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CNN reports that People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals have asked the Pet Shop Boys to change their name.

Their suggestion? "Rescue Shelter Boys".

That's almost as stupid as the whole "sea kitten" debacle from a few months ago.

Someone over at TrekBBS made the comment, "I didn't even know they were still around." Their new album is #3 on the Billboard charts... the first single, "Love etc.", is #8.
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I managed to sleep until 2:15 today. I guess I needed the rest, though I'd actually wanted to get up a bit earlier (like around noon, which would have given me about 9.5 hours of sleep) because I haven't had a chance to do laundry in about a month, and it's piled up. I have four loads in right now (technically we're not supposed to use more than two machines at once, but there's nobody else doing laundry this afternoon and, well, I don't want to still be doing laundry at midnight), and I've got two more ready to be taken downstairs and about three more still in piles on my bedroom floor.

I have too many clothes... but I think I've said that before.

When I went out for coffee today, I decided that rather than bringing it straight home and getting started on the laundry (because it's rather difficult to carry a cup of coffee, two bags full of laundry and a cup of detergent down 13 floors, even with an elevator), I went up to Future Shop on the off-chance that they'd put the new Pet Shop Boys album out a couple of days early. No such luck. In fact, they've reduced their music section to nearly nothing, presumably to make room for Blu-Ray DVDs and games, of which they seem to have quite a few. So I walked down to HMV, where I don't normally go because they're nearly always more expensive than Future Shop. They didn't have it out either, so I asked someone when it would be available (because I thought, even though it's due out this week, they might not actually be getting it right away).

So here's the dilemma... they're getting it Tuesday. (Yay!) But a week after that, they're getting the Deluxe edition. Should I wait the extra week? Assuming it's the 2-CD version that's listed on their official website, even though it's not referred to there as a "deluxe edition," the second disc has three more songs plus four remixes of songs that are on the regular version of the album. So it looks like it's worth waiting... I just don't want to wait. :P

Oh, and they've posted a video (completely animated!) for the first single, "Love etc.", on their website, here. I'd already heard the song, but hadn't seen the video. And the song has entered the UK top 40 at #14 - excellent! :)

On another topic... I'm currently watching "Battlestar Galactica: The Last Frakkin' Special" on Space while I'm waiting for my first loads of laundry to finish. Bonnie Hammer just said that the only aspect of the production on which she got overruled was that she wanted them to have a dog on board. That goes a long way to explaining why she's held in such low esteem by SF fans... well, that and the whole "SyFy" debacle that's currently going on (though I don't think she's had a lot to do with the renaming of the channel - I think that was mostly the new president of the channel).

Edited to add: I managed to find one of my lost Palm styli - not the original, but the one that I lost this past week. It somehow got tangled in my bedding. Chalk up another point in favour of my decision to get all my laundry done today. *grin* (Loads 1-4 are drying, 5-8 are in the washing machines, 9 and 10 are in the baskets by the door, and 11 is in a basket in my bedroom - though I may put off doing #11, since I have clean bedding in the closet. :)
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At the risk of sounding stereotypically gay... I love these guys. And the dancers at the 7:20 point of the video aren't bad either. :)

(As I said to [ profile] troystar, however... I think Brandon Flowers may have raided Neil Tennant's closet for that outfit.)

The award they referred to at the beginning of the video is for "Outstanding Contribution To Music". Well deserved, IMO.
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... thanks to [ profile] elizard100's post from earlier today, I'm seeing Erasure, Debbie Harry, Cyndi Lauper and The Dresden Dolls on June 19 at the Molson Ampitheatre. Of course, Erasure is the real reason I broke down and bought a ticket. :) (I don't think I've ever even heard a single Dresden Dolls song, though I've heard of the group.)

I had resisted buying a ticket when I first heard about it, because it's on a weeknight, but when [ profile] elizard100 posted this link to Pizza Pizza's $11.11 concert ticket promotion, I couldn't resist. (The seat is probably in the nosebleed section - if the Molson Ampitheatre has a nosebleed section - but what the heck.)

There are seven concerts in all included in this promotion, so go have a look if you're reasonably local and interested. (Or if you're [ profile] alpinemaps and you're willing to fly across the continent for an Erasure concert, I suppose. ;) )

The full slate for the summer is as follows:

Fall out Boy with +44 and more - Saturday, May 26
True Colors with Cyndi Lauper - Tuesday, June 19
The Fray w/OK GO and Mae - Friday, June 22
John Fogerty - Friday, July 20
Hippiefest - Wednesday, July 25
Incubus - Thursday, August 2
Snow Patrol w/Scott Matthews - Tuesday, August 7

I guess I'll be trying to leave work a little early on the 19th so that I can get down to Ontario Place by 6. I don't usually get to Finch until 7. :eek:
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Thanks go to [ profile] bovil for posting a link to these filk lyrics by Tom Smith...

