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It's been a busy and long week... so long that I'm almost too exhausted to think about what I want to post. I've had six straight days of four or fewer hours of sleep - I'm looking forward to going to bed shortly and not getting up until noon or so.

For those who asked in my last post (to which I haven't had a chance to respond), if it wasn't obvious, yes, I took the job that I was offered. I had a few concerns, but in the current job market I didn't feel comfortable turning down a job that I was so well qualified for after my last two years.

(Plus, I still haven't received the Record Of Employment that I was supposed to get within five days of being laid off from my old job, and without it I wouldn't have been able to collect unemployment... that's another good reason for jumping at the offer. I expect that I'll have to spend several weeks nagging them for it, along with the severance they owe me.)

Anyway, the new job is going reasonably well - apparently my work has been impressive. On one of my projects, after the first week I was already ahead of the person who had been working on it for three months (who is no longer there). And I'm enjoying what I'm doing, which is important.

The other project I was assigned to, however, was a bit of a pain. I won't go into details, but the changes I had to make added up to a grand total of roughly ten lines of code. However, the state in which the project had been left by the previous developer (who is also no longer with the company) was such that I couldn't figure out how to deploy my changes. It took a full week, and the input of five or six other people, to figure out what was going on and to get my changes into the demo system. But now that the problem has been solved, hopefully it won't happen again.

The one drawback is that the commute is roughly the same length as my previous commute (about an hour and a half each way), but they're being stricter about hours - I have to get to the office for 8:30 in the morning, which means I have to be up by about 6:30. I am sooooo not a morning person.

I spent most of evenings this week working on Polaris stuff, in preparation for today's scheduling meeting. We held it a few weeks earlier this year, in the hope of giving ourselves more time to respond to the inevitable requests from panelists for changes. As a result, there are a lot of panels in the schedule which currently don't have anyone signed up for them yet - so if you're coming to the con, please consider being a panelist. If you're not yet pre-registered, by signing up as a panelist you become eligible for a discount of $10 per panel. The panel list is here - it still contains some panels that didn't make the schedule today, but they will be removed from the list shortly.

Actually, preparing the grids was an interesting experience this year. I had ordered some paper from a company out in Brampton. Because they deliver, I had the shipment sent to my office address. I knew it would be heavy and awkward - it was a 50-pound roll, after all, four feet wide and 720 feet long. (It cost about the same as last year's roll, which was only just enough for what we needed - this, OTOH, will probably last ten years.) When it arrived, I needed help getting it to my cubicle, so I called Declan and asked if he would help me get it home. He agreed, and picked me up after work on Wednesday.

Then [ profile] travellingone came over Thursday night. We put the roll on my dining room table in order to unroll it, measuring pieces as we went. We needed four pieces, each about seven or eight feet long. So each of us put our arms into the centre spindle in order to lift and rotate the roll so that the paper would unroll, then we cut off what we needed. I now have a bruise the size of a large egg on the inside of my left forearm from where I was putting pressure when lifting the roll... ouch.

Once the pieces were cut, we laid them out on my living room floor and knelt down to draw the gridlines on. Of course, neither of us owned a long ruler, so we ended up using the edge of the box the roll came in so that the lines would be straight. However, we didn't anticipate killing a Sharpie and two highlighters in the process of drawing the lines. We managed to get through it by about 12:45 or so, though.

We've added some new guests and events in the last little while:

  • Claudia Black, of Stargate SG-1 and Farscape, will be appearing Friday and Saturday.

  • Authors Ursula Pflug, Rob St. Martin, Kate Story and Erik Buchanan have been added (in Erik's case, we actually announced him a while ago but didn't get him on the website until this week).

  • The Shadow Cats, Toronto's Repo! The Genetic Opera shadow cast, will be performing Friday evening, after Opening Ceremonies.

  • The Writers' Workshop, which is being conducted this year by Eddie Schneider of JABberwocky Literary Agency (representatives for Violette Malan, Charlaine Harris, Brandon Sanderson, Tanya Huff, Simon R. Green, and Elizabeth Moon), will take place Sunday.

  • In place of our usual Martial Arts workshops, we are offering a Tai Chi workshop on Saturday and a Yoga workshop on Sunday.

And we're still working on more. It's going to be a great con this year. (Well, I think it's a great con every year, but I may be biased. ;) )

Today's scheduling meeting was supposed to start at 9, but because of some changes in the way we decided to run the meeting this year, we didn't actually get to work until about 10. It didn't help that it started pouring out while I was on my way. The grids got a little damp despite my umbrella - I was walking along and thinking, "There's no way this can get any worse." And then the rain's intensity doubled. I arrived just in time to avoid the hailstorm that followed, fortunately.

I was obviously sleep-deprived because at one point [ profile] whitesangria was putting Post-Its on the wall for the actor guests and I thought I heard something about David Nickle's signing. Since David is an author and is not [ profile] whitesangria's responsibility ([ profile] travellingone and I look after the author guests), I was confused and asked, "Why are you putting David Nickle's signing up?" Of course, she was putting up David Nykl, not David Nickle... I knew that was going to cause confusion, but I didn't think I would be the one getting confused. Once we realized my mistake, we all had a good laugh about it.

While we didn't set a speed record this year in terms of being finished early, the actual amount of time spent working on the schedule probably was less than ever before as we were working at a rather leisurely pace and even took a lunch break. And then, after we were done, [ profile] whitesangria barbecued for those of us who didn't have to leave early. Overall, it was a relatively pleasant way to spend a day even if I did have to get up at 8 this morning after not getting to bed until 5:30. (My Inbox had exploded in the previous 48 hours or so, from 160 emails to well over 300, and I hadn't had time to deal with it.)

I'd like to acknowledge everyone who came today and has worked so hard on putting the schedule together: [ profile] travellingone for being a voice of calm, [ profile] whitesangria for hosting and cooking in addition to her scheduling duties, [ profile] dx4 and his brother Nik for being our IT and data entry department, [ profile] nexstarman and [ profile] indefatigable42 (who took on responsibility for [ profile] assetic's panels in addition to their own and who gave me a ride home afterwards), Declan, [ profile] plaidlibrarian, [ profile] cuteteenboy, Trevor, [ profile] yellow_freshia, Monique M., [ profile] kaelsu2, [ profile] rockgoddes, [ profile] ladygiggles and [ profile] protegeboy, who dropped [ profile] kaelsu2 off, then returned later and contributed to the group dinner after we were done. If I missed anyone, I apologize...

In other news from the past week, I spent a couple of very pleasant evenings online with Eric. We watched the final Dead Like Me episode last night, so that just leaves the movie. Only ten more days until he's here!

Oh, and I finally managed to get my hands on the deluxe edition of the new Pet Shop Boys album, Yes, this week. I haven't had a chance to listen to the whole thing yet, but I already have had a couple of the songs stick in my head for several hours each. (Love Etc. is particularly insidious that way. Beautiful People is pretty good, too, as is All Over The World, which incorporates music from The Nutcracker, of all things.)

I was so deliriously happy about finally getting the PSB album that I also picked up Depeche Mode's new album, Boston Legal S5 and Caprica. I haven't done anything with them yet, though - I'm saving Caprica for Eric's visit, since we watched BSG together. He's already told me that he wants our next shared viewing experience to be Lost, though, which should be interesting - I haven't gone back and rewatched the earlier episodes since the writers started peeling back some of the layers and providing explanations for some of the earlier events. I think it will be interesting to rewatch some of those earlier episodes, knowing more about what's going on.

