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So far today:

  • My development environment at work crashed about twelve times today while I was trying to get work done.

  • My PDA mysteriously rebooted for the second time in five days. I lost all the Polaris programming meeting dates I'd entered at Sunday's meeting. (I think that's all I'd entered since the last time I'd synced it.)

  • There is no number three, but the first time I wrote this a mysterious stray list item tag found its way into the HTML and left an empty bullet, so I edited it to add this, which is equally annoying. And then I forgot to close the tag. *argh*

  • LJ has crashed my browser twice in the past five minutes, both times when I clicked on "post" in order to start this entry.

Can't we just start over with abacuses again and try to make technology that works? *headdesk*

Oh, and I got a weird comment today on the post I made on October 31:

The Toronto Crime Stoppers School Police Officer just viewed your LJ in front of a group of students at a school at an Internet Safety presentation... We are concerned about your privacy... For more information call the school police officer at Crime Stoppers 222 TIPS

Has anyone else gotten anything like this recently? I have to wonder what the police are doing looking at my LJ... particularly a post about Fred Phelps being successfully sued. That wasn't even my most recent post, so it's not as though they just decided to leave a comment - they must have specifically chosen that one. I don't know if I ought to be worried or not - I don't think I've ever posted anything that crossed some murky legal line I wasn't aware of. I know the Crime Stoppers phone number is legitimate - should I call it and find out what they're on about?

Oh, and for those who hadn't heard: Bruce Greenwood has been cast in Star Trek XI, as Captain Christopher Pike. Thanks go to [ profile] kairi_kiss for bringing this news to my attention.
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... I'm finally caught up on LJ following Dragon*Con. Now I remember why I used to go to the business centre of the hotel I was staying in and read my friendslist every night before going to bed. I hope to get caught up on email over the next few days. I've read all of it, but there are several I want to respond to, including comments others have left here.

Today was a bit rough - my hay fever has knocked me for a loop since returning to Toronto. I took something for it last night (the generic equivalent of Claritin, I think) and managed to sleep through all of my alarms and then spend the rest of the morning in a bit of a fog as a result. I still managed to get some stuff accomplished today regarding allowing users to renew multiple boards at once (right now, they have to do it one by one from the page where the boards they're subscribed to are listed), but I have to put in a few hours this weekend as I couldn't stay late tonight as this was the first night of my bowling league for the new season.

Then I was threatened on the subway tonight after work - I was waiting for the car to empty so that I could get on, and this guy pushed past the people who were still exiting and hit me in the stomach as he did so. I muttered, "You're excused," as he hadn't apologized or anything. When I got on, he yelled at me, "What was that?" I told him that he had hit me on his rush into the subway car, and he accused me of exaggerating. (No, I don't think so. I know what it feels like to have an elbow in my stomach.) He then told me that I shouldn't "play games," that "not everyone is a good guy," and that just because I was on the subway, I shouldn't consider myself to be in a safe place. WTF? I didn't even look at him - I just sat down and worked on my crossword puzzle (though it took about 15 minutes for me to be able to concentrate). He never did apologize for hitting me. Asshole.

On a somewhat calmer note, my nose was running the Boston Marathon this evening, so I took another pill around 7:30, and it's only now starting to kick in, I think. People on the subway were looking at me like I had the plague because my nose was running, my eyes were running, and I couldn't stop sneezing.

And I have no doubt that I'm going to be in extreme agony for the next 48 hours as well, due to not having gotten any practice sessions in at the bowling alley during the summer. (I'd wanted to, but there just wasn't any time.) It was nice to see [ profile] h8torun, Randy, Mario and Bridgette again, as well as some of the other people there. I had a surprisingly good night: 163, 192, 153. But my legs are going to be screaming at me for the rest of the weekend. I just hope Ambrose doesn't want to go for any long walks tomorrow night after dinner. (Oh, yeah. It's been a few weeks since we were last able to get together, but now we have firm plans for tomorrow night, so I can give him his autograph from Ellen Muth and watch him squee. :) )

For the few of you who hadn't heard - since several people have reported this news - children's fantasy author Madeline L'Engle passed away this week at the age of 88: New York Times. I remember being given A Wrinkle In Time and at least two of its sequels when I was a child, and devouring them. I'd actually been considering checking for copies at my local used bookstore, as I have no idea whatever happened to my copies - they probably went missing in a move or something - and I had a sudden craving to reread them recently. (Watch, I'll buy them and then they'll turn up.)

