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Just received in my email...

Press Release #12, November 2008
Anticipation Announces Updated Membership Rates.

Anticipation, the 67th World Science Fiction Convention will change its membership rates starting January 1st, 2009. They will not change again until July 15th, 2009.

*An attending membership is currently 215.00 CAD. This rate will increase to 240.00 CAD as of January 1st, 2009. The new rate will be valid until July 15th, 2009.

* A supporting membership is currently 55.00 CAD. This rate will remain the same.
* Supporting members will be able to upgrade to an attending membership by paying the difference in price between the two rates. Note that all voters for the 2009 site selection are supporting members of Anticipation.
* Montréal in 2009 pre-supporters will only get a rebate on their memberships if they register before January 1st, 2009.
* Child memberships will remain 75.00 CAD until April 30th, 2009.
* Family memberships are currently 500.00 CAD. This rate will increase to 550.00 CAD as of January 1st, 2009. The new rate will be valid until July 15, 2009.

Rates in other currencies (USD, EUR, GBP and JPY) are available on the Anticipation web site at or by contacting us at

(Confused? Write us and we'll tell you how much you need to pay. You can email us at

The 67th World Science Fiction Convention, known as Anticipation, will take place in Montréal, Québec, Canada from Thursday, August 6th through Monday, August 10th, 2009. More information about Anticipation, including current membership rates, is available on our web site (; you can also write to us for more information.

To be removed from the Anticipation press release mailing list please write to

Anticipation The 67th World Science Fiction Convention P.O. Box 105, Station NDG Montréal, QC H4A 3P4

"WSFS", "Worldcon", "World Science Fiction Convention", "Hugo Award" and "NASFiC" are registered service marks of the World Science Fiction Society, an unincorporated literary society.
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I got home from Denver Tuesday morning, just before 1. The con was fun, though as always, I didn't get to see everything I would have liked to. I say that despite the fact that I found programming a little thin this year; there were several times that I could find nothing of interest in the pocket programme, but there were always people around to chat with.

There was some Anticipation business I needed to conduct, including a meeting with the people in charge of the Hugo Awards ceremony and the recruitment of a new Masquerade Director (as we lost ours a couple of weeks ago). As part of the Anticipation committee, I helped host a couple of parties in conjunction with the people who ran last year's Worldcon in Yokohama. One of them was the Post-Hugos party, at which I tended bar with [ profile] klingonguy, while [ profile] mishalak and others toiled in the back. (Thanks again for opening the bottles for me, [ profile] mishalak. I don't know why I'm so useless with a corkscrew... breaking one cork is one thing. But three? Good thing you were there.)

It wouldn't be a con without an embarrassing anecdote - I was behind the bar when an attractive guy came up and said, "Where's the guy I need to sleep with to get a drink?" Now, he was clearly being facetious, because we were pouring the wine as fast as people could drink it, and there were several as-yet-unclaimed glasses on the counter in front of us so that people could help themselves. (He couldn't have mistaken them for abandoned glasses... there were just too many, all neatly lined up.) I, of course, couldn't let this line go without a response and said, "Well, I'll sleep with you, but it's not really necessary if you just want a drink." I later found out that the gentleman in question was the convention's toastmaster...

I did get to see the Artist Guest of Honour's slideshow, though - this year's Artist GoH was Rick Sternbach. He showed quite a number of slides of paintings he did for book covers as well as art he had done over the years for various Star Trek shows and movies. I also got to see about half of the Star Trek: New Voyages episode "Blood And Fire" by David Gerrold, based on his unused TNG script. (David wasn't there, unfortunately - I'd heard that he hurt his arm, though I don't know any details.)