I think it's time to go to bed now... I'm starting to have trouble keeping my eyes open, and if I have to get up around noon, that's only 11 hours away. ;)
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I feel like I've spent all weekend sitting in front of the computer. I managed to get through 14 of the 21 outstanding items on my Anticipation "to do" list, and several of the items currently outstanding are dependent upon the answer to an email I sent this afternoon. (I think there may be one item that isn't.) I also got some Polaris stuff done, and tested the CUFF ballot website (there's a slight snag there, and I've asked [ profile] dx4 to give my code a look as everything looks like it should work correctly), and sent out a couple of emails pertaining to Gaylaxicon. Overall, I've sent out 71 85 emails since yesterday afternoon, and processed roughly 120 that came in. I have a few Polaris things I want to attend to before going to bed. (Yes, I'm already thinking about bed. Having to get up at 6 in the morning does that to a person.)

The only thing I didn't get done this weekend was going for a haircut - I called the salon that my stylist moved to a couple of months ago, but apparently they're closed on Sundays. And Mondays. Since I'll be in Montreal next Saturday, and have the Polaris programming scheduling meeting the following Saturday, it's going to be another three weeks before I have a chance to get it done. (I thought about calling to see if [ profile] ghostleegirl was working today, but decided instead to attack my overdue To Do lists. It is getting rather desperate, though.)

The last few days before the weekend were kind of tiring as well - but starting a new job is always a bit overwhelming for me (and probably for most people) until I get used to a new routine. I met so many new people on Thursday and Friday that I'm thinking it will take me months to remember any of their names (aside from [ profile] cuteteenboy, whom I already knew, of course). I'm already quite busy there, though - no time to get used to things!

I've been saving up a few things to share, that I've seen in various places around the web.

First, I'm surprised that nobody has picked up the story that Gillian Anderson is being approached to be on Doctor Who. The producers apparently want her to appear as the Rani. That will be cool, if it comes to fruition.

Second, I forget who posted this link initially (though it looks like something [ profile] ozreison may have linked to), but someone has knitted a Guitar Hero scarf, depicting a section of the song "Hotel California". The knitter is willing to do custom orders for US$45.

Third, in the latest instance of epic fail, some fanfic writer with delusions of grandeur named Lady Sybilla, claiming that copyright should not exist because all ideas come from the collective unconscious, is taking it upon herself to write a sequel to Twilight called Russet Noon. Peter David - described by this writer as "a comic-book author and Trekkie geek who refuses to retire and is still trying to be a hero after all these years" - has started a communal response. A group of people are writing a Twilight parody, in 500-word increments, to mock this writer's efforts. The parody's title is Potato Moon, and the first three parts have been posted on Peter David's blog, here. (Alternatively, you can get all of the posts except for part 3 together here.)

And now to check my email, deal with one outstanding Polaris item, and check my email again one last time before getting ready for bed...
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For those of you not obsessively refreshing the Polaris 23 webpage, we have another actor guest: Matt Frewer!

You may remember him as Max Headroom:

but he's also been in Watchmen, Dawn Of The Dead and Apollo 11 and on Eureka, Taken, PSI Factor and Star Trek: The Next Generation, and has been a voice actor on Gargoyles, Hercules, The Incredible Hulk, Batman and many more.

I have to say, I'm even more excited about this announcement than I was about Michael Hogan. *grin*
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We've just announced a new guest: Michael Hogan, who played Colonel Tigh on Battlestar Galactica!

I have to admit, a year ago I wouldn't have been all that excited, but now that I've watched the show... woohoo!

He joins David Nykl (Dr. Zelenka on Stargate: Atlantis) and authors:

R.J. Anderson
Stephanie Bedwell-Grime
Erik Buchanan
Julie E. Czerneda
Gemma Files
Matthew LeDrew
Lesley Livingston
Karin Lowachee
Derwin Mak
Violette Malan
David Nickle
Michelle Rowen
Douglas Smith

There should be another guest announcement soon - keep your eyes on the website!

In other news, the job hunt continues. So far I've applied to 30 jobs and been in touch with 10 recruiters, plus I've updated my resume on a number of job hunting websites. I got an email today from one of the recruiters asking me if I'm available for a phone call Thursday morning.

I also got a call from my doctor's office today - I have an appointment over at Sunnybrook on April 20. Presumably this relates to the genetic tests that were being done.

And I'm having another bit of fun with Future Shop and HMV - this time I'm trying to get my hands on the 2-disc edition of the new Pet Shop Boys album. It was supposed to come out on March 23, but nobody around here seemed to get it on time. The 2-disc version was pushed back to April 3, but again nobody was getting it then. HMV was supposed to get it today, but all I could find was one copy of the 1-disc version. The woman helping me said, "It should be in by the end of the week." Oy. Here we go again...


Apr. 3rd, 2009 11:22 pm
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In the immortal words of [ profile] randomyst following the Star Trek: Enterprise finale:

"Well, that sucked ass!"

I thought I might have my first good night in ages, following four strikes and a spare in six practice frames, but immediately missed two easy spares once the scores were actually being counted. The third game, I had a good start, but then had three consecutive open frames in the second half.

Final scores: 145, 144, 162.


We didn't even stick around to see what place we were in following tonight. We were in something like 9th out of 13 teams after the second game, and in the third game, we barely broke 1000. (I think I actually had the best score on the team in that third game, which says something as well. And that something is "ugh.")

There's no bowling next week because it's Easter weekend, but the playoffs resume the week after that. We'll have to do better.

In other news, I found one new job today to apply to - it's a mainframe position, through a recruiter who was advertising on Workopolis. I haven't had much luck with this particular recruiter, though. I remember having a meeting with one of their people a few years ago, but have never gotten an actual interview for a position through them. Still, fingers crossed... it's an intermediate position, and they're looking for five years' experience, while I have 12 years in mainframes. This makes 25 jobs I've applied to since last Thursday, plus I've spoken to or submitted my updated resume to ten recruiters.

In other other news, I had a voicemail tonight when I got home from someone I'd been trying to reach for weeks, giving me an answer to a question I'd initially asked back in November. It's not the answer I'd hoped for, but at least it's an answer and I can go back to the drawing board on this particular issue. (And yes, that paragraph is intentionally vague. :) )
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Just to keep everyone up to date... I had originally thought that I would be having my doctor's appointment today, but when I called them this morning (after playing voice mail tag with them yesterday), it turned out that the next opening was for tomorrow, and they weren't even sure about that as they were waiting for a cancellation to be confirmed.

Anyway, they called around 3:30 and I have an appointment for 10:30 tomorrow morning. The doctor's going to do a full physical exam, and hopefully he'll be able to do the EKG as well. There seems to be some confusion at their end on that - one of yesterday's voicemails said, "Did you say ECG or EKG?" Well, it was the ECG I had last Thursday at the hospital that led the doctor to decide that I needed an EKG as well. We'll see what they say tomorrow.

I'm feeling much better than I was last week, though I'm still tired and am moving a little more slowly than usual. I went into the office yesterday and today, but walking back and forth to and from the bus stop was a bit tiring and seemed to take longer than normal. Whatever this is in my chest - whether it's truly a respiratory tract infection or just a bad cold - my cough hasn't been as bad today as it was on the weekend or last week.

Eric and I were chatting this evening when he got kicked off of Skype - they had a power failure down in Atlanta. So I just called him after waiting for him to get back online - he'd sent me some text messages to let me know, but my cellphone battery died today - and we said goodnight. We were going to make it an earlier-than-usual night tonight anyway because I have to be well-rested for my appointment tomorrow. So no Dead Like Me tonight.

