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I probably shouldn't bother to post about this, because I know the kind of responses this will get (and I'm generally not the kind of person to disallow commenting because, if my friends have something to say, I want them to be able to say it), but here goes...

First, though, the fun part. I spent yesterday afternoon at [ profile] gurudata and [ profile] kanecool's house with [ profile] twiddler, Declan, Stephen and Megan, filming a series of skits to show at Polaris 21. We'll try to perform as many of them live as we can, but in case something happens and either [ profile] twiddler or I am unavailable (since we're in all of them), we wanted to have a backup. Also, there was some talk of putting them up on Youtube before the con for promotional purposes. If that happens, I'll post a link so that you can all make fun of me. :) Declan was also taking still photos, so if those get posted, I'll try to snag copies (I just hope he didn't take any of me changing costumes. As Stephen said, I'm not shy... since a couple of my changes were full changes, everyone who was there now knows what kind of underwear I wear. I told them not to be so squeamish... at least they didn't see me running around naked like I had to do during FASS '90 when I had to take a shower during intermission to get the ghost makeup off and rush to change into my Act Two costume... the second the curtain came down at the end of Act One I was running for the dressing room, peeling off my costume as I ran.)

After we completed filming around 6, we all (except for Declan, who had to leave) went for dinner at a nearby pub called The Devil's Harp, where I had a rather nice lamb-and-ale pie and mashed potatoes for dinner.

I did have a rather unexpected surprise - I was using an old garment bag to carry all of the various outfits that I was planning to wear, and in the bottom of the garment bag, I found an envelope of photographs. Many of them were from my high school band's 1985 trip to New York City, but there were some photos that go back even further (including one from when I was about 8, and one from when I was about 6 or 7), plus one from that I wish I'd known I had last year, when [ profile] rockgoddes put together an exhibit on the history of Toronto Trek for our 20th anniversary - it was taken at TT3, and it's of me and Mark Lenard. (I may not have known I had the photo, but the shirt I'm wearing in the photo was in the exhibit. :) ) [ profile] gurudata kindly scanned them for me, and once I receive them in my email, I'll post them. :)

Now for the not-so-fun part of the evening... because I'd been good Friday night, I decided to go out to Woody's even though I was a little tired from the day's activities. I was standing there, minding my own business, when some guy I'd never seen before in my life turned towards me and read my shirt, running his finger across my chest like he was a kindergartener just learning to read. I was wearing one of my French Connection UK shirts, which says "too busy to fcuk". He said, "Why the hell would you wear something like that down here, you loser? You must be a nerd." I just raised my eyebrows and said, "It amused me." He then went on to inform me that I was probably still a virgin (when, in fact, I was probably already married before he figured out what his dick was for, given his age), and said - a propos of what, I'm not sure - that he was a stylist. I replied, "That's nice, I'm a programmer." He then put his arm around me (!). I said, "What the hell are you doing?" He said, "If you're a programmer, you must have money." I extracted myself and moved away. He then decided to go at me again, and told me that I needed a makeover. Also, he added, a gym membership. He then turned back to his friends and proudly announced that he was a bitch. (No kidding.) His two female friends found the whole thing hilarious, but his male friend was mortified. Once he established that I'd never seen his friend before that moment, he turned and told him off, then turned to me and apologized. The asshole then loudly said, "What are you talking to him for? Come over here and hang out with the popular people."

Funny, I thought high school ended for me 22 years ago...

When I went back to the bar for my third pint of the night, the bartender asked how my night was going. I said, "Until a few minutes ago, it was going fine..." He asked what had happened, and I told him. He said, "Where is he? I'll have him thrown out." I told him not to bother, though, that I didn't think the guy was worth it. (I'll have to remember to say hi to his friend if I see him in there again, though... if only because it'll piss this guy off. ;) )

But I continued to stew about it for the rest of the night, and into this afternoon. Look, I know I have flaws. I know that I'm not what is generally considered attractive in the gay community - I'm not in the greatest of shape, and I don't have cheekbones that will cut glass - in other words, I don't look like I'm on either steroids, ecstacy or heroin - and I'm not 20 years old any more. I have interests and ambitions that don't involve becoming Paris Hilton's personal shopper. But I don't think those kinds of comments were called for. I'll take constructive criticism from my friends, because I know they're doing it because they care about me, even if it does get annoying sometimes. But from a complete stranger? DO NOT WANT.

