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I had another full weekend this weekend (but then again, when don't I?). I guess I'll start with Friday...

This is going to be mega-long, so I'll use cuts.

Score one for good planning. Which, of course, I didn't exhibit... )

Happy Birthday to kanecool... )

The meeting went reasonably well in spite of my being late... )

I got home around 6:30 or so, answered an email relating to a job I'd applied for, talked to [ profile] cuteteenboy and my mother, made dinner and settled down on the couch, which is where I am now.

The conversation with my mother wasn't too painful... )

And that's been my weekend. A couple of other things that have happened this weekend:

AmazonFail... Amazon seems to have it in for books with LGBT content. )

And the most surreal thing I saw all weekend... )

So that was my weekend.
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Wow, it's not even 12:30 and I think I've responded to all of today's emails that required responses: Polaris stuff, Anticipation stuff and Gaylaxicon stuff. I did a whole bunch of stuff for CUFF last night, so now I'm just waiting for nominations to come in.

Of course, really should start entering panel descriptions into the database for Polaris, but because I have to set up my connection first and I do want to be in bed before 1 (shock!), it will probably have to wait until the weekend. ([ profile] travellingone and I should probably arrange to get together to work on it, anyway, so that I can show her how to use the software.)

So today, three weird things happened. I think I posted about a month or so ago that an old email pen-pal from my university days had contacted me out of the blue, and that we'd exchanged a couple of emails. (Which reminds me, I haven't yet responded to his last one...) I thought it quite the coincidence that I had been thinking about him just a few days before he emailed me. Well, today I got a message on Facebook from someone else I hadn't heard from in years, whose name crossed my mind out of the blue the other day. This one is someone I actually knew, as opposed to being an online friend - I think we met in Miss Sarre's grade 1 class at Norway Junior Public School. I do remember that we were in Cubs together, and he would occasionally come over to my house. In high school, we were in band together - we both played trumpet. I haven't seen him since university, and even then, didn't see much of him as I was studying math and he was studying kinesiology. It seems he's working down in Texas now. He always was kind of restless... it'll be fun to get caught up.

The second weird thing: a week or so ago I got a notice from my landlord that I'd apparently underpaid my rent. The people here don't just give a gentle reminder - they actually serve an eviction notice. (It gets rescinded if you give them a cheque for the oustanding amount - I went through this once before when I'd been away for less than a week over the first of the month and forgotten to drop off my cheque before leaving town, and I freaked out when I came home and found it. Nice people at this property management company...) Now, I realized the day after I dropped off my rent cheque this month that it had just gone up and that I had inadvertantly written my cheque for the old amount, so I dropped off a second cheque for the difference, which was $20.11. I'm figuring that the superintendent just hasn't checked the dropbox since the first of the month, so that's not a huge deal - I'll check my bank account to see if the cheque has gone through and if it hasn't, I'll call the office and let them know. (Though there was one time when they neglected to record my payment and I had to get the cheque back from the bank, and the management company refused to reimburse me the bank fee even though they were in the wrong. Assholes.) The really odd thing about this, though, is that there was a second amount listed on the notice - for $1.12. Yeah, they served me with an eviction notice because I'd apparently underpaid my rent by $1.12. (I'm not sure how they calculated that, unless my storage locker was $10.14 per month instead of the $10 the superintendent told me it was...)

So I wrote them a cheque for $1.12 and dropped it off on my way home tonight, because they wanted it by the 26th. Why they couldn't wait for March 1 for the additional $1.12, I have no idea... and I know, they don't particularly care. They just want their money. It's like a scene from that John Cusack movie... "I want my two dollars!" (I'd look up the movie title, but for some reason IMDb crashes my laptop... I'm thinking it's Better Off Dead? Help me, [ profile] thespian, you're my only hope...)

The third weird thing today is that I bumped into Justen for the second time in roughly 28 hours. That doesn't sound terribly weird except that yesterday, we were nowhere near my neighbourhood (he works fairly close to where I live, but today's encounter was the first time I've bumped into him around here). In total, this is the fourth time I've bumped into him unexpectedly, and those other two times were nowhere near here either. (Once was near Union Station, once at Yonge and St. Clair, yesterday outside the Eaton Centre and tonight at the supermarket. I know I'm his Fairy Godfather, but that doesn't mean he should be able to summon me at will... *grin*)
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I had dinner with Barrett and Antonio this evening. The company and conversation were fantastic, of course (we didn't really hang out much at Gaylaxicon, for some reason - possibly because I rarely saw them in the evenings when I was at my most active), though I was reminded of the reason why I don't usually order pasta in restaurants. Okay, it was excellent, but $30 for a salad, spaghettini carbonara and a piece of tiramisu was a bit pricey. (For anyone who's curious, we went to Voglie on Church Street. Quite a nice little restaurant, actually, and they do have stuff other than pasta on the menu. It's just a bit expensive. OTOH, once we were done dinner, they let us sit there for another two hours or so and didn't pressure us at all.)

Reason #564389 why I don't want to move up to Aurora to be closer to work: we got about 5 cm of snow today, the temperature only hit 2C, and the wind was fierce. Today's forecast had been for 8C and rain, so I was severely underdressed in my leather jacket - I was shivering violently during the ten minutes or so that I was waiting for the bus. (Though the driver said that YRT were thinking about increasing service on the Industrial Parkway route. *fingers crossed*) And when I got there today, I found that someone had decided that they needed to build a chain-link fence that mostly (but not completely) blocks the last little bit of my shortcut. If I have to start walking the long way around, I'm not going to be a happy camper. (Tomorrow's forecast is again for 8C and rain, but I think I'll be wearing my winter coat... maybe my boots, too.)

