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I just got home about 15 minutes ago, and it's so cold out there that I had to have some ice cream to warm up. *shudder* -17, with a wind chill of -27??? And this has been going on for three days now. Thankfully, I don't live in the area that had the power failure last night (though I do know at least one person who does). Hell, it's even warmer in Aurora right now, according to (Okay, only by one degree, but still.)

It's not even that much warmer in Chattanooga - right now it's -6. Guess I won't be packing my shorts or windbreaker. (Eric was telling me last night that it's forecast to snow in Atlanta on Sunday, though that seems to have been revised to rain with a high of 7.)

Last week, I said that I was regretting not having declared my scores for next week after I got a 559 series, and that I likely wouldn't do as well this week. Well, I was right, but I still did well enough: 178, 190, 179. All three games above my average (which is now back up to 172), so at least I won't be hurting my team. :)

The season 4.5 premiere (if one can call it that) is almost over. Because I knew I wouldn't get home until after it started, I'm recording it, and Eric and I will be watching it together shortly. :) (Though Space is running Fandom Forum at 11 - I don't know if it's a repeat of the one from last week or a new one. If it's new, I want to tape it for later viewing, which means we won't be able to watch BSG until 12. Decisions, decisions...)

Seven more sleeps 'til Chattacon! *bounce* *bounce* *bounce*
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... and yet it's about to be. I've been drowsy since I got back from lunch with my parents. Okay, I slept particularly badly last night, but still... I've been fighting the urge to nap for the past four hours so that I'll get to sleep tonight.

Anyhow, it was so warm in here that I decided to pop up to Future Shop and Indigo to use the gift cards my parents gave me. That may have been a mistake... when I checked CP24 before going out, the temperature was 9C (48F) and the humidity was 94%. (!!!) I should have switched to a lighter coat, but I couldn't be bothered. *fans self*

Anyway, I picked up Lost S4, First Among Sequels by Jasper Fforde and Proven Guilty by Jim Butcher. I'm not sure if it's the seventh one in the series (since the publisher stopped numbering them after #6), but it was the only one they had in paperback that I didn't already own.

So now, for next time I feel the need to go shopping, I have 12 cents left on the Future Shop gift card and 49 cents on the Indigo card. Now that's what I call planning. :)

A question for my friends who have iTunes: do you find that it interferes with the performance of your computer? I usually leave it open even when I'm not playing music (since I leave the computer on most of the time), and it was running ridiculously slowly recently. I rebooted earlier today, and haven't yet opened iTunes, and it's running as smooth as silk. Weird.
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I had dinner with Barrett and Antonio this evening. The company and conversation were fantastic, of course (we didn't really hang out much at Gaylaxicon, for some reason - possibly because I rarely saw them in the evenings when I was at my most active), though I was reminded of the reason why I don't usually order pasta in restaurants. Okay, it was excellent, but $30 for a salad, spaghettini carbonara and a piece of tiramisu was a bit pricey. (For anyone who's curious, we went to Voglie on Church Street. Quite a nice little restaurant, actually, and they do have stuff other than pasta on the menu. It's just a bit expensive. OTOH, once we were done dinner, they let us sit there for another two hours or so and didn't pressure us at all.)

Reason #564389 why I don't want to move up to Aurora to be closer to work: we got about 5 cm of snow today, the temperature only hit 2C, and the wind was fierce. Today's forecast had been for 8C and rain, so I was severely underdressed in my leather jacket - I was shivering violently during the ten minutes or so that I was waiting for the bus. (Though the driver said that YRT were thinking about increasing service on the Industrial Parkway route. *fingers crossed*) And when I got there today, I found that someone had decided that they needed to build a chain-link fence that mostly (but not completely) blocks the last little bit of my shortcut. If I have to start walking the long way around, I'm not going to be a happy camper. (Tomorrow's forecast is again for 8C and rain, but I think I'll be wearing my winter coat... maybe my boots, too.)

On the plus side, my boss gave me a couple of Ethernet cables today, so I can now finish hooking up the router. Yay!
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I wouldn't say this guy is a celebrity by any stretch, but pretty much everyone who watches TV and lives in Toronto (I don't know about the rest of the country) knows this guy... I just ran into the guy from the Rogers commercials at the bank machine. (The one where the guy loses his signal at the most inopportune moment and gapes at someone nearby who is still getting their signal because they're using Rogers.)

The funny thing is that it felt much more like an "OMG, someone famous!" moment than meeting any actor at a con has been. I don't know if that's because I wasn't working and so the wall of professionalism wasn't there - I had a similar feeling when I bumped into George Strombolopoulos a couple of months ago.

