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I thought I'd share this photo that was sent to me this morning, taken at the Rainbow Flag Party on the Saturday night of Dragon*Con. I still don't know what I did to deserve being in this photo - all I did was put up about five decorations, as most of the work was actually done when I was ushered in to "help" - but I'm not complaining. *grin*

The guy in the white shirt with glasses is George's partner, Brad Altman. If memory serves, it's this weekend that they're getting married.
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I just got in the door about 15 minutes ago. The flight boarded at 10:55, and we were in the air fairly quickly. (I hadn't noticed her when I made my last post, but Magie - whom Toronto Whedonverse fans probably all know - was on my flight, so we hung out for a bit.) Customs at Pearson was also really fast - I think we were the only flight that had arrived in quite a while. I caught a bus outside the airport at 1:35, zipped along Bloor to Yonge, and up Yonge to Eglinton. Surprisingly, there were a lot of people out tonight - I had to stand on the Yonge bus.

Why is it that whenever I travel these days, there are ridiculous delays? This is the second or third time this year I've gotten home at 3 in the morning. And I never book an extra day off work, so tomorrow ought to be fun. Not.

*falls over*
*iz ded*
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I'm posting this from the airport in Atlanta. My flight was originally scheduled to depart at 8:50, was delayed to 9:28, and has now been delayed again until 10:48 - which means that it may arrive in Toronto after the aiport curfew. Though considering that I landed around 1:30 in the morning on an earlier trip this year (coming back from Boskone, I think?), that shouldn't be a problem. I hope.

Anyhow, I had a great time this weekend. I'll try to post more a more detailed summary later (I have less than an hour's battery life left - this battery doesn't seem to last very long, and that's something I'll need to check into when I get home), but I got to spend time with a lot of folks whom I only see once or twice a year. Which is the whole point of coming here every year, no?

I know I'll leave some people out, but I got to hang out a fair bit with [ profile] evil_admiral, his bf Ken and his roommate (or ex-roommate - I'm not quite clear on that) Eric, saw [ profile] ashoemaker and [ profile] cplpunishment, [ profile] rasiler, [ profile] terri_osborne and [ profile] kradical, [ profile] omahastar, [ profile] cartierobert, and some folks from back home, including [ profile] aprilsnark, [ profile] whitesangria, [ profile] kairi_kiss, [ profile] kaelsu2, [ profile] assetic and [ profile] briankit, [ profile] neoengel, and [ profile] psubrat (who isn't really "from back home", but she's a Polaris person so she counts for that purpose :) ), as well as a bunch of LJ-less people (as far as I know, anyway). I shared a room a few blocks from the main hotels with Chris and Lee Knight, who were fantastic to room with. Every night, as well as this afternoon when I came back to collect my stuff to come to the airport, Lee greeted me with "What were you doing out so late, young man?" *grin* Plus, they were very good at not waking me in the mornings - since I don't think I ever got back to the room before 3 in the morning, that's a good thing. (And since they were both still up whenever I got back, I'm not sure how they got up so early...)

And believe it or not, despite being out so late, I never overdid it once. I had a few drinks at the Outworlders party last night, but was fairly sober (if tired) when I left.

Autograph-wise, I didn't get too many - just Dominic Keating, Robert Englund, Robert Picardo and Walter Koenig. Since Keating, Picardo and Koenig have all been past guests at TT, I'm not sure how I managed not to get them before (I was probably too busy). Picardo was wearing his t-shirt from the Toronto Symphony Orchestra's "Music Of Star Trek" event when I went to his table, and when he discovered that I was from Toronto (I mentioned that I was one of the Polaris people who bumped into him at Starbucks a few months ago), he made a point of showing me that that was what he was wearing. :) Robert Englund was pleased to learn that I was a fan of his work on "V" - the photo I chose was from that show. He said that he hadn't used it for years, but decided to take it down from the wall in his home and have reprints made for Dragon*Con. (I don't know if "V: The Next Generation" ever got made - I've seen the book, but I've never heard of the miniseries or film - whichever it is - actually being finished or aired. I want to see it, though.)

I'd wanted to get Avery Brooks' autograph, but he'd already left the con when I went by his table Sunday afternoon. :( I did get to see him on stage with Michael Dorn, however. I was surprised at how many one-word answers he gave to questions, and that he actually tried to avoid the topic when he was asked for his feelings about Barack Obama running for President. Perhaps he's toned down his intensity when asked about political topics.

Dominic Keating was asked about the rumour that Malcolm Reed was supposed to be gay, and he responded, "Wasn't he? I played him gay!" But then he refused to talk any further about the subject, citing the fact that there were children present. He then proceeded to drop about 8 f-bombs and six "shits" into his talk. I pointed this out when I got his autograph, and he said, "I said 'fuck'? No. You're imagining things!" and then grinned at me.

I also saw Gareth David-Lloyd at his table. I happened to be wearing my Polaris concom t-shirt that day, so I went over and said hi. He shook my hand and then winked at me (which he was doing all throughout Polaris this year... *sigh*)

I also picked up a few books, including the Doctor Who short story anthology that [ profile] kradical edited that [ profile] terri_osborne is in, called "The Quality Of Leadership" (at least, I think that's the title... it's packed in my checked luggage). I'm looking forward to reading it. There were also a couple of free books, including one by Sherilyn Kenyon. I've never read her stuff, and I don't even know that I'd like it, but free books? Hello!

