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I had another full weekend this weekend (but then again, when don't I?). I guess I'll start with Friday...

This is going to be mega-long, so I'll use cuts.

Score one for good planning. Which, of course, I didn't exhibit... )

Happy Birthday to kanecool... )

The meeting went reasonably well in spite of my being late... )

I got home around 6:30 or so, answered an email relating to a job I'd applied for, talked to [ profile] cuteteenboy and my mother, made dinner and settled down on the couch, which is where I am now.

The conversation with my mother wasn't too painful... )

And that's been my weekend. A couple of other things that have happened this weekend:

AmazonFail... Amazon seems to have it in for books with LGBT content. )

And the most surreal thing I saw all weekend... )

So that was my weekend.
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First... congratulations to the Philadelphia Phillies and their fans on winning the 2008 World Series. I managed to catch most of the last inning, on-and-off while running back and forth between the living room and the kitchen. I have to confess, though, I wish it had been someone other than Eric Hinske who made the final out.

Second... how the hell does the stylus for my PDA go missing in the eight feet or so between my kitchen counter and my desk? Last night, I was making dinner, and since it was pasta and didn't require a whole lot of attention, I was messing about with my PDA when I got a message that the battery was low. So I turned it off and brought it into the living room, where I plugged it in. Normally, I would slide the stylus into the slot on the right-hand side when I do that, but when I unplugged it before going to bed, the stylus wasn't there. WTF?

Okay, the surface I'd put it on wasn't terribly stable (I'd put it on top of the computer, on top of a pile of old bills that I need to file away, and it slid off while I was plugging it into the power outlet... but the cord kept it from hitting the floor, and it hung over the edge of the desk. Had the stylus slipped out then, it should be under my desk... at worst, under the filing cabinet. I've looked there... it's not there. I even moved the filing cabinet. It can't have gotten under the cedar chest that my printer sits on - those things don't roll.

I know that it'll turn up the second I order a new one from Palm, of course... I figure I've done one of two things:

  1. put it down somewhere really stupid, where I'd never think to look, instead of sliding it into the slot when I was plugging it in (and yes, I've looked in the refrigerator, the freezer, the microwave and all of the cabinets that I would have had open last night while making dinner :P ), or

  2. I put it down in plain sight and I've looked right at it several times without realizing it (cf. my mad search a couple of months ago for my passport).

  3. Argh. *headdesk*
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I'm kind of surprised to see that I didn't post anything all week. Well, not entirely surprised... I would have had to have posted about Ad Astra, and I'm kind of embarrassed about something that happened there. On a weirder note, I had a "WHATTHEFUCK???" moment tonight at bowling.

Ad Astra report )

Work went well this week. )

As did bowling... )

The WHATTHEFUCK??? moment... )

The Constellation Awards ballot should be available this week. I couldn't make the meeting where we tabulated the nominations (it was the evening of the day of our deployment, and I was in the office until nearly 8), but I hear it went reasonably well. (It must have gone okay, we have a ballot. :) ) So if you're a Canadian citizen, resident, or a member of Polaris 22, keep an eye on the website...
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I'd like to send out a big, fat "qu'est-ce que fuck" to the world right now. (Yes, [ profile] thespian, I know I just used that phrase in a comment on your LJ, but it seems appropriate.)

Who the hell uses power tools at 10:30 at night? Someone, either next door or above me, is using a power drill. That can stop right now, thankyouverymuch.

And whoever the braintrust is that decided that 7pm was an appropriate closing time for the Home Hardware store at Yonge and St. Clair... I can understand 6pm. I can understand 9pm. But 7pm? I arrived at 7:15 to find the door locked, and I don't know where else around here I can get a bulb for my halogen lamp, which is the only source of light in my living room. I got home last night and turned it on, except that it didn't turn on - which is weird, because normally it fades out, it doesn't blow out. I'm reasonably certain that it's not a fuse issue, as all of the fuses seem to be okay. (And even if one isn't, again, there's that hardware store problem...) So I've been sitting here more-or-less in the dark the past two evenings, using the dining room and hall lights to see by.

Power seems to be an issue this week. Earlier this week, I arrived at work to find that we were experiencing our second power failure since I started there, and when I got in today, my computer was off because there had been another power failure this morning before I arrived.

This better not be related to yesterday's zombie apocalypse. Because if it is, I have blunt objects and I know how to use them...
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I went downtown today to pick up a course calendar from the Chang Continuing Education School (part of Ryerson), and afterwards, it being such a nice day, I decided to walk through the campus. I got up to the northeast corner at Jarvis and Gerrard, and proceeded up to Carlton, where I turned to head over to the subway (it was a nice day, but I wasn't going to walk forever). There was a young guy wearing a heavy coat and toque sitting on a concrete ledge who, as I passed, asked me if I was "looking for somebody."

I said, "No, why?" To which he responded, "I'm just looking to make some money."

Maybe I'm just old-fashioned, but wearing a winter coat and toque in 20-degree-plus weather, while sitting across the street from a high school at 1:30 in the afternoon on a Tuesday isn't going to get your average hustler a lot of business. Not to mention, approaching a scruffy guy (as in, it's been about a week since I last shaved) carrying a university course calendar. I don't think I exactly look like a potential customer for that kind of thing.

I just hope the poor kid (he said he was 22, but he looked about 15) doesn't starve to death.

In other news... I talked to the headhunter who was trying to arrange a phone interview for me, and let her know that I still hadn't heard from the company (it turned out I was misremembering - it's ADP, not Manulife). She said she'd look into it and get back to me by the end of the day. It's 5pm now, and the only phone call I've gotten today was a wrong number.


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