Mar. 7th, 2009

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I managed to make it over to the clinic this afternoon with little drama, though I wasn't exactly moving quickly - I got up around 1:15 and got over there around 2:30. I told the receptionist what I was looking for, and she replied, "I don't know what the procedure is. Hang on and I'll try to find the form." A few minutes later she found what appeared to be a consent form for transferring my files - it basically had one paragraph saying "I give consent for my files to be transferred to the following address:" and a spot for my signature.

Of course, I had forgotten to make a note of Dr. Waks' address before going over, so I had to ask the receptionist to look it up for me on the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons website. Once that was done, she said, "It should be done by Friday - call back later this week and we'll let you know."

Um... what? No.

I explained that I was doing this because I'd spent seven and a half hours in Emergency on Thursday and that the doctor at Sunnybrook wanted me to get an EKG, and that Dr. Waks' office had indicated that I could come in on Tuesday, so the records needed to be transferred by then. It's not like they have far to send them - someone could walk it there on their lunch hour, even. (Mapquest estimates the distance between the two buildings as 318 feet. Hell, they can photocopy the folder and I'll walk over and deliver it myself.)

She repeated that she didn't know what the procedure is, but would mark my form as "urgent," and "hopefully" the person who processes these requests would deal with it on Monday.

Damn skippy, it better be dealt with on Monday. I'll be phoning.


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