Oh, and for those who haven't already seen this elsewhere on their friendslists, but who might be interested, the initial panel list for Polaris 23 has been uploaded to the website here. If you're already pre-registered for the con and want to be on panels, let us know by emailing programming at tcon dot ca. We'll assign you a contact person within our team to handle your panel requests. If you're not yet pre-registered, you can sign up to be a panelist via the online pre-reg process. (It should be up very shortly.)
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Friday night was better than recent nights, but still not up to average: 148, 159, 180. Lots of splits in the first two games.

I got home later than usual because for the first time in recent memory, both teams had all five bowlers present. One of our opponents, a guy named William, is a big SF fan and we spent much of the evening talking about Samuel R. Delany. I'm not sure why, as the only book of his I've read is Dhalgren. (I do own a copy of Stars In My Pocket Like Grains Of Sand, but haven't read it yet. My library is almost as full of unread books as my DVD collection is full of unwatched series.)

Saturday, I had a Constellation Awards meeting up in northern Scarborough. The meeting was for noon, so I set the alarm for 10:30 and got out the door by 11. I figured that would be enough time. Ha! It took me longer to get there than it takes me to get to work - I arrived at 12:45. Fortunately the meeting hadn't really gotten underway yet.

After the meeting, [ profile] gurudata and I looked over the map of Montreal I have and talked a little about potential Gaylaxicon 2010 hotels. Since he's an ex-Montrealer, I thought it would be a good opportunity to get some insight. There are about four or five now that I have to look up online and see if they have the kind of function space we'll need. (I still like the Delta Centre-Ville, though that may be because it's the only hotel I've ever stayed in in Montreal besides the Days Inn where Con*Cept is held.)

I got home around 6 and rushed through dinner because I was supposed to be going to [ profile] travellingone's place to show her how to use Polaris' programming software and to start entering panel ideas with her. I didn't get there until about 8. She immediately offered me wine (I don't often drink wine, but this was a very nice dry red - I think she said it was Spanish?). Her roommate was there as well, and Return Of The Sith was on the TV. It's the one Star Wars movie I actually never saw, so while we waited for [ profile] dx4 to return our message about our still needing our userids and passwords, we watched it for a bit and snarked about the dialogue and Anakin's overall whininess. (I can see why people were so excited about the first appearance of Vader in the suit, though - that was quite powerful, though Hayden Christiansen doesn't have the same presence, even in the suit, that David Prowse had.)

We finished up around 2 (after entering 142 panels into the database), and I left to come home. I had just missed the last subway north, but she lives within walking distance of me (even though it was about -15 out), so I got home around 2:30, finished reading the paper, and then went to bed.

[ profile] travellingone emailed the exported panel lists to our web team, so the initial panel list should be up within a few days. Anyone who's looking at it, remember that it's not a full list - we're still open to suggestions.

Today I got up around 1 with the intention of going out to get my Metropass and VIVA pass, then coming home and doing some cleaning and some laundry. The lines at the Metropass machine (only one of them was working) were slow, though - a woman came up to me and said, "You know, you can buy it at Dominion." I said, "I know, but I'm getting on the subway immediately." I think she just wanted me to leave to make the line shorter. Once I had my Metropass, I went up to Finch and got my VIVA pass, then came back home.

It was nearly 4 when I got back (!), and I remembered that I had promised a couple of our Polaris author guests that I would sign and send back their contracts this weekend. So I sat down at my desk and started downloading and printing them, then scanned them back in and emailed them back. Even though there were only a handful of contracts to deal with, it took me three hours because my computer was being insanely slow. I need to reboot it - it's probably because something was causing a memory leak. (Eric told me off tonight because it's been at least two weeks since the last time I rebooted it. *blush*)

Eric was going to be home earlier than usual tonight, around 8, so I rushed through dinner and washing up, then called [ profile] cuteteenboy as I'd promised him I would call this weekend. However, we didn't really have time to talk, but I suggested that we have dinner together after next weekend's Gaylaxicon concom meeting. I also tried calling my father, but he didn't pick up.

Regarding my father... I think I may be in trouble. For some reason, despite having a newspaper six days a week, and having a daily bridge calendar on my desk at work, I can never remember the date. I honestly thought on Friday that it was the 20th rather than the 27th (which led to my going to the wrong lane when I got to the bowling alley). His birthday was on the 21st, which means that I forgot to call. Oops. (I even made three LJ posts last Saturday...)

This may also explain why I'm surprised whenever I get handed a paycheque at work. I can never remember whether I was paid the previous week or not. (Part of that may also be because my boss never remembers to give it to me on time, and I usually don't get it until the following Tuesday...)

So after calling my father, I called Eric, and we chatted for a while. During the conversation, we both bought our Anime North memberships as well as tickets for the Moonlight Ball and the Saturday brunch. He's really excited about some of the voice actors they have coming. Me, I recognize some of the titles, but that's about it. Tomorrow I'll have to make some phone calls and get us a hotel room (I know we won't be able to get a room at the Doubletree - it's far too late for that even though the con isn't until late May).

He had to go to bed early - the reason he was early tonight is because he's been asked to go in two hours early tomorrow - so I've spent the last couple of hours going through the old Inbox and wrestling it back down from 190-some-odd emails to about 130. Dealt with some Anticipation emails and some job alerts that were in there, and responded to this year's first CUFF nominee to let her know that I got her nomination.

And now I think I might go to bed a little earlier than usual because I'm not feeling all that great. I think I'm coming down with a cold - my mucous membranes are all dry and my back and arms are aching, though the latter might be because I've mostly been sitting at one computer or the other almost the whole time I've been home today. I have a pillow behind my back (because I'm sitting on the couch, using the laptop), but it's not helping.
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Wow, it's not even 12:30 and I think I've responded to all of today's emails that required responses: Polaris stuff, Anticipation stuff and Gaylaxicon stuff. I did a whole bunch of stuff for CUFF last night, so now I'm just waiting for nominations to come in.

Of course, really should start entering panel descriptions into the database for Polaris, but because I have to set up my connection first and I do want to be in bed before 1 (shock!), it will probably have to wait until the weekend. ([ profile] travellingone and I should probably arrange to get together to work on it, anyway, so that I can show her how to use the software.)

So today, three weird things happened. I think I posted about a month or so ago that an old email pen-pal from my university days had contacted me out of the blue, and that we'd exchanged a couple of emails. (Which reminds me, I haven't yet responded to his last one...) I thought it quite the coincidence that I had been thinking about him just a few days before he emailed me. Well, today I got a message on Facebook from someone else I hadn't heard from in years, whose name crossed my mind out of the blue the other day. This one is someone I actually knew, as opposed to being an online friend - I think we met in Miss Sarre's grade 1 class at Norway Junior Public School. I do remember that we were in Cubs together, and he would occasionally come over to my house. In high school, we were in band together - we both played trumpet. I haven't seen him since university, and even then, didn't see much of him as I was studying math and he was studying kinesiology. It seems he's working down in Texas now. He always was kind of restless... it'll be fun to get caught up.

The second weird thing: a week or so ago I got a notice from my landlord that I'd apparently underpaid my rent. The people here don't just give a gentle reminder - they actually serve an eviction notice. (It gets rescinded if you give them a cheque for the oustanding amount - I went through this once before when I'd been away for less than a week over the first of the month and forgotten to drop off my cheque before leaving town, and I freaked out when I came home and found it. Nice people at this property management company...) Now, I realized the day after I dropped off my rent cheque this month that it had just gone up and that I had inadvertantly written my cheque for the old amount, so I dropped off a second cheque for the difference, which was $20.11. I'm figuring that the superintendent just hasn't checked the dropbox since the first of the month, so that's not a huge deal - I'll check my bank account to see if the cheque has gone through and if it hasn't, I'll call the office and let them know. (Though there was one time when they neglected to record my payment and I had to get the cheque back from the bank, and the management company refused to reimburse me the bank fee even though they were in the wrong. Assholes.) The really odd thing about this, though, is that there was a second amount listed on the notice - for $1.12. Yeah, they served me with an eviction notice because I'd apparently underpaid my rent by $1.12. (I'm not sure how they calculated that, unless my storage locker was $10.14 per month instead of the $10 the superintendent told me it was...)