I didn't get to do much shopping - the Dealers' Room closed about half an hour after I got there on Friday, and I never made it back. I'd actually intended to get there earlier, but as I was walking towards the entrance, I heard my name being called out - Joey Shoji (a rather well-known filker) was standing in line to get [ profile] andpuff's autograph, so I hung out with him for a while. When I first discovered fandom, I was heavily involved in musical theatre and some friends gave me a tape of Joey's songs, thinking that I might enjoy them. It's kind of funny that now, Joey yells my name across a crowded convention centre exhibit hall...

The other funny thing about that particular experience was that when we got to the front of the line, [ profile] andpuff looked up at Joey and said, "You again???" That's exactly what she used to say to me every Saturday afternoon when I walked into the bookstore where she worked when I was in high school... so of course, I had to tell her. :)

Anyway, I did pick up one book:

Love In The Time Of Fridges, by Tim Scott )

and one t-shirt:

I also got to go for dinner a couple of times with friends from the Gaylactic Network (I'd list names but I'd be here all night :) ), and made it to a few room parties. I also tried absinthe for the first time ever, courtesy of [ profile] bovil and [ profile] kproche - I don't think I'll be developing a taste for it, however.

The travelling itself was, as always, beset by Murphy's Law. The first leg of my flight down was delayed in leaving by about an hour due to a mechanical problem with the refuelling system. Air Canada made it up to us with complimentary bevvies for those of us who wanted them (I would have preferred a free sandwich or something, but I made do with a Heineken *grin*). I made it to Chicago in time to make my connection (the plane had started boarding just as we arrived, and I had to change terminals, but the airline ferried us across the tarmac by bus), and upon arrival in Denver, made my way to the ground transportation counter to see about getting a bus ticket to get downtown. While I was there, a woman standing nearby asked if I'd like to share a cab. It turned out that her husband is friends with someone I worked with on Torcon.

For the return trip, the plane was delayed by something like two hours in getting to Denver, so we didn't land in Toronto until about 11pm (our scheduled arrival had been something like 8:30). [ profile] con_girl, I hope you got back to Ottawa okay.

As I said in my opening sentence, I arrived at home around 12:45 and quickly unpacked so that I would have my toiletries, if nothing else. I hadn't eaten since some Chinese food from the Panda Express at Denver International about ten hours earlier, so I decided to pop over to Dominion and grab something quick to throw in the microwave, but they're renovating the freezer aisles. Despite the fact that what I wanted was in a working compartment about three feet from the end of the aisle, they wouldn't let me in to get it and the store employee I talked to just stood there like a bump on a log. So I said, "Fine, I'll go elsewhere," and walked over to the McDonald's half a block east... which had just closed. :( So I ended up getting a slice of pizza. There are an astounding number of drunks on the street at 2 on Tuesday mornings.

I had to be at work today, but getting up early wasn't going to happen. Staying up until 4:30 in the morning for a week straight is bad enough, but when you're doing it on Mountain Time and you live in the Eastern timezone, getting to sleep by 2:30 is easier said than done, especially with a stomach full of pizza... however, I wasn't much later than usual and had a pretty productive day, all things considered.

I'm sure I'll think of other stories to share over the next little while. I'd actually intended only to post, "Hi everyone, I'm home - more later!" but my verbosity got the better of me...
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As a result of [ profile] slaughteredewok's post from last night about being distressed to find someone else with his name on the Internet, I Googled myself for the first time in quite a while. I knew that there were at least two other people with my name on the web, and maybe a dozen other people who share my name in the US alone, so that was no surprise (though something like 90% of the hits are me - either references to cons I've worked on or bridge tournaments I've played in).

What did surprise me was finding an article on - a review of last year's Worldcon, which featured a celebration of the 40th anniversary of Star Trek. I don't recall having seen this before, but it was only posted in December (good timely reporting there). At the time, I'd posted about the experience of being on a panel with D.C. Fontana and Richard Arnold about whether Captain Kirk was the reason for the success of the original series, and the lack of a Kirk-like character was the reason for the demise of the franchise. Well, apparently I was quoted rather extensively in the article, and my picture is even there in the photo gallery, where they refer to me as a "fan expert". Huh. Who knew? Especially since, as I told [ profile] jj79, unless I actually manage to catch the titles, I can never identify Voyager episodes without looking them up.