Funnily enough, I also got a few questions about next year's Worldcon, since I was wearing the badge I was given at this year's that identified me as the Events Director for Anticipation. I was supposed to put out flyers, but when I last checked my email, I hadn't been sent the PDF to print. :( I did hand out some business cards, however, and managed to recruit a few potential volunteers.

I'll post more when I get home about panels and such. Suffice it to say that I had a really good time this weekend and am already looking forward to next year, when I get to see my Atlanta-and-area friends again. (I'll see some of them at Gaylaxicon in October, of course, but not all of them, alas...)
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This is your action news reporter on the scene at Terminal 1 of Pearson International Airport. I got here about 7:45 for my 9:15 flight and got whisked through checkin. Security only took about two minutes - they asked me where I was going, and when I was coming back, and that was it. I ran into [ profile] neoengel - he was on a later flight, but it was cancelled and so they bumped him up to the same flight I'm on, so he's sitting next to me right now.

I didn't get to bed until 2:30 this morning because it took that long to transfer files to my USB drive for transfer to my laptop (the desktop only has USB1.1, and it's a 2.0 drive). I ended up giving up on copying the software I wanted and went to bed, leaving the transfer from the desktop to the USB drive in progress. I did get all of my Polaris, Anticipation and Gaylaxicon files over, though - not that I have anything that needs to be done with any of them. That's the long way of explaining why I only got a little under three hours of sleep. I hate morning flights. I should have flown down yesterday.

Considering that I bought the USB drive about two months ago, there was plenty of time to back the desktop up before last night... but of course, I didn't make the time until I actually wanted to copy everything somewhere.

The other painful part of this trip is that I got an offer to stay with friends in a closer hotel, so of course I accepted - but the hotel I had booked in refused to cancel my room. The first person I spoke to said that she could change my reservation to a later date, so I poked around online and found out that next year's Science Fiction Research Association conference is in Atlanta in June. So I called the hotel back and tried to change my reservation to that date, whereupon they told me that they do that, but I would be charged for this weekend and the stay in June. They told me that their Accounting Manager could override that, so I asked to speak to that person. They transferred my call, but I got voicemail. I left a message, but haven't heard back. So I guess I'm out $450. :(

Anyhow... I'm going to set all that aside and do my damnedest to enjoy myself this weekend.

Oh, and another lovely thing... I just noticed the time. We were supposed to have started boarding eight minutes ago, but I don't even see a plane out there yet. Fun, wow.

And in the `Lance knows everyone` department, I was just recognized by a woman from Calgary who was at Keycon in Winnipeg a few months ago...

They just announced the start of boarding. I still don`t see a plane out there...

Hey, [ profile] evil_admiral, see you shortly! :)
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I finally got around to buying my Dragon*Con membership tonight... except I can't.

I chose "will call" as my ticket delivery method, as it seems to be the only method available to non-US residents. On the next page, I filled out my credit card and billing address information, until I got to the "country" drop-down. Canada isn't listed. WTF?

So, I thought, maybe they lumped us in with the U.S. I went back and chose whatever they call their instant ticketing method (where they charge me $2.50 to email me a ticket so that I can print it myself???), but the country code is pre-filled with "United States" and I can't choose "Canada".


I sent them an email. I'm looking forward to seeing their explanation for this.

Oh, and you do not want to know how much I spent for my airfare. Again... WTF? It was easily twice what I've paid in the past... and as you no doubt have figured out by now, I'm in the habit of buying my airline tickets at the last minute. (I could have gotten cheaper airfare if I'd been willing to miss most of the first day of the con, admittedly. I don't know how I'm going to get to the airport for 7 in the morning, though.)
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... as I can barely keep my eyes open.

The trip to Dragon*Con, and the trip back, were largely uneventful, though we were all a little stressed when we arrived in Atlanta, partially because the hotel had put four of us into a room with one bed (we're friendly, but not that friendly!) and we had to deal with that as well as fighting the crowds in the lobby. The length of the trip (about 24 hours from when I was picked up at my apartment until we arrived, so even longer for [ profile] aprilsnark and longer yet for Joe, who did all the driving) was probably a contributing factor as well.

We did make a few stops on the way down, including one in a little town called Berea in Kentucky, which seemed to be an artists' commune. I took a few pictures of some large fibreglass hands, which I will post after I get them off my cellphone, and which led to much hilarity. We didn't stop in Big Bone Lick State Park, though the name also provided much hilarity (I'm not making that up).

It was nice to see a lot of friends again, including [ profile] evil_admiral, [ profile] terri_osborne, [ profile] kradical, [ profile] ashoemaker, [ profile] cplpunishment, [ profile] andyhat, Kirk, Mark, Carlos, and several others I'm forgetting in my sleep-deprived state, as well as other Toronto people such as [ profile] redeem147, [ profile] whitesangria, Stephen and Megan, though I didn't talk much to the latter three as they were busy.

Some interesting highlights (interesting on a personal level, that is):

  • On the Thursday afternoon, I popped into the Walk of Fame area and saw that Ellen Muth (from Dead Like Me, who was our Actor Guest of Honour at Gaylaxicon last year) had nobody at her table. I walked over to say hello, and she recognized me, which I hadn't expected, since that was over a year ago and I hadn't really interacted much with her, leaving everything guest-related to [ profile] whitesangria at the time. I got an autograph for Ambrose, since he's a huge fan of hers and had been upset that he couldn't meet her here last year, and then asked, "Feel free to say no, but if I called him right now, would you say hello?" And she agreed. Alas, the call went to his voicemail... but she left him a message. He called back while I was in a panel around 5:30 - he was absolutely giddy. (I had told him that I was planning a surprise, but I didn't tell him any details at all, or even that Ellen was going to be there, in case I couldn't swing it.)