So I wrote them a cheque for $1.12 and dropped it off on my way home tonight, because they wanted it by the 26th. Why they couldn't wait for March 1 for the additional $1.12, I have no idea... and I know, they don't particularly care. They just want their money. It's like a scene from that John Cusack movie... "I want my two dollars!" (I'd look up the movie title, but for some reason IMDb crashes my laptop... I'm thinking it's Better Off Dead? Help me, [ profile] thespian, you're my only hope...)

The third weird thing today is that I bumped into Justen for the second time in roughly 28 hours. That doesn't sound terribly weird except that yesterday, we were nowhere near my neighbourhood (he works fairly close to where I live, but today's encounter was the first time I've bumped into him around here). In total, this is the fourth time I've bumped into him unexpectedly, and those other two times were nowhere near here either. (Once was near Union Station, once at Yonge and St. Clair, yesterday outside the Eaton Centre and tonight at the supermarket. I know I'm his Fairy Godfather, but that doesn't mean he should be able to summon me at will... *grin*)
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... but I had to call Eric as soon as I got home last night so that we could watch BSG, and this is the first chance I've had to post since. *grin*

I had an interesting (as in the Chinese curse) bus ride down to Toronto last night. I got on the bus and made my way to the back, and got out my newspaper. There were two guys who looked to be about 17 sitting in the back sharing a 40-ouncer of rye. Three people got on at the same stop as me - two guys sat directly across from me, and the girl sat down on my right. All three of them - who also looked to be about 17 - greeted the two who were already on the bus and then immediately pulled cans of Molson Canadian Cold Shots out of their coats and started chugging.

For the next hour, I was regaled by stories about the people whom these five wanted to beat up, the people they wanted to kill, the people they wanted to rob (or already had), a lengthy discussion about which liquor stores were easiest to rob, the home invasions they wanted to commit, and the bar brawls they were planning on starting last night.

Given that one of the two guys sharing the bottle of rye knocked it over and spilled about half of it, I suspect that they probably didn't manage to put their plans into action last night.

At one point, one of the rye drinkers said to the beer drinkers, "Is he with you?", meaning me. The latter were so drunk that they said yes (!!!) and then the first guy asked, "So why isn't he fuckin' conversating with us?" It was then that the person who answered realized what the question was and corrected his earlier response.

A little later, I looked up from my newspaper (having managed to read maybe two whole pages in 30 minutes) and looked out the window opposite, nowhere near making eye contact with these people. On top of that, I was wearing my sunglasses as it was clear last night and the sunset was rather bright. The girl said, "What the fuck are you lookin' at?" (I wanted to say, "Oh, I'm sorry, is that your window?" but who knows what would have happened...)

I couldn't even pull out my iPod and listen to music because they had spent part of their quality time together talking about how they had beaten up some kid for his iPod... and there was also mention of pulling knives on cops. The recent news story of the young man who was murdered for his iPod on an Ottawa bus was too fresh in my mind to allow myself to give them an opportunity to try to rob me... so I had to listen to all of this for an hour.

(Normally I think I'd have been able to handle them, considering how drunk they all were... barring the use of weapons. But when I'm sitting in a corner seat in the back of the bus, in the row with the tables, wearing my winter coat and boots, I probably would have been too slow to defend myself...)

Even as glad as I am every night to get to Finch station, I was doubly glad last night.

It's a good thing the VIVA buses have cameras at the back... all five of them should be easily identifiable if the cops need to find them.

So... my bowling scores from last night: 164, 147, 202. I was getting frustrated, putting the ball right into the pocket and leaving pins anyway. And then I developed a mental block about the 4-pin, missing it three times on the left while still managing to keep the ball on the lane. Let me tell you, that's not easy... and I only deliberately aimed to the left of the 4-pin once (when I had left the 4-7-10 and was actually trying to spare it). After the second game, I turned to Lindsey and said, "Lovely. I need 205 in the third game to make average for the night." She said, "You can do it. I've seen you." Well, 202 was close enough, I guess. *grin* Pity we lost two out of three games.

I came home and, as I said above, immediately called Eric. We caught each other up on our respective days and then watched BSG together...

Wow. Don't click if you don't want spoilers. )

I had to meet [ profile] gurudata at 1pm this afternoon to go to an Aurora Awards meeting at Liana K's house. I managed to get out the door by about 12:15, so I decided to go up to Future Shop first. I wanted to pick up the new Franz Ferdinand album that came out this week, and while I was in there, I thought I'd see if they got any new copies of Doctor Who S4. No joy. I asked a sales clerk, thinking that he would just look on the computer system to see if any other stores had copies, but when he found one that did, he insisted on calling them. I told him I wouldn't be able to get there until tomorrow at the earliest, and he said, "They don't usually hold things past the end of the day, but I can ask." I said, "That's okay - I have to go to a meeting. I can just pop by there tomorrow," but he just kept calling extension after extension at the other store (nobody was picking up). Finally I managed to get through to him that I didn't really have the time to wait for him to reach someone - at this point it was about 12:40, and I almost put the Franz Ferdinand album back because I didn't want to wait for the single open cashier to process the four customers who were already in line. I figured I'd get the album tomorrow too. But I couldn't remember where I'd gotten it from (they moved everything in that store around a few months ago, and I hadn't gotten it in the regular music section - it was in the New Releases), so I decided I'd just buy it and if I was five minutes late, it wouldn't be the end of the world.

I managed to get to York Mills by 12:57... but still haven't found the time to listen to the album.

After our meeting, [ profile] gurudata asked if I would be interested in dinner as [ profile] kanecool wasn't going to be home tonight and so he was at a loose end. So we went to a Pickle Barrel somewhere in the Leslie/Steeles area (I think), where I had butternut squash soup and hoisin chicken stir-fry. It was quite good, though there was one vegetable in the stir-fry that I said to [ profile] gurudata tasted a little like bleach. I never was able to identify what it was (the only other piece was in the very last mouthful).

Not that I actually know what bleach tastes like...

So I got home, dealt with some emails I had to send, and called Eric around 9. We wrapped up our call around 2 - he has to work a night shift tomorrow, and he's working Monday and Tuesday as well, so we won't see each other until Tuesday night at the earliest (depending on how tired he is after work).

After our call, I continued dealing with emails - I've got my Inbox down to 170 messages now. considering that it was at 180 this afternoon, that doesn't sound very good - but there were about 10 more that came in while I was talking to Eric. I still have some Anticipation emails to deal with regarding the Masquerade and Hugo Awards (my department heads are probably wondering why I haven't answered too many of their emails over the past week), and I have to follow up on an email exchange I had with someone a couple of weeks ago (this time the delay is on his end), and I have some more Polaris stuff to deal with...

I had to email Julie Czerneda about stuff for both cons, and I jokingly said, "Why do I do this to myself?" Her response: "Because you're indispensible and we love you?"

I actually take exception to the use of "indispensible" (I may have several fairly important responsibilities at the moment, but nobody is "indispensible"), but I can live with the second part of her response. *grin*

Oh, and work? I'll have to post about that tomorrow... since I have to be up in about eight hours, and I'm usually quite capable of sleeping for nine or ten hours on weekends.
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I got tagged by [ profile] slaughteredewok for a meme, and figured that I would get started tonight (otherwise it's going to be pretty dull, because my daily routine doesn't change much, at least on weekdays).