Anyway, I'm feeling a little better now. I know (and knew even at the time) that the guy was a jerk whose opinions were to be discounted out of hand, and that he was probably only doing it because criticizing others is the only way he knows to make himself feel good about his own life, but for some reason, it still bothered me that someone would decide that that kind of behaviour was appropriate.

Today was kind of meh, even once I started feeling better. I had a nasty headache all day (which is strange, because I didn't feel like I was that drunk last night), which wasn't helped by the fact that my Mike Holmes-wannabe neighbour was drilling again. It might have been partially exacerbated by the fact that I decided that I was sick and tired of my bathroom being in the state it's in, and so did some cleaning this afternoon. (The shower stall needs another go-over, though... it seems that no matter how much time I spend on them, the walls still have hard-water residue.) The fumes from the various cleaning substances probably didn't help my headache any. I was going to do the kitchen floor too, but I didn't feel like waiting for the floor to dry before I could make dinner. Speaking of which, I felt much better after I'd eaten. Pasta, followed by chocolate ice cream, may not do anything for my non-existent abs, but they heal everything else. :)
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I decided to go to Woody's tonight, though a little later than usual, so I missed the Best Ass Contest and only had time for two pints. While I was finishing my first, I noticed a young guy checking me out. About five minutes later, he came over and struck up a conversation with me. I was able to ascertain pretty quickly that I wasn't that interested (and he was fixed on going to the baths tonight anyway), so nothing came of it, but it was nice to have someone to talk to for an hour or so until the bar closed. (Why I wasn't interested, I'm not quite sure, especially after he said to me at one point, "What are you, 25? 27?" I could have kissed him right there.) As we parted ways, he asked me if I was on Facebook and told me to look him up. I really have to get around to setting that up (if only so that I can check out these pictures Declan has up of me without a shirt).

Then, while I was waiting for the bus on Yonge Street, I saw what looked like a familiar face. I thought, "Nah, couldn't be," but then as he was crossing Yonge over to where I was waiting, he looked up and waved. It was Anthony Furey, a friend from the convention scene (and former TT Programming Department member, about six or seven years ago), and his roommate (whose name I forget, but whom Anthony sometimes brings to pubnights). They stopped to chat for a minute or so, but then the bus was coming and nature was calling them. (To pee, you perverts... though I sometimes think Anthony doth protest too much when he claims to be straight. Especially since they'd been at Buddies tonight, which is a pretty gay hangout...)

So I rode the bus up to Eglinton. Around Davisville, I noticed a guy sitting near the front and I thought, "Cute, but way too young." I got off at Eglinton, and as I glanced back, I noticed that he was getting off too, and thought once again, "Nah, couldn't be..." It was Chris Brooks.

I met Chris a few years ago through [ profile] cuteteenboy, when [ profile] ozreison and I were looking for someone to run the Yu-Gi-Oh tournament at Toronto Trek. He was a certified Yu-Gi-Oh judge, so we agreed that he could run it. He turned out to be a bit flaky, however... he was late showing up, causing [ profile] ozreison to drag me out of bed on about three hours sleep (I'd hosted the previous night's Queer Continuum room party) and unshowered, wearing my sweat pants and the dirty t-shirt from the day before. Naturally, the first people we saw upon exiting the elevator in the lobby were [ profile] dx4 and Christopher Judge, who boomed a hearty "Good morning!" at us...