(Or maybe it's just because this guy's better looking in real life than he is in those commercials... frankly, I always thought he looked kind of goofy on TV. The three days' worth of stubble probably helped, too. *grin*)

I had a good day at work - I got the last tweaks to the applicant report I was working on done (and they were just tiny tweaks, having to do with spacing - creating a PDF document in code is not easy to get right - fixed a couple of bugs, and made a couple of requested changes involving the list of private employers regions.)

I managed to make it home just as the rain started. I was fishing for my wallet to get my key card out and looked across the parking lot. I thought, "That's odd, it looks like it's raining, but I don't feel anything." I looked up, and still felt nothing. All of a sudden, I heard the front moving toward me - the sound of water hitting the leaves of the trees that line the parking lot was unmistakable. So I ran the last three steps and got under the overhang just as it hit where I'd been standing. Nice timing. :) (Good thing I decided to put off going to the post office to pick up the package that's waiting for me until tomorrow.)

Now... dinner, then panelist approvals in the database, a little more schedule Jenga (one of our Forensics speakers is apparently only available on Sunday), then I have to send out some paperwork that's due tonight. Provided listening to John Barrowman's "Another Side" album doesn't put me to sleep... maybe I should put on "Reflections Of Broadway" instead and belt out some Sondheim.
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The Globe and Mail ran a graphic this week showing how much snow we've gotten so far this winter, compared to the record. Apparently this year's snowfall is up to Chris Bosh's shoulders (he's the 6'8" center for the Toronto Raptors), and the record is about two centimetres higher than his full height. I suspect we may break that, oh, next week sometime.

Here's the webcam shot from Highway 401, at the Yonge Street exit (not too far north from where I live):

See anything? No? Neither do I. That was about half an hour ago. Now:

The southwest view from the Art Gallery of Ontario:

And out by the airport:

I was out in this earlier this afternoon as I had a meeting at the bank (more about that later), and I'm about to go out in it again because we picked such a wonderful evening for the first Polaris 22 Panelist Pubnight. As one of the co-heads of the department, I should probably go down there just in case anyone shows up, though I would be shocked if anyone did.

(That's assuming that the pub is actually open. I should call before I leave and find out.)

Edit to add: I just got off the phone. Apparently they are open. :shock: Wish me luck.
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Virtually none of the businesses along Yonge Street between my bus stop and the office had shovelled their walks today. It must have taken me ten minutes to make what's normally a five-minute walk. It was also pretty annoying that the plows deposited four-foot high snowbanks along the sidewalks, with no breaks for the bus stop. Getting on and off the bus today was an adventure.

Okay, the real reason I'm bothering to post...

More Star Trek casting news. )
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I decided to go straight to the George Brown campus when I went out this afternoon, figuring that I'd study for tonight's midterm in the library rather than going out, getting coffee, coming back home and going out again at 5:30. I arrived at 4:10 to find a note on the door:

"George Brown College will be closing at 4 PM. All Continuing Education classes are cancelled for the evening."

I just got back home (having decided to ride the Yonge-University subway all the way around rather than fighting crowds to transfer to the Bloor line and again to the Yonge line) and looked at the website:

"Important information for all Continuing Education students: Due to the weather, the classes are cancelled for the evening of Thursday, March 1, 2007. The college will close at 4pm on March 1, 2007. The college will reopen on March 2, 2007 for regular business hours. Updated: 3:40 pm, March, 1, 2007"

Pity I'd actually checked the website around 2:45... *headdesk*

Bunch of wusses. It's not like we've had to call the army in to shovel us out or anything. *grin*

CP24 says we've only gotten 8 centimetres (about 3 inches), but I'm sure we've gotten more. Environment Canada is calling for a total of 10-15 centimetres (4.5-6 inches). The Weather Network hasn't updated its snow report since 1 this morning, so I'm not sure how much has actually fallen (they post the actual observations from Pearson Airport).

The fun will come this evening, when the snow is predicted to turn to freezing rain around 7pm. (Or, as [ profile] indefatigable42 put it yesterday, "evil triangles". :) ) I guess I'm not going out to bowl off - I'll just have to go at the usual time and show up late tomorrow night at Ad Astra. Maybe I'll at least stop by the hotel on my way to the bowling alley to register.
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[ profile] travellingone's latest post reminded me about this...

