Mar. 31st, 2009

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I just got a call from my doctor... the last set of blood work is in.

While my liver enzymes were back to normal when they did the previous set of tests, they were elevated again with the most recent set. And this time my hemoglobin is apparently high as well. Now he's suspecting hemachromatosis, which is a genetic condition caused by iron being absorbed and stored by the body beyond what it should be storing.


(He asked me if I'd ever heard of it before. I said, "I think they've mentioned it on 'House'." Apparently this was amusing to him - he'd actually meant whether anyone in my family had ever been diagnosed with it, since it's genetic. Okay, fine, but that wasn't the question he asked...)

He wants me to go to North York General Hospital to get another batch of blood tests - problem is, their outpatient lab is apparently closing for good tomorrow, and they can't (or won't) fit me in today. So I'm off to the same lab I've been going to for the last few weeks to have more blood taken... this time, since there's genetic testing involved, it's going to take a couple of months to get the results back.

Oh, and he still hasn't gotten the results of the heart tests back yet. It was supposed to take a week... it's been 12 days.


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