  • I finally got to meet [ profile] evil_admiral's boyfriend Ken. He seems very nice, and we talked a bit about music, since that's more his area of interest. We went for lunch at Hard Rock Cafe one day and hung out for a bit a little later in the con as well.

  • I walked into one of [ profile] kradical's panels about ten minutes late, and he interrupted himself to wave and call out a hello. He then apologized to everyone else, saying, "I haven't seen him in weeks." No wonder everyone thinks I know everyone. *grin*

  • Following the panel, [ profile] kradical introduced me to Larry Nemecek, the author of The Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion and The Making Of Star Trek: First Contact and the editor of the recently demised Star Trek Communicator magazine. While Larry and I were talking, another one of the panelists, Sandy Stone, came over, pointed at me, and said, "I know you from somewhere. Where?" After a few minutes, we figured out that he had written the review of last year's Worldcon for, which included several paragraphs about the panel I was on with D.C. Fontana and Richard Arnold.

  • At one point, I was hanging out with Kirk and Mark and we were checking out cute guys, as we are wont to do. There was one guy in particular we were checking out who looked over and smiled at me. I smiled back (naturally), and suddenly he pointed at me and yelled, "Polaris!" Apparently he had recognized me from the skits we posted on Youtube to promote the con this year... which isn't as weird as one might think, since he's from Kitchener and actually attended the con.

  • On the Monday evening, those of us who had gone to the con together (except for [ profile] aprilsnark, who wasn't feeling well) went to dinner (again at Hard Rock) with a couple of other folks, and we wandered over to the Marriott to meet someone prior to going back to our room to hang out. [ profile] kairi_kiss spotted Julie Caitlin Brown (Na'Toth from Babylon 5, and now an agent for many of the actors who appear at conventions) at the front desk, and since she had been working for Julie during part of the con, she walked over to chat. While she was there, the guy we'd been waiting for showed up, so I wandered over to let [ profile] kairi_kiss know and got drawn into the conversation... which took so long that everyone else wandered off without telling us that they were going. (Oops.) It gave me a chance to apologize to Julie for not having been able to commit to helping out when more people were needed (I hadn't felt comfortable saying that I would absolutely be able to help when I didn't know what time we'd be arriving). She understood, fortunately, and gave me a hug, which I hadn't expected. (In the interest of full disclosure, she didn't remember me until I mentioned that I had co-chaired TT20, then she remembered meeting me there. But she probably meets more people than the average con guest, since she has so many clients at so many different conventions and shows, so I was actually a little surprised that she was so friendly to me and included me in the conversation she was having with [ profile] kairi_kiss.)

I managed to add a few more autographs to my collection, though not too many - I met Gates McFadden, John de Lancie (all the times he's been to Toronto, and I had yet to actually meet him or get his autograph), and James Marsters. John de Lancie mentioned that he was directing an opera in Atlanta in October... I wonder if it will have premiered by the time of Gaylaxicon.

I actually feel a little guilty about how I got James' autograph... I was leaving the Walk of Fame area after getting Ellen Muth's autograph for Ambrose when I spotted [ profile] redeem147 in a line. I walked over to say hello and asked who she was waiting for (as if I'd had to ask ;) ). I said to the people right behind her, "Don't worry, I'm not butting into the line - I'm just keeping my friend company." I had expected that James would be charging $50 or more. So then when someone came out and said that his autograph was only $20 (plus $5 extra for a photo if you didn't have your own item), I decided, "Screw it, now I'm in line." :) That's not something I would normally do, but nobody seemed to notice or care. I have to say, James is much better looking in person (in my opinion) than he was on Buffy or Angel. Lovely eyes, and a very warm handshake (of which he gave me two, for some reason... not that I'm complaining).

We left yesterday around 1pm or thereabouts, and after stopping for food at a Steak-And-Shake (good burgers... I didn't like the fries very much), and stopping at a Target in Farragut, Kentucky (where I bought three shirts, two pairs of cargo shorts, the special edition of Heroes S1 and The Dresden Files S1), we headed for home. I got in around 12:30 this afternoon, and after an hour-long shower, I ran some errands, then came home, unpacked, had dinner, read 400+ emails, and now am ready for bed. (I guess this wasn't such a "quick post before bed" after all.)

In other news, I'd like to congratulate the folks who worked on the Montreal Worldcon bid for 2009. For those who didn't hear, the site selection vote was this past weekend at the Worldcon in Yokohama, and Montreal defeated Kansas City 507-341. The gossip was that the vote was going to be much closer than had initially been anticipated (no pun intended, despite the Montreal Worldcon being named "Anticipation"), thanks to the KC people messing up at this year's Smofcon, but I was surprised to see that it wasn't really that close at all. Anyhow... well done, and good luck!

Edited to add: I had meant to include this tidbit from today's Globe and Mail for [ profile] whitesangria:

Solutions R Us

Fixes to common problems:

Flight delays: When one of its Boeing 757s developed technical problems, Nepal's state-run airline sacrificed two goats on the runway to appease Akash Bhairab, the Hindu sky god. "The snag in the plane has now been fixed and the aircraft has resumed its flights," senior airline official Raju K.C. told Reuters.