And I finally finished book one of Peter F. Hamilton's The Reality Dysfunction the other night. This book was the hardest slog I've ever encountered; admittedly, I haven't been making much time for reading over the past six months or so, which might explain why I've been working my way through it for about a year. Normally I'm a fairly fast reader, but I just couldn't get into it. Of course, now I have to read book two as I'd bought them together, and I refuse to let a book defeat me. ;) (And besides, the story picked up in the last 100 pages or so.) That being said, I'm taking a break, and I've read about 150 pages of Terry Pratchett's Thud! in the past three days. (See? Not a slow reader. Peter F. Hamilton just writes a slow story.) And then I have about ten other books on the shelf still waiting to be read, including two Dresden books, a Jasper Fforde, and a bunch of others that I bought at last year's Worldcon.
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Wow, it's been nearly a week since I last posted... I guess nothing's been going on. Well, that's not really true, I suppose, but nothing unusual has happened in my life since last week. The stuff I've been doing at work for the past month was uploaded to the test server today, and the client is really excited about the changes. So excited he wants to know when the next batch of changes, which he gave me last Friday afternoon, will be ready.

The Programming scheduling meeting for Polaris 21 went well on Sunday. We managed to get the whole schedule done in about six hours - mind you, it was simpler than in past years because it seems that the pre-reg deadline snuck up on a lot of our regular panelists this year. We're still getting panel signups via the website. It's much easier to avoid schedule conflicts if the schedule is made before many panelists have signed up. ;)

I managed to make it to the Exec meeting on Monday night only an hour or so late. I discovered that evening that taking the Viva blue bus from work to Richmond Hill Centre, the purple line from Richmond Hill Centre to York University, the orange line to Highway 7 and Martin Grove, the York Region #7 bus south to Finch and the Martin Grove #46 bus to Dixon is even slower than taking the Viva blue bus all the way down to Steeles and then the Steeles West #60 bus from Finch station. Perhaps next time I'll take the blue bus to Finch and take the route I normally take from home (subway to Kipling, Martin Grove #46 to Dixon) and see if that's any faster (it certainly can't be any slower).

For the three or so of you who haven't been following the latest kerfuffle, there's a blog here by "Warriors For Innocence", the holier-than-thou group that's getting LJ accounts and communities shut down for listing interests that they don't agree with, in the name of protecting children from potential abusers. There aren't many posts there yet, but I'm sure that there will be more as word gets around. I read some of the comments, and it boggles my mind that they're claiming that they're not ultimately responsible just because they're not the ones deleting the journals and the communities.

Oh, and I'm a little late with this, but [ profile] montrealais' post from the other night, along with this article in the Globe and Mail, highlights just why Gay Pride celebrations are still needed now, perhaps more than ever. For those who didn't hear about it, here are the opening paragraphs from the Globe's article:

Russian police detained gay protesters calling for the right to hold a Gay Pride parade in central Moscow on Sunday while nationalists shouting “death to homosexuals” punched and kicked the demonstrators.

Riot police detained the protesters, including two European parliamentarians, as they tried to present a petition asking Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, who has called gay marches satanic acts, to lift a ban on the parade.

Nationalists and extreme Russian Orthodox believers held icons and denounced homosexuality as “evil” while a group of thick-set young men turned up with surgeon's masks, which they said would protect them from the “gay disease”.

That's right - the police arrested the gay activists. For the most part, the mob attacking them got off scot-free.