The rules are that for eight days you have to post something that made you happy that day.

For most of the afternoon, I was at a Polaris Exec meeting. There's very little in life that makes me happier than spending time with groups of SF fans, and while we may occasionally have differing points of view about some things, the sheer amount of energy and productivity, which stems for each and every member's love of what we're doing, always reminds me of just why I throw myself so whole-heartedly into working on conventions.

The second part of tonight's response - as many of you may have guessed - pertains to the fact that I spent roughly six hours online with Eric this evening. We watched the final two episodes of S3 of Battlestar Galactica and discussed them for a bit (as well as discussing other things). The only thing that would be better would be if we were in the same room (hell, the same country would be nice, but you can't have everything - where would you keep it?). I can hardly wait for Chattacon in about six weeks. :)

As for the episodes themselves - I actually knew where the finale was heading, because when it first aired, I was at the desktop with Space on behind me. I heard the climactic scene unfold, and when it got to the big reveal, I stopped what I was doing, said, "What the hell?", and walked over so that I could see the TV. And I did that having only seen occasional bits of the show up until then - I don't think I'd actually seen any entire episodes at that point, but I was still thrown by the sudden left turn that the plot had taken. I can only imagine what people who had been watching the show all along must have felt.

My boss had burned copies of all of S4 to date for me, and we discovered tonight that my DVD player won't play the disc. :( So I downloaded VLC to my laptop (since my desktop doesn't have a DVD player), and we'll continue tomorrow night with the beginning of S4. At this rate, I'll be all caught up in time for the premiere of S4.5 in January. :)

I'd kind of wanted to be in bed by 12, with a mug of Neo Citran, because of this cold that's kicking my ass (and my sinuses, from the inside :( )... so much for that idea. Ah, well, it was worth it. :)

Now, I'm supposed to tag eight people:
[ profile] whitesangria
[ profile] thirdworld
[ profile] montrealais
[ profile] travellingone
[ profile] msvu20
[ profile] montymark
[ profile] chanilye
[ profile] kiramowett
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On my way to bowling tonight, I decided to walk to the bus stop in order to retrace my steps and see if I could spot the ring I lost - no joy. :(

My scores tonight were decent, if not spectacular: 147, 182, 188. That gave me a series total exactly one pin above my average (or a few pins below if you take the decimal places into account, but the league doesn't do that). Also, we won all three games. Since we were bowling against a team with which we were tied for third in the league standings, that's a good thing. I heard one of them afterwards complaining that we had a 50-pin advantage on them in handicap - it was actually 12 pins. And our flat scores beat theirs in all three games anyway. (So there. *grin*)

It was a strange night, though - I knew that Mario was going to be away, but I'm not sure that I knew that all four of my teammates were going to be away tonight, so I was all by myself. Fortunately they left some good declared scores (Lindsey, who has a 120 average, had a 170 game in the third, and Mario had two 180+ games and a 229). And the other team were pleasant to bowl against, which helped. They were very social and included me in many of their conversations throughout the evening, and even shared their Christmas candy with me (not that I needed it...).

Mario's not being there gave me an excuse to indulge myself on the way home. Last Saturday, when I was going to various supermarkets to gather the ingredients I needed to make dinner (I still can't believe I had to go to three grocery stores to find lemon juice), I discovered that the Metro at Eglinton and Bayview still carries the Stoney Creek brand of ice cream that the Metro at Yonge and Eglinton discontinued several months ago. So after bowling, I took the bus north to Eglinton and west to Bayview rather than south to the Pape subway station, and picked up some black cherry ice cream. Mmmm. :)

This promises to be a busy weekend. I need to find some time to wrap more Christmas presents, and I have an Anticipation meeting tomorrow regarding the Aurora Awards, and a Polaris Exec meeting Sunday. And, of course, Eric and I will be continuing our quest to get me caught up on BSG. (We watched "Maelstrom" Wednesday night.) And I just realized that I was supposed to email someone regarding an Aurora-related question the other day, and it slipped my mind when I got embroiled in trying to solve a work-related problem. Oops. Fortunately the person I need to email lives on the west coast, so hopefully he'll see the email and respond tonight, or by the time I get up tomorrow.
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Tonight's scores: 185, 167, 180. I didn't have my best game of the year, but overall, my series total of 532 was the highest so far. And even better, we won all three games. Going into tonight, we were fourth in the league - I meant to check how far behind the third-place team we were before I left, but forgot.

I'm tired now, but I have some stuff from earlier this week to get caught up on before I can go to bed because it's going to be a busy weekend, with an Anticipation meeting tomorrow with [ profile] gurudata and Liana K., and two Polaris meetings on Sunday. *yawn*


Sep. 10th, 2008 11:33 pm
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The cold I brought home from Atlanta is slowly getting better... I didn't wake up at 3:30 this morning hacking up a lung like I did the night before. And the headache I had last night has gone away, though my neck is sore tonight... I must be getting old. :(

For those few of you who haven't heard the news, today the CERN supercollider was switched on. It'll be interesting to see what happens when they actually start doing some real science with it, as opposed to just letting it warm up like they did today. Personally, I think the fears people have been expressing about it causing the end of the world are just a tad overblown. If I remember my physics correctly (and [ profile] nexstarman or [ profile] kipron can correct me if I'm wrong), even if the particles being smashed together did cause a black hole to form, it would be so small that it would evaporate almost instantly.

Unfortunately, I suspect that we won't be having flashforwards as in Rob Sawyer's novel. :(

So if any of you have been worrying, here's a convenient website to update you on the status of the experiment:

Has the Large Hadron Collector Destroyed The World Yet?

And another, just in case you're still unsure:

Has The LHC Destroyed The Earth?

In other news, it has been officially determined that I am, in fact, insane. Right, [ profile] travellingone? ;)

And now, from [ profile] travellingone...

You post the answers, but not the questions. It's a 30 questions meme! If you want to play, comment and I'll return a screened reply of the questions. Then you have to post your own answers to them.

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6. I don't think this one really applies to anyone on my friendslist.
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9. I'm assuming this doesn't apply to people with whom I've already done this, so... [ profile] ghstlght74, [ profile] evil_admiral, [ profile] kipron, [ profile] saintrobert, [ profile] lizblackdog, [ profile] stargate2077. If we're including people with whom we've already done it, add [ profile] cuteteenboy, [ profile] dx4, and Declan to that list.
10. [ profile] rockgoddes, [ profile] huntingdon
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12. I can't narrow this down... so many of you are beautiful in every way possible.
13. [ profile] gnumoose, [ profile] mutarada
14. [ profile] travellingone and [ profile] yellow_freshia; [ profile] neoengel
15. I can't say I've ever wanted to do that to anyone in particular.
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21. I don't know what this means. Google returned pages about cathode ray tubes, stars, dogs and amino acids...
22. See #21.
23. I don't think this applies to anyone here. [ profile] whitesangria would be closest.
24. [ profile] whitesangria
25. [ profile] dx4, [ profile] ghstlght74, [ profile] kevinlc
26. Circumstances require me to plead the Fifth. *grin*
27. [ profile] ghstlght74
28. I'm assuming this refers to someone who doesn't already do it. [ profile] kosst_amojan, [ profile] evil_admiral
29. See #26.
30. My life would be much poorer without each of you being a part of it.

I'm back!

Jul. 15th, 2008 11:46 pm
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Wow, what a weekend.