Which reminds me, I must find time in the next 48 hours to proofread my panel descriptions for Polaris prior to the programme book editing meeting - we don't want to use semi-colons where we should have used em-dashes. Right, [ profile] indefatigable42? ;)
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I'm back from a week in sunny Anaheim at the 64th Worldcon, and have finally found time to log onto LJ. I don't think I'll be reading too much of what has been posted in the last week, though I may scan my friendslist. If you posted something you really want me to read, comment with a link.

I didn't record the goings-on in my notebook this time, as I often do, and there were far too few computers in the Internet Lounge, so I didn't take the time to post each day. Alas. However, some of the highlights:

On panels... )

On finally getting to see a couple of legends in the field... )

Most of my photos didn't turn out too well, unfortunately - the drawback to using a cellphone camera. I did get some cool pictures, though, and I'll put them behind this cut. )

Another highlight of the week was getting to meet several TrekBBS members. We met up for dinner and drinks on Saturday night in the hotel bar, after which several of the group went to Disneyland. (I didn't join them, as I wanted to get back to the con for some particular reason; I think it was the Hugos, but I ended up missing them anyway.)

Photo here... )

Let's see... what else. I went to a number of room parties, and helped out at the Montreal in 2009 bid party, tending bar from 10pm to 5am one night (Friday, I think it was?). I went out for dinner a couple of times with the Gaylactic Network crowd (there were about 18 of us). I met a hottie from Columbus named Chris who engaged in some light flirting with me (though he may have simply been trying to get my vote ;) ). On Saturday afternoon, he said to me, "If we win the bid, do you know anyone in gay Columbus fandom who would run our LGBT panel track?" Hell, I don't know anyone in Columbus, gay or straight. So I gave him my email address. ;) Alas, they didn't win... Denver won by 12 votes. I think this might have been the closest vote in quite some time. I know the Chicago committee would have thrown a fabulous con (I think they threw the best parties of the three 2008 bids), and yes, I was kind of thinking that it might be fun to work on LGBT programming for Columbus, but at least, with Denver winning, you have no excuse not to attend, [ profile] mishalak! :P

Overall, I had a fantastic time, though the Wednesday-to-Sunday schedule instead of the usual Thursday-to-Monday left me confused about what day it was for much of the time. That's also probably the reason why I can't remember which days certain things happened.

Now, I get to do it all again in a few days... I'm leaving Thursday for Dragon*Con.

In other news, I popped into Future Shop today to try to find a USB cable for my cell phone so that I could upload my pictures. It turned out they don't carry them (the local Telus store didn't have any either), but I did get Animaniacs Vol. 1, Desperate Housewives S2 and House S2 on DVD.

I also got a few phone calls from recruiters while I was away, and spoke to them today. The TD job sounds promising... the hiring manager had some specific questions for the recruiter to ask me, which I answered. There's a possibility they may have me in for a technical test first, though, given that it's been nearly two years since I last worked. I reminded the recruiter that I was going to be away this weekend. Which reminds me, I should call the other recruiter I'd been dealing with recently about the position at JP Morgan.
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I schlepped down to George Brown College today and enrolled in two classes for this fall: "Introduction To C#" and "Internet Scripting Languages". They're both pre-requisites for the .NET certificate, but even if I decide to go for the Java one instead, they may both be useful. So I still have some flexibility.

So now my Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from October 10 to December 14 are completely booked. Good thing my bowling team switched to Fridays for this year.

I did look into the possibility of daytime classes instead, but only full-time students can be admitted to those, and I would have had to have applied some time ago. Besides, this will enable me to continue to look for full-time work and not have to tell people that I can't interview for a job because I have classes.