It works! :)
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So there I am, casually reading my friendslist, when I came across a post from [ profile] minotaurs...

Mormons Exposed. A Mormon missionary beefcake calendar, which has its very own Youtube commercial:

I think I know what I'm asking for for Christmas this year. Sure, I'll probably burn in hell, but I'll have fun getting there. :) So far as I can tell, none of the featured guys is the missionary who winked at me on the bus last year. Alas.

Apart from that, I had a very interesting phone conversation with [ profile] ennisdl this evening. What to do, what to do...

And now I have to go and pack for Dragon*Con... I must remember to drop off my rent cheque tomorrow, and see if I can cancel my newspaper delivery (the Globe picked this week to upgrade their systems and have included handouts in the past week saying that they can't guarantee that they can accommodate such requests).

I'm still not completely clear on exactly what time we're leaving (some time tomorrow afternoon but I haven't seen anything more specific than that), and I have even less of an idea of when, exactly, we'll be arriving, but those of you who will be there, I'll see you in a couple of days!


Sep. 6th, 2006 01:04 am
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I got home around 9 tonight, as my plane out of Atlanta was delayed by bad weather in the southeastern US preventing the plane from landing. Alas, this means I missed the season premiere of House, as they've moved it to 8pm this year. I hadn't realized that they had changed it. Space has completely changed around their schedule, too - I'm not sure whether "The Hilarious House Of Frightenstein" is really something that should be on at midnight, though I guess it's more appropriate for the nostalgia than for the educational portions of the program. (I'd forgotten how funny Vincent Price could be, too.)

The late boarding and subsequent arrival made for a very long day - since I had to check out of my hotel at noon, I was at the airport by 1:30 despite stopping at Starbucks and actually sitting to have a Cafe Americano, which is basically watered-down espresso. (They were out of the bold blend, and offered me the Americano gratis - and who am I to turn down free coffee?).

I actually unpacked everything tonight, which is something I don't normally bother to do right away when I get home from a con. It's a good thing, too - I had to go out and buy shampoo, as I'd managed to forget a two-thirds-full bottle in my hotel room. And Pantene 2-in-1 for coloured hair isn't cheap. :(

For the first time in a long time, I was wishing that the flight had been longer, though. The in-flight TV and movie system was one that was individual for each passenger - and I started out by watching the Doctor Who S2 episode "New Earth". I was about half an hour into X3 when they shut the system off for landing. :(

Oh, one funny thing about the flight home - I was wandering around the terminal when I ran into the same group of people who had been on my flight down. I said to the guy I had chatted with on Thursday, "Don't tell me we're on the same flight again!" and he struck up a conversation with me. It seems that they're dealers who sell reproductions of media costumes. I asked him if he'd considered getting a table at TT, and he said, "I think someone gave me a card in the dealers' room. Some guy with blond hair and glasses." It's good to know that Stephen Christian is on the ball even when working at another con. ;) (By interesting coincidence, these guys are actually from Newfoundland, which is where Stephen is originally from, IIRC - though they didn't have the accent.)

Sleepy now. I haven't read my friendslist since Thursday or Friday night, I think - I don't know if I'm going to try to get caught up or just go to bed. I'm leaning toward going to bed, though I might read a little bit. TrekBBS and the TTMB can wait until tomorrow (ye gods, I haven't logged onto the TTMB since before Worldcon).

I only had one phone message when I got home - from a new headhunter. I couldn't make out part of the message, but was able to decipher the phone number and extension, and left the guy a message to let him know that I had just gotten home from an out-of-town trip and will call tomorrow. The headhunter who's trying to get me into ADP emailed me today as well to ask how I enjoyed the weekend, and to ask if I'd heard from ADP yet. I responded that I hadn't, but I had told his boss (the one who called me in the Mickey Rooney line) that I wasn't getting home until tonight, anyway, so it's possible that they're holding off on contacting me until tomorrow. If I don't hear anything by mid-afternoon, I figure I'll call just to see what's going on.

And completely out of left field... has anyone else seen this new Mini-Wheats commercial on TV with the jingle that goes "Mini Wheats, wheats, wheats" to a catchy tune? Is it just me, or is the voice being done by Rob Paulsen, who did Yakko Warner's and Pinky's voices on Animaniacs?
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A short update tonight...

I spent much of today with [ profile] evil_admiral again. I ran into him in the Trek room during the panel on "The Missing Minority," which I had considered skipping because, after all, how much can you say about there being no gay Trek characters that hasn't been said a million times already? Anyway, after the panel I took him through the Walk Of Fame, where I saw Stephen, Megan, [ profile] rockgoddes, and very briefly as she was dashing around, [ profile] whitesangria. It was funny - I stopped to say hi to [ profile] rockgoddes as George Takei was finishing a session at his table, and he actually interrupted to say hello. :) I also managed to get autographed photos of Mickey Rooney for [ profile] yellow_freshia and [ profile] redeem147, and said hello to Richard Hatch for [ profile] kanecool. (Oddly, he also remembered me from my monitoring of the elevator line on the Saturday night at TT, as he had come over to use the elevator and I made a point of letting him know what the problem was with the elevators and how long the wait would be.)