Anyway, Chris eventually turned up on his own, and from all accounts, he did a fairly good job, so we agreed that he could do it again the following year. However, during that time, his parents threw him out of the house (he's gay, they're Mormon... you do the math) and he went missing, apparently living on the streets. It was around this time that he developed a drug problem as well. I did see him shortly thereafter when [ profile] cuteteenboy had heard from him that his parents had taken him back in, and he came downtown to meet the two of us one afternoon for some shopping. I said hello, hugged him, and then smacked him upside the head and said, "Don't ever do that again!" I'd spent a couple of days wandering around downtown hoping to run into him so that I could offer him a roof over his head and a couch to sleep on but hadn't been able to find him.

Anyway, he's gotten his act cleaned up, gone back to school (the same college where I've been taking my computer courses, ironically), moved into his own apartment, and is working at The Gap in the Eaton Centre downtown. I'm happy to see that he's gotten his life back on track.

That was more excitement than I'm used to on a Friday night. I think I'm going to fall down go boom now.
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I'm not sure what's funnier/more pathetic: a bunch of 20-somethings dancing to a song that came out before any of them was born and probably thinking that it's new, or the fact that I still know all the Beatles songs used in the "Stars On 45" medley... and in the correct order. I do wonder, however, what the DJ was smoking in order to play that particular song. (However, the fact that he played some PSB tonight absolves him.)

The drag queen performing as Jessica Rabbit was kind of funny, though. And damned good, even if she was a bit on the chunky side for authenticity.

Alas, I didn't bump into Rick, or any of his teammates tonight; either he lied to me last night, or they decided to go somewhere else, or they didn't go out at all. Whatever. Meh. I'm used to only having the bartenders talk to me when I go out.

Okay, that's not quite true. The guy who mistook my half-full beer cup for a tip jar and dropped a loonie in it talked to me to apologize profusely. The bartender gave me a free refill, though, so no harm, no foul. Alas, once I got the refill, the guy didn't stick around. Pity. I wouldn't have minded the company.

I just wish that bus drivers would make people move to the back of the bus... I had to wait for six buses before one deigned to stop despite all of them having room for more passengers. And watch two guys at the bus stop playing tonsil hockey the whole time. (Yeah, I could have moved to where I wouldn't be subjected to seeing what I can never have, but lose my spot at the front of the line? Are you crazy?) Okay, being forced to wait for an hour or so helped me to sober up, but I wasn't that drunk to begin with anyway - I usually have three pints when I go out, and tonight I had three and a half - but I got there an hour or so earlier than usual, knowing that there would be a line tonight, in order to make sure that I could get in by midnight to watch the countdown. (They were showing CITY's coverage, with Ed the Sock and Liana K.)

Would it kill the TTC to run the subway all night once or twice a year? They were already running it an hour later than usual tonight, though that still meant it closed before last call. New Year's Eve, Pride weekend and Caribana all strike me as times when having all-night subway service would have no trouble paying for itself. Since the system is on a holiday schedule tomorrow, I'm sure they would be able to close it at 6 for cleaning/maintenance if they really needed to - the vast majority of people who went out tonight would be home by then, and then they could re-open it at 9 like they do on normal Sunday and holiday mornings.

Yes, I'm bitchy. Deal.
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I went out to Woody's tonight - I'm not sure why, as I was planning to go tomorrow night (since I don't seem to recall receiving any NYE invitations, at least not for places I can get to), but I guess I was bored. I ran into my friend Rick from bowling, though, so the night wasn't a complete waste of time. I hadn't seen him since May or so, since my team switched to the Friday session this year and he still bowls on Wednesdays. We ended up chatting for an hour or so, which was kind of nice. He asked me if I'd be going out again tomorrow, so I guess I will.

There was one funny bit (funny-strange, not funny-haha) about tonight... as it was Saturday, they were holding the Best Legs contest. The guy who won was:

a) from Ann Arbor, Michigan;
b) a dead ringer for [ profile] brendand, if he'd buffed up significantly since I saw him when I went to Ann Arbor five months ago.