Everything between the Thursday night concom potluck and meeting to the Monday afternoon breakfast is a bit of a blur. I'd been feeling like I might not want to do this again a few times in the last couple of weeks, but who am I kidding? I love working with this fantastic group of people, even if I spend 18 hours a day running around and don't get to see much of the convention.

The bits I did see, however, were a lot of fun. Some highlights of the weekend:

  • I got to spend some quiet time with [ profile] rosemary_ca and others Thursday and Saturday nights. Most people had long gone to bed, but [ profile] rosemary_ca was a gracious hostess (and even fed me a delicious grilled roast beef sandwich around 4 o'clock Sunday morning :) ). I'm glad that our friend Ben made sure that I stopped by.

  • Ditto for [ profile] summ3r_daze Friday night. I didn't make it to her room party until something like 3AM, after putting Saturday's panel schedules up and making sure all the doors were locked for the night, but she made sure that I was relaxed and fed. (That's important. Friday I had the departmental breakfast meeting at 9AM, and didn't get out to eat until 12:30 AM. I know I'm supposed to find time to eat, but there was just too much that needed doing, and not enough available bodies.)

  • Back to Thursday - I had to go up to my room to grab the binder that contained all of my Programming notes. [ profile] kairi_kiss was heading up at the same time, so we were in the elevator together. The doors opened, and there stood Gareth David-Lloyd in a tight black tank top. Russell T Davies should fire the makeup artist and costume designer on Torchwood - the man is smoking hot in person. You think he's hot as Ianto? You ain't seen nothing. He said good evening, we returned the greeting, and once the elevator doors closed, I turned to [ profile] kairi_kiss and fanned myself. Every time he saw me after that, he winked, though I'm sure that he was doing that to everyone. ([ profile] ghstlght74, before you get your hopes up, he's straight and his girlfriend was there this weekend too. :P )

  • Late Friday afternoon, I went over to the airport to meet Jim and Shannon Butcher. I knew that we were picking up an actor at the same time, but I didn't know who until we got there and [ profile] psubrat handed me a sign with the Polaris logo and the name "E. Muth" written on it. Of course, Ellen was our actor GoH at Gaylaxicon two years ago, and I saw her again at Dragon*Con last year, where she remembered me, so I was amused by the coincidence. [ profile] psubrat stood at one end of the departure area while [ profile] kaelsu2 and I stood in front of the doors. Ellen came through, I waved, and she came over and said, "Hi! Remember me?" :)

  • Friday night, I was on my way past the Blast-Off Party when I spotted Garfield and Judith Reeves-Stevens standing in the hallway. I hadn't yet seen them, so I stopped to say hello and make sure that they had everything they needed. I hadn't actually seen them in 19 years - they used to live here in Toronto, and I used to socialize with them occasionally, back before they'd published their first Star Trek novel - and after assuring me that everything was good, Gar asked me, "And you are--?" I showed him my badge, and he grinned widely, said, "Lance! I'm sorry, but it's been 19 years!" and threw his arms around me. Then Judy came over and did the same thing.

  • I actually managed to make it to Klingon Karaoke for about 45 minutes Friday night to hang out with [ profile] hoskie (and sing "West End Girls" ;) ). I only saw him one other time during the con - when I was dashing somewhere in response to a radio call, naturally. (I hope you enjoyed yourself!)

  • An important note - never get a Boston Creme donut for breakfast, then put it in your pocket and forget about it for the next two hours. (I needed both hands free to carry two cups of coffee back to the hotel.)

  • Another Ellen Muth story - Saturday afternoon, I was taking Jim Butcher (who was fantastic, BTW) backstage for his Main Room talk when Ellen and her guest liaison came into the hallway on their way to the autograph room. Apparently Ellen had been watching Polaris TV (a loop of items about the con and its history that we play on the hotel's internal TV channel), and the Polaris Vs. TT videos that [ profile] twiddler and I performed last year were part of it. She grinned and said, "I saw you on TV this morning!" (I thought I was the one who was supposed to be saying stuff like that. ;) )

  • Edited to add: How could I forget the fire alarms? I got to bed at 5:30 Sunday morning... and the alarm went off three times between about 7:30 and 8:30. I finally got up the third time (it was a fast ringing, as opposed to the slower one from earlier) and took the stairs down to the lobby, where I found almost nobody. Someone had buttons made up that said "I survived the Polaris 22 Inferno... three times" and gave them out. (I'm not sure who was actually responsible for making them. I don't even remember who gave me mine, though I do remember [ profile] whitesangria giving me some for the Butchers and the Reeves-Stevenses.)

Most of the rest of the weekend was taken up by walking back and forth between one end of the hotel and the other, just making sure that everything was going smoothly. I stage-managed the Constellation Awards Saturday evening, which went very well. When Tanya Huff was announced as the winner for "Best Canadian Contribution" (as the author of the books that the series "Blood Ties" was based on), the crowd went absolutely nuts - everyone loves Tanya. (She did thwap me in the arm on Saturday and tell me off for scheduling her for four consecutive panels. We normally try to avoid that, but Jenga happens...)

As with most large events, there are things that don't go as well as one hopes. We had a panel planned on Sunday afternoon with one of the scientists from the Ontario Centre of Forensic Sciences, and he had to cancel very late last week because of a last-minute conflict. I had printed up signs and posted one on the door of the room the panel was scheduled in, but I didn't realize that I'd posted it on the door that actually opened. When the door was propped open, the sign was on the other side, facing the wall, where nobody could see it. Our AV guy radioed me to tell me that there were no panelists there, but there were about 20 people in the room. I told him that the panel had been cancelled and raced the entire length of the hotel to apologize to the people who had come to hear him speak.

I also didn't get to see the head of KAG/KANADA, with whom I'd been emailing (and to whom I owe a response to an email from about two weeks ago). I'd really wanted to sit down with him for a few minutes, but while I saw someone else from the group, to my knowledge, I never actually saw him. I was a bit miffed that they had decided to reschedule their Grand Assembly without actually consulting the department - they just scratched it off the schedule that was posted on the door to the room and wrote in "rescheduled for Saturday afternoon". I have no idea where they held it, considering that all of the panel rooms were in use...

I was worried that the filkers would be put out by the last-minute arrangements we'd had to make because we lost the use of the room we'd designated for them. However, when I explained the situation, they were all very understanding. I was a little surprised that they packed it in around 2AM. (One of them - I can't recall now if it was [ profile] marahsk or someone else - said that the days of filking until 5 in the morning were long past for this particular group.) At one point, when I went down to count the number of participants, I was asked if I would sing. I declined, but mentioned that about 20 years ago, I did write two filksongs that got published in Star Trek Toronto's clubzine. I half-suspect that someone is going to dig those up for next year. *gulp*

I'm also sorry I never got to see Terry Farrell. DS9 is my favourite of the Trek series, after all. (Don't tell Gar and Judy. ;) )

Anyway... thanks go out to the fantastic group of people I spent the last year working with to produce this event. We had our moments during the year when we didn't see eye-to-eye, or where our respective goals came into conflict, but at the end of it all, the show went on, and from the comments I was hearing, nobody really noticed that we were like a group of ducks, paddling madly underneath the surface - they just saw the calm, serene floating. ;)

I know I'm going to forget someone, but hugs to: [ profile] aion117, [ profile] angel_ariel200, [ profile] angrykat, [ profile] aprilsnark, [ profile] blentron, [ profile] bnddbl07, [ profile] chanilye, [ profile] dx4, [ profile] ferrio, [ profile] gurudata, [ profile] indefatigable42, [ profile] kaelsu2, [ profile] kairi_kiss, [ profile] kanecool, [ profile] ladygiggles, [ profile] michael_bridge, [ profile] nexstarman, [ profile] ophelia_begins, [ profile] plaidlibrarian, [ profile] psubrat, [ profile] puddlemagnet, [ profile] rockgoddes, [ profile] scifi_sara, [ profile] summ3r_daze, [ profile] twiddler, [ profile] vampire_sedet, [ profile] verminator, [ profile] whitesangria, [ profile] yellow_freshia, and Declan-of-the-LJ-that-must-not-be-named. If I snapped at you at any point, I didn't mean it - I just get that way when I'm focusing.