We might have it pretty good here, but our brothers and sisters in other countries aren't so fortunate.

Oh, and the Anaheim Mighty Ducks just took a 2-0 series lead in the Stanley Cup final by beating Ottawa 1-0. As much as I hate to say it, because it implies that I'm cheering for Anaheim when I'm not... it looks good on the Senators. ;)
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There's either a duck trapped inside the tree in front of my apartment building, or there's a squirrel out there with a duck's larynx (since the quacking stopped once the squirrel noticed me).

I was in the drug store picking up a few necessities, when Heather Small's "Proud" started playing on the muzak. WTF? I remarked to the cashier that it was an odd song to be playing in that context, and she said, "Oh, do you like it?" I said, "Well, I did on 'Queer As Folk' - not so much on the commercial for that reality series about losing weight." ("The Biggest Loser," I think?) She said, "Oh, I liked QAF too - but I've never seen that commercial." Personally, for me, hearing the song used on the commercial was like how it would be if they used Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" as the "Survivor" theme... dammit, get your own anthem!

I got my Internet Scripting Languages assignment half-done yesterday. We're supposed to be creating a website for "Toronto Air Line" - I spent about an hour using Photoshop to doctor a photo of an Estonian Airlines plane taking off to use as a background image. :) I've got the home page, login and user registration forms done - I still have to do the flight search, flight status and FAQ pages, and the advertising sidebar.

Oh, and what's up with LJ? All of the posts on my friendslist from yesterday are now no longer viewable on my friendslist, though a post that [ profile] marahsk made around 5 this morning was still viewable when I clicked on the link in the email notification I got of her reply to my comment. Weird.

In world news, I see that Saddam Hussein has been found guilty and sentenced to death. Well, now, there was a shock. Did anyone not see that coming? Some people are claiming that this will give the Republicans a boost in this Tuesday's elections, but I honestly don't see how. Now, if he'd been found not guilty, that would have given the Republicans a wedge to claim that they're better able to deal with terrorism than the Democrats, and they might have done better. As it is, I don't see this affecting the results at all. It's much more likely that the recent discovery of more problems with the voting machines (votes for Democrat candidates being switched to count for the Republicans, ostensibly because the machines are "out of synch" - yeah, right) will have more impact.
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Yet another weekend chock-full of meetings. Five hours with the Toronto Trek department heads yesterday, and three hours with [ profile] plaidlibrarian going over stuff for Gaylaxicon programming. Not that I'm complaining overly much; both meetings were very productive.

I still have yet to go back and reply to all of the comments on Wednesday night's post. I will, but I just wanted to say that I'm a lot less angry now than I was at the time. The ironic thing is that I wasn't angry about John turning me down - I'd psyched myself up for a negative response (though a positive one would have been so much nicer). The anger was more about missing out on a chance to go to my bowling league finals. However, I've since found out that [ profile] cuteteenboy was extremely sick, which is why he didn't show up. (So I forgive you. ;) )

This problem that others have reported whereby the window keeps getting progressively wider while updating is happening to me as well. Most annoying. Someone suggested that it was because of a bug in the interface between Linux (I guess that's what LJ is written for) and my Firefox browser. It doesn't happen with any other message boards I'm on, though, and it doesn't seem to happen when I'm commenting on other people's posts. Very strange.

I'm trying to figure out why CBC is airing the Olympic Women's Hockey gold medal game. Sure, it's nice to relive the success of the Canadian team, but it seems an odd choice, considering that they've shown some good movies the past two nights after the late hockey game (Chariots Of Fire last night, and The Accidental Tourist the night before).

Oh... I've been having some fun with new icons, too. Like this one? Yes, that's John Barrowman... I found the original photo in the Google cache for Bay Windows, a New England LGBT newspaper. Hot.
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Is anyone else having trouble with filters and friends-locking? It doesn't seem to be working for me all of a sudden. I can select them, but they're not taking effect. I wonder if this is related to LJ's move to their new data centre and all the other problems they've been having.


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