Jan. 9th, 2009

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Climbing that eight-foot snowbank left by the plow across the street from the office for the past couple of days has left me exhausted. My thighs are screaming in agony. Add to that, tonight was the first night back at bowling since before Christmas, and so I decided not to declare my scores even though I'm going to be away in Chattanooga in two weeks. (*bounce bounce bounce*) I figured I could declare next week, as this week was likely to be a poor outing.

Ha. 213, 173, 173.

We lost two out of the three games, unfortunately. Ironically, it was neither the game in which I bowled 213, or the game in which Mario had 212 (which was the third)... it was the second game. The first two games were very close, though - in the last frame of the first game, their anchor and I were both up at the same time. (Mario was away tonight, so I was our team's anchor... which I hate. HATE. No pressure...) We were down by 54 pins, which sounds like a lot, but I had gotten strikes in the eighth and ninth. I did the math and as I went up, said, "No problem. All I have to do is strike out and she (pointing at their team's anchor) has to get less than six." I then proceeded to get two more strikes, while she got five on her first ball...

Alas, it wasn't meant to be. She got four more on her second ball, and I left the 5-pin on my third ball, so we ended up losing by four pins. *headdesk*

(And people think there's no drama in bowling. ;) )

OTOH, the game we won, we won by four pins. The third game, OTOH, they blew us out.

For Canadian Battlestar Galactica fans reading this, I just caught the tail end of something on Space called "Fandom Forum: Battlestar Galactica", on which five people (including author Jo Storm) are brainstorming the identity of the final Cylon and what's to come in the final batch of episodes. It just ended, but it's repeating at 5AM and again tomorrow (Saturday) at noon. (I haven't looked to see if it's streamed on their website or not... if you want to look, it's www.spacecast.com.)

A possible minor spoiler... )

And according to Michael Trucco (who plays Anders), the readthrough took nearly three hours, so they decided to extend the finale. Cool - now that I've gotten into the show (a little late, I know *grin*), I wouldn't want to see them cut any corners just to get the finale in under 48 minutes.

In other news, I did something stupid at work this morning. I don't know if it was sleep deprivation, or what, but I discovered that in the workflow application I've just finished writing, there were a number of phrases in the Help index which didn't actually point at any of the Help pages, suggesting that I had entered them originally, and then removed them as I edited the verbiage of the Help pages. So I thought I would delete those rows to clean up the table. Except that I wrote "DELETE FROM helpindexphrase WHERE id IN (SELECT phrase FROM helpindex)" instead of "DELETE FROM helpindexphrase WHERE id NOT IN (SELECT phrase from helpindex)", and deleted all the rows I'd meant to keep, and kept all the rows I'd meant to delete. *facepalm*

There were only 141 entries in the index in total (there are maybe a dozen Help pages in the application), but recreating it is going to be a royal PITA...

However, the insurance company whose website and application I support finally rebuilt their VPN, so I was able to log onto their server through Remote Desktop and fix both of the problems they reported this week. Took me roughly half an hour in total, though I probably spent about three hours on the phone with their IT guy trying to figure out why I couldn't log onto their server.

Also, it appears that we have a new client - we'll be building a website for a modeling agency using our Content Management system that I recently wrote the user manual for.


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