Thanks and hugs also go to [ profile] smittyd, who said, "No problem!" when I bumped into him in the hallway Saturday afternoon and told him that we needed someone to run down the street to the print shop to print 18 copies of a 22-page script the Reeves-Stevenses had asked us to make for their screenwriting workshop... and then came back dripping wet because I didn't know it was raining out when I asked him. And he never complained once.

And thanks to those of you who aren't on concom but who attended. If you were there but aren't on this list, it's either because I'm a moron at remembering your LJ handle or because I didn't see you all weekend - and I regret that: [ profile] andromakie, [ profile] assetic, [ profile] avt_tor, [ profile] briankit (you still owe me that ass-grab I didn't have time to collect ;) ), [ profile] c_debergerac, [ profile] cuteteenboy, [ profile] dblaser_ca, [ profile] dlacey, [ profile] dragon_mom, [ profile] elizard100 (an extra thanks for your brilliant job on the In Memoriam video, which I finally got to see at the same time everyone else saw it), [ profile] hico, [ profile] hoskie, [ profile] kaijugal, [ profile] kosst_amojan, [ profile] legostargateman, [ profile] marahsk, [ profile] mints4friends, [ profile] neoengel, [ profile] pann_da_bear, [ profile] redeem147, [ profile] rosemary_ca, [ profile] smittyd, [ profile] theengineer, [ profile] thegrandepoobah (did we actually say hi at all? I know I saw you from a distance at least once), [ profile] travellingone, and [ profile] troystar.

Thanks also to our guests. I only really got to interact with two of the actors - and only saw Rainbow when he was in the lobby Sunday waiting for the limo back to the airport - but I did get to at least say hello to all of the authors except for one (Kelly Armstrong). She's local, though, so I'm sure I'll see her at a future Ad Astra. (I feel bad about my conversation with Kenneth Tam - he stopped me to say hi in the Dealers Room and I kept getting radio calls during our five-minute chat.)

Oh, and [ profile] omahastar? I got that autographed photo from Rainbow Sun Francks for you. Personalized, even.

Now to take it easy for a couple of days before I start thinking about Anticipation again. Maybe I'll even get some work done this week (though I completely forgot that today was Tuesday when I promised the client that I'd have something finished by Wednesday's build...)
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I just got off the phone with [ profile] dx4 and [ profile] chanilye, tying up last-minute scheduling loose ends. It wouldn't be a con if we weren't still making changes at the last minute...

Latest TCON News, with updates on Rachel Luttrell, Julie E. Czerneda, and new guest Rainbow Sun Francks! )
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I just got home half an hour or so ago from what may be the oddest event ever held at a Gay Pride celebration - a Buffy singalong.

They had a screen and sound system set up in a parkette on the north side of Wellesley between Yonge and Church. Just as I arrived, someone I know from the Gay Geeks email list showed up, so we ended up sitting together. Overall, I'd estimate that there were about 75 people there... many of whom ended up with Polaris flyers. *grin* (One young couple ended up with two each because they said they had friends who would be interested.) When I mentioned that we would also be having a Buffy singalong, that really got people's attention. (I think some people thought we'd organized this one.)

[ profile] cuteteenboy was supposed to come with me, but he thought it was tomorrow night, so when I called around 9:30 to ask him where he was, he was still at home. I knew I should have called this afternoon.

[ profile] andromakie, I was surprised you weren't there. Did you not hear about it?

Anyway, it was great fun. The barely-20-year-old guy on my left (part of the couple that asked for extra flyers) got a good laugh from the crowd when he shouted, "Shut up, Dawn!" just as "Dawn's Lament" started. :)

I ran into a couple of other people I know this evening - [ profile] indydark was visiting friends in my neighbourhood, and I bumped into him on my way to the subway. Then I ran into [ profile] quedralox on Yonge Street afterwards. (City of six million people, and I keep bumping into people I know...)

Today came on the heels of another Polaris promotional event - a bunch of us went downtown last night and put flyers up on poles from Wellesley subway over to Church, down Church to Carlton, and back over to Yonge. (Another group had done much of the rest of downtown earlier in the evening.) After that, we ended up at Fran's, where I did my lactose intolerance a world of good by having a milkshake and a sundae. While we were there, a group from Serial Diners came in, leading to more of the usual "Lance knows everyone!" comments when I started saying hello to the ones I knew. I replied, "I only know three of them!... er, four," as another person I knew came in. The amendment of "three" to "four" caused great hilarity.

I came back home after that and decided to go back downtown after dropping off my stuff and changing into shorts. I got into the Woody's line and got in around quarter to 2 (the bars stay open until 4 this weekend). I'm not really sure why I bothered - being in close proximity to hundreds of guys, all of whom look at me and then run screaming in the other direction, gets me depressed, and lately I've been of the opinion that I look like shit. (A picture [ profile] rockgoddes posted on Facebook the other day didn't help.) I didn't end up getting home until 5 this morning, woke up around 2, and spent much of the afternoon dealing with yesterday's and today's emails.

Maybe it's just as well that I have to be up by 10:30 tomorrow to go to a meeting, as it'll force me to stay home tonight. (I realized tonight that I haven't actually seen the parade in four years. I was in it three years ago, as part of the Gaylaxicon group, and missed the last two because of meetings.)
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I am a Jenga god.

It occurred to me to double-check whether we'd entered all of the special scheduling requests into the database correctly, because I wasn't seeing any conflicts in the reports, and it seemed odd. (Other types of conflicts, such as panelists inadvertantly being double-scheduled, we're catching with no problems. Requests not to be scheduled against particular programme items, we're catching. I just wasn't sure if requests not to be scheduled at certain times were entered correctly.)

So I went through and identified all of the panels that would be affected by these special requests, then checked to see if any panels were scheduled at times when they shouldn't have been. There were 15 (out of roughly 250 panels).


Two hours later... all of the conflicts are cleared, on the first try. Well, except for one - I'm sorry, but when one person asks not to be scheduled before 7pm, another is only going to be at the con on Saturday and two others want to be in the Masquerade, which starts at 8:30, someone is going to have to be disappointed, because I'm not putting the Doctor Who Series 4 panel at midnight or 1 in the morning.

Okay, the Saturday Morning TV panel is going to have to be on Sunday afternoon, but that's a small price to pay.

I also got my kitchen and bathroom floors mopped (yes, I finally replaced my mop head) and gave my dining room floor a once-over with the cleaner I bought a couple of months ago (it's going to need about five more go-overs, I fear, probably with the on-hands-and-knees-with-brush approach), plus I finally got around to replacing the hall light that burned out about three months ago. (I had to go out and buy lightbulbs - I got one of those mercury bulbs that only uses 13 watts to generate 60 watts worth of light, and is supposed to last seven years - I'm not sure that it really gives off that much light, though it's sufficient.)

I'm going to have to get the super up here at some point to do something about the damaged parquet, though - Friday night's storm blew through my air conditioner and I had about an inch of water on my dining room floor. Fortunately I accidentally stepped in it before it trickled across to where the power bar that my computer is plugged into plugs into the extension cord which, in turn, plugs into the dining room outlet, so I was able to grab some bath towels and mop it up before I had an electrical fire to deal with.

