Jan. 23rd, 2009

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I'm not sure why I'm still awake (I seem to say that a lot), considering that I have to be up around 6 to make sure that I get to the bus terminal in time for my bus to Buffalo.

All day, I kept thinking about what I needed to pack, and I'm sure that I've probably forgotten something. I should have made a list. (I say that a lot too, and in fact I usually do make lists for everything except packing to go to cons...)

Tickets are printed and in my backpack with my passport. American cash is purchased and in my wallet. My iPod is charging, and my cellphone is completely charged. Clothes are packed (along with some extras). Toiletries are packed (except for the ones I still need to use tonight and tomorrow morning). Laptop is in the backpack along with a couple of books and snacks for the trip. The VHS tapes I'm taking to loan Eric (Hudson Hawk, FASS '89 and a couple of Trek musicals I've done at cons over the years) are packed along with a Roots toque I bought for him when he said he needed to buy a hat because it's been unusually cold in Atlanta recently. Newspaper delivery is suspended for the weekend.

Theweathernetwork.ca says that it's going to be 16C in Chattanooga tomorrow afternoon, but 8-10C for the rest of the weekend, with lows around freezing - I'm wondering if I should put my leather jacket into my suitcase.

So what am I forgetting? (Besides getting adequate sleep...)

16 hours or so until I see my sweetie!
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I'm sitting on the bus, waiting to get on the road. It should be any second now - the driver just closed the door and he's adjusting his seat.

Even a venti from Starbucks isn't enough this morning - and I left the bottle of Coke I bought last night in the fridge at home despite leaving the box of granola bars out next to my backpack to serve as a reminder. :( (I know that sounds strange, but I figured that by seeing that I still had to pack one of my snacks in my backpack, I'd remember to get the Coke as well.) I may end up sleeping most of the way to Buffalo - that's what I get for waiting until last night to pack and not getting to bed until 2:15 this morning. It took four alarms to get me up - the PDA and three alarms on my cellphone. But I managed to get out of bed before the clock started beeping at me. Good thing, too, since I got to the bus terminal only about 15 minutes early.

And we're off! Man, it's hard to focus on typing when the bus is moving. Or maybe that's just the venti from Starbucks that's making the laptop look like it's shaking...
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As soon as I get connected to the wi-fi in Charlotte airport, they announce the boarding call for my connecting flight... not that I'm surprised. We left Buffalo about half an hour late and so I had to practically run from gate B7 to D4. I made it despite the best efforts of the guy on my Buffalo-Charlotte leg who thought that I should "show some class" by letting him get off first despite my having a connection that was already supposed to have started boarding...


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