Mar. 6th, 2009

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I'm feeling a little better, though I'm finding it very warm in my apartment. Then again, it was 15 degrees outside today...

I went to the Ontario government website that the doctor gave me yesterday to find a doctor. I filled in my search criteria and found seven doctors in my area who are taking new patients. I called the first one on the list today and it looks like I have a doctor. (Yay!)

I just have to go over to the walk-in clinic at Mt. Pleasant and Eglinton tomorrow to fill out some paperwork as they have most of my medical records from the past ten years or so. Once that's done, they'll send my files to this doctor and then I'll be able to have an appointment for Tuesday (they have me pencilled in already, pending getting my files). The office is just around the corner from the clinic, even, so it's about a five minute walk from my apartment - score!

The funny thing was that of the seven doctors in the search results, one of them was Henry Morgentaler. Um, no, I don't think I'll be needing an abortion any time soon. (Well, for all I know, maybe he practices general medicine as well, but the man is going to be 86 years old in a week or so, and frankly, I want a younger doctor. Okay, maybe I could have found one a little older than the one I got - he graduated from the University of Western Ontario three years ago - but you can't beat the location. I also decided that I'd prefer a male doctor. Nothing against female doctors, there are just certain things I'd feel more comfortable talking to a man about. I'm sure that's not uncommon.)


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