(Before anyone asks why I don't have the computer plugged in someplace closer... the nearest outlet has my TV, VCR, DVD player and stereo plugged into it, and the next closest one can only accommodate a two-pronged plug.)

I wanted to put away the laundry I did last weekend, but that's going to have to wait, I guess. Oh, well. Being neatly folded in the laundry basket for two weeks never caused clothes any damage.

(I think I need a manservant to take care of these mundane household chores for me...)
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I wouldn't say this guy is a celebrity by any stretch, but pretty much everyone who watches TV and lives in Toronto (I don't know about the rest of the country) knows this guy... I just ran into the guy from the Rogers commercials at the bank machine. (The one where the guy loses his signal at the most inopportune moment and gapes at someone nearby who is still getting their signal because they're using Rogers.)

The funny thing is that it felt much more like an "OMG, someone famous!" moment than meeting any actor at a con has been. I don't know if that's because I wasn't working and so the wall of professionalism wasn't there - I had a similar feeling when I bumped into George Strombolopoulos a couple of months ago.

(Or maybe it's just because this guy's better looking in real life than he is in those commercials... frankly, I always thought he looked kind of goofy on TV. The three days' worth of stubble probably helped, too. *grin*)

I had a good day at work - I got the last tweaks to the applicant report I was working on done (and they were just tiny tweaks, having to do with spacing - creating a PDF document in code is not easy to get right - fixed a couple of bugs, and made a couple of requested changes involving the list of private employers regions.)

I managed to make it home just as the rain started. I was fishing for my wallet to get my key card out and looked across the parking lot. I thought, "That's odd, it looks like it's raining, but I don't feel anything." I looked up, and still felt nothing. All of a sudden, I heard the front moving toward me - the sound of water hitting the leaves of the trees that line the parking lot was unmistakable. So I ran the last three steps and got under the overhang just as it hit where I'd been standing. Nice timing. :) (Good thing I decided to put off going to the post office to pick up the package that's waiting for me until tomorrow.)

Now... dinner, then panelist approvals in the database, a little more schedule Jenga (one of our Forensics speakers is apparently only available on Sunday), then I have to send out some paperwork that's due tonight. Provided listening to John Barrowman's "Another Side" album doesn't put me to sleep... maybe I should put on "Reflections Of Broadway" instead and belt out some Sondheim.
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Things have been so hectic today, I missed this coming into my Inbox three hours ago...

The official e-mail newsletter of
the TCON Promotional Society
Featuring information on
Polaris 22
The 2008 Constellation Awards

Information Line: (416) 410-TCON (8266)

July 11-13, 2008
DoubleTree by Hilton - Toronto Airport
655 Dixon Road
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

In this issue:




Polaris 22 is pleased to announce that Terry Farrell has accepted our invitation to be one of our Actor Guests this year (BLASTOFF AND SATURDAY ONLY).

After eighteen months of modeling, Terry made the move to acting in the mid-1980s, and she appeared in a number of guest-starring roles in series such as "Quantum Leap" and "The Cosby Show". In 1992, she played "Cat" in the second pilot for a U.S. version of "Red Dwarf", which was not picked up. A year later, she was offered a lead role in "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine". She starred as Jadzia Dax, Deep Space Nine's Starfleet science officer; a character who is host to a 300-year-old symbiont and can draw upon the memories and knowledge of the symbiont's six previous hosts. She left the show at the end of the sixth season, and went on to star in the
comedy series "Becker". Terry does not appear at many conventions, so we are very pleased that she has accepted our invitiation this year!

Terry will be attending the Blastoff Party, signing autographs, appearing onstage, and participating in our photo sessions.

All guests appearance subject to professional commitments. All event times are subject to change.



Soon you'll be able to again hear all the latest and greatest news about Polaris and The Constellation Awards on your iPod or other audio device. TCON-PULSE, our new podcast version of TCON-News, will feature all the great info that you get in the email version - plus lots of great extra features, including feature stories and interviews. Keep checking our website for info on how to download the first edition of TCON-PULSE soon!
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The official e-mail newsletter of
the TCON Promotional Society
Featuring information on
Polaris 22
The 2008 Constellation Awards

Information Line: (416) 410-TCON (8266)

July 11-13, 2008
DoubleTree by Hilton - Toronto Airport
655 Dixon Road
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

In this issue:




Polaris 22 is pleased to announce that Gareth David-Lloyd and Cliff Simon have accepted our invitations to be Actor Guests this year.

As a teenager, Gareth David-Lloyd joined the Gwent Young People's Theatre in Abergavenny, where he appeared in several plays including Macbeth, The Threepenny Opera and Henry V, in which he played the title role. He went on to train at the National Youth Theatre, before moving to Reading to pursue his acting career with The Rep College. Gareth returned to Wales for the filming of his first regular television role in Torchwood. We're excited to note that Polaris will be Gareth's very first North American appearance ever!

Cliff Simon has performed all over the world in various stage productions as a dancer/acrobat, culminating in his dream role as a performer at the world famous Moulin Rouge, Paris, in 1989. Arriving in the US from his native South Africa in 2000, Cliff soon landed a guest starring role
with Don Johnson on the hit TV series, Nash Bridges. A short time after that, he acquired the guest star role of Ba'al on Stargate SG-1. Cliff was brought back to play Ba'al in the Stargate SG-1 movie "Continuum", which will be released in this year.

Both Gareth and Cliff will be attending the Blastoff Party, signing autographs, appearing onstage, and participating in our photo sessions.

All guests appearance subject to professional commitments. All event times are subject to change.



Polaris 22 wants to let everybody know about a couple of contests that we're running currently: the Tour of the Galaxy Contest and the Polaris 22 Monthly Contest!

The prizes for the Tour of the Galaxy Contest are fantastic!! The prize package includes:

  • Two Galaxy-level Memberships to Polaris 22 (which includes Basic Membership, weekend access to Polaris, two Reserved Seats in our Main Room, the Friday Night Blastoff Party, all panels (age restrictions may apply based on content), all Guest talks, Autograph sessions, Photo
    sessions with the actors, the Masquerade, "Step into Darkness: A Vampire Event" and the Saturday night dance),

  • Two nights Standard Deluxe Hotel Accommodation courtesy of the DoubleTree By Hilton - Toronto Airport

  • Dinner for Two at one of the hotel's restaurants

  • Two Polaris 22 T-shirts

  • And "Front of the Line" priority for all photograph and autograph sessions!!

You don't need to join anything or buy anything to win, just visit our website at for full details and fill out an entry form. Contest ends May 31, 2008!

Polaris 22 is also running a Monthly Contest with excellent swag to be won! There's a new contest with new prizes every month! Entry forms & rules are also on the Polaris 22 web site.

Somebody's got to win! It could be you!



The Polaris masquerade directors are looking for DVD or Video copies of Canadian Masquerades. We want to build up our archive of Masquerade footage from Polaris and all other Canadian conventions, as a resource to use in our costume panels and displays. Furthermore, the International Costumers Guild has established an archive for Masquerades, and we want to
ensure that the history of Canadian Masquerades is included in that archive.

Anyone wishing to contribute a copy of their Canadian Masquerade footage for either or both of these purposes, please contact Martin Miller at

It occurs to me that I was derelict a couple of weeks ago in annoucing Jason Dohring (Josef Konstantin on "Moonlight" and Garfield & Judith Reeves-Stevens (authors of Federation and co-producers of season four of Star Trek: Enterprise).


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