[ profile] netmouse, since [ profile] brendand defriended me some time ago, I'll ask you - does he have a twin or a lookalike cousin or something? :) IIRC, he gave his name as Micah. Maybe it was Michael, though - for some reason nobody but the host(ess) seems to be able to make themselves heard using the microphone and sound system in there.

I've been following, somewhat closely, several online discussions about this morning's execution of Saddam Hussein. (Okay, yesterday morning now, I suppose.) I must say, I'm disappointed in much of mankind. There's a guy at TrekBBS who says he actually jerked off to the video of the hanging. How pathetic is that? Okay, the guy was evil. I grant that. But there comes a point where we, as observers, risk losing our own humanity, and I think that particular person (and a few others) crossed it a long time ago. God, the things I've wanted to say over there over the past 24 hours... if it were an in-person conversation, my tongue would be bleeding from biting it too hard. Personally, I think that he's just been made into a martyr for the insurgency; and if I were in that position, the thing I would dread the most would be spending the rest of my life in a dank prison cell, not a quick death from a broken neck. I'm glad I live in a country that abolished capital punishment a long time ago. Not because people like Saddam don't deserve to die, but because I think that being forced to live in a bleak environment like a prison is much worse. (Okay, there's also the possibility that they're in fact innocent of the charges against them, but I'll stipulate to the fact that Saddam was guilty as sin.)

I admit, I watched the Google video of the execution that [ profile] evil_admiral linked to this evening. But I don't feel better for having done so. In fact, I feel somewhat dirty now.
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I had a consistent, if not stellar, night tonight at bowling: 147, 162, 157. A little below where I want to be, but better than my average on the night (even if said average is below where it should be).

Randy called my cellphone around 6:30 to let me know that he and [ profile] h8torun were both feeling sick and wouldn't be making it. Mario was also going to be away, but he'd left a declared score for tonight. Fortunately, the boyfriend of one of our opponents had shown up to spare for someone, so I snagged him, and when I went over to talk to the league statistician, it turned out that Alan Werner (who also bowls on Wednesdays, which is why I know him) had shown up as well, so I was able to fill out our team for the night. (Alan is a bit of a strange guy. I'm not sure what the current PC term is, but he is, not to put too fine a point on it, developmentally disabled. Nice, but not all there.)

That being said, we still only managed to take one point out of four - the opposing team had a huge handicap (something like 450) and bowled well on top of that, so they kicked our butts in games one and three.

(Oh, and [ profile] h8torun, you missed it... I actually talked to Jon tonight. Of course, it would have been hard to avoid it, since it was his team that we were bowling against... I still don't know if he's involved with someone or not, though. It was hard to tell based on his interactions with his teammates.)

I came home for a bit, but decided that I wanted to go out, so I went down to Woody's. (I really shouldn't - it's not as though I have an income and can spend money on beer - but dammit, I wanted to go out.) Not much happened there... I talked to a couple of guys, but they didn't seem to be interested. While I was waiting for the bus, another guy started a conversation with me. (Hm, nobody's ever tried to pick me up at the bus stop before, in nine years of being single...) He was getting off at Davisville, though, and nothing happened beyond a bit of drunken conversation. There was another guy who got on the bus at Bloor, and this guy involved him in our conversation as well. When guy #1 got off at Davisville, guy #2 expressed surprise that I wasn't going with him - he'd thought we were together. Yeah, as if. Guy #2 stayed on the bus when I got off at Eglinton, alas.

In other news, this afternoon I called four of the recruiters who had called me recently to follow up on job applications, but was only able to reach one. He said that he hadn't heard back from the client, so he was going to email them to follow up. I left voice mails for the other three recruiters (including the one who's still pushing to get me the third interview at ADP).

Off to check TrekBBS now, I think, and then to bed...
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I just got home from Woody's a few minutes ago, and I have to say, I had a better time there than I've had in a long time. (And no, I didn't get laid. Read on.)