Speaking of looking for work, I had a phone call this morning from a recruiter. She called my cell phone, and it woke me up, but the way I remember it was this:

Whaaa--- noise. What's that noise?
Oh. Pet Shop Boys. Must be the cell phone.

*gets up*
*walks out to hall*
*takes cell phone out of coat pocket, sees that there is indeed a call coming in, from the 732 area code*

Mmm. Interesting.

*puts phone back in coat pocket*
*goes back to bed*

Nowhere in there did the thought of answering the call even occur to me. It was like I didn't even know how to answer the phone. Or even that the phone should be answered. *facepalm*

Gawd, I hate mornings. They should either be made illegal, or I should keep a syringe full of caffeine on my bedside table so that I can think.

Then, when I listened to the voice mail, she had spoken so quietly I couldn't understand her. Fortunately, she also emailed me. Her name, apparently, is Uma. (Cue Billy Crystal.) And the job is a six-month contract in St. Louis, Missouri, though apparently Uma is based in New Jersey. I emailed her back this evening and said, "thank you, but I am not in a position to relocate at this time." Especially since I just dropped $672 for two classes.

So after I registered for my classes, I thought, "I really should do laundry so that I have clean socks and underwear for Worldcon." So what do I do instead of getting on the subway and coming straight home? I walk from the college to Yonge and Bloor, a distance of about three kilometres. It's amazing the lengths I will go to in order to procrastinate when it comes to doing laundry. I didn't actually get home until about 5:30 (I had to stop to get groceries for dinner on the way), whereas I could have been home by 4:30 or so had I just gotten on the subway at Dupont.

Fortunately, I had just enough clean socks and underwear for LA. I'll need to do laundry when I get home before packing for Atlanta, mind you, unless I want to wear ankle socks and knee-high woolen socks that are meant to be worn with a kilt.

So my suitcase is packed, and reading material is in my backpack, and some books I want to get signed are in my suitcase. (I was going crazy earlier trying to find my copy of Probe, even going through the boxes in my solarium; I could have sworn I had it in hardcover. It wasn't until I gave up looking for the hardcover and started looking through my paperbacks that I found it. I did, however, find my copy of The Adventures Of Matthew Looney In The Outback in a box in the solarium.)

I still need to transfer some stuff from my backpack to my suitcase, like the cleaning solution for my glasses, and pack my toiletries. I just hope I manage to wake up in time so that I'm not rushing to get to the airport tomorrow morning.

Oh, and I managed to get my TT20 reports finished tonight, too. Just in time. :)


Aug. 4th, 2006 05:31 pm
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I just got home from dropping off a TT photo at Lee's place of work and hanging around [ profile] angrykat's workplace chatting (and getting the evil eye from one of her co-workers, though not the cute guy :) ). The humidity is better than it was, thanks to last night's storm, but I'm still feeling like I need a shower. Ick.

I got my Worldcon panel schedule a couple of days ago - this is going to be fun. My inner geek is all bouncy at the prospect of the first panel. :)

Time         Title Participants                        Description
Wed 8/23 5:30 PM JAMES T. KIRK: THREAT OR MENACE Richard Arnold (M)
Chris M. Barkley
D.C. Fontana
Bridget Landry
Lance Sibley
Was a larger-than-life scenery-chewing damn-the-Prime-Directive- full-speed-ahead heroic starship commander the one primary thing responsible for the enduring success of classic Star Trek? Is the absence of such a character why the following Star Trek series all lacked the same punch? Or should there have been more discretion, more consideration before acting? Is Jean Luc Picard the model to follow?
Fri 8/25 1:00 PM LA CAGE AUX FANS Ctein (M)
David D. Levine
Mark Merlino
Rod O'Riley
Lance Sibley
Gays have been around forever. It goes without saying, then, that they've always been a part of Fandom. How has fannish life changed over the years for Gay Fans and what's it like now?
Sun 8/27 2:30 PM RUNNING CONVENTIONS -- WHY DO YOU DO IT? Chaz Boston Baden
Priscilla Olson (M)
Marah Searle-Kovacevic
Lance Sibley
Suzanne Tompkins
It's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it. And if they didn't, we wouldn't be here. But why do they do it? It can't be the money. There isn't any. Come see con runners from around the country fumble for an answer.