Cat Macros )

I can has link, pls?
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How is it I'm only finding out now, three days after the announcement was made, that the Pet Shop Boys have been nominated for two - count'em, two - Grammy Awards this year?

(Edit to add: my bad. Seems this was actually announced five weeks ago or so - last week's announcement was the list of who would be performing. Oh, well. I'm still only finding out about the PSB nominations, at least so far as I can recall.)

Best Dance Recording
(For solo, duo, group or collaborative performances. Vocal or Instrumental. Singles or tracks only.)

  • Suffer Well - Depeche Mode

  • Ooh La La - Goldfrapp

  • Get Together - Madonna

  • I'm With Stupid - Pet Shop Boys

  • Sexy Back - Justin Timberlake & Timbaland

Best Electronic/Dance Album
(For vocal or instrumental albums. Albums only.)

  • Supernature - Goldfrapp

  • Confessions On A Dance Floor - Madonna

  • A Lively Mind - Oakenfold

  • Fundamental - Pet Shop Boys

  • The Garden - Zero 7

These would appear to be their sixth and seventh nominations - they were previously nominated for:

  • 1994: Best Album Package (Very Relentless)

  • 1994: Best Video ("Go West")

  • 1995: Best Album Package (Alternative)

  • 1997: Best Dance Recording ("To Step Aside")

  • 2002: Best Recording Package (Release)

(Am I the only one who finds it weird that there's a Grammy for the album package?)

Edited to add: I'm surprised they didn't also get a nod for Best Music Video, for "I'm With Stupid":

In other news, the Toronto Blue Jays signed Lyle Overbay to a four-year, $24 million dollar contract today. Yes, I know non-sports fans' minds are boggling at this, but that's probably a pretty good price for an everyday first baseman, considering that he hit .312 last year with 22 home runs and 92 RBIs, and has the most doubles over the past three seasons of any major league player.
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I just had a HUGE. FUCKING. SPIDER. casually stroll across the wall in front of me, two feet away.

I have no idea where it came from. I just hope there are no more.

(I grabbed a paper towel, shmushed it, and flushed it.)

I didn't hear back from that recruiter today - she wanted me to come downtown to her office for a short technical interview and was going to email me, but I've heard nothing so far. And I managed to get my account at George Brown unlocked today, but my grades still aren't up on the website. Strange - I could have sworn that both instructors said that they would be available by Christmas... Anyway, I popped over this afternoon and enrolled in the Visual Basic .NET class for this winter. Two classes (and the subsequent eating dinner at 11pm or later every night) did prove to be a bit tiring, so I decided on just the one. It'll be Tuesday and Thursday nights.

I can't remember now where I found this (probably in the Doctor Who forum at TrekBBS), but here are pictures of Kylie and the Cybermen, as I mentioned last night.
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I just came across this in the Doctor Who forum on TrekBBS, and had to share. [ profile] troystar, you may want to take note:

Well, just back from seeing the pint sized popster herself, Miss Kylie Minogue.

I kid you not, during a costume change we were sat there waiting for the next song when all of a sudden the Cyber Controler's voice bellowed out to us that were were all entitled to a free upgrade and those who did not comply would be deleted.

Then followed the most unashamedly camp thing I've ever witnessed: The male dancers stomped on to the stage dressed as Cybermen, followed by the female dancers dresses as CyberBabes a la Torchwood (they even had the silver bras and high heels.)

They proceded to then dance their way through "I can't get you out of my head". I'll certainly never get that image out of my head and will never ever be able to find the Cybermen frightening again.

If you're going to one of her concerts over the next couple of weeks: You have been warned!

I don't know if this has made it to YouTube yet, but it would be fun to see. :)

I got home about an hour ago from a Polaris Exec meeting... ye gods, I'm tired for some reason. Yes, these evenings are generally long (and are made longer by the fact that we always seem to have trouble leaving each other's company at the end of the night and continue to hang around the restaurant chatting for 20 minutes :) ), but it's not as though I was exerting myself, sitting at a table for three hours. (All right, maybe I exercised my mouth a bit...) Mind you, add the 90 minute trip to get there and the 30 minute trip home (thanks go to [ profile] assetic's bf James for allowing her to offer me a ride home :) ), and I was out for about five hours.

