Mar. 11th, 2009

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Just to keep everyone up to date... I had originally thought that I would be having my doctor's appointment today, but when I called them this morning (after playing voice mail tag with them yesterday), it turned out that the next opening was for tomorrow, and they weren't even sure about that as they were waiting for a cancellation to be confirmed.

Anyway, they called around 3:30 and I have an appointment for 10:30 tomorrow morning. The doctor's going to do a full physical exam, and hopefully he'll be able to do the EKG as well. There seems to be some confusion at their end on that - one of yesterday's voicemails said, "Did you say ECG or EKG?" Well, it was the ECG I had last Thursday at the hospital that led the doctor to decide that I needed an EKG as well. We'll see what they say tomorrow.

I'm feeling much better than I was last week, though I'm still tired and am moving a little more slowly than usual. I went into the office yesterday and today, but walking back and forth to and from the bus stop was a bit tiring and seemed to take longer than normal. Whatever this is in my chest - whether it's truly a respiratory tract infection or just a bad cold - my cough hasn't been as bad today as it was on the weekend or last week.

Eric and I were chatting this evening when he got kicked off of Skype - they had a power failure down in Atlanta. So I just called him after waiting for him to get back online - he'd sent me some text messages to let me know, but my cellphone battery died today - and we said goodnight. We were going to make it an earlier-than-usual night tonight anyway because I have to be well-rested for my appointment tomorrow. So no Dead Like Me tonight.

Oh, and for those who haven't already seen this elsewhere on their friendslists, but who might be interested, the initial panel list for Polaris 23 has been uploaded to the website here. If you're already pre-registered for the con and want to be on panels, let us know by emailing programming at tcon dot ca. We'll assign you a contact person within our team to handle your panel requests. If you're not yet pre-registered, you can sign up to be a panelist via the online pre-reg process. (It should be up very shortly.)


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