We then went to a Stargate panel that he wanted to see, which was fun. IIRC, There were nine cast members on the panel, including Erick Avari, Torri Higginson, Rachel Luttrell, Don S. Davis (who was very funny, and a wee bit profane; he apologized at least once for his language), Gary Jones, Bill Dow and Cliff Simon. (I can't recall offhand who the other two were, and they're not listed in the pocket programme.) During one anecdote, Gary Jones mentioned that he got into acting by auditioning at Second City in Toronto (which is, IIRC, practically around the corner from my apartment). As one does when one's hometown is mentioned, I started applauding - but I was the only one at first. Oops. Gary punched the air and said "Toronto!" in a quietish but enthusiastic tone, cracking everyone up. Another bunch of Torontonians (I'm not sure who they were) who were sitting closer to the stage then started applauding. I'm such a goof sometimes.

We went for dinner at the food court in Peachtree Centre, where I ended up having Cajun Bourbon chicken with red peas and zucchini - quite nice. We then headed over to the Outworlders party (where [ profile] evil_admiral caught the eye of every guy in the room - I'm not exaggerating - including, unfortunately for me, the guy I'd had my eye on. I'm sure the photos will be available on several websites before long (if they're not up already). Two guys took it upon themselves to console me, though. ;) (And before the cries of "TMI!" start, no, that's not what I'm trying to imply. :P ) I spent time with the usual folks - the same ones I was hanging out with last night, actually - and a bunch of us, including [ profile] wananga (who kept saying "You have to excuse him, he's Canadian"), Kirk, and six or so other people whom I'd only just met, ended up at the diner in the Days Inn for breakfast. I wasn't going to stay, but Kirk all but ordered me to come in and eat with them, so I had pancakes and bacon. Not that I needed more to eat after that bourbon chicken this evening.

One day left, and [ profile] evil_admiral wants me to introduce him to [ profile] terri_osborne and [ profile] kradical, if we can find them in time. I think one of them is on a panel at 11:30 and the other is signing at the same time, so it could be tricky.

Edit to add pictures:

Lee Meriwether, from yesterday:

(That's Yvonne Craig behind her, in the multicoloured dress. She didn't seem to want to wait around for the fans to photograph her.)

Jabba the Hutt:

And two Borg, who were walking toward the LGBT suite after it closed and we were headed down to the elevator. I couldn't resist, and yelled out, "Assimilate me!" So they obliged. ;)

I'm not sure what happened to the lower part of the photo - lighting issues, perhaps? But yes, that's a Borgified tribble that they were carrying around with them. I must remember to email that photo to David Gerrold.
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I woke up a little later than I had hoped today. I had to go to the front desk and do the check out/check in shuffle as there was a one-day rate change today - apparently when I booked my room there were no rooms left in the Dragon*Con block for tonight. I do get the con rate for tomorrow and Monday night, though, which means I have to do the check out/check in shuffle again tomorrow. Lovely. I'm thinking I may have to write an email to Dragon*Con's Hotel Liaison(s), though who knows if they'll be able to do anything about it after the fact?

Anyway, I managed to get over to the Hyatt around 2ish. [ profile] evil_admiral had left a couple of voice mails for me, and I tried calling him back, but got his voice mail. He was in a loooooong registration lineup, so while I waited to hear from him again, I attended the Trek Guest Stars panel, with Lee Meriwether, Yvonne Craig, Kate Vernon, Tony Todd and Ken Feinberg. They had a lot of good stories. I got up at one point to ask Lee and Yvonne what the atmosphere on the TOS set was like given that both of their episodes were near the end of the show's run, when it was known that the show was being cancelled. Lee said that she had been told not to approach certain people, but she was not told why. Yvonne said that she was never even told that much. In both cases, however, they had no inkling that anything was up based on the behaviour of the cast and crew.

I only managed to take one picture today, at the end of that panel - Lee Meriwether was kind enough to pose for me. The site is acting up right now so I can't upload the picture to my Photobucket account, however. :( I'll try to do that tomorrow.

After the panel, I called [ profile] evil_admiral again and found that he was in the Hyatt, about 40 feet from where I had just been. So I turned around, saw him standing near a pillar, and glomped him from behind. *grin* We had planned to meet up last year, but Hurricane Katrina got in the way and drove up gas prices, so he couldn't afford to drive down to the con. So it was nice to finally meet him in the flesh for the first time. For those of you reading this who know of him through TrekBBS, he's even cuter in the flesh than he is in pictures. :)

We went to an interesting panel, called "Star Trek Vs. Star Trek," on which people compared the different shows in the franchise and talked about which was their favourite, and why. Following that panel, we went to a panel called "Evil Geniuses For A Better Tomorrow: 4th Annual Recruiting Session, Membership Drive And Bake Sale". It was hysterical listening to the panelists talk about how to take over the world. One of them claimed to be building a secret castle lair. There was talk of not performing soliloquies when the enemy agents have been captured.

Following that panel, we decided to get food. We ended up back at the diner in the Days Inn, where I had a salad, burger and fries, and once again could barely finish it (actually, I did leave some fries).