I arrived around 12:45, in the middle of the drag show. Georgie Girl was her usual self, though her performance of "Proud Mary" (after dishevelling her wig in order to look as close as a white drag queen can to Tina Turner) was one for the ages. Following Georgie Girl, Miss Conception took the stage, and did a fantastic sendup of Celine Dion. Crossed eyes, horse face and all. (Meow.) I never realized before tonight, however, that the Air Canada jingle that Celine performed had actually been made into a full song... ouch.

After the show, I was wandering around the bar. I noted a tall hot guy and a short hot guy standing together on the Sailor side of the bar, and started to turn left into the Woody's side, when I heard the tall hot guy say, "And that guy looks like a 'Lance'." Naturally, that caught my attention. I looked back, and he was looking and pointing at me.

Now, it's not as though I've been a complete and total slut throughout my life (hush) - I've actually only slept with about a dozen guys in my life, so I knew for a fact that this wasn't someone I'd had a forgettable one-night stand with. I walked over and said, "Have we met?" He said, "No, you just look like a 'Lance'." I said, "Well, that is my name... are you sure we haven't met?"

Of course, he was putting me on. He turned out to be someone who'd been in FASS - the theatre company at the University of Waterloo that I belonged to for about five years (with [ profile] the_nita, [ profile] bcholmes, [ profile] mzrowan and [ profile] james_nicoll, [ profile] thespian and [ profile] dagibbs, among several others who are either not on LJ or whose handles I don't know or whom I'm simply forgetting to add to this list). He was only in the 1990 show, in the scene set in the student residence known as the Village, in which he played one of the Village Dons. In fact, he played Don Inigo Montoya (and yes, he did the "prepare to die" gag). He refused to tell me his name, though I managed to get "Brian" out of him. Of course, the company had about a dozen Brians, so I still can't remember his last name. All I can recall is that he used to hang out with a guy named Cat Sullivan (whose first name, I think, was really Brian as well).

So I spent most of the rest of the night hanging out with him and his extremely hot friend (who is not his boyfriend - I ascertained that as early as I could, though when I asked the question, his response was "I wish!" ;) ) named Mike, who is from Montreal.

Apparently they're in there a lot - so I may be going downtown more often than I have been of late.

(And no, I didn't get any phone numbers or email addresses. They both left rather abruptly, though they did both say goodbye. I'll leave that for next time. :) )

(Edited to add [ profile] thespian and [ profile] dagibbs to the list of people with whom I was in FASS, so that they'll feel less miffed at me for leaving them out initially. If I forgot anyone else, I apologize, but I was still a little tipsy when I posted this last night/this morning.)


Aug. 12th, 2006 03:25 am
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Three pints of beer is generally okay.

Three pints of beer plus one shot of tequila, on the other hand...

It's all Josh's fault.

Pity he was there with his girlfriend. Suuuuuure, he's straight. I believe him. Thousands wouldn't... after all, straight guys don't generally go to gay bars. They don't kiss their male friends hello when they bump into them. And they certainly don't encourage said male friends to come down again the following night for the Best Legs contest.
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I owe people a whole whack of responses to comments. I said the other day that I would respond, but I still haven't. Spank me, I'll get to it. :P

So, I went out tonight. Sue me (or spank me), TrekBBS is down until noon tomorrow, and I had nothing better to do. Plus, it's a long weekend, so I expected that Woody's would be hopping - and it was, with the "best ass" contest tonight. Woo. Also hoo.

Update on "Project Jarrod":

Guy #1: at the bar with two girls. I said hello while I was waiting for the bartender to serve me, and we exchanged a few words, but within 30 seconds he had turned away to pay attention to the girls instead. Whatever.

Guy #2: Vadim, who was a recent (three years ago) immigrant from St. Petersburg, Russia. We had a good conversation that lasted through most of the above-mentioned beer, but when I excused myself to go to the bar for another (it was ten minutes to last call), he took the opportunity to leave. I guess my stance on illegal downloading (hey, he brought the subject up!) didn't turn him on.