I was playing phone tag with a recruiter today and finally managed to touch base with her around 4 this afternoon. She wants me to come down to her office for a technical interview tomorrow afternoon, and she was going to email me the details, but so far she hasn't. I'm just hoping that I don't have to sit by the computer all day tomorrow waiting for an email from her - I still have to go over to George Brown and enroll in this term's classes (Visual Basic .NET, Data Modelling and XML are all available this winter, but I'm thinking I might only take one course as taking two was rather exhausting), and get my grades (since my online access to my transcript is still locked because they made a data entry error and some mail they sent me was returned as undeliverable). I should be able to get that latter problem fixed with a phone call, though. I hope.


Nov. 30th, 2006 03:59 pm
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*waves at [ profile] angrykat* I got your message this afternoon. The barista who conveyed it was much amused when I explained it. (Not quite as amused as Francis seemed to be the other day, but still amused.)

A grad student is studying how memes travel around cyberspace... go, click, and help him with his research: What is the speed of meme?

My Scripting Languages class was cancelled last night. I was sitting in the hall reading the newspaper, as I often do while waiting for the instructor to show up and open the door to the classroom, when one of my classmates came over and told me that there was a sign on the door which neither of us had thought to look at, despite both of us having been there for 20 or 30 minutes. (Oy.) There was a third member of the class who had been sitting nearby, but he had given up waiting in the hall and had gone to the lab to check his email - he hadn't thought to check the door either. Strangely, only the three of us were actually there the whole time - I don't know why nobody else had shown up, unless the instructor had sent out an email that the three of us hadn't gotten.

It also seems that about half the class has dropped out over the past month or so. Including, unfortunately, the cute young guy that I would talk to during our breaks, who hasn't shown up since the third week of classes or so. (I've been thinking about emailing him to find out what happened to him, since he'd given me his email address during the first week. I think that was for innocent class-related purposes, though.) But that doesn't explain why only three of us showed up last night - there are still about ten people in the class.

Anyhow, since class was cancelled, I came back home and was able to get dinner by 8:30. (Okay, I didn't come straight home - I spent about 45 minutes in the lab working on the lab exercise from Monday night's class that I hadn't finished because I had spent the last couple of nights working on my C# assignment. I still can't seem to get part of it to work, though - the VBScript interpreter won't let me ReDim an array.)

In other news, I had a call yesterday from a recruiter whom I first heard from several months ago. He has a government contract available, and while it's not a perfect match for my experience, he still thought of me because it was a good match for my skill set. (It entails writing a lot of JCL and modifying the batch schedule using CA7. I've done both extensively, though usually hand-in-hand with application development, of which there is none in this position. This is more of an Operations type role, but it's 9-5 with no on-call responsibilities.) He's sending me a skills matrix that I have to fill out, and then he's submitting my resume. *fingers crossed*

I just remembered, I have to call my mother at some point because my father called the other night to ask what was going on for Christmas. I'm not looking forward to this conversation. Then again, I'm also not particularly looking forward to calling my father back once I find out what my mother wants to do. He's getting a bit... strange. In his phone message the other day, he said: "This is your estranged father. Not your 'strange father,' but 'estranged.'" (WTF? He isolated himself by moving to Emsdale, since neither my mother nor I drive and Emsdale is in the middle of nowhere.) He then said: "I guess you've gotten yourself a night watchman job. Ha ha." Note that that's not actually laughter, nor even a chuckle - he literally said, "ha ha". Sort of like Nelson on "The Simpsons," but with less mirth.

Fortunately, my family's Christmas festivities for the past several years have entailed my father driving down from Emsdale and the three of us meeting up in a restaurant for dinner somewhere. Nothing big, and it's all overwith within about three hours, though there have been years where those three hours have felt like three days. I guess this means I should start my Christmas shopping, though it won't be this weekend as I have my Scripting Languages assignment to do.

I think I've mentioned that for the last little while, I've been listening to the songs on my iTunes in alphabetical order by song title. While it's good for randomizing the group or album that I'm hearing at any particular moment, sometimes it can give some odd results. A couple of weeks ago I was in the L's, meaning that I was hearing nothing but songs whose titles started with the word "love" for days. Now I'm in the O's, which allowed me to realize just how redundant some of my music library is. Even I find five different versions of "Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money)" a touch excessive, especially when they all play one after the other...
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Amusement of the day: thanks go to [ profile] mencc1701, who posted this link over at TrekBBS:

Glarkware - Classic Metal Thingees:

Apparently they come as either buttons or magnets.
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There's either a duck trapped inside the tree in front of my apartment building, or there's a squirrel out there with a duck's larynx (since the quacking stopped once the squirrel noticed me).