After dinner, [ profile] evil_admiral had a date with someone he recently friended on Facebook, so he went off to do that while I went to find the James Bond panel, where the vitriol one is finding against Daniel Craig on various Bond fansites was conspicuously absent. The panel talked about many different aspects, including the inevitable discussion of why Pierce Brosnan was dropped from the role for allegedly being "too old," when Connery and Moore were both older. It was pointed out that modern Bond films are a lot more stunt-intensive than the older ones, and there's a lot more wear and tear nowadays on the Bond actor than there used to be, so it's more important now for the actor to be younger. Of course, at the same time, it's important for the character to be believable. When the audience was asked what their favourite Bond opening theme and sequence were, I said my favourite theme was "Live And Let Die," though I'm curious as to what the original artists approached to do the theme to "The Living Daylights" would have come up with. Yes, before a-ha were hired, the theme was supposed to be done by the Pet Shop Boys... but they backed out when they learned that they weren't being asked to do the whole soundtrack for the movie. My favourite opening sequence sparked a bit of a reaction - I loved the opening montage of Bond being captured and tortured used for "Die Another Day." When I pointed out that I wasn't including the music in that evaluation, the crowd calmed down. :) It was generally agreed that "Die Another Day" was the worst Bond theme - even worse than "Moonraker". ;)

Of course, however, "Die Another Day" was played at the Rainbow Party, which is the LGBT party held in the Trek track room and hosted by the Outworlders. I hung around there for the rest of the night until about 2 am (hey, they were serving Boddington's!), chatting with 2007 Gaylaxicon Chair Scott, [ profile] wananga, [ profile] rasiler, [ profile] ashoemaker and his partner David, and Kirk and Mark, whom I met last year. Kirk was the guy with the blind eye with whom I had some, shall we say, chemistry, last year... anyway, he's gotten his eye surgically repaired, and didn't have to resort to having it removed, as he'd feared last year. He gave me crap for not emailing him to let him know that I would be coming this year. The group ended up in a bit of a backrub chain, though I didn't participate (I like the person whose back I'm rubbing to be paying attention to what I'm doing, not trying to give the person in front of him a backrub).

I'm sure I'm forgetting a few people with whom I hung around at the party... though I did meet a few new people as well. [ profile] evil_admiral came back from his date around 11 or 12, I guess it was, and I pushed him toward the dance area so that he could show off his hotness. :) (I'm always thinking of my Fairy Godsons' well-being. ;) )

[ profile] evil_admiral headed off to his friend's place where he's staying around 1ish, I guess. The party broke up around 2ish (though naturally, a group of us stood around in the hallway afterwards - where I gave Scott a backrub ;) ), and I went upstairs to wander around the bar for a bit, where I bumped into [ profile] assetic for the second night in a row. (I still haven't seen anyone else.)

Anyhow, it's 5 am now (will the SMOFS list please calm down so that it doesn't take me two hours to read my email?!), and I'm headed for bed. There's another LGBT party tomorrow night, so it will likely be another late night.
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Dragon*Con, day two.

This will be short and sweet because it took me two hours to read my email tonight... and so it's 5am and I'm tired.

Best costumes seen today: a pair of guys in Stormtrooper armour, except that the helmets were made from garbage pails, and they were carrying brooms. They had "Vader's Cleaners" (or something like that) written on their shoulders. Very funny. I also saw someone in a Darth Vader helmet, wearing a collar and being led around on a leash by a young woman.

There were other costumes that I saw today but I can't remember them now. :( Perhaps I should carry my notebook around with me tomorrow.

I walked into the "Cavalcade Of Trek Authors" panel, which featured [ profile] terri_osborne and [ profile] kradical. Perhaps because I walked in ten minutes late, [ profile] kradical called out, "Hey, Lance!" when I walked in, to which I replied, "Long time, no see!" Keith responded, "Yes, it's been days!" and then explained that I, like he and [ profile] terri_osborne, was a crazy person who had been at Worldcon last week. Then he got back to the panel in progress, on Trek literature. After the panel, [ profile] omahastar came up and introduced himself. We only chatted for a few minutes, but it was nice to meet him. He didn't seem nearly as forward in person as he is on TrekBBS.

This evening I attended the Buffy sing-along, which was great fun. I ran into Scott, the 2007 Gaylaxicon Chair, while I was lined up outside, and chatted for a few minutes.

The show itself was great - they did it Rocky Horror style, much the same way as is done at TT (from what I understand... I've never actually made it into the room at TT, as I'm usually hosting a room party at the same time). I was singing along, and apparently my musical theatre background was kind of apparent, as a young (and very cute) man turned from across the aisle and a row in front of me to give me a thumbs-up during "Rest In Peace". :)

Following that, I saw [ profile] assetic this evening in the bar, and I saw [ profile] whitesangria while she was working this afternoon, but have yet to see any of the other Toronto contingent. I miss our late-night trips to the diner in the Days Inn to compare notes on our respective days. :(

I saw Richard Hatch in the bar tonight, and chatted very briefly with Mira Furlan and Julie Caitlin Brown this afternoon (both of them said that they loved having the chance to come to Toronto for TT this year), and chatted briefly with Peter S. Beagle in the Walk Of Fame area. I congratulated him on his recent Hugo win, and he seemed only too happy to chat even though I wasn't buying any books. I also ran into [ profile] rasiler a few times, and I've seen [ profile] wananga twice so far. I managed to get something for the 2007 Gaylaxicon people which I hope will help. :)

(BTW, [ profile] rockgoddes and [ profile] summ3r_daze, you may remember [ profile] wananga from last year - he's the guy I ran into in the Registration line while we were waiting for Stephen. Guess where I ran into him the first time this weekend? This is becoming a habit.)