Guy #3: Craig, originally from Nova Scotia, but has been living here for several years. We struck up a conversation near the pool table (which I'd been avoiding because my bowling teammate Ralph was playing pool, and whenever he sees me in there I get a litany about how his tennis club is doing, or how he's been bowling recently - and since there's been no bowling for a couple of months, and I don't play tennis, and I was there to work on "Project Jarrod," I saw no point in letting him know that I was there). The conversation was going swimmingly, until he said, "We spent the day in Coburg." I said, "'We' being...?" Turned out he has a boyfriend, who was actually at home asleep. (I still find it weird when one member of a partnership goes out to the bar while the other is at home... it's not the first time I've encountered this.) We still ended up talking until the bar kicked us out, but I was disappointed. He was cute, and nice, and seemed interested in me as a person, if not as anything else.

So... that's twice in a row since I met Jarrod that I've gone out and started conversations with at least three guys. I guess that means I get to email him now and start working on finding someone to ghost-write his book on getting over shyness in bars. ;)

In other news... I picked up a copy of the new issue of Fab magazine tonight. The cover story is "Why Is Science Fiction So Gay?", by Scott Dagonstino. Yup, Gaylaxicon 2006 made the cover of this week's issue. It's too bad we weren't on the cover a week before the con (though there was an article about us in the pre-con issue), but it's an excellent article nontheless.

For those who are interested:

the home page

the cover

Letter from the editor

the article

And now I'm off to bed.
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Well, that was a waste of seven hours and $25.

I was really tired after today's TT meeting (which lasted about five and a half hours), and had been thinking about staying home but [ profile] cuteteenboy called and convinced me to come downtown. He had asked if he and Taka could crash here, but their plans changed and I ended up not even seeing them.

Following Jarrod's advice, I did start conversations with six guys tonight. The most promising was the first, a teacher at Riverdale Collegiate named Trevor... but he abruptly left the conversation when he decided to go up to the bar to refresh his drink and never came back. It turned out that of the two friends he was with who were up dancing (he said he doesn't dance, which is why he wasn't with them), one of them appeared to be his boyfriend. Either that, or a really, really, really good friend... *headdesk* There ought to be a rule against guys who are in relationships letting their boyfriends dance with the third friend who comes with them. It gives completely the wrong message.

Addendum: there should also be a rule against guys coming up to one and starting to dance, and then shouting in one's ear, "My boyfriend is being a bitch because I talked to someone else!" Do I look like fucking Ann Landers? I know I jokingly refer to myself as a "Fairy Godfather," but that's something I do for friends, not total strangers who are grinding up against me on the dance floor.

Interestingly, one of the guys (whom I wasn't really interested in, but I was practicing my "walking up to strangers and starting conversation" skills, and it turned out he had a boyfriend too, anyway) recognized the significance of my Gaylaxicon t-shirt. He was from Baltimore, and had even heard of Shore Leave. Though he didn't know any of the Baltimore/Washington-area fans I named.

Pride weekend is always interesting at Woody's, because the downstairs part turns into a big dance floor. I had taken the song they were playing upon my arrival as a good omen - I don't think I'd ever heard them play "West End Girls" by the Pet Shop Boys in there (I was living in Waterloo when the song came out). Ha! Though it really shouldn't be part of a medley with Rick Astley's one song.

The music was good tonight, though... they also played "New York City Boy" and "Absolutely Fabulous". Two very unusual choices. As well as a medley of songs from "Grease", "I Will Survive" and "Lady Marmelade" (though perhaps I've been spoiled by having seen Andy Hallett's live rendition a few years ago). I'm a little tired of them ending the night with Donna Summer's "Last Dance", though. It always depresses me, especially when I have to sit there by myself and watch all of the couples making out on the dance floor. If I wanted to watch guys making out, I'd surf the net for porn.

Well, that's Pride overwith for another year. Thank God.

Oh, and I have read all of the comments on Friday night/Saturday morning's post... as well as the previous posts. I'm just too tired to respond to them all right now.
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... but I went to Woody's tonight.