I was in the drug store picking up a few necessities, when Heather Small's "Proud" started playing on the muzak. WTF? I remarked to the cashier that it was an odd song to be playing in that context, and she said, "Oh, do you like it?" I said, "Well, I did on 'Queer As Folk' - not so much on the commercial for that reality series about losing weight." ("The Biggest Loser," I think?) She said, "Oh, I liked QAF too - but I've never seen that commercial." Personally, for me, hearing the song used on the commercial was like how it would be if they used Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" as the "Survivor" theme... dammit, get your own anthem!

I got my Internet Scripting Languages assignment half-done yesterday. We're supposed to be creating a website for "Toronto Air Line" - I spent about an hour using Photoshop to doctor a photo of an Estonian Airlines plane taking off to use as a background image. :) I've got the home page, login and user registration forms done - I still have to do the flight search, flight status and FAQ pages, and the advertising sidebar.

Oh, and what's up with LJ? All of the posts on my friendslist from yesterday are now no longer viewable on my friendslist, though a post that [ profile] marahsk made around 5 this morning was still viewable when I clicked on the link in the email notification I got of her reply to my comment. Weird.

In world news, I see that Saddam Hussein has been found guilty and sentenced to death. Well, now, there was a shock. Did anyone not see that coming? Some people are claiming that this will give the Republicans a boost in this Tuesday's elections, but I honestly don't see how. Now, if he'd been found not guilty, that would have given the Republicans a wedge to claim that they're better able to deal with terrorism than the Democrats, and they might have done better. As it is, I don't see this affecting the results at all. It's much more likely that the recent discovery of more problems with the voting machines (votes for Democrat candidates being switched to count for the Republicans, ostensibly because the machines are "out of synch" - yeah, right) will have more impact.
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Reported by [ profile] james_nicoll:

And to think that I went to see him in concert at Exhibition Stadium in 1986.

(And it's not a joke, despite the easy-to-make assumption that the above is a Photoshop job.)

Also, reported by [ profile] minotaurs: Neil Patrick Harris has come out. What is it these days with celebrities coming out in People magazine, though? Has The Advocate gotten that bad since I let my subscription lapse?
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Have you been to lately? They have videos up for "I'm With Stupid" (featuring David Walliams and Matt Lucas of the Britcom Little Britain) and "Minimal". Just click on "Navigation" and select "Product", then click on the icon for the album "Fundamental".

And the video for "Numb" is on YouTube, here.

BTW, [ profile] msvu20, if it hadn't been for that little jab you took at the Boys, I probably wouldn't have gone to the site and found the videos. So thank you. :P

Edit to add: I also found this clip from the Grammys - it's Liza Minelli performing "Losing My Mind".
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Thanks to a timely reminder by [ profile] hoskie (thank you!!!), I'm going to see the Pet Shop Boys at the Hummingbird Centre on October 11!

Mind you, if I'd thought about this when I first got up, I probably would have gotten a much better seat. :( But row F, just to the stage right side, isn't too bad. Not as good as my seat when I saw them at Massey Hall a couple of years ago, but still pretty good.
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I'm still on a bit of a high from doing all that laundry yesterday. *giggle*

I popped into Future Shop today to see if they'd finally put out their one copy of Erasure's new album, and found it on the shelf. Yay! I was walking toward the DVD section when I saw someone whom I thought was the young man who'd previously been helping me try to find it, and said to him, "I see you finally managed to find it for me." He looked at me blankly. I thought that maybe I'd misidentified him, and said, "Oh, aren't you the guy who was looking in the back for me last week?" He said, "No, that must have been my cousin." I swear, they're identical. Or at least as close to identical as I can tell without actually seeing them next to each other, and with about a week between sightings.

It must have been a slow day in there, though, as he chatted with me for about 15 minutes and helped me to look for some of the other stuff I've been wanting to get. Still no season five of Six Feet Under. I did pick up season one of American Dad and a box set of CDs called Oh What A Feeling3, though.

Yeah, about that box set... now, I tend to buy mostly compilations and greatest hits albums. The only groups or singers that I can think of whose albums I will buy are Pet Shop Boys, Erasure and Franz Ferdinand, though I have a few Backstreet Boys (yeah, I know... bite me :P ), Boyzone (ditto) and Depeche Mode albums. The drawback to buying compilations and greatest hits is that sometimes you end up with multiple copies of the same song - for instance, "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)" is on both New Wave Dance Party and Eurythmics Greatest Hits. That's fine. I can live with that. However... Nick Gilder's "Hot Child In The City" is on both disc three of Oh What A Feeling2 and disc one of Oh What A Feeling3. WTF?

Off to do Gaylaxicon work now, I think...

Oh, and I picked up a few new icons today. This one came from [ profile] little_icons, over at [ profile] queerasfolkfans.