Before I go to bed, here are a couple of today's pictures. I only took three, and have only uploaded two so far.

First, I was standing about ten feet away and setting up the shot, and didn't realize until after I had taken it that the person I was photographing had seen me and was posing:

The man pointing at me, in case it's not clear (and I know it's not) is, in fact, Rip Taylor. And yes, he was throwing confetti everywhere. I had some stuck to my shoe for hours.

And here:

is Mickey Rooney. I was surprised at how few people were lining up for his autograph; I think I was the sixth or seventh person to get it. And I was equally surprised that he was only charging $20. I wasn't planning on spending a lot of money on things other than food this weekend... but hey, it's MICKEY ROONEY! My mother made me watch Andy Hardy movies constantly when I was a kid (and yes, she has a lot to answer for ;) ).

There were three or four people in front of me when I initially started to set up the shot... and naturally, my phone rang while I was doing it. It turned out to be the headhunter I had been dealing with last week regarding a position at ADP; they're very interested in me. I managed to say goodbye to the headhunter an instant before the group of people in front of me all departed en masse and it was my turn to get Mickey's autograph, so I couldn't get the picture until after he'd signed. I then had to go and find a quiet corner to call the headhunter back, and remind him that I wasn't going to be available for an interview until Wednesday at the earliest as I was here in Atlanta. I then told him that he'd called while I was in line for Mickey Rooney's autograph, and he burst out laughing. That's probably the oddest thing anyone has every said to him while they've been on the phone with him...

And now, bed. I need sleep if I'm going to be meeting [ profile] evil_admiral for lunch tomorrow... and tomorrow is likely to be a long day as well, as there's the Outworlders' party tomorrow night. I plan on dragging [ profile] evil_admiral along and introducing him to some of my Atlanta fannish friends, since he's always talking about how hard it is to meet cute geeks down here. The guys I know are likely a bit old for him, but they may know people...
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So here I am in Atlanta, in the business centre down in the basement of the Holiday Inn a few blocks from the Dragon*Con site. (Hey, it's about half the price of the official con hotels. :P ) Of course, I forgot to pack my cellphone charger, and I only have about a quarter-charge remaining, and [ profile] evil_admiral is going to be trying to reach me to meet up...

It's always something.
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I'm all packed for tomorrow's trip to Atlanta. I still haven't managed to get caught up on stuff that I missed while I was in LA, though... I was running around today to the bank, Grand & Toy (to buy a black ink cartridge for my computer so that I could print my e-ticket), and the laundry room. While I was waiting for my clothes to dry, a neighbour with whom I'm friendly came in to put his clothes in the washer. We were chatting, and I told him about going to Worldcon and Dragon*Con. He asked me if I was familiar with the Dragonriders of Pern books, and when I said yes, he mentioned that a few years ago, he was involved in an effort to make a television series or movie (I wasn't clear on which) from the books... with some guy named Ron Moore. Yes, that Ron Moore. (!!!!!) I asked him if he still kept in contact with him, but he hasn't. It seems they never actually met - they only interacted via phone and email. But still...

I don't imagine I'll get much sleep tonight. Apparently my body decided that today was the day to catch up on missed sleep from last week... and I woke up at 2:45. Eek. I haven't even read today's emails, and there's been a flood on the SMOFS list since the end of Worldcon. Maybe I'll stay up and get caught up on TrekBBS, since I've only been able to log on once since getting home, and only read the Miscellaneous and Meet-Ups fora. OTOH, I'm staying at the same hotel as last year, and I know they have a small business centre where I can use a computer.

Today's amusement, from [ profile] metaquotes, courtesy of [ profile] ironychan:

Here's a planet
There's a planet
And another little planet
Fuzzy planet
Funny planet


Tombaugh found a planet
It showed up late at night
Comparing pairs of photographs
It moved from left to right
They thought it was a big one
It turned out to be small
And now we have decided
It's no planet after all

Did you ever see a planet
Watch a planet
Do the planet
Planet's planet
What's a planet

Half a planet
Double planet
Not a planet
Extrasolar pulsar planet

Is this how it's told now?
Does everyone agree?
What became of Ceres
And of UB-313?
The solar system's getting thin
Pluto's been forgot
Time for it to spin away
'Cause planet it is not

Makes me wish I knew Flash.

The same user also created the following icon and has said it's stealable:


Sep. 8th, 2005 11:45 pm
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For those who have been awaiting it, here is my Dragon*Con report, cut by day. Warning: this is long. (Hey, I was gone for six days...)

Thursday, September 1 )

Friday, September 2 )

Saturday, September 3 )

Sunday, September 4 )

Monday, September 5 )

Tuesday, September 6 )

Well, there it is in all its glory. Dragon*Con 2005. My observations, complaints, gripes, thoughts, and maybe a few fantasies. :)
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Hi from downtown Atlanta, GA! *waves*

I'm not going to make a full post tonight - I was writing in my notebook on the plane, and will post my full musings on the trip when I get home, though. I just wanted to say that I arrived safely, and anything you hear on the news about Atlanta's airport having run out of jet fuel and people being stranded may be slightly exaggerated. There was nothing on the airport's website about it the last time I checked, and [ profile] rockgoddes inquired and was told that they have enough surplus stashed away to last about 10 days. So I should be able to get home Tuesday night without any difficulties.