On the plus side, my boss gave me a couple of Ethernet cables today, so I can now finish hooking up the router. Yay!
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So far this long weekend, I've done a lot of drinking. What else is new? But last night was special - I went to [ profile] aprilsnark's Annivorceary Party and had much fun hanging out with folks. Naturally, there was convention stuff discussed (as happens any time a bunch of Polaris people are together), but we talked about a lot of other stuff too.

As I mentioned in this post, a souvenir from the Regal Constellation Hotel was procured for me. [ profile] aprilsnark presented it to me last night, to which I responded, "I love you!!!" (And this was before I'd even finished my first beer.) At this point, Declan said, "See how she claims all the credit?" (You attention whore, Declan. I love you too. :P )

Anyway, here it is:

For those of you uttering the resounding "So what?" that I can hear from here... for four or five years I organized the Queer Continuum room party at Toronto Trek, which was always held in suite 555 (and the adjoining room, 559). Even after we moved to the IP after the Regal went bankrupt, people were still referring to our party suite as "room 555" for a bit. So last week, when our people were roaming around the hotel taking anything that wasn't nailed down and/or slated for auction, the room number sign from the door of our party suite was removed for me.

As I said... I love my friends. *grin*

At last night's party, there were a few other pictures taken as well, including one of me wearing a Regal porter's uniform that Adrienne had liberated (and which was surprisingly a perfect fit). I haven't seen that photo yet, though - when someone posts it I'll see about snagging a copy.

I got home from the party around 4 this morning and managed to sleep until 2 this afternoon, which meant I had to rush as I was meeting Barrett (from the Washington, DC chapter of the Gaylactic Network, Lambda Sci-Fi) for lunch - he was in town for a few days. We ended up at Zelda's on Church Street, where I had a turkey wrap which, unfortunately, doesn't seem to have agreed with me. As we walked in, though, and we were waiting to be seated, one of the waiters smiled and said hi to me. I did a bit of a double-take, not realizing that I knew anyone who worked there... it was someone from bowling. I turned to Barrett and shrugged, and he just said, "You know everyone!" *facepalm*

Anyhow, I'm just waiting for my chicken to finish baking, and then I'll watch the season finale of Desperate Housewives, then I'll figure out if I'm going out tonight. Hey, I don't have to get up early tomorrow...
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For those few of you who hadn't heard, Jerry Falwell passed away today.

The irony? Fred Phelps plans to protest the funeral.


I've spent much of the last 24 hours, when I wasn't working, eating or sleeping, exchanging messages with Warren on Facebook. It turns out he's a Battlestar Galactica fan (he always was a fellow science fiction fan), so I may have him convinced to come to Polaris in July to see Katee Sackhoff. I haven't even told him about the rest of the guests yet...
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I had some Gaylaxicon mail that came in this week, so I arranged to meet Lloyd where he was working so that he could give it to Yvonne. Unfortunately, I misremembered where he worked. I remembered taking the King streetcar last time, and thought the address was 444 King St. West. So I rode the subway down to King and got on the streetcar. I went past 444 (I hate that not every building puts its address somewhere prominent), so I got off and walked back - but there was no 444 King St. West. The place where I think it should have been was a construction site.

So, I thought, I must have misremembered, and it must have been 444 King St East. So I crossed the street and got on the streetcar going the other way, and rode it to where 444 King St. East should have been. Again, I went past it and had to walk back, but that wasn't it either. Argh. So I rode back to Yonge Street.

By this time it was 8:24, and I was supposed to be there between 8 and 8:30. So I got off at Yonge and called Lloyd on his cell - it turned out that I had been sort of right the first time, but was wrong about the street address - it was 720 King West, not 444. The Globe's headquarters are at 444 Front Street. *headdesk*

As it turned out, Lloyd was on his way to the recording studio where he's been working on some audio plays, and they needed him tonight. So I got back on the westbound streetcar and met up with him at King and Bathurst.

Apart from the fact that I was late (and he'd actually left work early because they'd wanted him to come earlier than planned to the studio), what made it even worse is that despite CP24 saying that it was going to be raining later tonight, it was a veritable downpour by the time I got to King and Yonge the first time, and I hadn't bothered to bring my umbrella with me. I should know better by now than to believe CP24's weather forecasts.

(And what's with all the rain this week, anyway? Are you folks in Boston sending it our way? I know you got more than enough by a few orders of magnitude, but you should have sent it out over the ocean.)

It seems to have stopped raining now, though. Not that it matters, because for some reason I'm feeling like going to bed. And it's not even 1:30 yet.

Had it stopped earlier, though, I might have called up a friend to see if he wanted to get a drink. You see, he emailed me yesterday to tell me that he came out to his parents this week, and they took it well. (I'm not naming names, because I don't know how out he is to his friends. I know that several of you know him, but I'll let him determine how he comes out to you.) That seemed to me to be a good reason to go out. Unfortunately, I hate going out in bad weather. Perhaps, since this is a long weekend, he'll be up for going out Sunday night. I can take him to Woody's for the Best Legs contest or something.


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