Apr. 20th, 2006 02:19 am
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Cut for possibly excessive swearing. )

Now, the question is, do I leave this post up, or not... it hasn't exactly been cathartic, judging by the way I'm currently pounding the keys.

Oh, and memo to [ profile] johi36: it seems there's a new Erasure album that came out this week, called "Union City." It was mentioned on one of our all-day news stations, of all places. I found a copy at HMV (I didn't buy it, though - Future Shop is cheaper, but they couldn't find the one copy their computer said they had, so I'm going back on Friday), and it looks like it's all acoustic remixes of songs that were originally released on other albums, with one exception: "Tenderest Moments," which seems to have been released on a CD single that I've never seen.

* - obligatory TrekBBS reference for my friends from that board. Goji is a poster who had a run of bad luck where he'd ask girls out, and they'd accept and go out with him, and then turn around and say, "Oh, I didn't know that was intended to be a "date" date.")
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GIP! *grin*

(Okay, it's not a GIP, it's a regular post. But still...)

Tonight was a bit of a struggle at the bowling alley. The lanes seemed to be oiled strangely, so Mario's and my shots weren't behaving the way they should, whereas people who throw a relatively straight ball seemed to be doing well. After making an adjustment and adapting to throw a relatively straight ball instead of my usual slight hook (fortunately, my hook is very slight), I was able to pick things up a little and finished the night with scores of 203, 147 and 153. Strangely, that gave me the exact same total as last week, 503. How's that for consistency?

[ profile] cuteteenboy was still a little behind where he wanted to be on his schoolwork, so he didn't come out to fill in tonight. We still managed to win two out of three games and take total points (oddly, the game we lost was the one in which I scored 203).

Earlier today, I was quite busy with phone calls; I called Mario's colleague who is hiring some contract programmers (left a voicemail), called the headhunter I met a couple of weeks ago (didn't leave a voicemail, as I had left one on Monday, but she called back later anyway to tell me that she had no news yet), and called my RRSP agent to arrange to meet and deposit the Canadian Tire stocks from my grandmother's account (which should have been done a couple of weeks ago, when I got them, but the last few weeks have been filled with activity and drama which prevented it). My mother wants to be there, which means the meeting has to be in the early morning because everyone else has to change their schedules to accommodate her life, of course. *headdesk* 8:30 Tuesday morning. (And yes, I know that for most people, 8:30 in the morning is nothing. Hush. :P )

The other headhunter who had called while I was in L.A. emailed me to let me know that my resume (modified to more prominently indicate my volunteer activities) has been submitted, too.

Hopefully I'll get to bed at a decent hour tonight so that I can get up, do what I need to do (including more phone calls) and get up to Yorkdale by 3 for my hair appointment. Having my hair in my eyes is driving me crazy (or crazier, depending on your POV).

I also have a few things on my Gaylaxicon to-do list that need to be done or followed up on before Saturday's meeting. I think that we may finally have a head of Security who won't flake out or pull a diva act. Whew!

I still haven't been able to track down a Future Shop that has Doctor Who S1 in stock, but I picked up the Queer As Folk S5 soundtrack yesterday. Not bad so far - the first track is by the Scissor Sisters, whom I know [ profile] troystar likes but I'd never heard anything by them before. Geri Halliwell's track is surprisingly not vomit-inducing. I'm not sure what I think of Marilyn Manson's cover of "Personal Jesus" - the guitar work is fine, but I don't care for his voice. And the song that Cyndi Lauper was performing when Babylon blew up is on the soundtrack too - I seem to recall liking the bits that I heard on the show. We'll see about the rest of the tracks - I have no preconceived notions about whether I'll like them or not.
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Courtesy of [ profile] bobafet, for all you X-Files fans:

David Duchovny (Why Don't You Love Me), by Bree Sharp

And some memeage:

What generic smut character are you? )
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It's amazing what you find when you clean. I found a Super 7 ticket from the May 6 draw on which I'd won a free ticket. I guess I should cash that in, shouldn't I?

While watching the Leafs game tonight, I was struck by a thought... whoever picks the songs that are played on the PA system during stoppages in play needs to have it explained that Franz Ferdinand's "Do You Want To" probably isn't about what he or she thinks it is... after all, it has a male singer performing the lines "Oh well do you, do you do you want to, want to go/Where I've never let you before?" and "Well he's a friend and he's so proud of you/Your famous friend, well I blew him before you, oh yeah..."

(To hear the song, go to this site and click where "Do You Want To" is listed under "Featured Songs.")

Then again, the Leafs won tonight (though they did their best to blow their lead in the third period), so I'm not going to complain.


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