Anyway, it's been a very long day, and I've been sitting here in the hotel's business centre (free Internet access with room key!) for about 45 minutes catching up on email and stuff, and just thought I'd post a quick "hi" before I go to bed.

Oh, and [ profile] elizard100, I'm going to see if I can swipe a hotel room key for you. It has Spongebob Squarepants on it, in a pair of tighty-whities, holding up one of his shirt/pants combinations (apparently it's all one piece, and looks like an unfolded cardboard box). It says, "Trust me, it's not easy to shop for square pants." On the back is an ad for the Spongebob Squarepants movie. This is a strange Holiday Inn, that's all I can say...
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I promised some more stuff about SFX, but to be honest, what I had to post about wasn't so much about the con itself, as something unrelated to the con itself which just happened to take place there.

Okay, that's not quite true, but the following does lead up to it...

In [ profile] elizard100's LJ, [ profile] bnddbl07 commented that SFX seems to have a distinct problem with communication. In particular, they're not big on putting up clear, easy-to-follow signage. The way they organized the autograph area this year, the tables were about 30-40 feet from the western wall of the convention centre, and people lined up behind the curtains that were just behind where the actors were sitting. It worked very well insofar as organizing the autograph lines was concerned (last year, I believe Julie Benz's and Robia LaMorte's lines intersected, and it was a complete Mongolian clusterfuck), though I suspect it was a minor contributor to the aisles feeling narrower than in past years. However, once you were back there, you had to know which line you wanted to get into because there was no signage to tell people which line was which. It was easy for Kevin Sorbo, both because he was at one end and because his line was easily one of the longest, but when I went to get Tim Russ' and Marina Sirtis' autographs, I had to peek around the corner to make sure that I wasn't lining up for Erica Durance or Margot Kidder instead.

Further to this (and folks involved with the Masquerade need not read this paragraph, because you already know about my complaint in this area, but I'm mentioning it in leading up to that something else I alluded to above), the Masquerade Registration desk is usually in the main lobby of the convention centre at street level. In past years, people have just lined up outside the theatre and filed in until all of the seats were full. This year, it was decided to issue tickets for the Masquerade instead. Now, the tickets were free, so that wasn't an issue - what I objected to was the signage. Apparently it was mentioned on the website and in the programme book, but for those of us who attend every year and think they know what to expect, is it so much of a stretch to think that we might not have seen those notices? And that the 8.5" x 11" sign on the Registration desk might not have been visible because the desk was constantly surrounded by dozens of people registering (or, as it turned out, getting tickets)? Would it have been so hard to print a LARGE sign and post it on the draping behind the desk so that people who were walking past, ten feet away, not knowing that they should have gone over to the desk, would know about the change in policy?

Okay, rant over... anyhow, I went downstairs to where people were lined up on the off-chance that I might bump into someone I knew (and I've since been told that had I thought to ask for a certain someone, they would have given me a ticket from their stash... ah, well), and I bumped into Krikor and Lori... these were a couple of the folks who helped out with the Gaylaxicon float in the Pride parade this year. (Remember them?)

So Lori says to me, "I need your contact information." My first thought was, "Why? You stalked me for a year in the hopes of converting me," (which seems to be a habit with her... she did it to [ profile] cuteteenboy too) but I didn't say that. Krikor helpfully mentioned that he had it and could give it to her. I asked why, and she said, "Josh wants your phone number." (Remember Josh? The "straight" boy I was flirting with on Pride weekend who said I was hot/sexy?)

Oy. Okay, I thought he was cute. I probably would've had a roll in the hay with him had he been up for it at the time. So to speak. However, there are a couple of problems here:

  1. I'm now sober.

  2. I was in university when he was born.

  3. I can't afford to keep a 20-year-old in the style to which he would like to become accustomed.

  4. Damnit, I'm still kind of interested in the other guy I've been chasing, and haven't had an opportunity to um... explain to him that I actually meant it when I told him I found him attractive.

  5. He's supposed to be insane, at least according to other people who know him. Whatever that means.

I really must get together with [ profile] cuteteenboy and ask him why, exactly, he dislikes Josh so much and thinks that there's something wrong with him. Unless one of the rest of you who were there that night in Tim Horton's when he walked in and you all ran out, leaving me confused, can explain?

In other news... I still haven't heard anything regarding the job that I interviewed for last week. I called on Monday, but the woman in HR with whom I had spoken didn't know whether a decision had been made yet or not. I'll call again tomorrow.

Two days from now, I'll be in Atlanta... I'm looking forward to this. It should be fun. So, [ profile] evil_admiral, when are you going to be there, exactly? I can send you my schedule once I have it nailed down. (Oh, [ profile] wananga, are you involved at all with the Outworlders table? I emailed Michael Henigan three weeks ago, as well as the general Outworlders address, but never heard back. I emailed again tonight. I'm trying to find out if I can put some flyers for Gcon '06 out on the table; I'm also willing to put in some time there, if I can sell memberships.)
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Things accomplished today:

  • Bought airline ticket for Dragon*Con (departing Toronto September 1 at 1:35PM, arriving in Atlanta at 3:50PM; leaving September 6 at 7:45PM, arriving back in Toronto at 10:00PM).

  • Made hotel reservation ($150/night? No thank you, I'm staying at the Holiday Inn for $89/night. Even if I have to take a cab back and forth, it's still cheaper.)

  • Bought convention membership.

Yeah, I should have done all that ages ago. In any case, it's done now.


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