I'm particularly looking forward to the "James T. Kirk: Threat Or Menace" panel, with Richard Arnold and D.C. Fontana. Maybe I should do what [ profile] gurudata is doing, and try to watch all of my TOS DVDs before going so that I don't make myself look like an idiot. Then again, if I can't talk about TOS by now, after something like 28 years as a fan of the show, I never will. :)
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We had the final Gaylaxicon concom meeting before the convention today. We ran a little long (and were chastised for doing so when we left at 4:30) but I think we're in decent shape. There are a few people who didn't show today, which was personally disappointing (and no, I'm not looking at any of you who told me in advance), but I don't think there was anything that came up that can't be resolved in the next 48 hours.

Following the meeting, [ profile] gurudata, [ profile] ladygiggles and I papered Yonge, Church, Wellesley and Carlton Streets with the posters that [ profile] thespian made. [ profile] cuteteenboy joined us with his friend Courtney and helped out. After we ran out of tape, [ profile] cuteteenboy, Courtney and I continued down Yonge and popped into World's Biggest Bookstore, where I left them some more flyers. We then walked along Queen Street for a bit. I thought that [ profile] cuteteenboy had somewhere in mind that he wanted to go, but he didn't really. We ended up walking over to Bathurst and then back to University, where we got on the subway.

I got home around 9:30 (having stopped for groceries on the way home), made dinner, watched the third period of the Edmonton-Carolina game, and then chatted with [ profile] plaidlibrarian a bit about the programming schedule. We had tentatively planned to get together tonight to see if we could finish it, but my late arrival at home meant that we couldn't feasibly do that. He's working on it at home now, and then I'm meeting him tomorrow at 11 to put the finishing touches on it. We've gotten a few more panelists in the past couple of days, so I'm waiting until I get the next update from him, and we finalize things, before I send the final panel list (with panelist names) and schedule off to [ profile] cuteteenboy for the website.

And then, following tomorrow morning's meeting, I'm off to Mississauga to help proofread the programme book for TT20.

Oh, that reminds me... I haven't announced it here yet. For those of you who haven't been to the TT site recently, or don't get TCON-News, we've announced a new guest just recently:

Mira Furlan, of Lost (where she plays Danielle Rousseau, the French woman who captures Sayid in season one) and formerly of Babylon 5!

All that walking today wore me out. I'm exhausted. Only getting about six hours of sleep last night probably didn't help, admittedly.

In other news, I got an email today from the L.A.Con IV programming division with a link to the site where I can tell them about what kind of panels I want to do.


Jan. 18th, 2006 03:38 pm
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The Weather Network said last night that today was supposed to be sunny. Their website currently says "light snow." Obviously, these are definitions of "sunny" and "light" with which I was previously unfamiliar. I can't remember the last time I saw snow falling vertically, without any blowing around, and hitting the ground at what looks like about 40 kph.

And lucky me, I get to go out in it in two hours to meet [ profile] cuteteenboy and make sure he finds the bowling alley.

I must try to get to bed at a decent hour tonight to get to my ultrasound appointment for 10:30 tomorrow morning. At the rate my arm is healing (there are only one or two very light purple patches left, and most of my elbow is a puky yellow colour at the moment) there will be nothing for the ultrasound to find tomorrow...

I've been getting some Gaylaxicon stuff done this afternoon; I got an email last night from someone who might be able/willing to take on the Art Show. *fingers crossed* He's worked with Team Eh in the past, which is a plus.

Oh, and I got my LACon IV Progress Report in the mail today. The hotel room is all set (I'm staying with Lloyd and Yvonne Penney); I just need to book a flight. Woohoo.


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