First of all, I must have been really tired last night. I feel asleep within minutes of going to bed and didn't wake up until nearly 1 this afternoon. I went out for my usual coffee at Starbucks and then went for my customary walk around the neighbourhood while I drank it. About half a block north of Yonge and Eglinton, roughly outside the Indigo entrance, there was a cart where they were giving out free samples of Coca-Cola Blak in eight-ounce bottles. Since I'd been wanting to try it (I couldn't find it when I was in Atlanta - go figure), I lined up and got a bottle. Since I was still drinking my coffee, I stuck it into my coat pocket and continued my walk. Down on the corner of Yonge and Eglinton, there was another guy handing out samples, and he handed one to me as I walked by (I guess he didn't see the first bottle protruding from my pocket). So now I have two bottles of Coca-Cola Blak chilling in my fridge. I'll let you know what I think later.

It feels weird to have the air conditioner on when it's, what, 14 degrees outside? But even though the TV was telling me that was 14 when I went out, the sun felt warmer. Not to mention, my superintendent finally turned on the heat in the building last night, so my apartment was roasting when I got back from my walk. And while I was out, I was experiencing that odd sensation of the air being cool but still feeling the heat of the sun on my back. Or maybe I just felt warm because I wore my leather jacket instead of one of my windbreakers.
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Perhaps walking from the Merril Collection to the Eaton Centre in 31 degree heat (with a 37 degree humidex) when my foot is still sore from walking around hotels wasn't the brightest idea in the world...

Behind the cut, an illustration of just how crazy I am... )

2.4 kilometres. (About 1.5 miles for the metric-impaired.)


In my defence, it was actually nice until I got over to Bay Street or thereabouts. So it didn't seem crazy at first. And besides, I actually took the scenic route, along the shady side streets, which made it fairly pleasant as well - it's just that by the time you get to Bay and Dundas, there are no more shady side streets. It's all sunlight reflecting off concrete and glass.

The Torcon AGM was relatively painless (though I did almost lose it and tell Peter Halasz to shut up once - ye gods, that man likes to hear his own voice). [ profile] marahsk nominated me for the Board, but I was concerned that there would be a conflict of interest as I'm on the TCON Board for another two years (or is it only one? I can't remember if chair advisors are considered Board members), so I declined. But I was flattered, nonetheless, even though there's not that much work left for the Board to do.
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I had some Gaylaxicon mail that came in this week, so I arranged to meet Lloyd where he was working so that he could give it to Yvonne. Unfortunately, I misremembered where he worked. I remembered taking the King streetcar last time, and thought the address was 444 King St. West. So I rode the subway down to King and got on the streetcar. I went past 444 (I hate that not every building puts its address somewhere prominent), so I got off and walked back - but there was no 444 King St. West. The place where I think it should have been was a construction site.

So, I thought, I must have misremembered, and it must have been 444 King St East. So I crossed the street and got on the streetcar going the other way, and rode it to where 444 King St. East should have been. Again, I went past it and had to walk back, but that wasn't it either. Argh. So I rode back to Yonge Street.

By this time it was 8:24, and I was supposed to be there between 8 and 8:30. So I got off at Yonge and called Lloyd on his cell - it turned out that I had been sort of right the first time, but was wrong about the street address - it was 720 King West, not 444. The Globe's headquarters are at 444 Front Street. *headdesk*

As it turned out, Lloyd was on his way to the recording studio where he's been working on some audio plays, and they needed him tonight. So I got back on the westbound streetcar and met up with him at King and Bathurst.

Apart from the fact that I was late (and he'd actually left work early because they'd wanted him to come earlier than planned to the studio), what made it even worse is that despite CP24 saying that it was going to be raining later tonight, it was a veritable downpour by the time I got to King and Yonge the first time, and I hadn't bothered to bring my umbrella with me. I should know better by now than to believe CP24's weather forecasts.

(And what's with all the rain this week, anyway? Are you folks in Boston sending it our way? I know you got more than enough by a few orders of magnitude, but you should have sent it out over the ocean.)

It seems to have stopped raining now, though. Not that it matters, because for some reason I'm feeling like going to bed. And it's not even 1:30 yet.

Had it stopped earlier, though, I might have called up a friend to see if he wanted to get a drink. You see, he emailed me yesterday to tell me that he came out to his parents this week, and they took it well. (I'm not naming names, because I don't know how out he is to his friends. I know that several of you know him, but I'll let him determine how he comes out to you.) That seemed to me to be a good reason to go out. Unfortunately, I hate going out in bad weather. Perhaps, since this is a long weekend, he'll be up for going out Sunday night. I can take him to Woody's for the Best Legs contest or something.
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First, observations from today:

  1. What was with that freak hailstorm today? 17 degrees, and hail? That was just weird. Not to mention, those were some big honkin' hailstones. I'm glad I was inside.

