Mar. 14th, 2009

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I made it to bowling tonight, and managed my best night in the last six weeks, though it wasn't spectacular: 154, 170, 172. Unfortunately I forgot to declare my scores for next week (when Eric and I will be making dinner together and watching the BSG finale), so I'm going to have to go to the bowling alley at some point before next Friday to bowl off unless I can get someone to fill in for me.

I had an annoying moment this afternoon - I was getting ready to leave work, and just as I came back from the bathroom to put on my coat, I heard the distinctive sound of my cellphone battery dying. (It had two bars of power this morning.) I asked Zak if I'd gotten a call before it died (as receiving a call at work seems to be the fastest way to kill the battery), and he said yes. So I picked up the message using my desk phone. It turned out that it was someone calling for the second time, who had left me a voicemail on Wednesday that I'd forgotten to pick up. Oops. (As far as I can recall, though, it didn't show up in my missed call log. Weird.) And this is something rather important related to Anticipation, and I won't be able to talk to them until Monday morning as the person calling was from a government office. *facepalm*

Oh, and I also got an email from my doctor this afternoon. It seems that my blood work came back, and my liver enzymes are elevated, so he wants me to come in and sign a requisition form to get an ultrasound.

So over the course of three months I'll have had a CT scan on my head, an ECG and an EKG on my heart, and an ultrasound on my liver... and I'm not even counting the prostate exam as that was just part of the overall examination the doctor gave me the other day, and not related to my current problem.

Is there anything not going wrong with my body? As I joked to someone tonight at bowling, I think the warranty on my body has expired. (I once started trying to write a science fiction story based on that premise, but couldn't figure out what I actually wanted the story to be about beyond that basic premise...) One of my bowling teammates made the comment, "Welcome to humanity - you're getting older." If this is what getting older entails, then you can keep it. I'll stay young and beautiful forever. *grin*


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