Hey, it's Pride, gimme a break. :P

I was standing in a corner by myself, near the doorway from the side of the bar that's called "Sailor," when a hot guy stopped by me and asked me where the washroom was. So I pointed it out to him. An hour or so later, he came up to me and started up a conversation. It turned out that he actually picked me out of the crowd because I was so obviously by myself and looked like I needed some kind of interaction. So he started to work me over (no, not like that!) and eventually convinced me that it's not that hard to walk up to a total stranger and strike up a conversation. In fact, he (his name was Jarrod) dragged me along while he did it himself - with three guys who were visiting from Cleveland. He then told me to pick someone out and start a conversation with them. Well, I could hardly refuse with him right there... so I did it. It wasn't that hard, in retrospect - though the guy turned out to be there with his boyfriend (who was up at the bar when I started talking to him). He then made me do it again, so I picked out a guy who seemed to be by himself, and we ended up talking for about 45 minutes, right up until last call - and I saw him again a little while later, so I actually ended up leaving the bar with him (don't go there - my apartment's a mess and I'm not having anyone over until I have time to clean, and he didn't invite me home with him).

I said to Jarrod at one point, "seeing as how you're so good at motivating people, how come you haven't written a book and become a millionaire yet? If you can get me to do it, you obviously know what you're doing." So he gave me his email address (I'd previously mentioned that I know a lot of writers, and perhaps one of them might be willing to enter into a contractual arrangement with him, since he said that he himself can't write worth a damn). The catch is, I'm not allowed to use it until I've gone back to Woody's twice and spoken to at least three strangers each time.

Heck, maybe I should work with him. I know I'm not a published author or anything, but I think I'm pretty good at stringing words together... I may not be another Robert J. Sawyer, but I'm not terrible. I'd be even better if I didn't write most things (like this LJ entry) off the cuff, and actually took time to work on the prose and edit it.

The interesting thing is that he actually did have some kind of effect on me. There's a guy that I see in there pretty much every time I've gone in there whom I think is kind of cute, and while we've never spoken, at one point I saw him near me, and I looked at him and nodded "hello". He didn't respond at all, but then again, I didn't actually speak to him...

Oh, and why, if I think Jarrod was hot, and he seemed interested enough in me to talk to me and get me to talk to multiple total strangers, did I still end up coming home by myself? Turns out he was in there with his girlfriend. Yeah, a straight guy - from Calgary, no less - in Woody's on Pride Weekend. Go figure.

Anyhow, I'm off to bed now that I'm a little less drunk...
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Emboldened by the fact that I managed to ask John out a few weeks ago (albeit unsuccessfully), I chatted up a cute guy at Woody's tonight, one of three I'd had my eye on.

Turned out he had a boyfriend but was looking for conversation anyway, so I couldn't get away to hit on one of the other two. :(

Didn't I ask everyone to shoot me if I ever decided to go to Woody's again?

On the plus side, LJ seems to have fixed the bug whereby my update window keeps getting wider as I type. It's sad that that's the highlight of tonight.
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Next time I say I'm going to Woody's, shoot me and put me out of the misery that's certain to ensue.
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As tiresome as I tend to find Christmas (the crowds, the having to deal with my parents, the stress), I found out today it could be a lot worse.

I was on my way home from Starbucks (not the one I usually go to, as it was closed, but the one around the corner - yes, there are two Starbucks within a two-minute walk of each other), and there was a police car with its lights flashing on the NW corner of Yonge and Eglinton. Two officers were standing with a teenaged boy in handcuffs.

Two girls came out of the subway station and hollered across the street, "Hey, are you going home?" No, doofuses. He's in handcuffs.

Anyway, it made me think that things could be a lot worse.

I went out to Woody's again last night, feeling the need for the illusion of company. They were having the Best Legs contest, which was won by a dancer from the cast of "Movin' Out" (the Billy Joel/Twyla Tharp musical that's playing here). Nobody seemed to want to enter, so two-thirds of the entrants were from the cast of the show. I saw John from bowling standing on the other side of the bar, so I wandered over to say hi, but when I got there I saw that he appeared to be with someone, so I didn't interrupt. I also saw Rick from Troy's team, but again, he seemed to be with someone, so I just said a quick hello as he was standing right next to the service area when I went to get another beer.

