to clean up my assignment that was originally due last night, but for which the deadline was extended to Sunday morning. I think that all I have to do is make sure that all of my functions and subs are laid out within their respective files in alphabetical order (the instructor likes that, even though Visual Studio has a facility that allows you to jump directly to any method).

So yeah, as I said, when I got home last night I watched House and Boston Legal while eating dinner. House was outstanding as usual, and watching a new episode reminded me that I'd promised [ profile] kosst_amojan that I would write up a panel on the show for Polaris 21 a couple of weeks ago, but I hadn't gotten to it yet. I'm thinking that maybe a discussion of the House/Wilson relationship (slashers, get your minds out of the gutter :P ) might be interesting. I'll have to dig out my old programme books and see what I gave him last time I provided him with a House panel for the con - all I can remember is the title ("Our House Is A Very Very Very Fine House" :) ).

Boston Legal was equally outstanding, I thought; they did something extremely interesting. For those of you who didn't see it, the office was held hostage along with a former defendant of Denny's, and they were forced to relive the former defendant's murder trial. Doesn't sound all that interesting, but the hostage-taker was the now-adult son of the victim. Denny (William Shatner's character) had defended the accused killer as his first case 50 years ago in partnership with his father. Every so often, Denny would get a dreamy look on his face and there would be a flashback to him and his father, 50 years ago. Still sounds dull, right? Except that they used clips from an old black-and-white movie or TV show in which a very young William Shatner had played a lawyer. I want to find out what those clips were from, but I don't really know where to start - he guest-starred on a lot of anthology shows back in the 1950s, and it could have been any of them, or a film. The actor playing his father looked a little like Spencer Tracy, I thought, but he looked too old to have been Tracy in the 1950s. Maybe someone in the weekly thread on the show at TrekBBS knows the answer, if nobody who's read this far does.

I have to pop over there and change my signature anyway, to reflect the new guests we've just announced for Polaris 21: Teryl Rothery (Stargate SG-1's Dr. Frasier, as well as the upcoming Babylon 5 movie) and Tanya Huff. (I guess this means I really have to make an effort to find time to watch Blood Ties before the con...) I'm kind of missing the place, though I can imagine what TNZ has been like over the past week or so just from reading the newspaper.

Oh, and the other thing I should mention is that the nomination period for the Constellation Awards is fast coming to an end (the deadline is April 15). The nomination ballot is available from the nomination guidelines page, here.

First, though, I want to get caught up and see what you lot have been up to over the past 48 hours. Later.
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Nominations are now open for The 2007 Constellation Awards, Canada's new fan awards for excellence in science fiction television and film. Anybody may submit nominations for the nine award categories:

Television Categories:

  1. Best Male Performance in a 2006 Science Fiction Television Episode

  2. Best Female Performance in a 2006 Science Fiction Television Episode

  3. Best Science Fiction Television Series of 2006

Film / TV Movie / Mini-Series Categories:

  1. Best Male Performance in a 2006 Science Fiction Film, TV Movie, or Mini-Series

  2. Best Female Performance in a 2006 Science Fiction Film, TV Movie, or Mini-Series

  3. Best Science Fiction Film, TV Movie, or Mini-Series of 2006

Other Categories:

  1. Best Technical Accomplishment in a 2006 Science Fiction Film or Television Production

  2. Best Overall 2006 Science Fiction Film or Television Script

  3. Outstanding Canadian Contribution to Science Fiction Film or Television in 2006

Go to where you can:

  • Review the eligibility guidelines for each category

  • Check out a list of series, movies, and mini-series that have been identified as being eligible for nomination, and

  • Nominate! You can nominate online, or download a nomination form to send to us by postal mail or email.

Nominations must be received (via postal mail, email, or our online nomination form) by APRIL 15th, 2007. Questions and comments can be sent to


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