Feb. 15th, 2009

lance_sibley: (Facepalm - by prettygood)
... why am I still up?

I've been getting six hours of sleep or less for the past two weeks. I was in danger of dozing off earlier tonight, and yet I'm still here at the computer when I'm being picked up at 10:15 tomorrow morning for the Polaris Programming meeting.

On the bright side, I've got my Inbox back down to 108 emails from the 150-160 that were in there earlier today. (And how come it feels like I've sent about 100 today, when a quick look at my Sent folder shows that I've actually only sent 30, and only 15 of those were after 9pm?)

I guess I'd better head off to bed now... OTOH, the replay of tonight's Leaf game is on. I was feeling kind of ticked off at them after the first period, in which they played horribly and after which they were down 2-0 to Pittsburgh, but they redeemed themselves by scoring in the second and five times in the third. It turned out to be quite a good game (especially for Jason Blake fans, and for people like me who think that Sidney Crosby is the biggest crybaby on skates). Worth watching again. Except that I have to sleep...


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