  2. Go Leafs Go! *grin* 4-3 win, in overtime. Two goals by Matt Stajan, including the game-winner. Jean-Sebastien Aubin is now 7-0-2 in goal. (Now, if he would only stop admiring the big first saves long enough to realize that he's given up a huge rebound...) If they don't make the playoffs, it won't be from lack of trying. I just wish they'd tried a little harder earlier in the year rather than leaving it to the last ten games of the season. They're giving me heart failure.

I had to pop out last night to get Gaylaxicon flyers to [ profile] marahsk to take to Norwescon last night. (Fortunately, there was a one-week break from the bowling playoffs.) You would have thought that it was Friday of a long weekend, from the people on the subway. There was a guy who got on the car with me wearing the pants and hat of a Santa outfit (no shirt) who spent most of the time between Eglinton and Yonge alternately growling at people and doing pushups, much to the amusement of the four tipsy 20-somethings sitting across from me. Not to mention the guy whom we didn't notice until Santa moved on to the next car, who was laughing maniacally while counting his fingers. The longer I live in this city, the stranger it gets. (And that's saying something, since I've lived here for all but seven of my 38 and two-thirds years.)

It took four days, but I seem to have slipped back into my previous routine of staying up all night and getting up in the middle of the afternoon. I don't know why, but despite going to bed at about 3 Tuesday night, I didn't wake up until 1 yesterday afternoon. Then I didn't get to bed until 5 last night. *sigh* Every time I think I've gotten myself back onto a normal schedule, somehow it slips...

[ profile] assetic has given me permission to post a link to the short documentary film about TT20 that she made last weekend, filming at our committee meetings. So here it is - please right-click and select "save as" rather than playing it directly. You may need to download Quicktime Version 7 in order to watch it - don't worry about that $29.99 thing on the right hand side, you just need the free version on the left. I'm in there briefly talking about being a Co-Chair. (You can tell that my acting experience is on stage, too. I'm not used to having a camera in my face.)

And finally, here's a cool story from the Globe and Mail about the Venus Express mission - it seems that clouds of sulphuric acid have been found at Venus' south pole, swirling around at 350 kmh.


Jan. 18th, 2006 03:38 pm
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The Weather Network said last night that today was supposed to be sunny. Their website currently says "light snow." Obviously, these are definitions of "sunny" and "light" with which I was previously unfamiliar. I can't remember the last time I saw snow falling vertically, without any blowing around, and hitting the ground at what looks like about 40 kph.

And lucky me, I get to go out in it in two hours to meet [ profile] cuteteenboy and make sure he finds the bowling alley.

I must try to get to bed at a decent hour tonight to get to my ultrasound appointment for 10:30 tomorrow morning. At the rate my arm is healing (there are only one or two very light purple patches left, and most of my elbow is a puky yellow colour at the moment) there will be nothing for the ultrasound to find tomorrow...

I've been getting some Gaylaxicon stuff done this afternoon; I got an email last night from someone who might be able/willing to take on the Art Show. *fingers crossed* He's worked with Team Eh in the past, which is a plus.

Oh, and I got my LACon IV Progress Report in the mail today. The hotel room is all set (I'm staying with Lloyd and Yvonne Penney); I just need to book a flight. Woohoo.
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But in retrospect I'm glad I didn't - it just started raining, which was emphatically not mentioned in the weather forecast I saw earlier tonight.

OTOH, some of the lightning flashes have been spectacular. There was one forked lightning bold that zigzagged across the sky for a good three seconds.

I updated my website to activate the link to the Gaylaxicon 2006 site as well as to upload the updated version of my resume (I changed the paragraph on my volunteer activities to reflect my current position with Toronto Trek).

There's an interesting photo over at the Gallifrey One website: apparently Peter Davison visited the Doctor Who set recently. (That link goes to the picture; there are other interesting pics on the site as well.) I'm sure [ profile] shaunskywalker will pop up here to let us all know that PD is not actually going to be on the show, but just dropped in to say hello... :) (Hey Shaun, if you do see this, did you get the message I asked [ profile] esprix to pass along?)

And speaking of Doctor Who, am I the last person to find out that it's currently being aired at 7 on Sundays? When did that happen? I watched all the eps the first time around at 8 on Tuesdays... are the new eps going to be on Sunday nights? And why does it have to be so frigging long until the new series? Argh.


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