After I got home, I watched the first few minutes of the pilot of "Lost" on DVD while I ate a bowl of rice (exciting way to finish the night...). OMG, what have I been missing all this time? I think I'll spend the rest of today watching more.
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Warning: this post rated "R" for explicit language and sexual content.

This weekend is Caribana, which for my non-Torontonian friends, is a Caribbean festival marked by a parade with amazing costumes and (usually) a shooting or two.

Yeah, that's nasty for me to say. But I'm drunk and it's true. :P

So tonight I decided to go to Woody's for only the second time this year. As usual, nobody but the bartenders spoke to me, which is sometimes a bad thing but at least they had the Best Legs contest tonight (no, I didn't enter).

Afterwards, I walked over to Yonge Street to wait for the northbound bus since the last subway from Wellesley station leaves at 1:48 AM (I'll never figure out why they shut the subway down before last call, but anyway...). After about 20 minutes it became eminently clear that the buses had been rerouted because of Caribana, despite the fact that the parade runs along Lakeshore (an east-west street several miles south of where I was on Yonge). So I walked up to Bloor, as the buses, when they're rerouted, usually run up Bay to Bloor, along Bloor to Yonge, and then take their usual route north. As I was walking up Yonge, a cute young guy stopped me to ask me if I had a light. So I pulled out my lighter, gave him a light, and he then proceeded to ask me if I wanted a blow job.

I said no.

What the fuck is wrong with me? He was cute, and if he had chatted me up in Woody's for half an hour or so before asking, I would surely have gone home with him... am I gun-shy because it's been so long? Was I subconsciously thinking about Donnie, the guy that I picked up in Woody's in 1998 who turned out to have a drug problem and proceeded to stalk me for nine months?


Anyway, as I got to Bloor, I happened to look west and saw a bus running north on Bay through Bloor and continuing northbound. So evidently the bus wasn't being rerouted back to Yonge until it got north of Bloor, so (without telling any of the 200 or so people who were waiting at Yonge and Bloor - hey, I wanted to get on the bus before 5AM!), I walked over to Bay and got there just as a bus arrived. However, the stop is about half a block north of Bloor, so I had to run like I haven't run in about ten years to catch it. I got on and immediately told the driver that there was no signage on Yonge to tell people that the bus had been rerouted. While I was doing this, a guy who was even drunker than I started shouting at me to "sit the fuck down". I told him to mind his own business (shocking, I know) because I was trying to talk to the driver, who was showing no signs of minding that I was doing so. However, this guy was getting exceedingly agitated by the fact that I was telling the driver about the 200 people who were waiting at Yonge and Bloor (not to mention the 100 or so who had been waiting at Yonge and Wellesley) and that he should contact a supervisor to get over there and tell people that the bus wasn't running on Yonge. Given the fact that this is usually one of the more violent weekends in Toronto (see paragraph #2) I decided that discretion was the better part of valour and sat down.

For what it was worth, the driver agreed with me that something needed to be done to tell people about the rerouting of the night bus, because there was no signage, nothing in the news that I had seen, nothing to help people get home before the subway starts running again at 9.

Funny thing was, when the agitated guy got off he stood by the driver and chatted with him for a good minute and a half while the bus was stopped before getting off. I was sorely tempted to tell him to sit down or get off. :)

And that's my nasty post for this year. :)

Edited to add: I forgot to mention, someone did speak to me in Woody's tonight: some guy came over to me and the following conversation ensued:

Him: Do you think I'm a nice guy?
Me: I don't know you, so I can't answer that question.
Him: Do I look nice? My friends say I'm not.
Me: Well, again, I don't know you, but you don't look like a bad person.
Him: Thank you. (walks back over to friends) See, he thinks I'm nice!



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